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Valerie Sisco blogs at Grace with Silk, and is a writer in Orlando, Florida, dreaming of her next trip to Paris.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. YES! YES! Buy yourself flowers! You deserve it. My grocery store has bouquets for little money. I split a bouquet up into three ! Make sure to have at least one fresh flower in my bedroom. Then think of the One who designed the flowers.

  2. I buy my own flowers. I spent years telling my husband not to waste money on flowers. There were always too many other places for it to go. Flowers were not really important to me at the time. Fast forward many years and one day I decided I liked to have flowers around. They really did brighten my day. Now I buy them for myself because I spent all that time telling my family not to. The really great thing is for what you spend on a cup of coffee you can have pretty things that last for days. Be blessed and remember there is always One person thinking about you.

    • Jennifer,
      I agree! Flowers can last for days and are such bright and gentle reminders of the one who made them. Thanks for your encouragement!

  3. Your thoughts come from the deepest part of your soul and it is not easy to share that. I thank you for voicing how we girls without flowers feel.

    • Lauren,
      We’re supposed to pretend we don’t care but every so often self-doubts arise, don’t they? The best we can do is whisper them to the one who created us. Thank you for your encouragement today!

  4. Thank-you for sharing from your heart. I’m sloooowly packing up and moving to another place after 23 years at the same place. I have a lot of artificial flowers that I’ve bought through the years and was intending to take them along to my new home but after reading your devotion for today I thought maybe I should ditch the artificial ones and splurge on some real ones once in a while. It may just help to brighten my mood of giving up so many other things. Change and transition are hard and I know God has been preparing the way but I still need a spash of color in my life and fresh flowers just might be the answer to this new change in my life after I’m moved and settled.
    I loved your devotion and fresh word for me today!

  5. Lucille,
    Moving is so difficult, especially after many years in one place — what a brave undertaking! I admire your courage and how you are willing to embrace your change with fresh flowers — I love the idea of replacing artificial blooms with real ones. Thank you for your encouragement to me today!

  6. ‎…but Perfect Love can…whether married or not, dating or not, we all feel lonely, unlovely, unthought of…but then there is the Lord’s Perfect Love ~ worth the read and then the feeling that He views us as surrounded by love, beautiful, the center of His thoughts ~ a beautiful bouquet of His Flowers, planted in the soil of His love! Thanks for the reminder, Lucille! Suffering chronic pain sometimes plunges me down to the lowest valleys of life ~ but even there in the valley, He leads me by the still water…dotted with the proof of His love, where even the weeds have flowers, a sign of His grace!

  7. Thankyou so much for writing an amazing artlcle, which spoke into the deepest places of my heart and spirit. I loved the words ‘God unwraps my heart and pursues my soul.
    Also that God will give me the courage to face my fears and doubts, and that He has given me the gifts which He will help me use [for His Glory.]
    You have given me much hope for my future, when I thought I had none. So the verse
    ‘I know the plans I have for you ‘ from Jeremiah 29 v 11 is one that I will keep in my heart. Bless you and thankyou. only a woman can understand a woman’s heart.

  8. I buy flowers for myself a lot, for this reason. I have a $5 budget and there’s usually something at the grocery store or farmer’s market that fits into that.

    I decided that God finds me lovely the way I am, and I do not need flowers delivered to me by a suitor to feel like I am enough. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s always nice to have that $5 bouquet of flowers sitting on my counter.

  9. I have just watched your video on belonging to a community of women, who have a heart of love for each other. I had three brothers and two sons, so think I missed other women in our family. My mother died when she was only 58yrs, so I really missed her, the mother daughter relationship. With the men in my family it was always about ‘ football’!!!! I am now a grandmother, and have two grandaughters, so they are a real gift and a Blessing. We are going to Paris in August so will see all the flowers especially at Monet’s house in Giverney. Your Ministry is awesome and so grateful to have found it. Thank you Lord xxx

    • Maria,
      Thank you for your kind words. What a fabulous trip you have planned to Paris in August! Many blessings to you and your family — thank you for your encouragement today!

  10. What an inspiring article. Its easy to see objects as only being able to come from one place, and forget that beauty is for everyone and should be enjoyed. It’s not where they come from, but the beauty that they bring into life. I love reading from your blog, and it is great seeing you one incourage.

  11. I’m glad so many ladies already mentioned buying flowers for yourself–saves me the trouble! I think we are so impoverished when we forgo flowers because we feel that they ned to be given to us by others. Where did that ridiculous idea even come from?

  12. I’m glad so many ladies already mentioned buying flowers for yourself–saves me the trouble! I think we are so impoverished when we forgo flowers because we feel that they need to be given to us by others. Where did that ridiculous idea even come from?

  13. Why do you have to live in Paris to buy flowers every week? I always have fresh flowers in my home, they are not that expensive now, just a small bunch of cut flowers and I enjoy them whether I have company that week or not. My friends have come to expect them here and always check to see what I have on the table, since I host a couple of Bible studies during the week, I have people here most every week, but I would still buy them if I didn’t. God has provided His beauty for us to enjoy!

  14. I love the reminder that God put beauty in nature just for us to enjoy and to know that we are loved by Him.
    Love your insight.

  15. A lovely and comforting zing to the heart, Valerie! I especially loved this: “it’s not the sender of the flowers that’s important. It’s remembering who brushed the petals with the vivid hues of a sunrise or the faint shades of twilight.”

    Oh, how often have we been hit with those twinges of envy, and fail to look beyond at the really big picture, of the brilliance God is creating for us!

  16. Inspiring post and one I can relate to very well. “They can also scream doubts to a girl’s soul. That maybe I’m not worth getting to know. That maybe I am not quite special enough” speaks volumes to this girls soul.

    For years I felt not quite good enough, smart enough, or even pretty. Then God sent me a wonderful man who daily tells me I am all he needs. Makes me feel special like a bouquet of flowers.

    Just remember my favorite verse Jeremiah 29:11 & that the creator of the universe loves you wildly! 🙂

  17. Love this post. Thanks for sharing your heart and articulating what so many of us feel deeply. I think I’ll buy some flowers today and remember that “I’m always on His mind” Thanks !!!

  18. How about if we gals all send each other some flowers? Thank you, Valerie, for another beautiful, thought-provoking post.

  19. Wonderful post! I love your outlook on life. It reminds me that I need to stop and take the time to be more observant and grateful for the gifts in my life. 🙂

  20. Love this and Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite verse. AND you don’t have to live in Paris to buy yourself some flowers!