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I am a redeemed woman who loves Jesus. I married a northern man (Greg) who loves southern names and along the way he convinced me to love Phillies baseball. I have three great kids, Rachel (4), Nolan (3), and Georgia (1) and we live in Raleigh, NC. I enjoy writing,...

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  1. Thank you for sharing so transparently and on such an important topic. It is a daily challenge to not make our children idols.

  2. WOW. This devotional really made me stop. That’s me. My kids are older now but I feel like I inherited this fear for my kids’ safety from my mother. The part that really got me was where you said, ” I cut the Lord out of this area of my life and it felt very dark.” This is how I am about driving. I am afraid to drive in certain situations and I’ve put the fear on a throne instead of God. I’m a Christian and this is how I’ve been handling it, just staring at it and trying to change it on my own. Thanks for sharing from your heart and blessing us.

  3. This brings tears to my eyes because I too live in fear for my family’s safety. I worry all the time about what might happen….Fear and worry takes the place of my trust in the Lord and I try to control things that I have no control over. I want to trust more and worry less. I need to pray more about this. Thank you for sharing your story!

  4. Thank you so much for this post! It came at exactly the right time, and was incredibly convicting. Out of random curiosity, do you happen to know if your church has their sermons online? If so, I’d love to try to find and listen to that sermon.

  5. I do not think I have any idol in my life. I think of JESUS all the time and how I can reach HIM deeper and further and more. My first LOVE. HE is my first LOVE.

    Sometimes in life, things happen and others need things to happen and as a true disciple and apostle of our LORD, we lay aside our needs and fulfil the needs of those we love and walk along the path of love according to God’s will and purpose of things. This is what love truly means. To deny self and give to others.

    In the process, we have forgotten our dreams and visions that the LORD has for us but in the walk of self denial, the LORD, HE blesses in the abundance of HIS great and mighty LOVE and we receive more than what would have been. The pure and holy walk of a true disciple and apostle of Christ our LORD.

    The LORD is high and lifted up in my life. HE is my ONE and only God. How do I know this. Well, in seers it’s as simple as, I see HIM, high and lifted up in my life. I see HIS LIGHT. HIS GLORY. HIS immanence. The life of a seer is such that because we see, we act. We act accordingly to love.

    JESUS is my ONE and only true God. The HOLY ONE of Israel. My Saviour, Redeemer. HE is high and lifted up. Can you all see HIM. I can. Open the eyes of my heart LORD, I want to see YOU, I want to see YOU.

  6. I am a worrier by nature and so it takes a concentrated effort for me to turn my fear over to Him and let go of my worry. On most days, I do pretty well with letting go of the constant worries that roll around in my head regarding the safety & well-being of my children & husband (police officer) by just praying for each specific thing as it pops into my head and then letting it go. But, reading this post, I realized that the idol I haven’t truly turned over to the Lord is money. Not my worship of money and material things, my constant worry & fear because we are struggling financially. Right at this moment we have $14 and some change in our checking account. I lose sleep at night worrying about our account being over-drawn, again, running out of gas, buying milk at $5 a gallon…It is so hard to not be consumed by the fear and to turn inward for a solution. I pray all the time for help, for an answer to our financial woes, but I haven’t prayed about my all-consuming fear. I pray the Lord will help me to truly turn this matter over to Him in every sense, I pray that I will have nothing more than the needed awareness and ability to plan financially, instead of the peace & sleep robbing fear which has been my idol.

  7. Thank you. I feel like those words were written just for me. Fears getting in the way of my relationship with God and becoming an idol have happened to me as well, but I never thought of them in that light before.

  8. Thank you, through the years I have had different idols, this depending on the season of my life. A child who kept stealing and kept lying, fear she would lead a life unproductive and destructive, money worries, fear of home being burglarized again, fear of how I was doing homeschooling, etc., etc. I did pray, all of the time, but I didn’t understand what was my job and what was Jesus’ job. I am getting better with the not worrying because I am understanding better now than I did before that my job is to pray and to trust the Lord for His Provision from my spoken and unspoken prayers. This was/is a many year process. I have not arrived, but hope to keep improving. God is good and God is faithful!



  9. WOW. I never, ever, thought of my fears as being idols. what a revelation. you have opened my eyes to a truth today, that I have never heard before. (tears)

  10. Superbly written post! I thank God for this post today!

    It never occurred to me that we could have “idols” in this world today. I usually think of idols like the ones in the Bible–things or people you pray to. Would not have thought that any time something takes over you and you leave God out of it–then it becomes an idol.

    Superb post & timely! Thanks for writing!