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Arianne is a mom of three boys and a baby girl. She lives in Phoenix, AZ, and sifts through the Legos and fluffy cloth diapers hoping to one day catch up on sleep. Her heart is healing and thriving from living life as a mom of kids with autism and...

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  1. Thank you for this today. My family & I are facing (and have been for a bit) more than just one “big wave” and feeling pretty small lately. Especially after being bashed against the rocks by some of those who should be the very ones reaching out to lock arms and help anchor us.
    Your words came at the right time for me; I’ve been at that point you described about “why wasn’t it enough?” for awhile now and your words just resonated inside of me. It was a mix of an “Aha!” moment and a “D’oh!” I will have to admit.

  2. This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you. This is the encouragement I needed.

  3. I was just watching that very tidal wave build this morning when I read this…thank you so much for the beautiful words and putting that tidal wave into perspective…I’m no longer afraid of it and know that it will pass over and I will be that much stronger because of it!

  4. Thanks for your blog today. Seems I am not alone in the constant onslaught of tidal waves, and it seems I barely recover from one until another hits. I am praying for God’s love to help me grow. I am not strong enough in myself, and that He well knows, but I am willing to learn and grow in Him.
    I don’t know what I would do without my online sisters. I don’t seem to have anyone close enough to me to do the ‘friend’ thing, and it gets lonely, but I know I can turn to God. He just needs skin on sometimes. 😉

    • Sue, I hear you and I pray, Loving God, that You will come to Sue today with skin and arms and hugs…help her find her skin community.

  5. Oh, how this blessed me TODAY.

    “Let God’s love grow you big, bigger than the tidal wave ahead that you see coming. Bigger than that issue which stresses you to your core. Bigger than those people who don’t understand you, don’t know you. Bigger than those hurts that are not yet healed.”

    THank you for writing.

  6. Wow, was this for me today, when I’m struggling with fear and physical issues and just want to curl up into a ball with that “little piece of God”, stead of letting him be bigger. Thank you Lord, thank you so much, Arianne.

  7. Your words are beautiful. Thank you for reminding me that the truest thing about me is what God says about me, not what I think or feel or not what other people say or think, the truest thing about me is what God says and I need HIS help to believe the TRUTH not the lies. Thank you , May God continue to Bless you and flood your soul with HIS amazing Love.

  8. Thank you for sharing this!!! “all those fallacies. I let his love change my mind about myself” I’ve been in the midst of the tidal wave, and clinging to whatever small pieces i could…but God IS growing bigger in me and changing my thoughts from “don’t deserve a place on the planet” to “God delights in me!!!” (Psalm 18) and knows everything about me ALL TRUTH whether my family believe me or not….God is changing the lie that plagues me that “you do not matter” to “You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded…every moment was laid out..How precious are your thoughts about me O God!” For this incest survivor and woman with chronic illness, it is not easy to believe I can matter, but I am trusting God to weave these truths into the fiber of my being,,,so much that I will also be able to help other women know this LOVING God too!

  9. Thank you, this has really touched me and it reminded me that with God anything is possible but off ourselves we can do nothing.

  10. Thank you, this has really touched me and it reminded me that with God anything is possible but off ourselves we can do nothing.

  11. “He wants to make me whole.”
    Living the last few years always anticipating the next “tidal wave,” of internal bleeding & all that goes with it…who was going to care for my little boy and what if I don’t make it through. God’s mercy and grace always carried us through. But the thought that He wants to make me whole… I had not even allowed myself to consider. Until now, when the tears flowed as I read this over & over. Like so many, I too struggle to be who and where God has designed. In bad times and in good times. Sometimes, I forget that God’s love is not burdensome. His yoke not heavy. That He has a plan for each of us. Hope. Prosperity. A future. And maybe…wholeness. Thank you. Thank you for being His voice. 🙂

  12. Years ago I had a dream that I was standing on a beach and a huge tidal wave was coming at me. Someone near by said, “It’s the Big Kahuna.” I woke up and wondered about the dream. It was not till much later (and that might have been months or years later) that I had been talking to a musician from Hawaii, who was also a native Hawaiian, and told him about the dream. He said, “Wow. A Big Kahuna is a High Priest.” I can laugh about it now because at that time I was away from God and when I learned the Big Kahuna was a High Priest, I knew it was Jesus Christ coming after me.
    This is not the first time I dreamed about God coming in strange forms. He lifted me off the ground and gently whirled me around inside a tornado. That was pretty amazing, too.
    I know this is not the kind of comment you would expect, but it was my experience with tidal waves and tornadoes, which pretty much describes my life. 😀

  13. I love this blog and was wondering if it would be ok to reblog it? It\’s incredibly inspirational and just what I needed today. I know my readers would appreciate it too!

  14. Lord, please help us to release the chains that we have placed around Your love for us, keeping it from becoming bigger and in doing so, allowing it to blossom so abundantly that it is enabled to encompass and shelter us fully in all the onslaughts of life.

  15. God is much bigger than any problems/people we can face. We must be in prayer daily and let His words & love soak into our being.

    I daily pray my troubles away. I start by praying for my co-workers, family, and friends. Then I thank Him for ALL He’s done for me thus far and ask for relief from “the thorns in my side”,

    He always answers in His way and time!

  16. Your words are woven together with such grace and beauty, such perfection. Thank you for this, you are truly so gifted. Love you, sweet friend.