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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Yoo hoooooo, everyone!! OH, how I wish I could say I delayed setting it to public JUST to pique your curiosity even more (and GOOD MORNING, early birdies!!).

    However, I wouldn’t be telling the truth ;).

    Oopsie…and thank you for your grace and patience. It’s worth the wait, huh?


  2. That looks delicious. I’m totally making it for the 4th of July at my house! Thanks ladies!

    • Brandi,

      I thought about making it half w/strawberries and half w/blueberries to give it a REAL all-American look. And satisfy all the favorites in our family. Hmmmm, do I dare??

  3. Hey everyone! My 2 yr old daughter and I just finished watching that video and let me just say it looks delicious!! She loved asking what everything was and at that end said “oh mommy I love it” haha. Now to see if she will actually eat t when I make it!

    I want to say that the first part of Bread and Wine, has been awesome to read. Inspiring, and convicting about my life. I can’t wait to dive into it further!

    Hope y’all have a great day!


  4. I wanted to try this recipe! Now I for sure will. Is Blessings Unlimited an off shoot of Dayspring?

  5. This recipe was the first one I tried from the book and it was a success!!! Thank you, girls! Also, thanks for giving a big shout-out to Blessings Unlimited products! They’re truly beautiful! I’ve been blessed to represent BU for the past year and it is truly a BLESSING! Good to see the dinnerware in action 🙂 Thanks, ladies! Absolutely LOVING the book, btw!

  6. Love the videos ladies! Blueberry Crisp was the perfect recipe to start out with – and LOVE that you’re using Blessings Unlimited products – I LOVE those Gratitude bowls! So happy to see videos from Shauna and all of you – Bread & Wine was one of my favorite reads this year!

    • Sarah,

      It really is nice seeing so many NOTICE our use of the Blessings Unlimited pieces :). They’re even prettier in person, as everyone who has them can testify.

      Bread & Wine is such an accessible book; it IS turning out to be a great summer choice for our book club :).

  7. My husband doesn’t like cooked fruit but he loved this. And, sans ice cream, it isn’t terrible for his triathlon training diet.

    • Katrina,

      I had to giggle when I read your comment; for years I’ve told my husband “But I didn’t grow up eating cooked fruit.” That’s my excuse for choosing chocolate pie over apple. BUT, I’ve learned to like it because my family does, and Shauna’s mom’s Blueberry Crisp slid right in (with or without ice cream). PROUD of your husband’s triathlon goal!

  8. Off to make this now! Scrounge and found frozen blueberries & strawberries to go with the raspberries we just picked this morning 🙂

  9. I am so enjoying this study! I thought I was the only one who “read” cookbooks…..yay! I’m not a freak!
    Just made the blueberry crisp- awesome!! I used to make it by cutting on the butter, etc. A minimum half hour project- this was insanely easy and sooooo much better. The lightness of the topping really allows you to enjoy the fruit. We haven’t tried it with the ice cream yet, homemade is freezing up now, but straight out of the pan is a hit.
    Thanks for giving the alternative ingredients in the video. I was able to find the almond flour this time but it’s good to know you can use others.

    • Tori,

      Did you just call us freaks?? (j/k)

      I ended up being too cheap to buy the almond meal when I made this at home; it was almost $13 for a small bag and I died from the sticker shock! BUT, I did buy half-priced almonds to grind for my next attempt. IF they don’t get eaten first.

      So fun to hear your thoughts; just wish you could share that homemade ice cream!

  10. Oh this was so much fun to watch on a slow afternoon at work. I have the book in my bag, and I just had to flip back and read the beginning again – so good! I was poking around in the ‘fridge before breakfast and I do believe we have a huge container of blueberries in there that are just waiting to be made into something delicious. Like this. I think my family will just love it. So fun to see all of you in the kitchen – and I love getting to see (and hear) Robin in front of the camera! Looking forward to more.

    • Rebekah,

      {{blushes}} Well, now…your comment just made my day :). Thanks, lovie!!

      Did you end up making the crisp yet? Or did you have little gremlins who snarfed the blueberries before you had a chance? 🙂

  11. Oh I’m totally making this!!! I’m grateful for the ‘alternatives’ and to see this is in live action how super EASY PEASY this is!!!!! I’m so excited 😀 I really love those dishes as well. Thanks for bringing them onto the scene. I want to buy the dishes now just because you ladies made this recipe look so yum!! Lol. I will have to have a party now 😉 Oh and I’m totally enjoying the book as well and hubs is super excited for me that I have a book I can be passionate about, and also because this will be the “theme” for our bible study/fellowships we’re starting soon! Thanks Ladies! Keep up the awesome work!! Blessings!!

    • Deb,

      We SO appreciate your enthusiastic support; it really does make our job even better. I can hear how this book is affecting you and your ministry (and your husband’s), so that’s a double blessing to us. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I made this for dessert last night – it was AMAZING! I used apples & mandarin oranges for the fruit, and they were fantastic. I love how it tasted sweet and buttery even though there wasn’t white sugar or butter in it! This will definitely become a new staple in our house. I’m enjoying this study so much! Blessings 🙂

    • Ariel,

      See? You sound like a seasoned, imaginative cook to me–I would never have thought of using apples and mandarins (yum, though). It’s great to see how everyone is chiming in with alternative ideas–I sure hope that builds over the course of this study!

  13. Loved this! When I first started reading I didn’t think that I would be that inspired to try any of the recipes right off, but I cooked the blueberry crisp tonight and it was a big hit. I will definitely be making this one again.

  14. Rachel and Rebekah,

    Thanks for sharing how you’re being moved to action as a result of our Book Club; do you realize what a blessing your comments are?? 🙂

  15. I haven’t made the blueberry crisp yet. Gonna go pick some fresh blueberries at a friends. I did however make a blackberry cobbler last night … From blackberries picked from the wild right in my yard AND from scratch. What you’ll love even more is that I kinda made up my own recipe! I had 3 recipes, so I combined them, added, decreased, blended, combined and wah-lah! It. Was. Ah-may-zing!

  16. Just finished the book last night and really enjoyed it. Now just to get this straight, Shauna’s mom who makes the blueberry crisp is Lynne, as in Lynne Hybels, as in wife of Bill Hybels, the founder of Willow Creek Church? Wow. That’s some serious parentage! My family just moved to a new city not even six weeks ago, and we’re trying to find our own version of “community”. This book reminded me to practice hospitality more often and see where it leads us.

  17. My girls and I made this (great kids in the kitchen recipe!) before and I’m can’t wait to try it with different fruits. Yum!

  18. Hi Guys
    Just had to let you know that I dislike cooking intensely…see my blog for some of the reasons….but…get this…yesterday I cooked the recipe using nectarines and apricots…and it was gorgeous…thank you so much.

    My husband loved it too and I know I can change it every time according to what I have in the fruit bowl and fridge. It was so easy…and I enjoyed myself…thanks for the encouragement xxxx