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Annie F. Downs is a bestselling author and nationally known speaker based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her most recent books include 100 Days to Brave, Looking for Lovely and Let’s All Be Brave. Read more at and follow her at @anniefdowns.

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    • Wow..this is what so many of us need to be reminded of. It’s so easy to fall to comforting ourselves with food. I especially remember being single and feeling lonely. God really wants us to completely depend on Him as our ‘Partner’ and not on man-who is imperfect and bound to disappoint us at times.

  1. Girl, your honesty is inspiring! I need this reminder heading into the season of romance. Thanks for saying the right decision doesn’t make the pain go away. Sometimes we forget.

  2. ah- I so needed this today. This past month has been rough (professionally) and my old tendency would have been turning to food. and I realized that I still have some of those old tendencies in my life…

  3. You had me at Nutella!

    How many times I’ve unconsciously gotten a scoop for myself (I guess eating it out of a spoon is a universal thing!) and realized after that I really didn’t need that dose of calories. I was just trying to fill a hole…a God sized hole. And there isn’t enough Nutella in all the universe that will fill up that hole!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Annie, I don’t know you aside from the words you write on this blog (beautiful post, by the way) but I do know that he is missing out if he doesn’t call. 🙂

  5. I had that EXACT same stop-me-in-my-tracks-at-the-pantry-door-voice experience 2 years ago when my dad had unexpected triple bypass surgery. I was home alone in my parents’ house. Well, with my 5 month old baby. We “just happened” to be there on holiday – we live overseas. He had been whisked away in an alliance and I thought “I need chocolate and I need it now. That will help.” And as I opened the pantry door, I just knew if i ate it then,it would be a sin. It would drive a wedge between me and God. It’s when I realized I use food instead of Him. Ouch. Thank you for this reminder. It is still a daily – hourly – struggle for me.

    • Wow, I never thought about my “chocolate fix” driving a wedge between myself and the Lord. But you are right, when I am stressed and *need* that chocolate (or whatever) to “feel better” that is when I truly need God.

  6. This was a such a fresh reminder today from the very post I wrote yesterday about the God shaped hole in my heart. How often I try to fill it with food, a friend, a man, tv, whatever. In this season I’m in it’s been such a gift relearning just who God is in my loneliness and deep thirst. I have been going back again and again to the woman at the well and remembering how Jesus told her that only He could fill her deep thirst with His living water. I am thankful, so thankful for that.

  7. Annie, you are amazing…I so agree that sometimes it is so hard to wait for God to speak louder than whatever else I want to turn to for healing.

  8. Annie, I need to constantly remind myself to stop grasping and controlling, and learn to release and receive by trusting God in every situation.

  9. Thanks for reminding me of this, Annie! As a newly-minted single gal myself (well, ok, it’s been a year and half but I’m still grieving and still missing former significant other), I completely relate. I haven’t ventured back into dating mostly out of fear, but in that fear and in my grief sometimes I turn to anything else but God. Strange because there was a season in my life where all I did was turn to Him in everything! But the beauty of this stumbling bumbling season of our lives may be that it exposes the depths of our weakness, and in so doing highlights our need for our Father. And we who write are blessed because we give a voice to the Spirit and fill those walking the same crazy journey with much hope (as you have done for me and I’ll be doing for others!)… Love you much Annie, and we’re going to make it somehow.

  10. Oh my. Yes. This may sound strange, but thanks for writing this. Somehow knowing that I am not the only one having outloud conversations in my kitchen, and putting spoons back into drawers, and checking phones… that makes me feel LESS ALONE in the loneliness. Thank you.

  11. Whoa! I needed to read that. I needed to know that I am not alone in my struggle. How often, I find myself self medicating when all I really want is to feel God wrap His arms around me and tell me that He has me right where I need to be. Even though the struggle never changes, the medication is constantly changing. Food, yikes, is a big one for me. I’ve used relationships, shopping, exercise, really anything and everything that gets my focus off the One who can really heal my hurt. Kuddos to you for taking this opportunity to submit. Submit to your struggle, submit to your counselor’s advice, and ultimately submit to God. Thanks, too, for the morning cry. I needed that!!

  12. Amen sister. I turn to all of the above in a situation to heal – comfort food, a cup of coffee, television, a movie, the quiet. (And not the quiet where I am waiting for a still, small voice, unfortunately)

    It is wonderful to know when we are alone that we are not ALONE. We are never without God and we are never without our sisters in Christ.


  13. So, so b rave. And honest. And true. Thank you for the encouragement to just straight out ask Him for what we need, even when we don’t really know what that is.

  14. um, yes, hi, can we be friends?
    you are loverly.

    sometimes, it’s nice to know that someone else is in a tree that’s just as crazy and knotted as mine.

    thanks for hollerin’ from your tree.

  15. I scrawled that verse from Psalm 73 on a piece of paper by my computer. I needed that. My heart needed that truth. Thanks for the honesty and openness. You are brave in your weakness. I could use a little more of that in my own life. Blessings sister.

  16. Ugh, as painful as it was to read & identify with this Annie, I thank you for writing it. Such a harsh reality for myself & so many other women.

  17. oh m’gosh… that’s so me too… appreciate you being transparent! I talk to my counselor about it too… why do I do that? seems I have been conditioned since childhood that all the food I like is comfort food…. I have never ever grabbed a stalk of celery when I was feeling down! Too many times, though, I have not put that spoon down…and have told God (honest!) just let me be for a minute… I need to sulk… and later I tell Him I’m sorry. Got to, got to, remember to cry out and tell him to be stronger than whatever is appealing to my comfort craving at that moment! Thanks for the encouragement .. I can try harder next time… we are never really hungry for food at that moment, are we? 😉

  18. Hi Annie

    Last Saturday we had to put our sweet lil dog Bree down. She was suffering from so many health issues. She was the last to leave our empty nest. After watching our two grown girls leave town I always used to say I still have my one girl left Bree. What you shared today about the nutella is what God wanted me to read today. I have been filling myself with junk food which I never eat unless I’m hurting. I wanted to make myself feel better as I mourned the last of my loyal and loving dog of 13 years. I need to go to the only One that can soothe my breaking heart and heal me from this loss in my life. The eating doesn’t help I gained weight and even felt worse.
    Just a note that you are not alone even when you don’t hear the phone or txt come in. The one and true love of your life is waiting for you to come and sit at his feet. He will give you all you ever need. He has just the right timing and he will protect you from the wrong choices till the right one comes along. A reminder YOU ARE LOVED by the man who is Love Jesus !! So thanks so much for pointing me back to our saviour who is ready to save I just have to ask. Have a Son-filled day!! Mariellen

  19. This was a God-Send. And really, its not about being single or turning to food, though those are valid things. What its really about is being alone and the things we do to soothe ourselves. I’m married but I still face issues with loneliness. Single girls need to know that it doesn’t simply “go away” when you get married. Spend time investing in good friends. I dealt with this just yesterday, I texted 9, nine!, Girl “friends” (acquaintances) and not a single one replied. I felt especially alone yesterday. I did dig into a bag of cheetos but was able to catch myself before it was too late (empty bag). The Lord is truly all we need and though these times are extremely uncomfortable I can only hope he is refining us, instructing us and drawing us ever closer to Himself.

  20. Had that same situation–waiting for the phone to ring and it didn’t. It still hasn’t. Facing the reality that God really is in control of all things and that’s okay.

  21. Annie, can relate way too well – chocolate speaks my name in many languages and is creative in enticing me (should I say satan is extremely helpful in enabling chocolate to be creative!). Reality is that I still have the mistaken idea that I can help God help me rather than placing all in HIS hands. Thank you for being so real and sharing and obeying His words placed on your heart. Blessings for this day and warm cookies (for sharing with friends)

  22. Loved the Nutella story. I don’t have a cell phone, I don’t text and my phone hardly ever rings. I am not a recluse by any means. I am trying to lead by example so my children don’t remember mommy on the phone all the time. I try to be be available to them in their company. Now they are in kindergarden and first grade so the only noise in my house is from me or the dogs. This is a new season in my journey with the Lord. My spirit tells me to BE STILL and know. I have recently made a decision to personally invite Jesus into my day with me to be that silent friend. I am not lonely or bored but am trying to live in the moment. Not in who is going to call or what I need to do, but to slow down and see what God is trying to teach me. We so want to be busy. It is so against my nature to slow down, but in doing so I am more aware of His presence. Thanks for your words to show we are all in this game of life together.

  23. As long as I can remember, way back in my childhood years, I’ve turned to food for comfort. My asthma kept me from being able to keep up and play with others, I went for the cookies. I had no friends. I went for the cookies or cake or brownies or whatever was in the house, especially if it had chocolate. Still go that way much more than I care to admit. And I’m not alone, well not physically. Sometimes the song that goes something like “if I have to be lonely, I’d rather be lonely alone” rings in my head, it’s so true. Thank you for your honesty. We keep little to no chocolate in the house so that’s diminished, but the urge hasn’t. I have apologized to God more times than I could ever count for not going to him first. Nice to know through your lovely post and all the comments, I’m not alone. Love you, Annnie.

  24. Annie, you are terrific! As one Nutella-loving single lady to another, I salute you!

    Thanks for your honesty! It’s refreshing! It’s OK to want to NOT be single! I’ve often asked for prayer for a husband & been SHOCKED at the silly responses of “Just let Jesus be your Husband…” etc. Now, if anyone says that to me, I will kick them in the Nutella, alright!! 🙂

    I just went to an AMAZING wedding reception last weekend (no, not two 19 year olds getting married, and yet again, triggering another Nutella binge from me!) & feel free to email me & I’ll share about it…I’ve never been so encouraged in my life!!!

    Keep blogging, Annie!

  25. my nutella is ice cream but other than that pretty sure i lived this exact scenario…idk 2 nights ago?
    thank you thank you thank you for sharing honestly in this space. your words are a great blessing & encouragement to me. so so thankful that Jesus can & does speak louder & truer than nutella or mint chocolate chip.

  26. Wow. This post took me back about 7 years to living in a strange city, hours from family and A.L.O.N.E. I remember one friend started singing “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” when we were in a group just hanging out. It wasn’t pointed at me, but when I responded, “I’m lonesome every night,” she burst into tears. She knew I hated being single and how it would grate on me to attend every wedding, every bridal or baby shower, and she wasn’t trying to make me feel worse. She just didn’t really comprehend what it was like to be alone (she got married at 19) at 30 and my response convicted her at that moment.
    It took me three years of living away from everyone I knew and loved to find myself deep in the layers of the “Amy” I was out in public. And when my knight showed up and thought I was amazing, I thought he was just going to be temporary. I nearly blew him off completely. But he turned out to be the one I had been waiting for. And no, it hasn’t always been roses and rainbows, but even in the struggles of bankruptcy, infertility, miscarriage, and job loss, there is no one I would rather come home to at the end of the day. The wait was long and sometimes heartbreakingly arduous, but God was right in His timing and Daniel was worth it.
    Keep writing with this type of honesty. There are so many out here in the world who are feeling the same way (but may have made the choice of eating the Nutella) and don’t have the same strength to speak about their loneliness. They need to hear your voice amongst the stories from the moms. Thank you for sharing!

    • I totally agree with you. Thank you too for being so honest. I should turn to God but I am too proud to do it, too proud to admit that I can not cope on my own. To admit that I am so sensitive, so fragile and weak, yea vulnerable. I am so little. But reading your reply and reading Annie’s day story felt just like the answer to my eating disorder, to my will disfunction and failure. I struggle with emotions that are too much for me. I feel things with too much intensity which brings me stress. My body can’t cope this stress anymore and I am ill. I need medication to feel normal, to contain the emotions too a normal level. This medication drives me to eat more than I normally would. I gained 13 kilos through this medication but I can’t stop it because if I stop I get some new crises. I need to turn to God more, no, systematically. It needs to become like an instinctive reflex. Thanks for sharing and making me think and decide to choose God over all negative alternatives.

  27. our salves, yes, food, drink, entertainment, people….i am guilty of turning to the immediate instead of the true….great post.

  28. Annie,
    I just have to comment, no matter what we each are experiencing, the verses you have quoted in your blog over these past months, have been on point with me and my struggles. I happened upon your blog via chance and you’ve been such an inspiration and blessing. My parents situation has been full of drama these last 6 months and my mother has been diagnosed with dementia. I have two small children and we are trying to adopt another. That with all the daily duties of kids’ schedules, household management and just making time for my kids on top of driving at least an hour each way to my parents for the uncontrollable pressure cooker which is what my parents house is at times unbearable. Many times have I thought to myself…what is the universe trying to tell me…some friends have said listen to the universe…but I say no. If I had listened to the “universe” i would never have had the family I had today. I constantly pray and ask for guidance, endurance, strength and courage just to get through the day and find myself too looking for a sign of some sort…to let me know that I’m not alone. I don’t feel anything happen to my heart nor do I see any signs….
    ….then I get your email…..and I realize, I’m not alone. Thank you

  29. I hear a plea for honestly identifying feelings in your post. For me, when I try to lie and deny how I am feeling or what I am doing, or to use extreme business or food to cover my pain, I am really just being dishonest. I am letting the world see a me who is not real by hiding my pain. I always think that people will reject me or shun me if they know who I really am. For me, I need to remember that God wants me to share with him and to trust in him and also to trust in his children who are all around me.

    Thanks for the post.

  30. I feel the same way, Annie. I have my good and bad days, but long to be in a relationship, long to be married. I know I need to stop putting anything before my relationship with God. Thanks for the reminder.

  31. Annie, I still have stopped talking about the impact you made on me at Allume–when you shared your heart around authenticity and going where God wants us to go, and trusting that He will show us how. And here, sister, you bless me so, in your bravery, your vulnerability, and your pointing me to God. Thank you.

  32. I love this! Your honesty, vulnerability, your struggling. Thank you for sharing it! It reminded me that when people think I’m crazy because I make a big deal out of something (like, refusing to eat a spoonful of Nutella, because it’s always about more than the Nutella isn’t it?) that I’m not alone! So for that, thank you.

  33. This is SO where I have. Been the past week or so. I’m glad I’m not alone. I’m sitting here thinking I need to tell God repeatedly “God, I need you to be bigger than all my temptations to self loathe right now” thanks annie

  34. Oh yes. Food and loneliness. I know the relationship…all too well.

    But you just gave me courage. To face and forge on. Even though I feel alone (but not quite as much as a few moments ago).

    Thank you.

  35. Thank you so much for your words today.
    I needed this encouragement… that I am not alone in trying to plug those spaces with things that don’t satisfy… and in struggling to accept the Lord is my portion. Thank you for a story with no magical ending and no fireworks, but just good truth in the midst of the hardships.
    “But for today, my vice loses, my God wins, and somehow, my heart will survive it all.” YES!

  36. You are brave and wonderful, and I just love you to pieces. I even love you after reading that question about what I turn to (a television show? ME?) instead of the Lord. I need these words, this truth SO MUCH. Thank you for writing it.

  37. Wow! I needed this. Thank you for your vulnerability. I’m convicted, in whatever I do, that it be unto the Lord. Nutella (or Reece’s chocolate) is not healing. In fact, it only increases the *ugh* factor. Loved your words here. Thank you again.

  38. I guess we all struggle a bit with food. For me, when I feel that twinge of sadness I want to go to the pantry for a handful of chocolate chips. Something about that bit of chocolate soothes away my sadness. But, I should just let God do that. He’d be so much better at it.

  39. Praying that one of these days my bulldozing moments will end and i too will be able to put down the spoon, or bag, or box. Today wasn’t that day, but maybe i can start new now. Something about those quiet moments…

  40. Annie, I want to thank you for blogging this piece of your life. I do this from time to time and I need to start speaking out loud about what my reason is for eating! Lord bless you and keep up the great writing. 🙂

  41. If only I had known that ten years ago. I gave in to emotional eating and it was a very difficult pattern to break. I hid Nutella and cookies and other things in my closet and would eat late at night, trying to numb all the crap I was dealing with. As a result I got really chubby. So then I was unhappy with my life AND my body! Vicious cycle.

    I still do fall into emotional eating sometimes. So I just don’t keep my “weakness foods” around. When I do buy them, I buy them in small quantities. And I have made a habit of feeding my body good, healthy food, so I actually don’t crave junk food as much any more in general. It’s very freeing.

  42. You are precious. Fighting lonely and Nutella at the same time. I hurt for you. You did major good to leave the Nutella. I pray he calls especially if he is good hearted and I pray you conquer food.

    I’m fighting food. Some days are better than others. I’m fighting a couple of things also. I’m single and a call would be nice. Waiting is pretty tough. Thank you for your blog. It was me only better. A good example. love to you. <3

  43. Annie, you spoke to me in a very real way today. I struggle with the very same thing…Nutella. I’ve tried “natural” versions so I could still get my fix and guess what? Nothing holds a candle to the real Nutella.

    I guess I could say in almost the same way the Nutella is trying to compete with God and guess what? Nothing holds a candle to God. Nutella is such a watered down version of what God can do.

    Thank you so much for putting into words exactly how I feel.

  44. Thanks for sharing this with us. God is so amazing…I have been working on this exact thing. Food to take away the pain, the aloneness, the frustration, etc. Instead of crying out to my precious Lord, I reach for an “instant gratification”. It doesn’t never has…it never will. Only God can fill that void. Only God can ease the pain. Only God can reach into my heart & fill it with love and hope. God Bless you

  45. I love this post, Annie. Your honesty beautifully reveals your vulnerability that I must share with the women on my healthy food program. I gave them several devotionals that spoke to the point you made clear in your PS: the focus should be on our heart. I praise God that you succeeded on this day. One day at a time is all it takes. Thanks so much for sharing.

  46. Great post. Loved the honesty. Will try to determine a reason next time I reach for the Godiva Sea Salt & Caramel Chocolate.


  47. Dear Annie, it’s like you speak the words of my heart. Thank you so much for your willingness to share!

  48. Thank you for sharing this completely relatable post. I was single in my 30s and remember the “Nutella” or wine or new pair of shoes. Funny thing is, now, as a married momma of toddler triplets, it’s those same darn vices, just a different set of challenging circumstances. It’s only when we allow God to be louder than our human weaknesses that we can move on to the next day, stronger.

  49. Yay, Annie! Woo Hoo, girl! Food has been my escape for years, and looking in the mirror I can see that I have managed to build up quite a wall around my heart in the form of extra weight. Not good at all. I realized a few months ago that God has healed the inside and gotten me to a place where I’m ready to clean up the outside. One day at a time. “But for today, my vice loses, my God wins, and somehow, my heart will survive it all.” I love this line. Hope you don’t mind if I tweet it to your credit. Thanks for being so willing to share openly. It touches more people than you’ll ever know.

  50. Wow! I never get this touched by posts, but this is one that I need to print out and put on my fridge and read every time I think about filling that void with food. I really can’t believe how eloquently you stated that scenario! I have struggled with food addiction/over eating/emotional eating for years. And I just want to tell you, that if you struggle with that, any time you’re able to put the spoon back in the drawer, something definitely happened, because I know that for myself, I am not able to do that. And every single small victory makes the next one that much easier. Thanks so much for sharing!

  51. I can so relate with this post. Not that I am alone, but have felt alone in my emotional pain – and I was for a long time, until I sucked it up and decided to not be a victim – I chose to be victorious. But being victorious comes with fight and determination. The pain of my heart – soothed by food. Yep. Food was (and still often is) my ‘drug’ of choice – it is my comfort and delight when I am anxious about anything. It’s a constant battle – but I am winning. I think. Confronting lies was the first step to overcoming … believing what’s true and right is the next one … knowing my real worth is another. It takes time. it takes perseverance. And I know the destination is wonderful, I just have to press forward onto the goal. The goal is freedom and victory over using food for comfort and relying on God instead to be my comfort and my delight!

  52. Thanks for the reminder that we need to go to God and not food…… Why is food always easier……

  53. THANK YOU ANNIE! I really needed to hear that. It’s so easy for me to go hide when it hurts, but you’re right, going to God first is the only real option. Thank you so much <3

  54. Thank you for you openness and honesty!

    When I need to fill a void, or “stress eat” I go to salty potato chips. I know that God ultimately heals, but in the meantime…well it fills an empty void.

    Being single is hard, very very hard. I was single for 39 years, lived alone for 7 years. It took a ton of prayers for God to finally answer my petition for a wonderful man. In the meantime God may have something for you to do..some ministry. I would look into several different ministry opportunities, get involved in singles’ groups and try to enjoy life as best as one can. Oh yeah…and Pray Pray Pray for a Godly, Christian man and to help you stay away from “void eating”

    God Bless!

  55. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yesterday it was an “orange scone”. I was really hurt and I knew going in I didn’t need this (struggling to get my sugar under control after cancer) but I wanted to feed my hurt. I have a grandson with divorced parents and I very seldom get to see him. When I saw him yesterday all he did was hang on to his other grandmother. It hurt’s!! I have to find this song you mentioned and tag this post for support. Thank you again.

  56. Oh my, Annie. This post is brilliant. You are beautiful, brave, and one of my favorite people on God’s green earth.

    And this line right here? “…we all look for an escape hatch when this world hurts too much. I looked my escape hatch right in the door today and decided against it.” Yup, and you make me feel strong enough to decide against mine, too.

    Love you so much!

  57. Annie I can so relate. I turn to dill oickle potato chips or shopping. So many times in my life I’ve been lonely feeling like I’ve no one to turn to so I run to buy something instead of running to God. When I’m thinking beyond my lonliness I regret my purchases. I do it now even though I’m recently married. Praying for you & praying for all us women who turn to something other than God when we’re down.

  58. Thank you for this post. One of my best friends can so relate and it helps to have others speak truth over hard things. And thank you for the title of this post–it’s come to mind a few times when iced tried to fill the hole only God can fill with other things. I’m married with a kid but still find myself trying to do that daily it seems.

  59. Annie,
    girl – I’m at work sitting at my desk and needed some instant inspiration and so I automatically come to this sight and start scrolling – I usually skim through but I came across this post and 1st) after reading a few lines – instantly knew it was you by your awesome-real writing style.. so I kept reading. So encouraging. sometimes it’s easy to feel allllllll alone. When we’re thinking rationally we know that’s not the case at all but it’s so tempting to want to panic and worry about the what if… Thankful you’re so honest with your struggles because I share them, too! Happy Friday, Annie!

  60. Great post Annie…really great post, hits so many of us in so many directions. I turn to food as one of my comforters often and of course I am over weight. Comfort comes in so many packages…all having the same tag…I can give you what you want…we are born with discontentment that cries from day one, please comfort me.

    But the first step is acknowledge the need for comfort…then comes the hard part I think…just allowing myself to be uncomforted. We will suffer here on this earth and I sure think being uncomforted is one way to suffer. Part of our journey is learning how to deal with every day things without turning to the world for answers. Good post Annie, really good post.

  61. We are never alone, God is always there, even in the silence. We just have to let Him give us peace. Praying for you! Thanks for such wonderful inspiration!

  62. Thanks a million for my new mantra ; “My vice loses, my God wins and somehow my heart and my stomach will survive it all.” I pray this will really help me, especially around 10:00 p.m. every night. God Bless! Joni

  63. Wow. I don’t even have words, just tears right now. Eye-opening. Scary.

    Me? Self-medicating with food- any and all of it. Blown away at the realization that I have been stuffing my face to fill a God-sized hole (as someone said in the comments). No wonder nothing tastes good- nothing. I eat for something to do, and when I’m emotionally lacking something but hardly taste any of it.

    It’s scary to ask…. Can I realize -in the moment- that I’m not actually in need of earthy food, but in desperate need of Living Water? What will that look like? How does that work? And when there is no big fireworks…. then what? A commenter said “allow myself to be uncomforted”…. that is ‘success’ on this earth sometimes. Very counter-culture, very real.

    “I feel un-thought-of. That’s not a thing, but it’s a thing, isn’t it?” <<—- yes, yes it is. Even being married with a son, I feel it. That is my battle, constantly. But, I guess if you think about it, food doesn't think about me either. The lady at the Taco Bell drive through doesn't give me a single thought the second I leave her window. Who does think about me?? God. Wow.

    Still thinking about this, and probably will for quite a while… Thank you for your post and your honesty and shocking me to tears in reflection <3

  64. wow you are amazing, well done. I so relate to your “nutella instincts” Thanks for sharing I’m going to keep the email which linked me to this to remind me. I needed to hear that thanks so much for the encouragement. Many Blessings

  65. Precious and YES! And as one who waited a LONG time for my hubs, TRUST ME you do not want anyone less than God’s best for you. You might like Made to Crave by Lysa Terkheurst.(sp???) too. I am proud of you and you made me think about the next time I pick up a spoon!

  66. Because there aren’t enough comments here… I so heart this piece of writing. And the courage it took to write it. And the win you had for us Nutella hoarders everywhere! It’s encouraging. Thank you!

  67. Annie Downs…I love you sister. I’m praising God for His unshakable presence in your life. I have many good avoidance strategies and they all end in me feeling empty and numb. God be my portion!