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With three little ones, Kacey is deep in the parenting season. Her passion is to inspire moms to have fun and give their best.

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  1. Kacey,
    I have a small circle of friends and we call ourselves “God’s Divine Divas”…it’s our way of remembering to Whom we belong and encouraging one another. Recently I found some clings to put on your cell phone or laptop that said “Diva” in pink and purple bling lol. I have mine on my laptop and it reminds me that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made” whenever I am feeling “less than”. Take that Satan…Loved your divalicious post 🙂

  2. Diva-licious…love it! Satan loves to tell us we are less than God’s chosen princess, thank you for reminding me…Don’t you know who I am and who my Daddy is!!

  3. this was so very valuable…no matter how many times it’s been said, the timeliness of a repeat is like words of gold and ideas of silver (a very very loose paraphrase of something in Proverbs) And I loved the link – what a wow guy for any ethnic community…which includes us all. Racial reconciliation is one of his ministries. wow.

    So inspite of feeling like I am only on this earth for excavation and remodeling, never, ever to arrive in this life as a useful worthy item in the Kingdom, I realize that this is the lie of the enemy. Again.

  4. Wow. What an excellent topic to learn about and keep it for ourselves and share with those who feel the same way. 🙂

  5. I loved this!! It’s so easy for us as women to compare our insides with everyone else’s outsides (thank you, Lysa Turkhurst!). This is a great reminder! 🙂

    • Oh, that’s good…compare our insides with everyone else’s outsides. Was that from one of Lysa’s books or recent posts?

  6. Kacey,
    I love this post today! Thank you for the encouraging words. At 55 I still fall into that trap of not enough. I needed to hear this today, God chose you and your words for me to get it! I’m going to print this one to re read on an as needed basis!

    • Awww, I appreciate you saying that, and I’m happy these words helped you. It’s true, you know? You are something special!

  7. I have so “been there, done that”!
    Thank you for this refreshment for the mind ~ Blessings

  8. this is so true…..unfortunately I think the church is becoming influenced
    and becoming more like the world and we are all feeling the pressures.
    Thank you for the reminder from the Word of who we really are
    and ‘whose’ we really are and what where about….
    the cross is so different from the world isn’t it…..????
    it should be…..

  9. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that has battles with the mind and that’s why it’s so good to refesh and feed yourself in God’s Word and find out the truth of what God says you are.
    Thank you, Kacey, for the many scriptures you provided to get us started and remind us and the devil of “who I am.”

  10. Oh what a needed post this was for me today. So glad I stopped in. Thank you for the go-to scriptures to turn to when I’m feeling “less than.”
    Blessings to you.

  11. thank you so much. This was sent to me through a friend( thank you Donna). I struggle daily with feelings of in adequacy. I am a single mom of three and have been for 18 years. It is hard being in the church which most of my age people are all couples, and being by my self is in itself a reason to doubt the great things about me that God has made in me. Why am I alone after all this time? I know if there is someone for me it will happen in God’s time, I just want to hurry it up! My children are grown and I stay very involved in the church through the children’s and music ministry. I know I am fearfully and wonderfully made, but in my times of weakness, the evil one chooses my self esteem or lack of and my singleness to make me doubt God’s wonderful plan for my life! Thanks for reaffirming that I am pretty amazing because God created everything about and in me. I appreciate the reminder of the fact that I am a one of a kind creation in His eyes!

    • I can feel your struggle. While it can seem like we’re alone in things, we never really are. Not only is God there, but we have this amazing community of incourage women, for one. 🙂 Enjoy being awesome and amazing today!

      • Lynn & Ty,

        You both may be single for a very good reason. God may be up to something big in your lives. He may be preparing you for a mission trip either locally or globally. Without a partner you have more free time to devote to the church & to God’s activities.

        Keep on praying for a mate–never stop! God Bless! 🙂

  12. Thank you, this so goes along with the other message posted today. I can sense that this large change in my life will be for the good plans he has for my family and my two little boys. I don’t have to compare, this is what I am to do, and who I am, and this is the job He has been preparing me for. But, I felt inadequate, and tired, and life was passing me by. Thank you again.

    • You’re right on Joanne. God has made you in a specific way, to do a specific thing for a specific purpose. You have in you everything you need to succeed…believe that!

  13. Kacey,

    This is lovely and a helpful reminder of who we truly are. Unfortunately, is so often seems too easy to assume that the kinds of cliques and “mean girls” of the world will be present whenever we are in a large body of women. Why is it that we, as unique and lovely creations feel the need to compare ourselves to others? Personally, I’m thrilled to see the beginning of a strong movement toward authenticity of relationships in our Christian community.

    “We are the body of Christ, the representatives of God within tHis kingdom. The stronger we stand, courageous before each other, in love and acceptance, knowing the beauty that lies beneath and reveling together when love shines through… revealing together that “me” and “you” are “we”…. beyond artificiality… the stronger we become.”
    [from “Scars Upon Thars”]

  14. Oh, Kacey, I can feel that way too. Less than. Distracted by others’ glossy perfection. It’s definitely an enemy tool.

    But your “I am” statements blast those lies right out of the water. Well played!

  15. You raise a good question Heidi. Why do we so often feel the need to compare ourselves to others? Thinking through it, perhaps part of it is our need to be…be recognized, be known, be filled, etc. Definitely something to think through. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I hear you, girl. A bunch of women from my church — a 2 year old church plant — got together last night to discuss what women’s ministry might look like if we had some going on at our church. The biggest thing we came up with as we thought of who the women of our community are and what lies they struggle with most was just that: not enough. It’s epidemic in women everywhere. We’ve had women’s lib open doors to doing EVERYTHING, so now we never feel we’re doing enough of ANYTHING. Or doing it well enough. Or whatever. Thank you for speaking God’s truth into this broken place in us gals. Blessings, fellow GSDT-er!

  17. I am constantly battling the “less than” thoughts. I might just bookmark this post and read your list of scripture daily. Or hourly, depending the day. 😉

  18. I really appreciate this post. Your Scripture list is priceless. “A far cry from less than”…what a great way to end my day! Thanks so much Kacey!

  19. Grateful for this post and the scriptures! I struggle a lot lately with the “less than” feelings of inadequacy. I hear the lies of the evil one daily telling me “stupid, dumb, not good enough, smart enough–don’t even try”! I fight it with prayers from me and hubby. Now I have a new tool–some good scriptures that I can shout at him with my diva-licious attitude!