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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. The part where Shauna says that entertaining can be an act of love (and should be) was incredibly liberating! It takes so much pressure off – because ultimately, when I do entertain, that’s exactly what it is and why I do it. But it is easy to get caught up in the details of planing and perfection and forget that. Her words are defeintely a mantra for me and a reset button.

    The unplugging – this is a conviction that just recently made it’s way into my life. On Sundays now I completely stay off the internet and keep my phone off (because this is the day it is unlikely anything will crop up). It has been ointment to my soul. It restores balance in my life and creates a Sabbath mentality. And like Shauna said, reminds me how being present in my world is what’s most important and how staying connected all the time is not necessary – I don’t need to comment and read everything and stay in touch 24/7.

    • Apryl,

      I feel like so much of what’s in these chapters is reminding us of what we already know…but maybe don’t want to think about sometimes. Hearing how you’ve already taken steps to unplug is an indicator, right?

      Thank you for leading off comments today!!

  2. Shauna’s book has so opened my eyes to finding the Lord’s presence in the midst of our gatherings – the blessing that it is to serve!

    • Maria,

      I used to have a friend who was an absolute martyr when it came to entertaining; and I realized that in the midst of my criticism of HER, I had some of those tendencies. MAY IT NEVER BE (again)! Once your eyes are opened to a better way, it’s hard to go back. I hope you continue to fine great joy in service to others :).

  3. Oh wow…I don’t want to say it, but I’m a control freak when it comes to hospitality. I invite folks into my home quite a lot and in effort to convey that they are cared about and loved, I often care too much about the preparation of the meal/event. I focus my energy into the planning and executing and not enough on the sitting and doing life together.
    I think I probably squeeze Jesus right out of the time around my table.
    Thanks for putting a wrinkle in my tablecloth and a crumb on my floor this morning. So love this book!

  4. Between the (in) courage blog post title “Why You Don’t Have To Hurry Today” and these chapters in Bread & Wine and the video I can’t help but feel I need to let go of trying so hard and to just entertain and let it be an “act of love” I am a detail person, I want everything to be perfect, but I need to step back and soak in the words of the quote “entertaining isn’t a sport or a competition.” With just really starting to get into opening my table and inviting people in, this really hit home with me.

    I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this book, but I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to enjoy this book and share in the book club. I look forward the the remaining time we have!

  5. Oh my how I loved this… I am really enjoying the book (and the recipes – OH MY!*) and I too tend to make all new recipes for a gathering – which usually stresses my husband out more than me! I just love the NEW of it!

    And this morning – before reading either of the chapters, or watching the video – I added this to my #1000gifts journal: “#1382 I am learning to just roll with it more! I’m learning that some of the best days are the spur-of-the-moment, let’s-go-do-something, unplanned days!” That is something, coming from this Bossy Lists, Day-Planner lover!

    And yesterday – I wrote a post about finding the Art of Balancing Life… so yes – pulling away and being fully present is so key! To live, right here – right now… that is the gift that we have to choose with greater intention now with all the (lovely) distractions in our world today!


    * – Oh – last night I made the Mango Curry Chicken and if you haven’t tried that one yet – put it on the list! It is SO good!

    • Karrilee :),

      Well, now. It sounds like the Lord is reeeeally working in this area of your life! Whenever I have a conviction, and it surfaces again in what I’m reading, or music on the radio, or WHATEVER, I listen extra hard. How cool is it that you’ve already written about these very things before reading/watching today??? VERY!


  6. I like “it’s not a performance.” I really don’t know if my friends are getting the message but I decided that hosting a small fellowship group at my home is not a stage to show off. I decided to not be embarrassed because I don’t have a beautiful home anymore. My home is pretty enough for us to enjoy each others company and praise Him. “Bread and Wine” has enriched our encounters with the grace of Niequist and the hostesses at the Bloom. Last meeting, (once a month) Melitta put together my American Flag fruit salad I saw at Evite. Rayola fixed a salad with 7 ingredients, and I offered a 7 dried fruit and nuts dessert. And the question was if you knew that it was your last meal what would you fix. p. 12 I used the same question at my other group away from my house. Wow! The seven of us ended up having communion.

  7. What really struck me in today’s video was the comment Shauna made about her life not being so very glamorous but it is the only one she gets to live. How very true. How I fight to be “fully present” in what is going on around me! I like the idea of once in awhile not documenting everything. So often, I find myself looking at my life through my camera lens. I need to put the camera down and be fully present. I need to turn the computer off and engage in the life that is in front of me.
    So enjoying this book!! My children watched the salad video with me and begged me to make it for dinner that night. Had to get the ingredients but it is on the menu for this week. Can’t wait!

    • Jessica,

      We’re all more alike than we realize, I think; so it’s extra encouraging to see women making real changes in their lives; allowing conviction to change them for good :). I think I could use that reminder often ;).

      (Green Well Salad: two thumbs up, yes??)

  8. Hey!
    First of all, I struggle with a Martha tendency when it comes to entertaining, but I am learning to be more Mary and relish in spending time with those who have come in our doors above the need to be dust free, organized, and perfect. If I am relaxed, then our guests will be free to relax also. That’s so important.

    Second of all, I have to unplug literally from things of the www, especially when it comes to following advice of those who say I must meet the expectations of those who set impossible standards for blogging, commenting on blogs responding to comments, tweeting, bulking up hootsuite, and being clever in status updates. To conform to all the chaos of the internet noise is to rob me of time with real live people in my midst and it’s just not worth the pressure. So I do what I can when I can and gave up on sweating it when I didn’t.

    With that said, I am trying to be faithful to comment here because I think somebody needs the encouragement for labors of love in putting all this together. Not sure who that is, but truly God is reminding me to keep up and check in.

    Hugs from Georgia!

    • Amy,

      Well, you encourage me. And I shouted AMEN (in my head) when I read this: “To conform to all the chaos of the internet noise is to rob me of time with real live people in my midst and it’s just not worth the pressure.”

      And I’ll say it again: AMEN! 🙂

  9. I loved that Shauna defined a good party as allowing the evening to be “whatever” it needs to be for that evening. One thing I have done lately is that I purposefully make myself stop obsessing over everything about 30 minutes before my guests arrive. I sit down on my couch with a nice glass of tea, and I rest. I pray for the evening. I let myself breathe so that when everyone arrives, I am not in frenetic mode.

  10. I’ve been beyond encouraged by this book, but was especially encouraged by the swimming in silence chapter. We have two young babies and I really want to be present in this time! I know I’m going to blink and they’re going to be graduating from high school, etc. Such a great reminder…unplug and just enjoy life!