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  1. When I’m uncertain, I try to remember to ask God into the situation instead of trying to figure it out myself), I mediate on Scripture (Proverbs 3:5-6 is one I often turn to) and I listen to and sing along with a worship song with the goal of having a song in my heart be the soundtrack to my day instead of the fretful thoughts (Anchor by Hillsong is a current favorite song to refocus my thoughts).

    • Hello, I am very interested in your book, I have had so many hard/painful times in my life from being abused for over most of my life. I have tried to understand why and what was my purpose in life. I am now 43 and my life is so unstable no job stability, and have moved around so much in the past 4 yrs and cannot get stable. I am very unhappy, depressed, very unsure of my future and am very worried. Please allow me to have you book. I am not financial able to get it at this time and would love to have it.

  2. When I am uncertain I go back and remember each and every time The Lord had helped me and delivered me from an impossible situation. And since I had many, many trials duting the last 5-6 years I have lots of testimonies. He is faithful to help me in my present uncertain situation and to deliver me from the current trial I am in. Also praise, praise, and more praise.

  3. I pull back and pray. Focus on the positive because I tend to lean negative. And I bury myself in the scriptures that speak to me during that particular time. I take a beautiful walk anywhere but down by the ocean seems to work the best. I listen for the Lord’s Voice. I cook a favorite meal. I read a good book. I watch something funny. Uncertainty can lead to anxiety and I don’t want that. So prevention and trust in the Lord is better than bondage in my book.

  4. I am reminded of God’s past grace to me and ask Him for faith in future grace! It’s not easy to trust when you’re circumstances aren’t what you want them to be, but He tells me His grace is sufficient and that I can trust Him.

  5. I talk it out when I am uncertain – with God, my longsuffering husband and my wonderful therapist. Sometimes, if I am listening, I find answers at my first stop (God); sometimes I speak with all three and find no “answers” but a sense of peace.

  6. So true, dear Stasi, that the ‘what if’s’ in my imagination seem to paralyze me, and I do need my Father saying ‘ It’s alright, you’re OK with me’. I’ve developed this habit to stop, when feeling insecure and anxious, and ask ‘Father am I OK with YOU?’.. and when I get that reply I can go into the risk or unstable situation that awaits (or I imagine that awaits!)
    My own Dad, long-gone now, would always be there to keep an eye on me or be at the other end of a phone call. I’m still learning that my heavenly Dad is that and more, and doesn’t even need a phone! His reply is ALWAYS: ‘You’re OK with me.’ (Why don’t I get the message, once and for all???)

  7. When I feel uncertain, usually I don’t have the proper response initially. I feel fear and I try to figure out a solution on my own. But I always come to the point that I realize I don’t have the answers but I’m connected to an all-knowing God who has the answers and has good plans for me. This is when I pray and give my uncertainty to him.

  8. yes it is true that one minute life an be smooth sailing and with the blink of an eye the waters get rough. The unexpected occurs and you find yourself starving for answers and searching for relief from the pain the uncertainty brings. Its not ” what do you do?” ….but “What are you doing?”

    I have allowed God to wrap his arms around me and guide me. I spend time alone…lots of it…just listening for His voice, seeking His direction and wisdom to guide me through what I am experiencing. Most importantly, when it doesn’t make any sense at all and it may not be what I want to do, I trust Him so I do and go where he leads. I stand on the promises of His word and believe that He is able!

  9. I petition my closest praying friends to pray with me, especially when my energy to pray is less than it should be! Thankfully God created us to live in community to lift eachother up!

  10. Lately, that question has been playing over and over in my head. I wake up every morning and pray that God will take it from me and I rebuke the negative thoughts. It’s hard, and I always want to hang on to a piece of it, but God reminds me that if He is in control, I need to let Him BE in control and stop the worrying.

  11. I pray, usually more of a cry, a plea, for my Heavenly Father’s loving arms around me. I also turn to my music in uncertain times and currently my go-to is Big Daddy Weave’s “Redeemed”. Every time I hear it, it feels like it was written just for me!

    I lost my dad 3 years ago, very unexpectedly. He was my greatest earthly advocate and protector. I feel his loss especially during uncertain times. Usually when I am listening to “Redeemed” I visualize my self shaking off the chains of whatever I am feeling and running into the open arms of my Heavenly Father, this always gives me a sense of peace!

  12. This is something I am working through with God. In all honesty, I tend to withdraw and try to slog it out on my own. I am beginning to see the hope in resting in Christ, but I still struggle with that concept.

  13. I climb on my heavenly daddy’s lap and tell Him everything, let Him comfort me and lift me up. And I know everything is in His hands and under His control!

  14. My husband and I have been experiencing this very recently in our home. We have had some unexpected financial things come up as of recently that we are trying to figure out, which wouldn’t be as scary if it were just the two of us, but two and a half months ago we brought home our beautiful baby girl, our ray of sunshine through these difficult times. God has really used this to teach me to draw near to Him with my husband, instead of lashing out or withdrawing in fear. Being a brand new mommy, I am beginning to realize that this overwhelming sense of love and desire to care for my daughter is only a tiny picture of God’s love and care for His children. This is keeping me going with a very uncertain future ahead of us. We’ll be okay.

    P.S. Stasi, Captivating shaped my walk as a woman so much. My copy is underlined, stained with coffee, etc. from reading and re-reading. Thank you for blessing mine as well as many hearts.

  15. First I usually cry! Then I figure (pray) how God wants me to respond. Mostly then it is a matter of yielding & TRUST.

  16. I spend time alone to pray. And I remind myself over and over again that God is always faithful no matter what my situation or how I’m feeling.

    One time I was feeling very uncertain, my Bible opened to 1 Samuel 7. There are so many good reminders packed into this short chapter! What caught my attention was verse 12: “Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen. He named it Ebenezer, saying, ‘Thus far has the Lord helped us’.” I have a choice to make.

    I can let doubts and fears fog up my mind or I can set up a stone and acknowledge that, up to this point, the Lord has helped me, He has been my provider. Now will I choose to believe He will continue, despite all the obstacles, the inconveniences, the impossibles, to be my provider, sustainer, and deliverer? We have a choice to make.

  17. I pray and read scripture…this post hit home for me. I lost my dad 2 years ago, 3 weeks after the unexpected death of my sister, and all while I was going through chemo therapy treatment for breast cancer. Many days and nights of crying and asking the Lord, why? Many nights of utter and complete fear about my own future…but you know God got me through it…He comforted me, that is what I remember when I feel overwhelmed or fearful. God got me through the dark times and drew me closer to Him.

  18. My family is going through a very difficult time right now and it’s hard to know what the future will look like. I’ve been learning to put my trust entirely in God and take one day at a time, looking for the joys despite the looming concerns. Oh, and just to add, today I was reading Beautiful Outlaw (one of John Eldredge’s books) and am very inspired by it. Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy of Becoming Myself!!

  19. I’d love to say that when I feel uncertain, I always turn to God in pray, but I don’t always have the best response right off the bat. Sometimes, I try to “fix” the situation myself, but the roads always lead back to Him and I go to Him humbly in prayer and seek His guidance as I should have from the beginning. He does ALL things well and I can trust Him to lead me the right way.

  20. I am remembering more often to take it all straight to my Lord…..who knows all of it
    before I even get there. And I preach to myself. David practiced preaching to himself.
    So I also rely on Scripture and the Holy Spirit to remind me of Truth.
    He is in control, and He loves me. Why should I get stuck in worry?

  21. When I am uncertain, I pray. I also talk with my husband or sister or a trusted friend for heartfelt advice.

  22. I try to “Let Go & Let God!” Wow! Reading everyone else’s comments has helped me to know I am certainly not alone out here in this ‘worldly’ world! I have gained warmth & reassurance reading what you have to say, Stasi, along with the words of all the comments above. I pray that I will come to know Him more deeply in my walk. My challenge lies in trying to give “unconditional love” to our adult incarcerated daughter. Please pray that God gives me continued direction in this struggle. Thank you!

  23. I am 55. My oldest sister died four years ago of cancer at the age of 61, and my other sister died this year in a car crash and she had just turned 62, so in the wake of this loss I also find myself being attacked with a fear of only living until my early sixties and I have to fight off those thoughts.

    But, ultimately I know it is all about trusting God with this life of mine that He holds in His hands, and however many months or years I have, I want to live them fully engaged in relationship with Him and live out the purpose He has for me.

  24. I am a work in progress. My immediate response usually involves action retreat – going inward. I am learning to lean on a small group of women who I can ask to pray along side me.

  25. Prayer is a near-constant discipline, and turning to the Word for God’s rich promises to me, reminding me of His faithfulness to me and others throughout time. Great is His faithfulness! The future is filled with uncertainty, but when I know Who holds my future, I can rest, trusting in He who has a perfect plan for our lives.

  26. When I am uncertain about what lies ahead… honestly, I get really nervous. But I realize very quickly that my situation is way outside of what I can handle myself and I pray…hard. I have learned that God is SO much bigger than my circumstances. I am definitely a work in progress (as I will be until I meet my savior)… and it is in my weakest moments I rely most on God’s strength.

  27. When life is uncertain I worry and get scared. I sometimes remember that Jesus is enough and through the years I’ve learned better to lean on Him. I’m still learning however, what it means to daily derive my strength from Him, to fully walk in the grace so lavishly poured over me.

  28. I cry, I pray, I cuddle with my dog, I repeat favorite Scripture. Since my daughter’s death, my life is a day-to-day battle with uncertainty.

  29. After the loss of both parents, 3 1/2 years ago, and an ugly estate mess brought on by one of my sister’s, fear has been the guiding factor most days, but in the past few months I have been spending much time with God, His Word and praying. I have begun journaling…..what a joy it has been. I have since been able to interact with family and friends again. So now each day I try to allow God to lead and follow him instead of me trying to control everything…..and yes….in my uncertainty and weakness His glory shines through!

  30. Isn’t life ALWAYS uncertain? Sometimes we just take it for granted that we THINK we know what’s going to happen next. And so we fall into what may be a sense of false security. But when those plans come crashing down around our feet, and we start freaking out… well, then I start to pray…and play my piano. I don’t know why playing helps… I’m not even that good. But it is so relieving to feel the notes reverberating through my fingers…and as I pound my fears and frustration into the keys, beauty ensues (hopefully…if I hit the right notes!). Its kind of like my favorite verses: Isaiah 61:1-3… where Christ is prophesied as coming to bring beauty from ashes!

  31. Since the question is “what DO I do,” I suppose I had better be honest. Lately I have been running away and getting angry. Freaking out because I can’t hear my Father’s voice. This morning I realized that I needed to start praising. And so I did – thanking Him for safety on the road, etc – the very visible things that He has done.

    What SHOULD I do is a different story…one that I hope will eventually come to reflect what this article reminds me. I want to learn to climb up into my father’s lap and be held.

  32. When I am just reacting, I am afraid to say that I eat ice cream. Lots of ice cream. When I am not just reacting, I talk to God, who calms me down enough that I can stop and not react. This reminds me of all of the times He has held me and my family, and then I am able to list all of the good things, all of the blessings, that I already have in this uncertain time.

  33. My Daddy used to say that I liked to hibernate like a bear in winter. And, when winter is in the mist of summer (like it often is) I like to retreat to rest in HIM and HIS gift of thought for we.

    Yet He often withdrew to deserted places and prayed. Luke 5:16 HCSB)

  34. At nearly 50, I’m finally learning to just exist in the uncertainty. I’ve spent most of my adult life ignoring uncertainty and distracting myself with busyness. It’s hard to change after all this time.

  35. When life is uncertain I guess I just cling. Life has been very uncertain as of late. Once we get through one thing another is ready to greet us. I feel like I am just holding on for dear life at times. It is to the Father that I try to cling to but often it is my own worries and fears…

  36. I am not very good at uncertainty. I often get angry. But i try to talk to God about it and read uplifting scripture. I am still learning.

  37. When life is uncertain I pray and give God thanks for the small blessings that are, if we are still and allow God to show them to us. He is a merciful and Great God!

  38. A few years ago, I would hide myself away and try to figure it out on my own. However, now that I have a much stronger faith, and an amazing group of friends and supporters, I share with them my fears, and together pray. My father passed when I was 13, but my Father is with me always!

  39. I cry out before God. I honestly admit my fears, frustrations and doubtful attitude. Then, I try to do the best I can to leave it there for Him to take care of. Unfortunately, I fail but thankfully, He loves me in spite of my failures.

  40. My life has been a roller coaster the past few years with uncertainty at every turn. But what I have found in this past year is that when I am facing uncertainty, after I get off my knees in prayer, what helps me most is to share with others how much GOD has blessed me with. It is in my testimony of His power and miracles in my life that I have found the CERTAINTY in knowing that all is well with my soul, and that I am in His hands. It is By His Grace that I have come this far, and it will be By His Grace that I will face this day.

  41. I read my Bible and pray. I ask others to pray. I listen to uplifting Christian music. I need it all :). I have a father who is living but he doesn’t want anything to do with me. I try to focus on my God as father. This was a touching blog post. . .thank you!

  42. The old me worried, lost sleep and felt ill. The “new” me prays and remembers that God is in charge, steps back and allows him to do His work.

  43. When I am uncertain I tend to worry. Then I pray, read scripture, and talk to my husband, who always is able to help me have perspective.

  44. I just pray…that’s all I know to do anymore. I am faced with chronic pain every waking hour and many side effects from medication. I am definitely uncertain of how to deal with each day, but I know God is with me every step of the way. I would love to win this book as the description lists every single thing I am facing from my past & an uncertain future.

  45. I am facing an uncertain future of my youngest (and most independt and yes, rebellious) child moving out of my home, my protections, my wisdom and my house rules. To say I am uncertain as to how the next few weeks, months and years will turn out would be putting it mildly. But in those moments when my heart begins to thump and the often present lump returns to my throat, I remind myself that God loves her more than I do and He sees all, knows all and is far more capable than I of watching her, guiding her and protecting her, even when she is unaware and unappreciative of His protective eye. Is it easy – absolutely not, but it is bearable when I trust His heart. He has a plan for her and my job is to love her and trust Him.

  46. I remember…”Wait and see” and recall a time I was ready to have a “cliff moment” jumping into the unknown because I had to do something other than wait. Just before I jumped, God rescued me and I know he will again!

  47. I breathe very slowly and deeply and remember God’s greatness and goodness and sovereignty and ask Him to let that truth wash and soothe the fear and anxiety away.

  48. Go for a long walk! I live in the country and like to walk around the section (4 1/2 miles) almost every day, it gives me time to think, pray, sing out loud :), enjoy the beautiful outdoors, fresh air, which does wonders. Whenever I am uncertain, this walking time is important to me, and it never seems as as big of a deal when I get done and back home!

  49. When life is uncertain I bathe my mind in the Word and review, over and over again, in my mind, all that I know is true about our loving, almighty God and then comes His peace that passes all understanding…thank You, Lord!

  50. To be honest, when I’m uncertain I tend to mentally check out. But He doesn’t let me do that for long, before He starts reminding of the times He’s lead me through uncertainty before, walking through the death of my son, three bumpy pregnancies, the death of my beloved father, going through colic again, two NICU experiences, moving to Texas. Through it all, He’s shown HIS certainty.

  51. We LOVE John & Stasi’s books, we’ve read them all so I’m so excited to read her next one.
    I do a few things–bad: I shrink inside myself at the expense of my family (i.e. leave me alone), I watch mindless tv, or eat food that I crave like fast food, the good, when I’m on top of it: I use the restless energy to exercise, I pray and read the word, and I take a lot of time out of the week’s schedule to just rest and recuperate. Usually it’s a mix of both good and bad things!

    Sarah M

  52. What life is uncertain I remember Psalm 33 and I ask God to surround me with His very self in love. Psalm 33:20-22 (NLT)
    20 We put our hope in the LORD. He is our help and our shield.
    21 In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name.
    22 Let your unfailing love surround us, LORD, for our hope is in you alone.

  53. I wish I could say that my first response is to pray and seek His security, but honestly I cook, clean out closets and garden – as if I’m trying to have control over the things I can, perhaps? And then as I’m doing those things, I pray, but not thought out prayers, more like spirit-breath prayers – a few words at a time as I’m going about my “work”

  54. In uncertain times I’m better at sitting at Jesus’ feet, maybe throwing myself there is a better description, after I spend a bit of time in a panic. I read lots of Psalms and listen to CDs by Stan Whitmire – piano hymns that calm my heart. I have a couple of friends I can share hard things with to get support and encouragement.

  55. All too often, when life is uncertain, I grab a blank and long for sleep or find food to give me comfort. I tend to wish away the moments of uncertainty until I know what is sure again. However, when I’m in a healthy place, I seek God’s Truth and beg for him to transform my mind. I write Scripture on index cards and sit and pour my heart out to God working to realign my thoughts with His.

  56. I was pleased to read your age…I am only a year older…and in my head I regularly I revisit my teens etc.
    It was so encouraging to share your experiences and realize I am not alone.

    Too often I force myself to leave Father God’s lap pretending I am all sorted…perhaps I need to stay there longer and shelter.

    Thank you xxx

  57. When life is uncertain, I try to release my worries and cares to God; I’m having to do that right now, as I don’t know what job God has for me.
    My dad past away last December, and there were some days that were really hard, and other days were fine. Other things have changed as well with some of our church and family members moved out of town; when things change, at first it may be hard for me to accept them, but now I know, God is still in control, He knows what He’s doing so I need to leave my worries with Him.

  58. When life is uncertain I make sure that I build time into my schedule to be still before God. I am intentional about sitting silent before Him in my prayer time. I listen to old hymns of the faith that remind me that His truth, love and mercy never change. I also ask Him to minister to me in intimate and personal ways that will fill me with what He knows to be the very best for me.

  59. I am learning to live with the everyday reality that nothing is certain except God and His Word. This knowledge has me treasuring every moment as if it’s my last (because it might be!), but not in a morbid sense at all; rather, in a celebratory sense.. It is surprising me, the fears that God is rooting out of my heart. With each fear ripped away comes His sweet peace. And I’m so grateful.

  60. If i am honest, the first thing I do when I am facing something uncertain is to worry. What I need to do is go to M yFather and sit in His lap by reading the Word and praying. That is the only thing that will give me peace and grace for the situation.

  61. I pray a LOT!! I ask God to intervene in the situation and for His will to be done.
    I read my favorite scriptures or repeat them to myself. And last but not least I cuddle with my two Bichons.

  62. As we went through the last 4 years my “motto” was “it is what it is, He’s got it figured out”. Trying to remind myself every time my 3yo would be in the hospital is when I felt His presence the most. Sounds weird but it was something I looked forward to. Not the hospitalization or the “new normal” we’d always leave with but the fact that He was there and held us through it all. Even when she passed in November. So now it’s finding a new normal again and trying to figure out who I am now that I’m not her caregiver anymore. He is always with us no matter where we are or what we are going through. Philippians 1:12 now I want you to know, that my circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel.

  63. Iife can suck so much out of us. But when it takes our joy we loose our strength. Lately I’ve been there And longed for my daddy’s arms. He is not here with me so I too must run to my heavenly daddy. I want to sit at his feet and hear his heartbeat.

  64. I have read Captivating, and enjoyed it. Was recommended by pastor, as I struggle sometimes to know who I am. Had a very difficult childhood, married a wonderful man and had 4 children , who are the wealth of my life and for whom I thank God for. My problem is at this age I am still trying to figure out who I am. God, the father has seen me thru this life, guided me and blessed me , even at the difficult times . So thank you for writting of his love to encourage others to seek his loving embrace.

    Jean Lindsay

  65. I visualize myself sitting on my Father’s lap as I first give gifts of thanks for his Mercy and Grace and Love. Then, prayer to live in the moment and remember that God sees all the way down the the road.

  66. I am learning in this life, that life is always uncertain. This week I will see my doctor for a six week check following 30 radiation treatments and my third journey with cancer. My life is uncertain, but this I know to be certain; God has never failed me and He never will. I cannot imagine taking a breath without His love and strength. I could sit and wait for results, do nothing and wait to see if my cancer returns, but that would not be living, and I want to live. I am thrilled when God directs me to something new. This morning during my quiet time he led me to Psalm 119. I am going to study it anew and learn what God desires for me in this season life. Thank you for sharing such beautiful words from your experience. I was touched and encouraged and hope to read your book.

  67. Most of my life, I worried and prayed when life was scary and uncertain. Now, I am happy to say that I have (mostly!) ditched the worrying part, and hand my situation to God and ask him light my path. I have dumped a lot of stress by trusting that He will do what He has said he will do. He loves us and asks us to trust him. So much easier to feel peace in the waiting when we do!

  68. When life is uncertain and change is coming, I pray for peace from the Lord. He knows the beginning from the end; nothing surprises Him. Everything that comes my way comes through His hand because it is what is best for me. I rest in Him and His sovereignty.

  69. I try to place it all in my Father’s hands – especially when I am powerless (which aren’t we all, all the time?). In the past I have hidden behind emotional walls and I am still praying for those to be continually torn down.

  70. Sweet Friends, It is “never when life is uncertain” for life is always uncertain. Maybe we notice it more at times but certainty about anything is an illusion. Trusting in God’s goodness and His provision, day by day, prepares us when the uncertainty of life becomes a face-to-face reality.

  71. I lost my parents when I was 7 and I have no brothers or sisters. From what I can remember, it has always been me, myself and I with God at my side. Whenever I am troubled, perplexed and confused, I just lie still, put an instrumental cd on with headphones and relax. I find when I lose myself and let go, God is right there to come in every time! It took me a while, but I had to learn to listen and trust HIM. It was not something that was easy to do at first, but I believe in ‘Progress, not perfection’! So by allowing the music to open my mind and soul, God ‘nudges’ me so to speak in the proper direction and my common sense and intellect take over and it comes out all right! I am doing excellent and feel very ‘successful’! Just remember, ‘Success is a journey, not a destination’!

  72. I would like to say that I pray + it all goes away– but most often, I find a warm place to hide, where I am sometimes able to remember all of the times these feelings of uncertainty and turmoil have been met with great joy, peace, and comfort. And I am thankful. Then I wait [im]patiently for that day..but almost always, I know it is coming, and I am able to get through the day. Repeat.

  73. Thank Him that somehow, some way, for whatever reason, this is the way He is working His good and pleasing an perfect will out on my life. And I may nit understand it, but I pray for the grace to trust Him for the next moment.

  74. I do anything I can to make a plan and figure things out. It’s really hard for me to be in uncertainty.

  75. Stasi,

    I, too, lost my earthly father. He was not just my father, he was my everything. I was very close to him. It was so devastating to me to lose him. He was the only parent that I grew up with, so, the loss of him was like losing 2 parents. I went through a very bad place when he passed and I admit that I was angry with God. I realized later that my dependence on my earthly father, kept me from depending on My Heavenly Father. It was a very tough time, but, God was with me every step of the way, and, what satan meant for bad, God turned to good for me! I would not have the relationship with God that I have now if it were not for that happening.

  76. My reaction is dependent on the situation. If it involves one of my kids, I pray, if it involves me, I tend to go for food. Why do I do that? I have no idea but I’m working on it!

  77. I try to formulate my anxious into words to talk to God about, or turn on our Christian radio Station and turn it really loud. The truth drowns out the fear and worry.

  78. I lost my mom to cancer 11/10/06 and my dad has Parkinson’s and has been living with us the past 5 years. So I relate, although it was my mom and I was 40, but she’d always been there for me from conception, you know?
    I have envisioned climbing into my Heavenly Father’s lap too, and I often cry out to him with all sorts of pains. I pay attention to what comes my way in answer, whether from Bible reading or songs or blog posts or people I run into. Those are some of the usual ways God speaks to me. I am so grateful for his loving care!
    Oh yes, like Susan M. pointed out, if it’s my anxiety needing comfort I’ll often go for sweets. I’m trying to turn that to prayer too.

  79. That brought tears to my eyes, my dad has been battling prostate cancer, thank god he is doing good right now. I know at times I that he has his moments and wont express them to me but we can just read each other. He hasn’t always been there in the important times of my life, but he has been there when I needed him the most. I love him dearly. When I am uncertain I pray, I cry, I ask god to come into my heart and heal me, to not leave me alone. And then I sit and be still until I can feel him.

  80. I have learned through experience that when I am faced with uncertainty, I need to give myself time to go through several emotional stages. They can vary in order and length, depending on the circumstances, but if I try to rush them, I end up back at square one. These stages include grief, questioning, seeking, surrender and finally acceptance. God is with me in each one and is so patient … how thankful I am to Him for accepting me as I am, in all my struggles.
    I look forward to reading your book, Stasi. I’ve been blessed by all your writings, as well as by your husband’s. God bless you in your ministry.

  81. Many times I pull inside myself and try to block out the rest of the world. Then I realize that God has gotten me through so many things in my 65 yrs and turn it over to him. Also I have a wonderful daughter who reminds me that we have made it through many things. Also being 65 a little Beach Boys doesn’t hurt.

  82. What a touching devotion..I also lost my daddy to cancer almost 10 years ago. I miss him dearly, as I was very much a daddies girl.

    When I am in need of comfort I go to God’s word and pray. I also listen to worship music and bask in His presence. He brings so much comfort to my weary heart. I also envision myself wrapped in His arms or myself running into His arms. He is ever-present in my time of need.

  83. In times of stress, difficulties and grief, I know that God our Father is my only hope. He has never failed me through the death of my parents, sister, and two spouses….and through the daily sufferings that we all encounter in life. One of the surprising things that has happened to me more than once is that, when going through a particular difficulty, I will either be reading the Daily Word, Holley’s message or a message in (In)Courage…..and the ‘answer’ or remedy for my problem is right there before me. I suspect that many followers of these columns have had the same experience. How wonderful that the Lord uses these means of communication to aid and assist us. I am so grateful and thank every person who writes these God-inspired messages that reach into our hearts and bring healing. Thanks to all and God bless all who have responded to this article today.

  84. When life is uncertain I wait on Him. I just keep doing what I know he has called me to do and wait for that nudging or clear message to display the next step.

  85. When life throws uncertainties, I remind myself of the unchanging character of my God. I look for those promises in scripture and wallpaper my mind with them, sometimes saying them out loud when the doubts are the strongest.

  86. When life is uncertain, or rather, I am uncertain about something in my life, I try to go back to what I know IS certain. Of course, I usually freak out a bit first, panic, get anxious and wonder how everything will work out. When I finally remember to go to God (which I should’ve done first), He reminds me of His love for me, of HIS plans for my life and that I am never alone, even when I am uncertain. The peace that comes from these absolute truths in my life help me to face uncertainty. They remind me to seek God first and rest in His PEACE in my life so that I can enjoy the blessings and life He has given to me. Knowing God is right there with me makes any change, uncertainty or scary situation seem much smaller; I mean, who doesn’t have more confidence when they know their Daddy is there to protect them? 🙂

  87. I am feeling so unsure myself right now, and forced myself to read this post when it came into my inbox this morning: I knew what I needed was to be directed to God’s promises, and that’s what I found in your piece. My own dad is about to have major heart surgery, and I am scared. He is 76 years old, has endured many surgeries on his heart, has been tremendously weakened by Lyme disease in the last 18 months, and I’m just not confident he’ll make it through the surgery and recovery. I am afraid. I feel small again– he has always been my touchstone; my true north. His gentle love and wisdom and complete acceptance of me has been such a wonderful template for me to understand how much my heavenly Father loves me. My dad and I are cut from the same exact cloth– we think the same, we see the same, we understand the same; he gets me better than any human on the face of the earth does. So I’m not feeling ready to have him leave us, if that is what this next week will bring. And my heart is breaking, because I don’t have money to get myself up to his side, and to walk with him and my mom as this unfolds; to be with him/them.

    Thank you for the reminders. I turn to God when I’m unsure, and that is the only thing that will be getting me through this next while.

  88. Isn’t life always uncertain? Trust in the goodness of our Sovereign God who is able to keep you from falling and whose mercies are new every morning.

  89. When life is uncertain, I go to scripture and focus on God’s promises for me. That is the only truth and satan will do whatever he can to get me to focus on my circumstances. God’s Word is the only way to discredit satan and get my head on straight!

  90. When life becomes uncertain…I whine a little and then I think of the birds that sing in our backyard trees and know that God loves them. He loves me more. And I pray…

  91. On my bad days I eat…but on my good days I fall on my face in His presence and pray that I have more good days than bad!

  92. I feel the pain, process it with a Godly, trusted family member, and pray even when I do not always feel like it. I also remind myself that worrying doesn’t add any time to my busy day. God’s ways are best, always!

  93. It’s been a tough summer for my family and I, dealing with diagnoses that turned out to be false… Anxiety and some depression has taken its hold on me. However, I know Who is the Great Physician, and He has promised to never leave me. He has a plan and a purpose for all of this, which has drawn me even closer to Him through His Spirit snd Word. To help me through this difficult time, I am spending a lot of time in prayer, and being thankful… For all the things He has done, and will continue to do…God is good all the time-ALL the time, God is good!

  94. Not that I always remember, but I try to use uncertainty as a reminder to lean into the One who is Certain – Jesus, the ever Faithful Shepherd and Guide. So excited to read this book. I am doing a study in Sunday School about identity and image-bearing and as soon as I saw the title of this book I knew I had to read it. I’m sure it has valuable insight into some of the things I have wrestled with.

  95. Whenever I am uncertain I truly try to remember to turn to God and to His word. It is not something that I do all the time, I still go through times where I think I can figure it out and do it myself. But I am leaning to turn more and more to God.

  96. When life is uncertain, I journal. Those pages know my heartaches better than I know them. They have been torn and crumpled and thrown across the room. Those pages have been tear-soaked and smudged. They have been the friend who has heard it all but doesn’t judge.

  97. Honestly…sometimes i grab a bag Of chips, othertimes my Bible, most times God’s shoulder. I too ‘lost’ dad to cáncer this march and though i know he’s the best he’s ever been my flesh wants him here next to me but especially next to mom.

  98. I remember God’s promises..I go to His Word, journal and sometimes just close out the world and put on my headphones and listen to some good worship music.

  99. Music helps a lot. When my daughter died. Few years ago, I found comfort in godly people. In the beginning aftermath of her death, I felt left alone & betrayed by god.

  100. Unfortunately, the first thing I usually do is worry and then worry some more. But I realize that God is bigger than all of my uncertain circumstances and He will always lead, guide and protect if I allow Him. What an awesome God who always steps in when I need him even in the times that I try to take control and do things my way!!!

  101. I’m facing one of those times right now and I go to scripture and those verses that speak truth to my heart. I try to slow down and let God’s mercy and love fill me. Take a hot bath, eat a little dark chocolate, and lots of rest. I try to create space where I can hear God and listen to what he is speaking to me. I don’t have this with my own earthly father but I am oh so grateful for my relationship with my heavenly father.

  102. Thank you for this post. I love the picture of climbing into God’s lap for reassurance. When I am uncertain I try to remember to seek Him first and listen for His leading. I also a dear sister in Christ whose wisdom I trust, and my husband is an excellent source of wisdom as well.


  103. I pray, get in my Bible and journal, this has really helped me and when I don’t get any answers, I just say JESUS!

  104. I pray and spend quiet time with the Lord. It is what my heart yearns for. I remember His faithfulness and all He has done in my life and that He is in control and that whatever happens I am His. A few years back I read Psalm 42:6 in the Message and I go back to that…”When my soul is in the dumps, I rehearse everything I know of You.” I love that! He is always faithful! That with my favorite verse, Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.” bring me great comfort and encouragement. He is my strength!

  105. When life is uncertain, I go into panic mode, internally. I most often find myself running to my “conference room” with God… a.k.a. my bathroom. Where I sit on the edge of my shower and pour my fears out to God. And He comforts me. I breathe deep and remind myself of all those places in my past where He has remained faithful to me knowing that He will never stop. I am reminded of His promises to me and His deep love for me. Then, I breathe in really deep, exhale all the fear out, and stand tall to walk into my day.

  106. My life is always uncertain. Each day I have something that I have to trust to Jesus. I am learning to accept each day as it comes and even though, as a single mother with three children in a two-bedroom apartment, my circumstances and dmeands seem greater than my strength, I have a choice. I can either give-up or rely on Jesus. So when things seem uncertain to me I pray. I get on my knees and I hand it over to the One who knows what I need and already knows the outcome. He hasn’t failed me yet!

  107. When I’m uncertain, I do several things. My first instinct is to eat! (Mainly sweets!) Then I do one of a few things. Take a walk, read a book or Bible Study, or sing! Singing is my favorite. God just shows up when you praise Him, even if you don’t feel like it. Even if my uncertainty has turned into anger, disappointment or fear. I also have a “scripture” journal. It’s a journal where I just write down the different Bible verses that mean a lot to me. I write it down EVERY time it means something to me. It’s encouraging to go back and read scriptures, promises, from God.

  108. When life is uncertain, I try to remember it is only uncertain to me. God already knows what happens next and has things under control and planned out. I try to take comfort in that and pray that God gives me peace in my chaos.

  109. What do I do when life is uncertain? I panic, then I usually cry, and then I TRY to place it all in the hands of our loving Father and his Mother Mary — who understands us women — perfectly! Sometimes I succeed only for a minute at a time and have to keep reminding myself to do so, but in that minute I find His perfect peace!

    May God bless all women in our uncertainty!

  110. Worship music always draws me to His presence, and into His truth. When life feels uncertain, I need to stop and recount the testimony of what He’s already done in my life.

    Thank you for offering the giveaway!

  111. My life had a purpose when I had my children. Now that they are grown (barely), I’m struggling with my purpose. I know God must have a plan for me right now, but I’m not seeing it, and I am frantic that I am wasting time. should I be propeling toward a new direction? I’m afraid, and confused. Uncertain would be an understatement. The only thing I am certain of is Christ, and God’s love for me. But I want to share that love for His glory. I feel like I’m disappointing God.

  112. I pray, and I look back to the past to remember what God has done in my life so far, trusting that he will continue to carry me into the uncertain future. (Keeping a thankful journal is great for that.)

  113. My father and I were real close. I was his ‘baby doll’ and he literally did most things with me. Until I married and then he used to come over to play weekly with his grandsons. He died at only 63 years of age and it was so painful. He filled my life with laughter and love that only a father could. So, my relationship with my Father in heaven is a very firm and secure one as he told me to go to my Father in heaven and seek HIM always when I was so very young. Eight maybe.
    The day he died I was the last one he spoke to on the phone. It was most painful. He died of a heart attack. But, he is in heaven and I will see him when I go to heaven. This is for sure. I was closest to my father really. When my mother was in her late seventies she told me my father loved me more than her and that I took his heart away from her. I was shocked. I really had such a good time talking to my father all my life I never ever realized this at all. My dad. I called him, daddy.

  114. Life is always uncertain, whether or not we recognize its uncertainty in any given peaceful moment. The challenge is always to be aware of God’s love for us as demonstrated in Christ, to recall that he superintends every event that touches our lives, to surrender ourselves to what he has allowed, and to trust him. This requires us to let go of the whys and to yield all our expectations to him. My mind and heart must be fixed on Christ as a daily, moment-by-moment discipline, as a passionate act of continual adoration, if I am to respond to trial in a Spirit-filled, yielded, trusting way.

  115. Thank you for the amazing post today. I have a friend who recently went through a very similar experience. I have prayed for her so many times. And, more recently, I continue praying for my father and myself as I begin to see issues arise for his health. Thank you for the encouragement and the reminder of the safety with our Heavenly Father.

  116. When I’m uncertain I pray, talk to two of my close friends, and try to remember other times when uncertainty filled my heart and how God delivered me from those times. Every time. I also try to remind myself that there are many others hurting as bad or worse than I am. Helping them blesses me.

  117. My life is really uncertain right now and living with someone who has a daily health struggle.
    I myself am living day to day along with him. Our lives have changed forever. It is a constant battle to not lash out. Praying every day.

  118. I am a 53 yr old widow with 4 almost grown “kids” in their young 20’s. Two years after Gary’s death I faced empty nest. And believe me, I felt Empty and uncertain. I did (and still do) what so many of you have done: I read the Word, subscribed to godly emails, listened to music, wept, read all sorts of books about grief and Christian fiction. I wept and shouted at God. “Fine, Just Fine. I guess You Want me to be a widow all alone in this room right now.” And then I realized that Yes, He did want that. And He was in control and He was with me. So I began to praise Him for that room, the quilt on my bed, the paint on my walls, the house, and every little thing. When I get crazy I praise Him. It IS a Sacrifice of Praise. It costs me, yes, but it cost Him More. My life is still uncertain. I have a piddly job and I feel like I’m paddling aimlessly around the lake called Life. But He is the Boss. I will Choose to Trust whether I feel it or not.

  119. I wish I could say that when I am feeling uncertain that I just pray and give it to God. That I rest and trust in Him. But I don’t, I usually bottle it up, get overly stressed, cry, long for my daddy. It’s funny when my husband finds me crying and I say to him I miss my daddy he says, “Ok, what is really going on here.” God does not let me linger here long, he calls me back to Him in little whispers. Reminds He is always there.

  120. This book sounds like something I need to read for the circumstances that are in my life right now. Thank you for sharing this today.

  121. This books sounds amazing and seems like exactly what I need to read at this point in my life. I am struggling with many uncertainties: finances (unemployment), image confidence and weight struggles, parenting concerns and if I am doing a good job, marital issues, and stresses surrounding my parent’s aging and how to come to terms with it all.

    Unfortunately, I do not have a very good coping mechanism for my stress. It’s usually a few glasses of wine and pack of cigarettes. I don’t want to burden my friends/family with my problems so I keep them to myself. I need to get prayer back into my life as well as positive thoughts. I want to learn to meditate and do it every day. I feel worthless as a person and need to regain my confidence so I can be the best mom, wife and daughter I can be.

    Thank you for sharing this post today.

    God bless.

  122. Honestly, more often than not, my first reaction is to withdraw from everyone and hide…but then I am reminded of God’s faithfulness in the past and that He is with me right now. Praying, crying, listening to worship music, reading my Bible and stories from others (in courage and Proverbs31 Min) help me, too.
    I’m so sorry you lost your father. Right now I feel very lost and unsure of what I am supposed to do. My mom passed away in August. Tomorrow is her birthday…she would have been 63. She was the most amazing woman I have ever known. She was my mom and had become my best friend, prayer warrior, accountability partner…I don’t know how to function without her here. I know she is with The Lord, but it still really hurts not having her with me. I am so thankful that He is with the broken hearted. I am so thankful for ministries like in-courage and Proverbs 31 that are so encouraging and supportive.
    Thank you so very much!! May God bless you in your ministry.

  123. During those times of stress and uncertainty and the unknown, I try to find the quiet space to listen to God. But in reality, I often resort to raiding the refrigerator and the cabinets! This lesson of being still and knowing that God is God is often one I have learn over and over.

  124. Honestly, sometimes I panic, or give in to fear and worry. My prayer is that I will have a faith-filled response. Despite my mere 37 years, I have seen a lot of struggles, challenges, and trials-but I count it all joy, for He is shaping me into the woman He’s created me to be.

  125. The honest answer is that I get scared and worry. My thoughts can just go ’round and ’round. And sometimes I avoid or try to find things to distract me. But there is usually a point at which I turn to prayer, the Word and praise music to restate Truth to myself and refocus on faith.

  126. Thank you for this post today. Today I am remembering my dad’s passing, he died of cancer 11 years ago today. But despite the uncertainly that this life event brings, I am resting in the security that God is constant and consistent, and we can count on that!!! I am also 33 weeks pregnant with my third child. I know lots of women have done it before, but life as a stay-at-home mom with 3 children under 4 is definitely uncertain for me right now… how will I do it? I can’t even handle 2 active children… Trusting in a big God!

  127. Thank you for sharing. In these seemly uncertian times I open my bible where I wrote these words
    “the Lord has done wonderful things for me and Holy is his name. These words bring me comfort for the Lord has done and still does wonders for me. We aren’t sure how we have been able to maintain things but God hascontinued to sustain us. We give thanks every morning for whatever he will bring our way. We are trusting in his mercy which is new every dawn and try to stay faithful in the little things. For all of you out there gripped by what seems overwhelming join hands in this moment of time and know that you know “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” I speak love to you my sisters in Christ that we know who has the victory and fear comes from the enemy who would want us not to fulfill our purpose in him who born our pain through his own. May you sense his presence in your life today and especially in the struggles because thats where he is manifested the most powerful in our weaknesses. Now to our Lord Christ Jesus be the Glory now and forever more.

  128. I just started being “me” about 8 months ago. I realized I had been lying to myself and others around me about who I really am. Not intentionally, but I didn’t talk about hard truths, I didn’t acknowledge who I really was and what I really wanted because I never felt worthy of having those feelings, if that makes sense. I separated from my husband, we are working on reconciliation but by facing the hard truths we skirted around before. I don’t know what God has in store for me but for the first time in my life I’m being authentically me and though it’s hard at time I finally feel the freedom to be what God intended me to be.

  129. When life is uncertain I pray, listen to worship music and talk with girlfriends who understand. And I have little dance parties with my daughters….they always help me remember how much I have to be thankful for! 🙂

  130. I have a favorite soft chair in the corner looking out over the lake – and when life is uncertain or becomes too much, I go there and sit with Jesus. I pray, I read, I quietly breathe in His presence. My Bible is there, and a notebook and pen so I am ready to write down any thoughts that come to mind when He is speaking to me. Sometimes He gives me a plan of action, sometimes He just gives me comfort. Peace for me is only found in spending time with Him because ‘He alone is our peace.’ (Ephesians 2:14; John 14:27))

  131. I always try to run to scripture, and be empowered by verses that got me through other hard times in life. I think the biggest thing at that time is remembering– remembering how faithful, how strong, how mighty, how benevolent our God is, and how specifically that has been displayed in my lifetime.

    I also try to look at life through the eyes of an adventurer: to see the great thrill, the many blessings, the great gift uncertain and tumultuous times can be!

  132. I TRUST….. not always easy, but necessary in journeying this life. God has never let me down thus far, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He won’t. It may not always look like I want it to, but He knows what is best for me. For that I am grateful. LOTS OF PRAYER TOO!

  133. I pray a lot, ask God lots of questions (a lot of why questions), and take one day at a time. Would love to read her new book!

  134. When I’m uncertain, I try to remind myself of all the other times I was uncertain but trusted in God and he answered and cane through.

  135. I remind myself God is in control, pray , listen to tons of podcasts and christian music to keep focused. I also need to get better at being still to listen to what God is telling me.

  136. Pray, reach out to the community of faith, and cling to His promises in scripture, although often fumbling my way through.

  137. Every day brings us choices or challenges that are uncertain. Although I’ve failed at trying to seek answers, wisdom, comfort in earthly things like friends, food, forgetting it; I have learned that the ONLY thing that can bring me so much more than the comfort I’m seeking is my faith in Jesus Christ. Believing beyond the shadow of a doubt that “He’s got this!”

  138. When life feels uncertain, I remind myself that God has a plan and He is in charge. I don’t have to worry because He has things under control. 🙂

  139. Whenever I am feeling uncertain or anxious about anything I pray and think about scripture – Philippians 4:6 comes to mind a lot during these times. “Do not be anxious about anything…” and then I think that God is always with me and help me through whatever problems or worries I face. A long time ago a friend of mine said to write down your worries, put them in a box, and give them to God. I have actually put my worries in a box with a ribbon and prayed to God and said “I give my worries to you Lord. I will not be anxious knowing that you are always with me and you hear my prayers and know the desires of my heart”. This really does help me to trust God more fully and not be so worried. Scripture says that He will never leave or forsake us and that is such a comforting thought.

  140. When life is uncertain, I journal. I pour out my heart to God in those pages. All the emotions, all the heartache, all the fear comes out of my brain, through my writing hand and onto the page. I don’t censor what I write, so my words are raw, but I know God doesn’t care. He only wants my brutal honestly. At night before I go to sleep, sometimes my fears envelope me and I can’t relax, I just repeat over and over again, “Daddy, you promised…” Daddy, you promised to protect me. Daddy, you promised to love me even when the world says I’m unlovable. Daddy, you promised to walk beside me and hold my hand. Daddy, you promised!

  141. I go to God ask him for help and guidance. He reminds me that he’s in control and when im afraid or worried he reminds me that hes with me he will not leave me nor forsake me and to trust him.

  142. It always sounds so easy to just say when life is uncertain, take it to the Lord. But in reality, taking things to God is my anchor. Only He is able to take my pain and comfort me. Sure, I wish it could be someone with “skin on”, but the peace that follows my willingness to give it all to him is worth it. I pray you all feel His presence and experience His peace today.

  143. When I am uncertain, I turn to the Lord in prayer and I read the Psalms which are very comforting.

  144. I journal my stresses and fears to get them all out of my mind and on paper. Then I turn to the bible, find a verse that correlates, write it in my journal, meditate on it and end my journal entry with a prayer thanking God for all the good in my life and asking him to help me to let go of my fears and stresses. It has helped me so powerfully. 🙂

  145. My biggest problem when I am insecure and uncertain is that I try to solve things in my own strength and not rely on God and His sovereignty. I have to rely on things that get me and my thoughts off of me and onto the strength, power, and goodness of God. When I am uncertain, I pray; asking God for clarity on the situation. I don’t always get it but sometimes, even the word, “wait” is heard and that brings some peace. I try to find a scripture to memorize and/or meditate on. This keeps me from continuing with my vain imaginations that can get me in a lot of trouble. Finally, I ask a few others to pray for me as well.

  146. I cling to words that Jesus whispers into my soul, through both His word and then, by His Spirit, in the quietness of my heart. I cling – “hold fast or adhere to…by grasping, sticking, embracing, or entwining, to remain close; resist separation, to remain emotionally attached; to hold on…” – as tightly as I can and I weather the storm, knowing He really does care. And I feel free to tell Him all about it, even with tears if need be.

  147. When things seem uncertain and I start to feel afraid and worried, I remember a phrase I learned as a young Christian–You can’t worry and trust God at the same time.–This helps me to change my focus from self to God, the “Lover of my soul” Who is lovingly in charge. This gives me peace. Then I will meditate on something in Psalms which always leads me to the “green pastures.”

  148. I pray. I have to admit that sometimes I forget to pray and spin out of control, but then it comes to me that I didn’t pray and there I am face down in prayer. I have just recently been smacked in the face with this truth, no matter what the outcome, it is for God’s glory in the end. He will use whatever situation I have, even when I know I won’t like the outcome, I know that He will use it. I am soo glad to have a Father that wraps his arms around me and shelters me in the storms of life so I can see the rainbows at the end.

  149. I pray & talk to GOD. Even in my uncertainty I know that God is working it all out for my good. I lean on him for understanding & direction.

  150. To be truthfully, painfully, humanly honest – I have the tendency to over-analyze. I swear. I get anxious or angry or withdrawn or depressed when I don’t know what the heck is going on in my life. It is hard to pray, to find joy, to give thanks – even though I know with my whole heart this is the best thing to do. I feel lonely, discouraged and without hope. In despair. There is darkness. There are lies. I start to listen to the lies and believe they are true. Even when I don’t want to. But then, I remember. Eventually – after I have cried and wept and allowed myself to experience all of those emotions I would rather keep at bay, or dig deeper into my core, I release. I let go. I breathe in. I whisper His name. Jesus. El Shaddai. He is here. He is present. I know Him, and He knows me. There is peace. Extravagent, overwhelming, abdundant peace. There is rest. There IS truth. There is hope. And I know. I cannot do this on my own.

  151. I don’t always do the right thing first….I worry, I try to figure it out on my own, I lash out at the ones I love, I spend money I shouldn’t spend and the list goes on and on. Then I come to my senses and turn to the one who loves me unconditionally and lay it in His lap…..my Rock, my Salvation, my Redeemer, my Healer!!! He is gently changing me to come to Him first but what a slow learner am I!!!!

  152. When life is uncertain I either call on my momma or rally my best friends. They have always been there to pray for me or with me. I know I can count on them to pray for me even when I feel that I cannot pray for myself.

  153. In January 2012 my boss (our family friend) passed unexpectedly in our office. The Lord
    was so gracious as he invaded me with his peace, grace and supernatural strength. He provided
    a way to work from home for an additional year. Then I was laid off from a job that I not only
    loved but felt purposed for. When you are blessed to work with someone for 10 plus years
    it’s so hard to have that person not be a part of your life. I know Tom is heaven with Jesus
    and it makes my heart happy.
    I know that the Lord has an incredible plan for my life and I am trusting, reading and pressing
    into to him because I know his faithfulness in times of desert wandering. He is doing the
    sweetest things for me right now and I am camping on his promises.

  154. I have a Spotify station that I just sit and listen too…Ashes to Beauty…lots of reminders that He has NEVER failed me. I let the truth soak in and remind me over and over….thanks for the chance to win!

  155. When I am uncertain, I try to remember the faithfulness of God. I look at my own personal history as well as at His Word and the countless examples of His steadfastness.

  156. In those moments when life seems very uncertain I try to sing…sometimes even when it is hard to pray I can get the words out through song. One of my current favorites is, “Oh God”, because it changes my perspective and reminds that I am not alone.

  157. In spite of my experiences with my now-deceased earthly Father, I’ve had to learn to hunker down (in Prayer and Praise) when in the throws of uncertainty; declaring who my Heavenly Father is, His character, His promises, claiming those things over my life. Rebuking the enemy of our souls as the source of the presence of fear and anxiety, calling things that are not as though they are, taking on the yoke of Jesus rather than the yoke of this world, reminding Satan to whom I belong, casting all my anxieties on the Lord, all in the name of Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 and Hebrews 6:18-19 Hallelujah!

  158. I remember how God has brought me through other times of change and uncertainty. I try my best to cling to His promises! Keeping myself in the word and listening to uplifting music helps, too!

  159. Hi Stasi…..I so enjoy your writings. I feel like I know you…I went through Captivating and the video series and have been wanting “Becoming Myself”……I know that God is doing such a wonderful work in the women of our time. I noticed Beth Moore is doing something similar as well. I’ve read so many of John’s books and really feel that God is using the two of you to bring so many of us into a mature relationship with Jesus. I too am in my Father’s lap often just for assurance that HE is who HE says HE is…..and HE IS JUST THAT! What do I do when life is uncertain? Well….I am here right now….I do my best to remember, remember, remember what God has done for me and through me…..I do my best to stay focused on what I know of HIS plan for me and leave the rest to HIM. I TRUST…TRUST…TRUST….which means being calm when I don’t know what else to do….haven’t perfected it but still doing me best. Blessings on you and your ministry and (In)courage.

  160. I remind myself that God knew me long before I was born, He has a plan for me, He knows best & He is in control.

  161. I cry and pray and grab the hand and listening ear of someone I love and trust. I play music. I sing. I read God’s Word.

  162. I pray and give it to God. Sometimes I go for a walk and at the first telephone pole I make a covenant with God and lay it down there at His feet. It might sound silly but it works for me!

  163. When I am uncertain…and it happens often :-)… I acknowledge it in prayer to God and wait to hear His voice in an unexpected moment. Sometimes I don’t even have to ask…it just comes, such as in a song on the radio or a verse in Bible study. Sometimes I share it with a close group of friends, and talking it through somehow makes things less uncertain.

  164. Very touching. What a great analogy, Staci!
    I definitely go to the Heavenly Father and then to my Christian friends. Jesus is my rock!

  165. We all live in such an uncertain world…my beautiful mother passed away unexpectedly due to a fall last November…he death has changed my world. This along with other uncertain events in my life over that past few years has made me go much deeper into my faith. I pray…I trust…I know He is there in the uncertainty.

  166. Everyday is uncertain. I am an anxious person so at first I have to analyze all kinds of scenarios. When I have exhausted the what ifs and I am feeling pretty scared I go to God and place my worries in his hands. I really should do that first, but I rarely do.

  167. The answer that I want to give is that I take it straight to the Lord and leave it there, but honestly? Too often I hold onto it and worry, or talk about my uncertainties with everyone but the One who can handle them.

  168. When I am facing uncertain times, I do my best to PRESS INTO GOD. I spend more time in His word and in prayer. I ask Father God to open the doors no man can shut, and to close the doors no man can open. To guide my heart and do a work for my husband and myself to be on the same page. I am facing one of those very uncertain times in life right now. Pressing in To God alone be the glory.

  169. I confess, when life is uncertain, my first instinct is to worry and be fearful. Then I remember what we are commanded…Fear Not! Turning the concerns over to God and asking trusted friends to pray along with me come next…trying to make THAT my default!

  170. Focus on today and give thanks for what IS good. I also talk to myself in the mirror, and remind myself that God will help me through anything.

  171. I pray and call on my friends and family to pray for the situation as well. The more prayers the better.

  172. I pray, and try to recenter myself in scripture and prayer. Also a super supportive family always helps!

  173. I draw closer ,cry out, cry in, knowing He will bring love, truth and freedom. I do what you do, climb up into His lap and let myself be held by Him. Or I express my anger to Him……knowing He knows and understands, loves me always and always and always no matter what……

  174. I loved your blog and pinned your book to buy at a later date! As I sit here, I am waiting for a call from my doctor…is my left arm becoming numb from the neck down through my fingertips for the third time in several days just one of the side effects from overdoing it, from my radiculopathy (nerve damage) and from my triple cervical fusion? Or am I having mini-strokes? I have no idea. I am doing email while waiting for the doctor’s call when I should be on my knees talking to the only real parent I have ever had, Father God, the spiritual Father of us all. I’m just not sure I’m completely ready to fully accept what Dad might have to say. I especially loved what you said about being 54 and not knowing what the next moment might bring, because I am living it right now, tears pouring down my face. Thank you for writing that, for understanding that. For I am 62, living it. And thank you for writing what I know is such a wonderful book. I know it’s wonderful because I’m a writer myself. Take care and keep on doing what you’re doing, you are an uplifting inspiration. Thank you.

  175. I used to call my Dad, but he went to Heaven a year and a half ago now and I still miss him dearly!

    I began to understand on a whole new level how girls think of their Heavenly Father from their relationship with their earthly fathers when mine left this planet. In fact, I got really confused for a while between who I was actually talking to in the first few months after Daddy died… I finally decided I had two fathers in Heaven and that was okay, but only one was God.

    I am 48 and know exactly what you mean by feeling younger sometimes. I sometimes visualize myself sitting in God’s lap talking to Him when times are tough. It is an awesome experience and one I treasure.

    Thanks for your post.

  176. I sit still and wait. I KNOW He is there and I just wait.

    Ok, not all the time. Sometimes I cry, and eat potato chips but I do KNOW He is there.

  177. I wish I could say that I pray and read the Word…..but most often I cry and talk to a friend or my husband. I do pray and need to remember to do that first, but often I panic first

  178. I try to repeat scripture, or some phrase that calms me down. But, honestly, fear sometimes overwhelms me.

  179. I take comfort in knowing that the future may be uncertain to me, but it never is to my abba daddy God. Like you, I imagine myself curled up on His lap with my head on His chest, being comforted by the God of all comfort. As Kathie Walters says, “Snuggle don’t struggle” with God.

  180. I get creative! I am at my most truest self when I open myself up and get vulnerable. Its hard to live open and trust othets with your core..so i tend to do that through the words i write in a song or through thewords of a book im writing. But something creativr always gets out and when it does; im most myself..

  181. When life is uncertain, I tend to find a friend to confide in. But God has been challenging me lately that one major reason He allows uncertainty in my life is to make me run to Him. He is the Friend He wants me to run to when I don’t know what to do. I am working on it! 🙂

  182. I would love to say that I pray and leave it with God. But… the truth is I panic…I stress…I worry and automatically go to worse case scenarion. Then…after I worry after praying…I try my best to leave it with God but I usually pick it back up. I would absolutely love to read ur book

  183. It seems like during those times of uncertainty is when our faith grows the most. I try to cling on to God for all I am worth and trust in his promises and character rather than focusing on the circumstances.

  184. They say God is closest to us in our struggles, grief and sometimes despair. From 60 years of life experience, chronic depression/alcoholism/dysfunctional family, emotional & sexual abuse plus a whole lot of really good stuff, especially in the last 25 years. Two years ago, my new and first husband for 4 years now had a brain aneurysm. God saw us through that. Since that time, he has struggled with his ability to work and we went into extreme debt. My emotional stuff kicked in. Mind you, I am a recovering alcoholic for 26 years, have had tons of therapy and support, being the one who had to “pull it together” and work and bring in what money I could. Prayer, more prayer, support from close others, therapy, spiritual support from our church pastor and being brave and strong, just one more day at a time and more prayer that includes gratitude for everything, even the tough stuff.

  185. To be honest, I cry! Well, that is how it has been lately! We lost our son to SIDS just a month and a half ago, and I am uncertain of so many things now. All I can do is trust in God and trust that He has a plan greater and bigger than anything I could ever imagine for my Tristan. Usually, when I am feeling uncertain, I look up to the heaven and talk to my baby boy, and I ask him to help me find my way!

  186. What do I do when life is uncertain? Well, what I want to do (run to Dad and totally trust Him) and what I end up doing (fretting, letting my emotions get the best of me, try to figure things out) are polar opposites. Mostly, I go back and forth between the two.

  187. My divorce became final in February, I moved to Tennessee in April, I started a new job in July and thought for sure and for certain I was most likely getting fired today {but I did not get fired, thankfully}. Every crutch I had before is gone and I have to trust God each and every day. Money was easier to come by before. Not so much anymore. But I’m seeing God answer prayers and provide for me. It’s exciting, really, to not rely on those things anymore. My fellowship with Him is so much sweeter, too.

  188. Remember that God is King of kings and He is still in control and on His thrown. Then run to His outstretched arms and jump up in His lap for His comfort and grace.

  189. When I’m particularly uncertain, or even when I’m not, my coping mechanism has always been food. I’m trying to substitute prayer and/or time in the Word but that is so hard, making that change. It’s not like food is something I can just go through 12 steps and be in recovery, avoiding my “fix”. When my father had brain cancer and for the long time he was gone but his body lived on I was too busy to eat, and rarely home. Now I’m home 99% of the time with chronic illnesses of my own and trying to hide them as much as I can from my adult son with autism who lives with us. Munch. Munch. Munch.

  190. So excited to read Stasi’s post here! I’ve got to dig deep into the Bible when I’m going through times of change, uncertainty or trial. There I find something to fortify me.

  191. I also pray. I know that God is the author of my story and if He brings something to me, He will help me get through it. When I am faced with uncertainty, I change my focus to one of thanksgiving; thanking God for yet another opportunity to trust Him and let Him continue writing.

  192. When I’m uncertain I tend to escape by sleeping.. well, sometimes. I try hard to surrender to God. It works if I remember how God worked in uncertain times in my past.

  193. I have several ways to deal with uncertainty, stress… whatever comes my way. Some are healthy and some not so much: go for a walk and pray and/or listen to Christian music, eat something I don’t need, cry, text a friend to pray with me, stop and be still and listen to God’s voice… The good news is that, no matter which path I choose, God always comes through to comfort and guide me. Maybe not in my timing or in the way I expected, but He is always faithful!

  194. I have a few worship CDs that seem to pull me right to the feet and heart a God. And then there is Abigail’s “It is well with my soul.” It is my undoing and coming together all at once.

  195. I have a long chat with my most trusted friend and confidant, My Lord and Savior, Jesus. During this chat I may weep, I may ask for answers, I may sit quietly and listen, no matter what I do merly being and knowing we are together gives me comfort.

  196. When I am uncertain I talk to God. Sometimes I rant and rave with myself until I remember I can give it to Him and find comfort and peace.

  197. I sing. in the car with no one around. Loud songs to God about whatever it is I am going through. I am in a time in my life where the last few years have been duck and roll–or reel from unexpected “stuff”. This has been the really dig deep and feel utterly fragile time. Motherhood with armor on to help fight a teen’s lack of growth due to depression and diagnosed Asperger. I miss my little sticky kisser smiled filled boy. The young man is a shadow of him. I look everyday to see if he is becoming more and than hold my breathe to see if he will break again. Two little girls behind him. I feel at times so need to be fired from motherhood. I get tired, mad, and jealous of the other “moms”. I want to have what they have. Even though I know mine are :creative, intelligent and amazing!!! May God hear all the Mothers’ prayers 🙂

  198. In the uncertain times in my life I pray. I pray and ask God to step in and help the situation, I tell God how sad, scared and weary I am. I then ask God to make my heart and mind align with His will, so I can honestly pray for His will to be done. While I continually pray, I begin to take steps to fix the situation. I ask God for guidance and work as hard as I can to help my situation, I want to be a part of God’s plan. This gets tricky to keep focused on God, not my plan.

  199. I ask God to help my unbelief…tell him that I’m wanting and trying to trust him…that I know He is in control. I pray for peace…and I wait. Wait to see the story revealed. He is so good…all the time.

  200. I pray, listen to Christian music, and try to get outside for some exercise… either a walk, or a bike ride. Between those three things, God usually reigns me back in to His loving, tender care. Thankfully….

  201. I am learning to lean hard into God and His promises. As a 3 yr cancer survivor, the uncertainties can sometimes be overwhelming. My word of the year this year is Trust…I believe focusing on that helps, too.

  202. When I’m uncertain, at first I tend to ignore it and overcompensate in other areas of life. Then, inevitably the Lord gets me in A quieter place where I really have to wrestle out those uncertainties before Him. Sometimes it resolves quickly, a lot of times not so much. But in that, I find an invitation to trust that even if I’m uncertain, He isn’t.

  203. When life is uncertain, all I want to do is ignore that the problem exists. I know it’s there, but I don’t want to face it. Then, I realize that God is in control. I turn to Him.

  204. When life is uncertain, I want to focus on my Rock, Jesus Christ. I know He is in control. We have our hope in His Promises in His Word. We know He is coming again to save us from the coming Wrath of God. Most of us, for uncertain times, we can find our Peace and Comfort in Him.

  205. I try to remember who God’s says I am in Him, but it seems the voice of lies out shouts the voice of truth more often than not. I’m so thankful, though, that God doesn’t leave me during those moments.

  206. I think we could all use a dose of what the pages of this book have to offer. I would love an opportunity to win a copy of it.

  207. I am in the midst of so much change right now, and in these seasons I try to keep life simple and surround myself with beauty, encouragement, and Jesus…this helps me not to get overwhelmed and stressed.

  208. Oh, I so want to read this book! It looks amazing and so what I need in this season. I love to listen to worship music and record my “gifts”/blessings. It helps me remember during hard times how much I’ve been blessed and how The Lord is continuing to care for me as His loved child.

  209. Oh my word, I feel as if I’m almost always on unsteady ground! The last 6 months especially have been conflict-riddled and tough-test driven… I know God is growing me in really big ways, but it’s so hard to trust. I’ve spent every morning with Him and find myself strapping on the armor of God daily. I know if I keep my eyes on Him, everything will be all right. I’d love to dive into this book — I think we all can use fresh encouragement!
    xo Heidi

  210. I try to remember that the Lord has brought me through this before and he will do it again. No matter what happens I have trust in the Lord and I pray out to him.

  211. First, I cry and then cry some more. There is something about letting off those endorphins that make me think more clearer. Then, I get out my Bible and look up my favorites. Words of truth are the only way that permanently convince me that everything will be okay. Although I am uncertain (facing a battle ahead), I know WHO has won the war and WHO is the victor!
    Looking forward to your book!

  212. My knee jerk reaction is to start controlling everything else in my life that I know is certain. Then after some time I finally realize how futile it is & crawl into my Daddy’s lap & have Him speak Truth to me.

  213. I read Psalm 103. Using my own notes in the margins of one particular Bible, it is so helpful to periodically rehearse all God’s benefits in the past, as well as His promise of provision for the days to come. Thank you Stasi for this timely posting.

  214. It is not always easy to remember to turn to God, we are all humans living in a fleshly world. I have always tried to lean on God in singing a song such as “Trust In the Lord” or saying my life’s verse. Proverbs 3:5-6. ” Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on to your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight” You know when I do this with all my HEART I can go through anything because I know that Jesus is with me ALWAYS!

  215. I love to crawl onto my Fathers lap. It’s there I am safe and free from memories of childhood abuse and trauma. From the pain that threatens to overwhelm. It’s where I feel His arms around me, telling me I was made for more than this. That it wasn’t what He created me for. And in His lap, I can be as safe and perfect as a newborn baby!

  216. Unfortunately I tend to retreat and “hide” in things that block out the uncertainty. I still have a lot to learn about turning to God in those situations.

  217. I pray…but there are times when I really don’t understand and I go into freak out mode. it never helps and I never feel better afterwards.

  218. Try to figure it out, realize I can’t. Pray, try to figure it out again, pray some more. LOL! You’d think by now I’d learn. 🙂

  219. Life ALWAYS seems to be uncertain…because it’s just “life.” I try to keep a rememberance journal of the times when the Lord is faithful and blesses me. When there are more clouds and the way seems lost it’s a little easier to remember that God is faithful when I have a journal to re-read. My circumstances don’t determine His character. That never changes.

  220. Like Sarah, above, said.. life always seems to be uncertain. Somedays more than others. When uncertainty looms I recall the wonderful promises of Scripture and know in my heart one day we will all shed no more tears

  221. Cry, Confess, and Continue. I cry for the hurt, confess my fear and God’s promises and then continue to move forward, even if I can only manage one step right then. It’s a process that has helped me through some very dark periods, and always brings me close to the heart of God when I need to hear and see and fell Him most. Sometime it’s through the words of a friend or family member. Other times it’s a book or a movie that helps the healing. Once it was even a book by Stasi and her husband John!

  222. I stop and try to stand still on the Rock, as David said in Psalm 62:1-2. Sometimes I say that verse out loud to God and I tell Him, “I’m standing here. You be the rock and the shelter and the salvation.” It helps me remember that He’s going ahead of me and fighting for me, and I don’t have to have all the answers.

  223. During uncertain times, as recently as a very difficult time this summer, I find that the most important thing I can do is just trust God. I stand on the scripture…
    “Be still and know that I am God.”
    This has brought me through many uncertain times of enduring, even this summer. Praise Him! He is faithful and He knows the plans for my life. I just need to trust and never give up (or give in)!

  224. This reading really hit me because I too am 54 and facing changes. My one and only daughter is going off to college in another state. As someone else said, I cry first, then I pray. I pray for her and that helps me stay focused on the wonderful experiences ahead. I pray that I can be the strength and the face of the spirit when she needs more than she knows what to ask for. Then I pray to the Lord and Holy Spirit to open me, and make me aware of what He wants next from me. Then I try to continue, as someone else said.

  225. My first response is to go to my “cave,” a place where I hide from the people and circumstances which have and/or still do fill me with fear. I eventually am reminded that my Heavenly Father is there for me. I think back to a time when I became a single parent, not by my choice, who had to move to another state, with two little boys, a house payment, a car payment, bills left over by someone else, and no job. There was no way that I could have walked through all of that on my own. God opened so many doors of solution to show me that He was with me in every situation. A human being, on her own, could not have handled all of that AND made things fall into place as they did. GOD handled it and gave me a peace in the midst of all of it. Each time that I remember that part of my journey, I am reminded of the peace that God gives me, similar to what I felt as a little girl when my Daddy would hold me in his big lap and hug me with his long arms and large hands. With that picture in my mind, I can prepare to face the fear.

  226. I’ve been waiting for this book…it so resonates, just from the description. I typically turn to songs of worship or favorite verses…those remind me the most of who I am in relation to Him.

  227. I count my blessings and get lost in all that has been given me. So much if we but stop and notice, look, listen, smell, taste, feel…BE. I am so very grateful to God. This practice grounds me.

  228. This post really resonated with me as I am going through a season of change in my life, and so many things are uncertain right now. I am (very slowly) learning to lean on Christ during this time and not on ‘my own understanding’. But, it has been/is hard.

  229. I would love to know what God’s dream is for me. When I feel uncertain or uneasy I usually find a quiet place and pray. I try to start out with some sort of praises in my head and then just let it out.

    I lost my mom, sort of, in 2007. She had been in hospital/rehab, ICU, Etc. for 1.5 months. She had some dementia before going in and when she got home it was full blown with sundowner’s added. My dad was at his wits end trying to care for her 24/7. As the years rolled on I prayed to God to discern what we were to learn from her lying in bed a vegetable. Finally in 2009 she passed on after a short stay in hospital. It was a relief. I still miss her dearly.

    Lately I’ve found myself praying a lot to my Heavenly father. Prayers for friends, family & just to shower us all with His enormous love, grace & mercy.

  230. I was 26 and pregnant when my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. She passed away when my son was four months old. I felt like my world had completely crashed and fell into a very long depression. With other disappointments and hurts that followed, I really struggled with depression and anxiety. If it weren’t for my faith in God I don’t know where I would be right now. When life feels uncertain I may talk it out with a friend but I found that prayer and reading God’s Word really help steel my resolve to trust in Him who can (insert promise here). Now that I’m 39 I have really been trying to focus on truly understanding who I am in Christ. I trust He will guide.

  231. First of all, I get into depression mode. Then I start eating up stuff. Yelling at everyone and getting pissed over the slightest thing. Then I begin to crave for someone to talk with, to validate me. Then I remember what a friend said to me, “Has God died? Has He stopped working? Has He stopped caring? Has He declared that He is no longer capable? Did He not get me this far?” And I become released again with joy, thanking him for all he has done for me so far and rest assured that He will complete the good work He has started in me. Finally, I read the word, pray, sing songs and listen to faith messages to keep me grounded.

  232. I know that the “correct” response is that we are to go to God and give it all to Him. That is often easier said than done in my case. Proverbs 3:5-6 and Lamentations 3 are my go-to verses. Sometimes I just get out paper and write my thoughts to God. And I listen to Keith and Kristen Getty’s CDs. And sometimes, by getting some sleep and waking up the next day God allows me to see a different perspective on the trial / trouble that has come.

  233. I can identify with many as I have had my Mom die when she was 65 and a sister die at 65. I know when it is my turn to go to the celestial city it will be His timing not tradition will lead me home. My husband is not doing well and I know we don’t live forever. I have to believe that He will lead me as Jer 29:11″ For I know the plans I have for you..:” Emphasis should be on Him knowing the plans not us. I would love to receive a book as I know what a blessing Stasi has been to many.

  234. This seems to be very fitting in our lives right now as we are facing huge decisions as family that lead to a lot of uncertainty. We have been praying a lot, seeking Him for wisdom and strength during this time.

  235. A few years ago I was helping with VBS at my church. The key words for that week were “Trust God”…and now when things are uncertain and I start to worry/stress I hear the voices in my head of those 200 sweet little kids yelling “TRUST GOD!!” It helps me to release the future to Him…so glad to know He is in control 🙂 This books sounds amazing! Laurel

  236. I pray and turn everything over to God,I know he has all the answers and He is in control,mind you this is not always my first respond.

  237. At first I ask why, but God does things that we may never know the answer to on this side of Heaven. I pray he will show us the pattern He is weaving when we are in Heaven. Next, I just have to trust that He is in control. I flounder on this, but He has gotten me through 41 years of life, and I have no reason to doubt He will help me and never leave me. I was really struggling the other day with some depression and a friend read a passage of your book to me as I was driving to work. The tears were flowing and the words filled me with hope.

  238. We, or maybe it’s just me, oftentimes think that we have things under control when in reality God is in control–not us! I try to remember this and talk to God often asking Him to show me His will. Then the tricky part for me is to stay quiet and listen for answers. Peace . . .

  239. When life gets scary, I used to reach for food, because I am a compulsive overeater and food has been a source of comfort. I am recovering from that addiction, and so I am learning more and more to reach out to supportive people around me in the tough times. It’s not an easy process, but it has taught me to trust God and the people He has brought into my life. I am beginning to learn who I am, who God has created me to be, and this book would be a wonderful help. God bless.

  240. when life is uncertain to me, I retreat.. to my bedroom and dive into one on one time with God through prayer, study, reading my Bible. I know that HE is the only one that can give me the right answers.
    Now that’s not to say that I don’t get angry, upset, cry, yell, scream etc. I am a very emotional person. However, when I am left and there is nothing else, I retreat. I really need to learn to do it the other way around and then I might not get so angry, upset, cry, yell, scream etc..

    God is my refuge in all things!

  241. Thank you for sharing so honestly about your husband. We don’t “become” who God would have us be consistently. Women often change sooner and more consistently than men, a problem I’m experiencing now. Prayers, please.

  242. During uncertainty, I remember The Certainty of Christ. Jesus is what I have need of every moment of this uncertain time. I rest in His Knowing Everything that is happening. He will meet my heart’s needs.

  243. I used to, after a good cry, become very withdrawn and, as many other ladies, retreat. I live alone so it’s a little easier for me to do. I am trying to get better on bringing my worries before God.

  244. When life is uncertain I recall how God has been faithful through many challenges in the past. He is unchanging and faithful, so I know nothing is too big for Him to walk me through.

  245. I am in one of those moments right now in life. I just can not see an answer. I have been clinging to God’s word. Reading devotions, my bible, bible studies, listening to uplifting music, doing anything I can to hear God and not Satan. I want to wrap myself with God’s truth to keep the devil at bay. It is hard for me to let go of control, I try to fix everything myself, and then I am left defeated and broken. I am really praying and asking God to help me to remember that I am not supposed to try to do it all on my own. He is there for me, but I have to reach out for Him.
    Ladies, please say a prayer for me today. I would really appreciate it. God Bless Each and Everyone of You.

  246. If you think about it, everything in life is uncertain, except for Gods love for us. So I just think about that.

  247. Uncertainty seems like a natural part of our lives. When it comes along, I refuse to embrace it and instead embrace my savior. He loves me perfectly.

  248. When my life is uncertain, I try to focus on GOD who is always certain. However, this is easier said than done, but HE is always faithful to send a message through a song I hear on the radio or through words I read in a devotion, a blog post, a book, etc.

    I’m excited about the opportunity to win a copy of Stasi’s book Becoming Myself. I so enjoyed reading Captivating and know this book will be just as insightful. My 40’s are truly becoming a decade of discovery for me. I am slowly but surely discovering ME and would love to read more about this in Stasi’s book.

  249. I’ve had a lot of uncertain times raising a special needs child. The uncertainty never goes away. I pray that God will keep leading me, rely on my wisdom and faith, and depend on myself that I am doing the best that I know how at all times. I have to remember that God has chosen me for a special path with a special needs child and he must feel that I can love and do the job that he has depended on me to handle.

  250. I’m asking God to hold me up during this upside down season of my life. I’m counting my blessings to not forget any of His benefits to me and my father’s long life is one of them. I miss both my parents who live in Brazil. For 20 years I haven’t seen them. It’s unbelievable! God is still in the throne for me.

  251. In my most trying times, I pray! I ask my heavenly Father to guard me as the apple of his eye and to surround me in his favor as a shield. I’m going through a time like that now. I just finished getting my CNA license and having a hard time finding a job. The Lord has anointed me for this as I took care of an elderly couple all last year until they passed. He provided for all my schooling. You see I have cerebral palsy and when I go for job interviews they can’t get past the limp:) I t is a gift to me because it encourages the ones I care for! Please pray for God to bring me someone else to serve. Thank You

  252. When life is uncertain, I pray and read my Bible. I ask God for direction. And then, I try (not always successfully) to sit still and quiet my mind, to listen for Him.

  253. When life is uncertain, I worry. I try to take control, try to figure out things on my own. I haven’t quite learned how to give it over to our Creator. I am 56, a breast cancer survivor, a mom of two amazing young women, and trying to find my grown-up faith after years of “going it alone”. I long to be closer to my Creator, but it’s hard for me to give up control. Maybe it just starts with a conversation, and learning how to listen for his presence in my life.

  254. When life is uncertain I turn to Christ just as I turn to Him when life IS certain. I waiver with taking control, fixing it in my own strength. However, I have learned the hard way that neither myself, nor no other man or woman will ever be able to give me the comfort, peace, guidance, wisdom, strength, discernment, and/or FULFILLMENT that my Heavenly Father gives. Always.

  255. I sit in my blue chair, take a deep breath, and read Jeremiah 29:11 and take comfort that God is in control

  256. Wow! Uncertain-I usually wallow for a bit then I talk to God and ask Him to rest my soul! But only in His time. I pray a lot and seek God in my uncertainity! Thanks for asking!

  257. I used to relish the adventure of life’s uncertain moments, secure in myself and trusting in the Lord. Recently my life has been comprised (or er, compromised?!) of overlapping and non-stop layers of uncertainty, woven together to cover me…but not like a comforting quilt, but rather more like a suffocating henchmen’s hood. At times all I can do is stop, take a moment, tell myself to breathe deeply and then do my best to be still in the knowledge that I AM is still I AM. I sit before my King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He may not be in control of this world, but I still give Him a ruling seat on the throne of my heart! Often I am imagining myself climbing into Father God’s generous lap and being encircled by His arms of Love. My apologies, Stasi, if I bumped you a bit as I settled up there on Father’s knees. Isn’t it wonderful that we can be comforted to know that He gives us grace for today, holds tight to our tomorrows, AND has room enough on His lap for all of His children at once. I am grateful for God’s sweet faithfulness and loving-kindness when I cannot see life from His view.

  258. When Life is uncertain, which is Always, I remember that God is Truth. His Word never changes and He never changes.

  259. When I’m uncertain, I sing.
    When I’m happy and full of praise, I sing.
    When I’m in horrendous pain, I sing.
    When things look bleak and dark and unending, I sing.
    I don’t mean that I sing a known song…..I mean that I sing to Him, exactly where I am….starting in whatever real place I’m in……..inevitably, no matter how dark the moment, the singing changes me, and the singing itself changes………until, without fail, it is one of praise and thanksgiving…….
    No, the facts haven’t changed, but deep in the very core of my being, I am changed/rearrange, by simply being who I am, where I am, in His presence.

  260. Now, when its all to crazy and hurts, more than ever before, I stop and remember that God’s situation is worse with all his children and He’s not feeling out, so I don’t need to either. Then (like Ann voskamp says) I BREATHE. Just breathe, and wait. Wait to see how He will work something wonderful into my moment if I will but let Him.

  261. Working on my marriage after a time of separation was easier than dealing with the hurt this has caused our teenagers. So when fear tries to grip me I avoid it at first but not until I have a good cry and go back to Ps 121. Reminding me where my help comes from along with whatever song the Holy Spirit impresses on me at that time I try to focus on the bigness of God. He is faithful.

  262. When facing uncertainty I pray a lot! My marrigae is on the tail end (I believe) of a really rough season. There were a few verses that always brough me peace Hebrews 11:1 and Isaiah 40:31. Worship music also really helped.

  263. I try to lean on the One who knows me better than I know myself. I try to trust that He has it all under control. I know he has it all under control but sometimes my head and my heart don’t synch up and I let far to much of the world have a say. But our God is good and He is big and all things are possible with him!!

  264. My life is full of uncertainties. Recently, involved in serious horse accident that has left me home to recover. I wonder if I can do my job, have enough money to pay bills and food with out the extra income. I pray to God every day thanking him for whatever big or small blessing He has given me that day. He will never give me more than I can handle. He will get me through this difficult time.

  265. I’m at the ages that I should have already ‘become’….. I need hope, help and encouragement.

  266. Pray pray pray pray pray. It is the only thing I know to do. My other option is to worry, but having the peace of God is a much better feeling. Let go and give it to God.

  267. On the honest side, the first thing I do is think. I naturally think through all of the variables and potential outcomes. It’s not the right answer but it’s the weakness to a strength. Uncertainty is just a part of life since He doesn’t ask us to understand or tell us we ever will. But I have learned its necessary to wait and grow in patience. I can look back on all of the times that He has been faithful and I made it through without knowing where ‘through’ would lead to.

  268. After I stop myself from fretting and/or get off my pitty pot; I turn on worship music. The kind that’s all about Him. How great &awesome & mighty He is. And I worship Him with my whole being … until I remember His truths for me.

  269. I seek God and my sister’s in Christ to start a prayer chain.
    I is powerful when two or more gather and you feel him present.
    I also ask God to speak into my life during the hard times.
    I pray this time I could get a book to share with my sister’s.
    God Bless you,

  270. “Secure in an Uncertain Future” is Stasi Eldredge’s intriguing philosophy in these uncertainly end times. In an uncertain future for a beloved child Jesus told a prominent church leader, “Don’t be afraid. Only believe.” Another time He said, “You believe in God; believe also in me.” At those uncertain times I seek the presence of the Savior whose covenant promises secure my future and through prayer and praise and thanksgiving bring the peace that passes all understanding.

  271. I am 59 and still insecure about so many things. But one thing is certain; I have an amazing God who loves me. I hear His voice and the storm is calmed.

  272. I take a deep breath and release it to God. I have a few scriptures that I say over and over to myself to “verify” that He is the only answer, that He will work it all out for good, that His way is the good way. It’s hard to do, but the alternative of worrying, making myself sick and those around me miserable, is just not worth it. I’ve learned this the hard way-now it’s all up to Him!

  273. I am often reminded of Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” I pour my heart out to Him, reminding myself with scripture of His promises and as best I can let Him have it all; then take the next step, and the next, and the next… counseling myself that it’s ok if I don’t know where those steps will take me or what the entire specific plans of my life on this earth are. I seek to truly and completely trust Him for strength and grace whatever comes my way. Many days this is a great struggle. Counseling myself with His truth ultimately defeats the enemies lies and attempts to seek, kill and destroy.