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Anna works full-time for DaySpring from Minnesota, where she lives with her husband and four kids. Anna is the author of A Moment of Christmas and Pumpkin Spice for Your Soul, and she shares the good stuff of the regular, encouraging you to see the ordinary glory in your everyday.

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  1. sounds wonderful. and I think I woul love to be a part of this. No sure I could add anything to a group but woul love to be a part of one. to learn. how do I join one.

  2. Dear Crystal, Anna and Amy,

    Recently and with great sadness, I felt it best to remove myself from of one your (in)courage community groups. Simply stated I have some serious concerns regarding the group. I am hoping to voice my feelings in an appropriate forum. This comment box is certainly not the way to handle the situation. If you would please provide me with an address where I may address my concerns I would certainly appreciate it. I truly feel compelled to share my experience with you. Thank you so much. Please do not hesitate to contact me at suzcq@yahoo.com. I love the idea of these wonderful community groups and look forward to my continued participation.

    Most sincerely,

  3. Woo hoo!!! These groups have been such a blessing in my life, and I am so excited to lead the new working moms’ group for the third session! 🙂 Praying that God would be honored and glorified in these groups this Fall, and that He would bring exactly the women who need to be in each group. Thank you, Anna, Crystal, and Amy, for all of your work in getting this session ready — it’s going to be wonderful! 🙂

  4. “The shy one who feels like she can be herself a little easier from behind a screen”

    Yes! Yes! This is so me. Thank you!

  5. These groups are the Awesome Sauce! Life saving, life enhancing, and makes life so much more doable – awesome sauce! Thank you for providing these benches, (in)courage. Thank you!

    • You’ll need to choose a specific group from the groups page, and at the bottom there is a blue “Add Your Link” button. Does that help?

      • I found it… thanks! For some reason the full page wasn’t displaying when I was viewing it at work. Probably something with my work firewall blocking it.

    • Hi Bobbie. With the exception of one group that meets outside Facebook for privacy reasons, all of our groups meet in closed Facebook groups this session. Thanks!

  6. Tamara and I have dusted all the benches off in our Empty Nests-Full Lives corner and are waiting to welcome you. We are nervous and excited to begin this journey of growth and joy!

  7. Just a quick question – I have been following what you gals do (being on the (in)courage mailing list) and particularly am interested in joining one of your groups….however, I am living down under (Sydney, Australia) – does this (in)courager groups event applies to someone outside of the US? PS: I don’t really use Facebook. Whether or not this applies to me, but I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading what you gals are doing in that part of the world and your articles and sharings are most encouraging and heart warming and I often wish we could have something similar in Australia! God Bless all of you (in)Couragers!

    • Absolutely, Patricia! We have (in)couragers all around the world. All groups do meet on Facebook, so if you can get there I know you’d be so welcome =)

    • Hi Patricia,

      I participate in a couple of groups and am a fellow Aussie. While most of the ladies are from the US there are others involved from around the globe too. The internet it is great at bringing us all together no matter how far apart we are 🙂

  8. This TECHNO DUMMY is frustratingly attempting to connect by clicking “HERE” with absolutely NO success. Small groups are sooo essential for building self esteem and broadening faith. I would very much like to be part of one. Please direct me to the proper place and sign me up! Many thanks!

  9. I would like to join one. I am almost 56, walking with the Lord since 30. I have 5 children, which I homeschooled for 17 years. I have been broken and there are a lot of ‘ruins’ that I stand in. BUT, my God is a rebuilder and repairer of broken places. I am a prayer warrior, intercessor, sister that can’t fix anyone but can point you to the ONE that can heal.

  10. I just signed up & looking forward to my group. Love all you ladies. You have blessed me so much these past 2 years through the challenges in my life. Because of you. I am going through them. Thank you

  11. SO excited and eagerly anticipating the blessings God has in store for us through these groups! I am in a new and precarious season in my life, and need all the sister support He wants to provide 🙂

  12. I would like to join a group for empty nesters whose children are grown and not married. The women in the group yearn to have grand children and do not. The women want to use the gifting God has given them in the best way possible. I do not understand how to find a group like this and how to sign up once I find it. Can you help me?

      • oops! pressed submit too early. So click that link, then click ‘Empty Nesters’. Take a look at the groups offered in that category, and pick the one that sounds best to you! To register for that one, follow these steps:
        1. Click “add your link”
        2. Enter the URL for your blog, Twitter, or Facebook page if you’d like (optional)
        3. Enter your first & last name (required)
        4. Enter your email address (required)

        You’ll receive a “welcome” email from your group leader(s) within a week with a Facebook link to your new small group!

  13. I would love to join a group for ministry leaders, but I’m a 30+ single women, not a pastor’s wife. I thought about the single gals groups, but I’m not “waiting” on my man to show and I’m perfectly happy in my singleness, so neither of those groups seem to apply either. Is there a group that might welcome someone like me even though the description doesn’t seem to match?

    • Hi Donya,
      Sure! One of the single ladies groups is focusing on finding joy in Christ every day (that one is (in)joy). There’s also a group for women in ministry, called In This Season, that will be a safe place to share that which you may not be able to otherwise. One of the two groups for Professional Women may also be a good fit, or if writing is a big part of your ministry that you enjoy, perhaps one of the writing groups would be good for you!

      I do hope you’ll click thru and read some descriptions, and land in a group that is just right for you!

  14. Thank you. I just joined this site two days ago and probably would not have joined a group, were it not for this encouraging post.

    • Way to go! You’ll be getting a welcome letter from your leader any minute now, and the official tart date is next Monday. Enjoy!! =)

  15. I tried to link up on the new small group
    and I don’t know how to load a picture…I’m frustrated…could someone walk me through it…I want to do it under professional women….thanks…Jude

    • Go to the group page, and near the bottom click on the blue “Add Your Link” button. Add your name, email, and website (if you have a blog). Then the group leader will email you a link to join the Facebook group.

  16. Last year I signed up for two groups and tried to post and participate every few days. This spring I left both groups. In one I felt like every comment I made was dismissed and I was being labeled as a bad Christian for expressing myself. In the other group, there were some members who made it clear that I was unwelcome.

    So when I hear you advertising how wonderful and accepting your groups are, it really makes me wonder. Because I joined, I tried, and ultimately it left me feeling very depressed and feeling like even an online community was impossible for me.

  17. Would like to know more about what I think I would like to join. Was unable to access the “join” site. Please advise. Thanks!

  18. Hey I am so glad I found y’all, I have been wanting to make a friend or two and didn’t know where to go. This sounds like it would be just what I am looking for. I hope I did it right. I did the link thing and saw my picture come up on the screen. I am so excited!

  19. Oops – I’ve accidentally added myself to the ‘Married w/o Children’ group twice! The first time I tried I got an error message, so I tried again, but now I see that I’m on there twice. Can you please remove one of me and leave one there? Thanks!

  20. Hi! I joined a group for working moms, but I never received an email and I am not sure where to go from here… It was on the day that this was posted and I saw my photo pop up in the group, but maybe I did something wrong as I have no info on where to go on Facebook? Thanks so much!