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Melanie Shankle lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, Perry, and daughter, Caroline. She is the New York Times Bestselling author of Sparkly Green Earrings and The Antelope in the Living Room. She's passionate about Jesus, laughter, and sales at Anthropologie.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. And even when they leave our sight at 25, we continue to screw up by having our momma hands still a bit too tightly all over their lives, and as they squirm out of our clenched fists and want their independence for a while, our hearts hurt and we have to learn how to do this all over again, this having an adult child!

  2. Thank you so much for being an encourager. Im so thankful to God for all the chances we get in every aspect of our lives…do overs seem to be needed more and more for me.

  3. Sweet, sweet words…..that this Mamaneeded this very morning.

    I keep hearing so much about this book….looking forward to getting my hands on a copy. May it hold healing power from Him – for every woman that picks it up for a read. Yes, Lord – speak through it.

    Kind Blessings,
    Kate 🙂

  4. How do I love this post? Let me count the ways…

    I love that you admit your mistakes.
    I love your humor.
    I love that you took the second chance God offered you, and learned something from it, and wrote it down for the rest of us.

    Thanks, so much. I needed it today.

  5. I know this feeling well–but then on the third day of being home with the child who just cannot shake the virus, well, it’s really hard. That’s where I am today.

  6. Slowing down was forced on you, and became a gift. Oh, that we might learn to live slow enough every day–finding the right pace, the right attention, the right way to get things done and love all along the way, at every step! But few of us do as we get swept back into busy and hurry and so…thank God for second, third, fifteenth chances.

    Good words to create vision for a slower pace, and good words to offer grace to every weary, distracted mom.

  7. I absolutely loved Sparkly Green Earrings! Very well written! I recommended it to all of my friends. Can’t wait for Melanie’s next book to come out.

  8. I have not read the book yet but I keep hearing great things about it. I follow you on twitter and you make me laugh with your wit & humor. My baby son(25 years old) is a deputy for our county. Man! you talk about worry! It has increased my prayer life to the fullest for his protection. Cherish those years with that little lady. Soon you will start wondering when was the last time she sat in my lap, or asked me to tuck her in, or ….. Time flies by and it looks like you realize it.

  9. I just recently found your blog and i enjoyed reading it. I remember bringing my baby girl home from the hospital and thanking God for this gift. I looked at her and told her someday I will be sending you off to college to become the young person you are destined to be. With the blink of an eye she is 20 and a successful student in college. I am really glad you took the day with your daughter and cuddled with her. You see I am a nurse and I did not take those days with my kids. I worked weekends and holidays and someone else took care of them when they were sick. I felt that I needed to be with really sick people who needed me. I also know that it was my choice to choose that profession with the hours, however, that does not make up for taking some time to give freely, without boundries or agendas, our time to our little people who will be ours for a short time. They grow up with strong roots and branch out on their own. Savor all the time you can good, bad . The time we have is limited but the memories we make with them last a lifetime. My children are older now- 20, 16, and 15. I now take the time to kiss them good bye in the morning and tell them to be blessed . When life is so busy we dont see or hear them except to pick them up from destination to destination, pull out of “life” for a minute or two, and be with your littles. It is never too late. Bless you and the work you do . You are an inspiration to us all. I have your book and cant wait to read it.

    • “The time we have is limited but the memories we make with them last a lifetime.”
      Wow. Thank you Amanda.

  10. I’ve recently started my relationship with God. I’m becoming more aware and open to the signs He gives me to slow down, to pay attention to what is more important. Thank you for reminding me that we do get more than one swing at this mama gig!

  11. With kids or not we all need do over days, weeks and perhaps even years. This has been a rather bad year for me thus far. I have a tear in my shoulder & have seen 4+ doctors, had my first MRI, Ortho doc & now Physical Therapy to hopefully fix it. Add to that my job is driving me crazy (nuts), so that I wish I could leave & move on to something else.

    God will politely give me a good do-over & forgive me for all my mistakes! Praise the Lord!

  12. Wow! This hit home. So many times we are in a hurry and don’t stop and just enjoy the moment the time we have with our kids. I look at mine and think how fast they are growing and cry because I feel i didn’t get to enjoy them as much as I wanted when they were younger because of work. They are pre-teens now and I am for second chances!

  13. Love your post. My daughter is almost 14 and gone are the panic days we used to have when we got the dreaded call from school. I don’t even call my husband to see if his schedule is better and more open to a sick day. I cancel my schedule for the day and go get her…because I know it’s a nice slow day and some time together. LOVE a good sick day (as long as she isn’t critically sick!).

  14. Well I am sitting here in tears. Wow! This makes me feel like I am not alone in my mess ups and my feelings of guilt. I don’t know about you but I walked out of the hospital from delivering my little girl with guilt! What is up with that? It has only gotten worse. I feel I am never worthy of my daughter… she deserves so much more than me. I am working through these feelings, but its hard. I have so many days I feel I need second chances. Then I feel worse about those moments because I honestly believed no other mother (that I see anyway) seem to have them. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. Thanking you for reminding me of God’s Grace!