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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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    • Glad I say this re-post from my cousin. After taking my daughter to her first day of 10th grade. Starting a new school year in a new town and creating a new place to call Home. I really needed to see this . Thank You.

  1. Oh, how I needed that right now at 4:00am. I’m leaving my child at college on Wednesday. I’m thinking of all the “what-ifs” for his life, and “what could I have done better in preparing him”. And instead I need to be leaning into His grace and living in this moment. Thank you.

  2. Holley,
    So true that the lie that says you should be doing more actually leads to less. The energy that we waste wrestling with the enemy’s “should” lies saps our contentment…but too often I get dragged into the wrestling match. Thanks for the reminder that God has me where He wants me and I can tell the creep to get lost!!

  3. That’s one wise friend:)This summer has been one of “do more”, and I want to head into fall with a “do less, be more” attitude.

  4. Do less be more – I’m going to steal that phrase! Your post resonates with me right now after just going back to work part time and juggling three kids. It reminds me of the importance of being organised with planning ahead for dinners etc so I can spend my downtime focused on my children and hearing their little stories, having hugs and playing games. God provided me this job after much prayer and I’m going to relax and lean into his grace. Great post x

  5. Thank you for this reminder! I’m ALWAYS feeling guilty that I’m not doing more…though in my heart I know that doing more would just create disasters for my family!

  6. Such a good and timely word Holley. I do have those moments when those accusing words find their way into my quiet thinking and you are so right, when we think we have to do more we actually end up doing less. It is that kind of thinking that gets me stuck. Thank you.

  7. Holley, yes! So good. This has been on my heart lately. Sometime we think “more” means more glamorous, more significant. We get caught up in thinking we aren’t enough, aren’t doing enough. Thank you for this confirmation!

  8. Thank you…saw this in action yesterday…apologized and tried to mend what was torn by my letting that feeling overwhelm me.

  9. I so needed to hear that this morning. The last of our three children has just left home to start his career, and for the first time in my 17-year marriage to my second husband, we are empty nesters. I’ve been reminiscing about past memories and thinking about things I should have done differently. Thanks for reminding me that I am right where I need to be, right where God wants me to be and I need to be present in the moment and focused on all God has for me–right now.

  10. Thanks. Time to let go of the things that bind us up in worry and fretting. (As though all those shoulds would have ever accomplished anything to relieve the worries and cares of this life) and let God. (Trust HIm)

  11. “God is already taking care of tomorrow {and He’s the only one who can}.” These words – like water to a parched soul. Thank You. Thanks for reminding me that no matter the “more” I do – God is in control. I really should just let him. Lean into grace like you said, and let God do his job.

  12. Great thoughts, as usual, Holly. As a newly retired person (1 year), I have spent a lot of time renewing and maintaining friendships and reading. I feel this is time well spent for it is in RELATIONSHIP that one grows closer to God. Thanks for reminding me that less is more, even though I must not neglect my chores and the physical necessities of life.

  13. Thank you. This is the second post that has addressed some feelings and concerns I’ve had lately. … and its always reassuring to hear others have the same doubts. Your blogs touch my life in so many ways.

  14. I am 71 years old. A year ago my doctor sent me to a Neurologist because I was forgetting things, couldn’t keep up with “stuff”. He asked what I “do” and I gave him a verbal list. His diagnosis, after a bit of testing, was that I had “DTM”…Doing Too Much. I went into that appointment total afraid he was going to tell me that I had the beginnings of Alzheimer’s. I left praising God. I was in tears, and sometimes I still am, when I think of God’s “mysterious ways His wonders to perform”.

  15. I so needed to read this today. Live fully where we are today. Be present in today. I appreciate your gentle reminder to trust God with the changing and growing.

  16. This is lovely. I was just having the conundrum in my head this morning about if I should really limit my days to three tasks each, which is what I’ve started doing recently, just because that’s literally all my electronic calendar will allow per day without having to expand the view. But…that includes what’s for dinner. And what bills need to be paid. And when my mom is on vacation. And when the workmen are coming to the house. And when payday is, and when the nanny’s here. So that leaves little room for…exercise, a social life, doctor’s appointments, events.

    But it’s funny, looking back at the past few weeks since I started doing this, in trying to do less I’ve literally accomplished so much MORE. Here, around the house, with my family, at church.

    I think it is a constant act of faith to know that we have to look in before we can look out.

  17. Another blogger shared how she was struggling with the should do things and feeling guilty because she could not do more. I hope and pray she reads this, because it is so true and such a blessing. I responded about listening to the Truth rather than lies, something I learned from your book Holly. Thanks for your simple clean cut to the point help for our lives. God Bless you with your life and family.

  18. Less is good–unless you forget the significant–the time with loved ones, the time to look for the joy–the time with Jesus. Busyness for the sake of guilt is a spiraling whirlpool that you will never exit, but idleness at the expense of missing those blessings lavished upon us is not the answer. There is a delicate balance—always looking to Him for the direction of today’s path! Thought inspiring blog!

  19. So Much Amen! (I wonder if my readers will notice that every weekend recap includes one of your posts?) Is this not the temptation in our over-scheduled, have to have something to show for it, society? To DO more… but the result is that we end of BEING less. I’m all about bucking that system! I am willing to DO anything – if I know that He has called me… but I am convinced that more than doing – He has called me to BE at all times! Love this!

  20. Thank you! Sometimes figuring out this whole blogging thing gets overwhelming. Today…I’m “leaning into grace.”
    Gay @ Captive Heart

  21. “Can you trust that you’re where you’re supposed to be in this moment, doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and if that’s supposed to change then God will make that clear to you? Yes, be open to new possibilities. Learn. Grow. Take steps forward.” That paragraph struck a nerve with me. For the past few years i have struggled with not being in the right job–even hating my job. I’ve come to realize that God will place you where HE wants you. His timing is best!

    I’ve always been somewhwat competitive. So yes the do more attitude is inside me. I always try to out do people–even if only in my mind. I will try to relax and be content where I am now!

    Thanks Holley! God Bless!

    • Holley & Beth: I hear you and echo you. NOTHING is going as planned today and all beyond my control no matter what I try. Not sure if it’s the enemy of my soul or God’s protection as He coordinates things from “Head Office” for me. Either way, there is no movement and I’m more than aware of the danger in trying to “make things happen” with force. That NEVER works!
      Blessings to you all on here!

  22. I would love to ‘do less.’ As a Traveler’s Wife, I don’t just feel like there is more to do, I know it. I’m up at 3:30 every morninv, fall into bed by midnight…and only half the list ever gets close to being done. I just wonder if there are any other Traveler’s Wives out there (or single moms?) who have experienced this, found the peace and gotten it all done…because I really, really want to get there. Right now, it feels like there are days I am barely keeping my head above water just being a Mom and substitute Dad.

  23. It takes a while to learn for some of us that God had tomorrow in His care, and that we are allowed to rest in Him daily without feeling that need to get up and do more . Staying in His Peace has helped me to know “all is well”

  24. I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says “Debbie Say No”. Today you reminded me again why it is so important to say no to “doing” more so that I can “have” more of what God has for me – that God sized dreams can’t incubate and become reality when the space is taken up by striving and self! Thank you!

  25. Thank You, I needed this today and every day. Your words of encouragement, inspiration, and love are blessings and makes me feel GOD’S nearness. Love and Blessings to You Holley .

  26. I so appreciate reading this today. There are no coincidences! I did a lot of journaling this morning on this subject. Even though I have come a long way with slowing down and letting go of “doing” I can still catch myself getting caught up in this cycle. Most often it leaves me in a state of exhaustion. For me it is a lesson in self-worth and knowing I am enough just as I am today. I do need the reminders to keep moving forward. Thank you!

  27. Thanks Holly. I needed that. I’ve been wrestling with where I am versus where I think I should be. Now, I can just take it one day at a time and just listen for his voice to tell me where he wants me to go. 😉

  28. Thank you again Holley.

    I always want to do more but then when I do I am exhausted.
    Thank you so much your words are so meaning full for all of us we just need to be reminded from time to time.

    Hugs Betty .

  29. holley, i’m going through a testing in my spirit – a cleansing, a pruning, a breaking of sorts – and i feel myself torn like i should get on with it already…move on! there are things to do! but He is keeping me here…i know He wants me to stay here for awhile. to linger… thank you for this. for an echo of His pressing on my heart. you’re a gift.

    • Hang in there Tammy, dear sister for you are not alone in your testing. For Gods Word tells us that He does and He will test us/prune our branches/discipline his children and also GUIDE OUR FOOTSTEPS, HE WILL QUINCH OUR THIRST, FEED US WHEN WE HUNGER, HEAL US IN TIME OF SICKNESS….AND BEST OF ALL IF WE BELIEVE THAT JESUS CHRIST IS SON OF GOD, LORD OF LORDS, DIED ON THAT CROSS ON CALVARY- SPILLED OUT HIS BLOOD FOR OUR SINS…IF WE BELIEVE TRUELY BELIEVE THAT, CONFESS IT AND ASK FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS……LET THE HOLY SPIRIT LIVE IN US……THERE’S NO OTHER WAY……JUST TRUST AND OBEY. If I know one thing for sure it is that Holley is where she is supposed to be, rite here writing, and blogging, and coaching being her little “Holy Holley” self to all of us who need that extra little lift for the day that God sends to us thru Holley and all who share a comment or a word that just may touch someone else and lift their spirits. God is good ALL THE TIME & ALL THE TIME GOD IS GREAT!
      Blessings to All,
      Judy Martin

  30. Oh my…was this post ever meant for me! Everyday I hear that voice “do more” and I go to bed feeling defeated because I didn’t meet my expectations. Thank you for for posting these words today!

  31. Thankyou, just wanted I needed to read. Going through some changes in life right now. xx

  32. Such a good and timely message! I stumbled on your message. I’m new to this and I hope I can find you again 🙂

  33. I’m sitting on the couch staring at a to-do list for my day that still has items unchecked on it. And I’m so tempted to push through. But instead I’m choosing rest and less…again. This takes some practice, huh? 🙂 Thanks for helping me learn, friends!

  34. Holly,
    Thanks so much for this reminder to lean. I work in a school, and look so forward to having more energy to accomplish ‘more’ each summer. This summer is have felt sick (fatigued, energy less) and I have been forced to do less, to rest more, to lean. Although I do feel a sense of lacking accomplishment, I also feel a strong sense of God holding me up. I feel a little like I’m living the result of living a Martha (do more) mentality, and now I’m left to simply be at His feet, like Martha.

  35. Not a long post, but lots of truth here about trust, being open, learning, growing, stepping forward in faith, breathing deep, leaning into grace, and living fully where we are today. ‘Especially love the line about trusting God that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and He’ll make clear if and when change should occur. Thank you, Holley, for your encouragement AND challenge!

  36. Thank you, Holley!

    Your openness to share God’s grace with us in this way, is such a blessing to me and I see by all the comments to many, many more! I am trying to stay present and follow His lead and in wanting to “accomplish” dreams, I can miss His will and guidance to flow into all He has in store! Have a wonderful day and be blessed as He uses you to bless others.

  37. I needed to hear this today. Waiting on the Lord (His timing not mine) and His will too, as I wait to hear whether it is His will that I return to work part-time at a company I thought I should work at. If it’s His will, then it will happen, if not, then I’m not going to get upset. I will take it as though God said “not now, not this”, and wait again upon His will, His timing, not mine and simply trust Him in all things. Patience comes to mind too, as I eagerly await for many answers to prayers that I have simply left with the Lord and wait patiently for His voice to lead and guide me where He wants me to go and do for Him. I’m simply going to trust Him always.

  38. I couldn’t imagine how MARTHA could possibly be ‘Doing wrong’ in being FRUSTRATED because MARY wasn’t HELPING, but with me,I was Determined to do it ALL ANYWAY! (‘1derWoman’ IS ‘a figment of our imagine’& I learned the HARD way)! We R ‘made in the ‘IMAGE’ of GOD, BUT, we R NOT ‘OMNIPOTENT’! We R ‘human “BEINGS’ NOT ‘human DOINGS”! We MUST take time to ‘ Fill our OWN cups’ & STRENGTHEN OURSELVES/ GODS WORD B4 we R able to ‘POUR OUT ‘ to others! ‘ When I aske ‘what now’& the answer was:” BE STILL & KNOW that I AM GOD’, I thought uh oh! Then the ‘PRUNING’ BEGAN!( I recall how trees & bushes would FLOURISH when the were ‘cut back’,BUT, they STILL had to have ‘ADAQUATE, H20 & RICH Soil ‘to BECOME ALL they were ment to BE’!) That IS how WE ‘BECOME’ CLOSER to JEHOVAH- when we draw NEARER to HIM, HE gives us WHAT we PERSONALLY NEED! NO ‘ACTIVITY’, PERSON, OR PLACE can do that! He gives us ‘FULL ‘INSTRUCTIONS’ for EVERY ‘PHASE’ in life & Reminds us of what’s TRULY ‘IMPORTANT’-the ‘TRUTH’ DOES “SET U FREE”!

  39. Holly thanks for reminding me today of a word learn awhile ago; The word SHOULD, means for me I must be perfect or I will not be loved. Praise God there is nothing I can do or not do that will change how He loves me. So today I pray and ask God to help me accept His unconditional love and just be.

  40. Amen from the very core of my being!!! Usually, for me anyway, all that rushing around trying to “do ministry” is just a way to fill a hole only God can fill.

  41. As I sit and look at my packed full calendar and played hookey from playgroup to get a handle of laundry and house chores, the thought ran across my mind – should I of just gone to play group, should I be doing something else rather than cleaning the bathroom. Should I of not stepped away from PTA because I felt my gifts weren’t being used? I decided to look for a mom devotion and this popped up. God is so amazing and knew what was on my heart, the words I needed to hear. What I needed to fill the doubtfulness of my heart. I will trust in Him and pray to have peace and know that I am right where I need to be and where He wants me to be.