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Stephanie Bryant is the co-founder of @incourage and a podcaster at the #JesusLedAdventurePodcast. She owns a Marketing & Business Coaching company. She is passionate about guiding you to your promised land and personal brand therapy. She enjoys spending her days with her husband and their miracle daughter, Gabrielle, on #BryantFamilyFarm....

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  1. OH – WOW!!!! I am praising God with you!! Thanking HIM for your miracle!! Blessed are you, and blessed is HE for giving us what is best even if while we wait SO LONG we can’t understand and rail against him.. He does it for our good, and the greater good.. thank you Lord for this amazing blessing, bless this family, bless you for what you’ve done!! I am 40 and still waiting for God’s choice of love to come into my life and I also really want to have children, 3 if I can. God has opened my eyes to barriers I’ve let in my life, and I see I find it very hard to trust, and after all these years struggle to believe God sees, cares and is listening to my prayers about this. I think He’s shown me that the quality of relationship with my future husband can only be as good as my love relationship with Him, and that needs some work on the ‘trust’ side of things. The timing of your post, for me anyway, was absolutely perfect.. I want to be able to trust fully in Him and not think that He doesn’t care because He DOES.. I want to learn once and for all how to be His child, and know it is NOT the same as what I experienced as a child with my parents, but SO MUCH BETTER. Sorry for rambling, CONGRATULATIONS and bless you always!!!

    • My miracle that I am waiting on God for is the same as Agnes’s! Recently, I’ve seen a lot of long-prayed-for miracles come to pass in others’ lives, and I rejoice with these folks (this means you, Stephanie!) and receive fresh hope for myself!! Miracles are ALWAYS worth the wait!! 🙂

    • I’m waiting for the miracle of reunion . . . a bonding between my grandson and his mother that will allow them to have a good relationship with one another and participate joyfully in one another’s lives.

    • I’m waiting for my husband too.

      And at 42 I’m in a place of hurt. I can’t believe that the exact worst thing I could imagine for myself has become my life. I’m actually hurt when other people say, “my husband” or “my kids” or even talk about their homes …. because it’s all I ever wanted and I don’t understand why they deserve it and I don’t.

      On my realistic side…. God took me through the valley and desert. I spend a good year with Him coming to terms with my fertility — accepting that I may not have children- ever, simply because I don’t have a husband. (for all I know, I’m the most fertile woman in the world, but I’ll never know it because I don’t have a husband.) If I should be blessed in finding a love, and children come (in any form, homemade or otherwise) – great, if not… fine. I feel much better on this side of that valley. The journey was worth it.

      So now I know what it will look like (feel like) when God says there is no man for me… but he hasn’t taken me through that valley yet — so I am left to feel like I’m just not doing enough to deserve a husband and some love in my life.
      I’m left dreading holidays because I don’t have a family – and my family of origin doesn’t appreciate the sacrifices I make just be there. (Nor the gifts I painstakingly select for them.

      This life is so lonely.

      • Dear TRS – praying for you right now with the assurance that Jesus will cover all the gaps with His grace!

      • I felt the same, but I found out that when you have a desire in your heart so big that everyday grows bigger, it only comes from God, why would God put a desire in your heart if he wasn’t going to fulfill it? he will fulfill it, don’t give up, I didn’t and God gave me the most amazing husband best that I could ever imagined, remember Joseph had nothing but he had the presence of God and see everything worked out great for him, if he wouldn’t have stayed at the dungeon he wouldn’t have interpreted those 2 dreams and he wouldn’t have gone to pharaoh and become the best he could have imagined, don’t give up and remember when you really can’t anymore that means the trial or waiting is over, I know it’s almost a year since you wrote and hope this comment helps, God Bless you!

  2. Praise the Lord! I know of the waiting for a baby. I know the desperate prayers prayed. Four years worth. And it was when I grew the most in my faith. God is good and gracious and knows exactly when we need what we long for. Congratulations, Stephanie.
    P.S. I have three children and two granddaughters now. I still have to pinch myself at times.

      • Temper your excitement dear Stephanie… what if your child never finds a mate?
        Don’t load this expectation onto a child who will grow up in the absolute worst time in the history of the world for marriage.

        Men don’t want to marry anymore. They barely even want to date. And I can only imagine it will get worse for future generations who can’t even figure out how to communicate.
        Don’t make your child feel like she is disappointing her parents when it takes 40 + years to find a mate. She’s going to feel crappy enough without that added to the disappointment.

  3. Praise God for your miracle!!!!!!!!!

    I am praying for a miracle in my marriage. 8 mos ago my husband told me he didn’t love me and never did. We still live in the same house but basically separate lives. He told me just Friday night that he doesn’t even want to work on it. I need a miracle!!!!!

  4. My waiting is oh so similar. Trying to get pregnant for 8 years. This past year we’ve gone through 2 failed IVF attempts and one successful IVF only to lose the baby a couple weeks later. Weeks after the miscarriage my husband lost his job. He found a job months later but it required us to completely uproot. Alas, God is faithful. Not only did we find a new place to live on short notice but also his new job is perfect for him and he loves it. In addition God provided me with the job of my dreams, the one I’ve wanted since finishing college nearly 10 years ago and had given up on. Our new church and small group have been miracles in themselves that we found them so quickly and settled in easily. Praise the Lord!!! The waiting to get pregnant is easier now seeing how faithful God has already been. I’m confident in His timing now and willing to wait for that time. But of course would love prayer as we wait!

  5. What a beautiful and encouraging story (oh, and that silhoutette is gorgeous)! Thank you so much for sharing. I love how God sows blessings in peoples’ lives through the stories of others — no matter how gritty, raw, and emotional. He really is a creative, thoughtful, amazing Father. The miracle I’m waiting on? Can it be more than one? For one, for freedom from depression and fear. Second? For real (even messy, but totally awesome) love. To find that one who is worth all this waiting and for that one to find me as one worth fighting for.

    • I pray that God will bring you a fresh wind of hope and freedom in your life. That His Spirit will fill you with peace. And you will experience True Love like never before.

  6. What a blessing! I needed to hear this right now. My husband has been out of work for 10 months, my son and daughter-in-law have not been speaking to us for 9 months and we have not seen our granddaughter in that time. We found out that they are expecting a new child. My heart just aches. I have been praying and trying to trust God and his timing. For months I will be okay and then I will have a complete depression breakdown, which is where I am at now. I sometimes get angry at God…Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, went through surgeries, chemo, the whole nine yards, but God got me through. My sister and my father passed away while I was going through chemo…I managed to get through the pain of that and now my world is falling apart again. Please pray for me, pray that I will have the strength to wait for God’s timing and miracle. I could really use a lot of prayers.

    • I understand this kind of pain! The grief of being estranged weighs heavily and leaves little room for moving on. Each day I pray you choose to trust Him for this fire He’s chosen for you. He sustains and will faithfully work in you His plans and timing. Be still and know He is God. He fights for you! He hears your cries and promises to heal your broken heart.

      I have an estranged daughter and a husband with ALS and we’ve buried three young precious friends this year. I cling to the hope I have in Jesus my high priest who intercedes on my behalf. I am learning to count it all joy. May The Lord bless you!

  7. Yay! Praise God! I just finished writing about our infertility journey on my blog-such an emotional yet precious, precious process. You worded your thoughts on the waiting so beautifully!

  8. WoW! Holley, that is wonderful!
    My Miracle…oh, how I want the hurt to end…the loneliness to fade away. I’m crying as I write this b/c I’ve waited and waited and I truly am at the end of my hope. I honestly do need your prayers!

  9. Praise God for your story and His faithfulness! I need a miracle for sure. I spent six years seeking God and preparing to be a missionary to young women. Almost two years ago now, that dream was closed for me. Since then I’ve been working on healing and reconnecting with God, which has been a big improvement from a few years ago but still very far from what I’d like it to be. My miracle, I feel disconnected from God, alone, not protected and safe. I know scriptures and theology and I’m clinging on dearly because I know this is life or death, its the very thing I hoped to shared with others, but I’m just bit really

  10. I’m so excited for you, what a blessing..praise be to God! Our church is teaching about worshiping God this month.. As you know, praising Him in ALL things (which at times can be hard to do) but as we do it and keep faith and praise together this is the key to our peace as we wait for Him,

    Blessings to your family!

  11. I am out of work for the second year. I have a God-sized dream of establishing my own photography business and beginning a retreat for women who are photographers to share their love. When I am photographing nature, I feel close to God; He is present in such a tangible way. Please pray for the clarity of vision that I need to realize these dreams.

    • Olivia – I am also a photographer in UK, but I havn’t the courage to step out in business as people are so poor and are struggling with debt due to the recession!
      I do have a project to photograph Buxton Crescent through its restoration…and that could bring in more work! God willing.

      My advice….keep getting out there with your camera, photograph everything, get better, push yourself. So you are ready when its the right time to launch the buisness.

      Rachel Baker

  12. Praise God for your steadfastness in your meantime. We rejoice with you!
    God is in control, and greatly to be praised. Thank you for encouragement as I endure ny season.
    Peace and good to you.

  13. I praise God for your story and the grace and mercy given in the waiting!!
    My waiting is for test results for my daughter who will have a biopsy this week. I will also have a procedure next week that could reveal cancer. Through the waiting for appointments and other tests, God has held me close, given me peace that can only be from him. I am praying HIS WORD, and holding tight to HIS promises. We would be so grateful if you could pray there would be NO cancer in either of us. Thank you!!

  14. SO EXCITED for you and just the encouragement I am in need of this morning in my own waiting! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  15. I am only now learning to praise God in the pain and wait. You have put words to the hope that remains in my heart for that one special someone who will one day call me his own. After the recent painful end of a relationship I thought was the one my heart has been heavy. Even in this season of my life something continues to pull at the corners of my heart. That something is my God telling me in His time not mine. To wait. Thrilled for you that your wait is over and that God has blessed you with a new life. And again thanking you for encouraging us with your words to continue to wait for our own miracle!!

  16. Stephanie, Rejoicing with you in this promise fulfilled!! What an amazing story of God’s faithfulness and your faithful response. When I first heard I would struggle to conceive I heard the Lord clearly say, “Your child will be formed from praise.” I knew that as I purposes to praise him in the midst of waiting and disappointment, he would be faithful. I wasn’t perfect but my heart was set on doing that. There were times of loss and sadness but for the most part his grace allowed us to come back to the truth of his goodness and love. This miracle life growing within you is testimony to his goodness. Enjoy the journey. It’s amazing!!

  17. That is definitely a Praise-worthy situation. My son and daughterin-law have gone through IVF twice with no positive results. They are now looking into adoption. They are such a wonderful, Christian couple that long for children. I, too, have been playing the waiting game. My husband died in 2001 and for 10 years have hungered for that spiritual leader, help-mate, soul mate, husband. Now in my late 50’s I long for it even more. I continue to pray and the wait has been bitter-sweet – drawing me closer to Him yet my “human-ess” wants that companionship. I appreciate any and all prayers for my son and daughter-in-law as well as for myself.

    • Father God be with Darlene as she longs for companionship. Comfort her and give her peace as she waits for a human companion. Lord as she waits help her to draw near to You and fill her as only You can. In Jesus’ Name Amen.

  18. Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you for your uplifting post. I am so happy for you. When you said “Maybe it’s a dream to be realized” and “A love to find you and make you his own”, I immediately feel this because I have been waiting for God’s best job for me for more than 6 months and have tried everything but to no avail. I was really discouraged because I waited everyday for the call. But I did not give up hope and applied to jobs everyday and hope that I will land that dream job eventually. I also never believed that I will find true love or am worthy to be loved by a man so I always ended up in meaningless and unpurposeful love affairs. Today was the first time that I asked God to send me the best man and who is much successful and better than the ones I’ve known. I am still waiting for these miracles to come true.

  19. I am grateful for the blessing of life growing within you and the pure joy knowing that this child is created through such love and longing for his/her presence in this, God’s world. What a blessing….May the reflection of love that you see in your child, be the reflection of love that all children need and receive….Your blog post made me have gratitude in my heart. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Wow – what a wonderful testimony to God’s love and grace! Blessings to you on your new journey in life!

    I can’t believe God has given me the courage to even discuss our miracle need. It is not something we like to talk about at all. We have a 12-year-old daughter with a health issue she has had since she was 2 years old. Though it is nothing life-threatening or “serious”, it has been a struggle dealing with this basically all her life. She has a disorder called encopresis (which is a gastrointestinal disorder that has to do with your bowels – to keep it as simple as possible). We have been told she is physically normal by gastroenterologists and that she will outgrow this. It is a constant struggle and we have gone through specialists, behavioral programs, health aids, eating programs, etc and so forth. You name it, we have done it in an attempt to help her overcome this issue. It is quite embarrassing for her and especially as she reaches her teen years and also for us, quite frankly, at times. Above all the medical and behavioral things that we have tried, we have prayed constantly for God’s healing in this matter and that she can move on from this. For 10 long years- almost 11 now we have trusted that He going to take care of her and take heal her. It is difficult to even talk about and only our family and few trusted friends know about her issues. Through all this patience has become my best friend, as you can imagine. Waiting and patience – I have learned go hand in hand. More prayers for a miracle of deliverance from this for her would be wonderful. So thankful for all your In Courage ladies.

    • Kaliegh,

      I will pray for your precious daughter. I cannot imagine how difficult this issue is for you and your family.

      Father God I pray right now for Kaliegh’s daughter. Lord lay Your healing hand on her bowels and help them to work appropriately. We know You are able to do all things and we trust You for healing. As we wait to see You work Lord give Kaliegh and her family peace and patience. In Jesus’ Name Amen.

  21. I’m praying for a mate…. I know God has one for me and I long to be a mommy .. Right now as I wait I’m preparing myself to be the best wife I can be… I’m also waiting on God for a new job… One where He wants me to work. Waiting is hard, but I’m praising God as I wait!!!

  22. Oh dear Stephanie, even knowing, this post still made me cry. I know this waiting all too long. And seeing that belly reminds me of my own look at the image in the mirror with disbelief and joy over the gift(s) joining us. The waiting is so hard. But the joy is so overwhelming after the season has passed. Continued prayers for you and your soon expanding family.

  23. I’m waiting for the return of an estranged daughter. The rejection and pain begin to subside and then something happens to remind me how she’s gone. Really gone, like we were never enough for her. Everyday I make a choice either jump into the pit or crawl into warrior Jesus’ arms. Each day I seek Him makes it easier to do it again and again. Oh, there are still the pit moments but the waiting is sweeter knowing my Savior holds me close.

    Willingly waiting, laying down the burdens, trusting the Sovereign, make this sitting still time joyous!

    I rejoice with your sweet news!

  24. Stephanie,
    I am so excited for you. I am praying for a healthy pregnancy for you and that precious baby.

    I am waiting for God to have His way with my writing, speaking, and my family. Will I ever publish a book? Will He give us more children or will we adopt or will He just let me long for more until I die or He comes again? And the waiting changes me and forces me to lean on Him. It is a refining process and it hurts. But the pain is worth it and there is joy in the knowledge that God has a plan.

    • Angela, you are precious to Him, and to us! How amazing that God’s kids are making themselves vulnerable again…to each other, and to God in the risky ache of hope for dreams and miracles once again! Sometimes it feels easier to “cope,” than to hope…to hide behind the religious language of resignation-disguised-as-surrender…but He loves it when we get gut-cry real with Him and each other! Thanks, Angela, Stephanie, and everyone here for making this a safe place to do that!

  25. Sometimes it is really hard to understand God’s timing. Congratulations on your little one. Such a sweet blessing the baby will be.

  26. Congratulations! I am sooooo happy for you. Babies are such a sweet gift from God. I am waiting for God to bless me with a husband. Next year will be 7 years of waiting and praying. Your announcement today encouraged me. Thank you and God Bless!

  27. I prayed and waited 20 years for a spouse and 2 more years to get pregnant. She was born almost 2 weeks ago. I have no idea how anyone could be more grateful than I have found myself over this time. I’m sure it will be like that for you too. Waiting is hard. But when you wait longer, you end up giving that much more glory to God.

  28. So excited for you and look forward to hearing more about your miracle! What I am waiting for..my miracle is for my younger daughter to speak to me. It has been over two years now and my heart aches. I long for her voice and to hear what is going on in her life. I am also waiting for my older daughter to speak to me. I cannot bring myself to approve of her lifestyle or her choice in a husband who is 40 years older than she. Heraling needs to take place here. thanks! Susan

  29. God has the perfect time in His grand plan for your little one to be born. Bless all three of you-you, your husband, and the expected baby from God.

  30. Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

    I’ve been married for 8 years since July and ever since I can remember…even before I was married…I thought that the amazingness of pregnancy…of carrying a little life inside of me was awesome. Just breathtaking. I’ve been waiting. I’ve never been pregnant. People always tell me…in God’s time…just wait some more. And I want to tell them…I know these things…but do you know the cry of my heart? Do you understand the pain I have when I see all those around me pregnant and I envy them for what they have? *tears*

    I have PCOS and I know it makes things difficult, but I hold on to the promises of God. I know that either way…children are in my future. Right now, I wouldn’t mind children that aren’t mine biologically because I know children are a blessing. I would save a child(ren) from death (abortion) if need be…

    Being called Mommy seems so nice…holding a little hand…skipping in the park…laughing…hearing the pitter patter of little feet as they run across the kitchen.

    So, would you pray for me? Pray that my heart won’t grow weary of the wait, but to press on. I know God has something in store and someone (someones) special in store for me and my husband. Thank you!

    • Hi Jennifer! It seems like your story is my story~! I have been married for 7 1/2 year years and LONG before I was married, I have loved children. I have been pregnant, once, and miscarried 4 years ago. Yes, I do know the cry of your heart because it is my heart’s cry!
      It seems like daily (and sometimes multiple times during the day) I give my desire to God – to trust HIM completely. Then, I take it back upon myself again thinking that I know what I want is better. When will I ever learn?
      I will pray for you and for your miracle! Please pray for me also?
      Thank you!

  31. Oh Stephanie, I’m celebrating with you! Our God’s timing is perfect and beautiful. I know the waiting has been so hard, but you have been faithful.

    God’s glorious blessings to you all!!


  32. God Bless All of You! Remember to give thanks for the Colic ; )

    I am waiting for Life to be fun, again…one daughter is recently married, but her job is not going so well (tho her hubby’s is ok); another daughter is in college and that is not going so well (frequent tears for the both of us); the anniversary of the mom-in-law who died suddenly is near and the mom who is in a nursing home and can’t remember why she is there are both heartaches that weigh on me & my hubby…but I keep Phil 4:13 in front of me and wait…thanks for listening : )

  33. Congratulations!!!
    I’m waiting to be employed. I’ve sent out at least 100 applications, but still haven’t heard anything back.

    • Oh Bree – I totally understand that one! I’m also looking for work, its really hard to remin upbeat with it all!
      Really praying that you get a great job soon! x

  34. First of CONGRATULATIONS – God is good!

    I am waiting for a husband, someone to hold me, to protect me, love me, I so want to be a wife…
    I enjoy being single, but its hard when I’m nearing 40 and have poor health and its hard! All my friends are married and have children, and its lovely for them but its hard at times.
    I love my life, I love being a photographer, I love God, but its hard waiting….

  35. Congratulations on your wonderful news! Your faithfulness in waiting on God’s timing gives me hope as I wait for the return of my prodigal son who walked with the Lord until going away to college. At the age of 17, he told his father and I that he is gay, and believes that God made him this way because he prayed for God to take away his same sex attractions, and He didn’t. He is also abusing alcohol and using profanity, none of which he ever did while he was at home. I continue to pray for him daily, and surrender him to God, because I know that He is truly in control. I believe with all my heart that God has great plans for my son, and am looking forward to the day when he can use this time as a testimony to God’s great love, mercy, and grace.

  36. As someone who waited nearly 8 years for this blessing I can understand all your feelings. God gave us His gift. While the last 30 (!) years haven’t been the easiest with him he is still God’s gift to me.
    Wishing all of you all the best as you wait and in the future.

  37. I am married to a wonderful Jewish man who I thought was close to becoming a Christian when we married. Alas, this was not the case as he was merely “interested” in what I believed in. I have been waiting on God for 15 years, yet there has been no change but I continue to pray for his salvation. Yet waiting is an active process and I find myself more desperate for the Lord, I find the presence of God’s Spirit sustains me and brings me hope and peace. God is faithful and I know in my husband will turn to the Lord and accept Jesus into his heart in His time. Thanks for your wonderful story of how you persevered and found a wonderful answer to prayer.

  38. I rejoice with you! The path of infertility is different for each couple that follows it twisting course. I pray the path for you is strait and true!

    For those couples who have it a few bumps…..hold fast! God is always faithful!
    For us is was an 8 year wait; then when our test came back positive we held our breath through those first few weeks only to be overwhelmed with grief when my body could not sustain the pregnancy. It was a dark season for us. It was difficult to believe in Gods faithfulness in those days.

    A year passed. After many prayers with our Pastor, God started to heal our broken hearts and we conceived again. Our doctor couldn’t find a heart beat at 6 weeks….but we had a family reunion to travel to, and we were so excited to share our news. We left a few days before the reunion was supposed to started because I started spotting.

    The day after we got home my uterus ruptured. By the time the ambulance got me to the hospital I was 20 minutes from bleeding out.

    God is faithful. God is good. His love endures forever.

    This time was different. I was thankful I was still alive. I let go of the struggle to have a baby. I was finally able to step back and say to the Lord….”If you want us to have children you will give them to us. What every you want for us Lord. I trust you.”

    Two years later we had a baby girl. Two years after that we had a son with special needs. It hasn’t always been easy, infact its been very difficult at times.

    God is always good, He is always faithful. His mercy endures forever.

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean nor unto your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct your paths……

    Thank you Lord for your faithfulness, for your mercy. Bless this sister through this special season in her life. Protect her, her husband and this wonderful blessing you have given them. Show them your faithfulness, Lord. Bless this precious family, hide them in the shadow of your wing! Amen!

  39. Cheri, I will pray for your son. He does belong to God and God is always holding his hand. There is no where he can go that God can’t reach. I will pray for you also that God would comfort your heart. I would also ask for prayer for my son who is not walking with God now and choosing the world over God. Thank-you all for your prayers

  40. I am trying not to weep with joy for you at my desk right now. I do not know what it means to wait for a child, but I do know know the struggles of being patient in the Lord and trusting that His plan is bigger than our own. We have been waiting for my husband to get a new job for the past 6 months. We are recently married and do not get to see each other often because of his current job schedule, and it’s been straining on both of us. We are trying to remain faithful and pray steadfastly for this new job, but sometimes it is so hard. Please pray for strength and patience for both of us.

  41. Congratulations on your beautiful announcement of Gods most special gift a baby ,may the blessings of each month be special, and wonderful for you and your hubby.
    My ex-husband left me 12 years ago, after many many years of verbal abuse and some hits and punches along the way when he said he was leaving and he filed for divorce it was 1month before our 25 aanniversary.
    I have been praying for God to send me a wonderful God-fearing,bible studying Christian man,that would also love my kids,their spouses and my 6 grandkids. I know with God all things are possible,I am 61 years old. Just a note, my grandson Dayton was born on May 2…..good date!! God Bless!!!!

    • I love how God connects us all thru the small details of life, like due dates. 🙂 I’m thankful that you’re safe and no longer suffering in abuse. I join you in praying for a wonderful man to join your family.

  42. Congradulations!!! God is Good!! My son James was born on March 2009, God took him into his arms in December of 2009. James had a heart defect and a chromosomal anomoly, and doctors only gave him 48 hours. We learned that I have a translocation in my chromosomes, this only allows for a 50% chance of having a healthy child. God blessed us with a baby girl on June 22, 2012 named Emily Jane. It was a really long wait in between the death of my son and trying to concieve a healthy child of my own. I praise God everyday for all the days I had with James and all the days I will now have with Emily…

    God Bless you.

  43. I, too, know the pain and struggle of waiting for children. My heart celebrates with you at this amazingly wonderful blessing news!!!! After 20 years of marriage, we are now able to enjoy our family of blessings from above, ages 12, 9, and 6!
    God is wonderful and his mercies are new every morning!!!
    God bless your family to grow and blossom through the years!

  44. We are waiting on the Lord to completely heal my husband of the pancreatic cancer. We are waiting for the chemo to work, for the surgery to be successful, for the healing to be complete.
    While we wait, we praise God for the love, the family, the friends, the blessings He has bestowed upon us.
    The waiting is hard, so hard – it’s like a knot in my chest, just there, painful. Not knowing. But I must remind myself that God knows, and God will be here with us, through this.
    Congratulations, on your little one! May God be praised! Thank you for your testimony…I pray I can do the same through this trial we are experience, and after, too.

  45. So happy for you!!

    I, too, am waiting on God for something in my life. But I am learning to believe that His timing is best…perfect in all ways. 🙂

  46. heidi, i pray that God gives you the strength to endure this health crisis, and that healing come quickly for your husband.
    i am waiting and believing that in God’s perfect timing, my family will all be together during the holidays. that peace prevail and relationships are restored. God is in control, not me, i have to trust Him. So easy to say, but, sometimes hard to do!

  47. God did the impossible for my husband and i a number of years ago, absolute miracles all three of them. God is amazing. In january 2005 my husband had a stroke which left him with a brain injury. I am praying for a miracle of healing, that god will restore the years the locusts have eaten. We celebrated our ruby wedding anniversary july this year.

  48. Work! I have been working on and off for the past six years but I have come to the point where I really want work that’s steady, fulfilling and where I would be able to be God’s tool. I have felt that God has kept me out of employment for some special work but I have become so weary of waiting, of feeling I am not contributing to God’s kingdom, to my family’s finances…etc. I am not a good waiter, I’m afraid.

  49. Our amazing God has really blessed you & given me hope that my many years of prayer for various issues will reap a harvest in God’s perfect time. I have been praying for my Husband & sons’ salvation for over 25 years with no hint of any change of heart in that time. My daughter ,who is a Spirit-filled Christian has longed to be a Mum for 9 years. I long to move house, nearer to our children & grandchildren, but in 5 years ‘on the market’ we have had only 5 viewings of our home. It is a beautiful ,spacious 17th century cottage with large garden which we have reduced in price several times & invited offers but no success. I have also been praying for 14 years for God to move powerfully in my community but there are no signs of changed hearts ( I have been witnessing & ministering to those whom God has put on my heart ) It does seem like God is putting our dreams on hold. I would feel elated if even one of these hopes & dreams would be brought into being . I lean on the promise in Proverbs 3.5

  50. For my wedding and married life to get started. We are financially unable to buy a house, plan a wedding, etc. at this time, but we are engaged (3 years) and committed, and know that in God’s perfect timing, it will happen. We believe deep in our spirits that God brought us together for a purpose greater than the love we share. We desire to serve him both now and in our married life with the gifts and talents He’s given us. Waiting is difficult. But we invited God to be a part of this relationship, and in so doing, we have to wait on His direction. We serve Him now. We will serve Him as husband & wife… whenever that day comes.

  51. Praising God with you! Congratulations! Our little blessing from the Lord is 15 months. It’s been hard adjusting, but I wouldn’t change anything.

    We’re waiting on a financial miracle. My husband has been out of work for several months, with no unemployment and we’ve gone through savings, 401K, etc… We’ve missed two mortgage payments and are struggling on my non-profit salary to pay the rest. We’ve run out of options, so we pray for a new job for him or some other financial miracle. We know it’s all in God’s hands and His timing, but we pray we don’t loose our house – we bought it when we got pregnant. This is probably the most stressful, difficult time our Lord has ever asked us to walk through. And even though I want this time to end months ago ( 🙂 ) I know this is all part of His plan.

    Praying for everyone who needs a miracle right now. I know He hears our prayers.

  52. God bless you and your little miracle. I am struggling w/ not having that special someone or not knowing if I can have kids (endometriosis). I really needed to hear that story today. Thank you and Glory to my heavenly father. blessings,

  53. Congratulations and blessings to you and your husband!
    This is wonderful news and thanks so much for sharing it !

  54. I feel God’s power & love through your post. Hot tears stream down my face because we have such an incredible creator. God bless you!

  55. I absolutely love the line about wearing galoshes! I’m knee deep in my own season of waiting. I’m waiting for “a love to find you and make you his own” (I liked that line too!). I just started re-reading “Praying for Your Future Husband” by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer. I know God’s timing is perfect but oh, sometimes the waiting is not fun 🙂 This post encouraged me so much! It helps to hear from those who have walked where I currently am 🙂

  56. I have gone through great stress and sorrow and estrangment with one of my children. It has been an up a down relationship one that was not good. I am a people pleaser and have lead my life to please everyone around me and in doing so I have done myself and everyone around me a big disfavor. Well, I have grown to see how dyfunctional that has been and how I have allowed so many to dictate my life and how I should be instead of being me! Well once I stood up you find out others that you love don’t like it so much.

    My oldest was one that had a lot of controlling issues and anger issues. After many years of conflict between him, his wife and me I had to pull away and leave it all in God’s hands to heal them as he had begun healing me. This involved not being able to see my Grandchildren. And all you Grandma’s would know that pain for sure.

    I thought I would not get to see them for years. After months of praying and tears and more praying…I received a call from my Son….”Mom you are on my heart and I would like to talk to you!” Now you think I would have jumped at that but the years of hurt and having done that before there was great hesitation but I called. And oh what JOY….God did a great miracle in their lives and our relationship has been reconciled! It is a TRUE MIRACLE one that I thought I would have to wait for, for many years. I can say it seemed like a LONG time anyway! But the looking for healing has been years in the making for sure.

    I can PRAISE God for this awesome MIRACLE of changing hearts and this awesome reconciliation that only He could do. Now a month later everytime I step into their presense I am in AWE of what God has done and I praise Him all over again. What a wonderful gift of being able to be in their lives and be GRANDMA once again!!!!!


    • So pleased to hear of this wonderful reconciliation. It gives me hope that a man I know will forgive & be reconciled with his sister who is close to death. Please pray for these dear folk, I will call Clayton & Lucinda ( God knows who they are ) Thank you

  57. I praise God for the miraculous life you will in time hold in your arms. We were married 11 years before God blessed us with the birth of our now 16-year-old Nathaniel (meaning: gift from God). I am reminded often of God’s love, mercy, and provision. Blessings on you.

  58. This is so wonderful. What a beautiful picture. Reading your story makes my heart glad. I tried for severs years before I had my first child, and I remember those final moments before she was born. Such anticipation and nervous excitement. Prayers to you mama!

  59. I am waiting for a financial blessing for my husband and myself. We’ve been totally without income for a long time. I need a job, he needs his business to get going. Congratulations on your coming little one. I will be praying for your baby.

  60. Thanks for this! I know God’s timing is perfect. I am learning to be mindful of his timing and to not grow weary in the waiting. Recently God has been softening my heart and giving me an extra measure of hope to be courageous and joyful in this time of waiting — even opening up and changing my dreams a bit. He teaches me that we can’t box him in, that His love overflows for us and is unmeasured, faithful and unfailing. Trusting Him is the only way. Sometimes I have to remind myself of this minute by minute and hour by hour but I am thankful for His truth.

  61. My husband and I are waiting for a donor heart for him. His first sign of heart disease was over 21 years ago. At that time, I was told that he might not survive another year. God had other plans! Not only did my husband get to see our only daughter graduate from high school, he got to walk her down the aisle at her wedding and now we have 3 beautiful grandsons! Currently, he is in the hospital in the transplant unit over 200 miles away from our home with an IV line going directly into his ailing, failing heart. For exercise, he gets to stand up! At least he still can do that much! The little boys do not understand why Grandfather cannot just get a new heart like they get a new toy…

  62. Wow!! Congratulations!!! I have been where you are. Certainly our stories are different though. My first son was conceived (far too easily) on our honeymoon. So we just assumed that when we were ready it would be easy to have another one. Boy were we wrong. From the time we began ‘trying’ to when I held our 6 week premmie miracle in my arms was 3 years. God did a lot of teaching about faith, patience and trust to my heart during that time. Over and over. It didn’t turn out to be an easy pregnancy either but He walked with me through it and it was such a joy to give God the glory in the meaning of our son’s name. ‘God is the highest’. Yes – he truly is!! Praise God for miracles in His perfect timing.

  63. I’m praying for the evidence of Healing of breast cancer. In treatment right now but I’ve been told by God that He is healing me. I praise His name and am ready to receive full healing. To Him be ALL Glory and Praise. Amen and Amen

  64. I’m waiting for the miracle of a baby. I’m 38, have been married 3 years. My husband is a child sexual abuse survivor and so has problems with intimacy so we very rarely make love and my egg need boosting in order to concieve so the chances of falling pregnant are slim. We can’t afford any kind of IVF or similar. I long for the experience to have a baby growing inside me. So I’m waiting and praying for a double miracle…complete healing for my husband and I and having a baby. Until you go through something like this, you have no idea how empty one can feel. Please pray for us. Thank you

    • I, too, have been in your shoes and it also was because of my husband’s problem with intimacy. It is lonely and seems so hopeless. But God is gracious. I was 41 when we finally had our daughter and she is the light of our light. I pray your wait will be short – that “His stars will align for you” and bring forth a child before your heart grows weary.

  65. Yor story is a blessing & encouragement to me. I have been believing for a husband & babies of my own for years. I just turned 40 & pray The Lord will at long last bring me my miracle too

  66. After 33 years of marriage, my husband has said he’s not happy, that “he loves me, but is not in love with me”. I came across a website that believes in covenant marriage, and encourages standing for your marriage even if my husband divorces me, so that’s what I’m doing. Many marriages have been restored, even after being divorced for 13 years, because one spouse prayed and believed God for restoration! Please pray for complete restoration in my marriage. It will take a miracle, but God is a God of miracles!

    • God is a restorer and I pray for you — pray for me also, as I wait — praying your husband will become all that God intends for him to be — and for true restoration for you —

  67. Wow what awesome testimonies and stories of hope, I too am waiting a Miracle( just love Third Days new song).
    I am waiting for my husband of 3 years to be delivered of his drug addiction, he is 56 and also has colon cancer which he is undergoing chemo for.
    There are times such as this past weekend when I just want to give up. I pray for wisdom as this is very trying for my 16 yrs old son and my 24 yr old son and his girlfriend(a 14 mo old granddaughter and another on the way) who live here, too.
    I know what GOD can do! I Believe

  68. Congrats! What an exciting testimony of God’s miraculous work. I have two miracle babies – miracles for a different reason as they were both NICU babies. And one of them, my youngest, is who I am believing God for another miracle. He has un-labeled developmental delays. Tests have been run/are being run, and we still have no answers. We are praying for answers so that we can help our sweet boy reach his fullest potential.

  69. God is truly awesome! Glory to His name for your child. And thank you for the encouragement. I am grateful for your offer to pray for what we are waiting for. I am waiting for my husband, the one God has chosen. I’m almost 40 & waiting can be so hard at times. I agree that God has been using this time to prepare me & I know His timing is best. Thank you so much & God bless you.

  70. I am 46 and never had so much as even one decent kiss. I don’t even know if there is a miracle of a husband to wait for. I wanted kids, too, but I’m too old for that now. I need hope and a belief that anyone would even want me, as well as a miracle.

  71. My oldest son is in a bad way. HIs marriage is a mess, and his self confidence has been shaken until it is just about gone. He is not attending church regularily, but hasn’t gotten into anything bad. He just seems to have gotten into a big mess, that he can’t get out of and doesn’t really seem open to his fathers or mine suggestions for help. His name is Danny. Thanks for your prayers. He needs a job too. He was such a leader when he was younger to watch him fall apart is very hard.

  72. I am waiting for the reconciliation moment with our grown son who has not spoken with me or his siblings for four years.

  73. I am definitely waiting on the miracle of a child. Three and a half years of waiting has only made me trust more and yearn more for how this is going to glorify God. I definitely couldn’t say that even a year ago, but God has done some amazing things in my heart and I am so very grateful for what I’m still learning…

  74. I am waiting for the miracle of a child as well. We have been trying for 3+ yrs done some infertility treatments and such but no luck.

  75. I have loved reading how waiting on the Lord has brought you a great blessing! Thank you for sharing. My husband and I are now waiting on the Lord. My husband was injured at work and has a spinal cord injury. He is very, very slowly getting some movement back. No one knows the outcome of his recovery. I wait on the Lord because He heals all and gives all to those who believe in Him and love Him. But this will be a very long wait. Your post gives me the strength to wait another day. Thank you so much!

  76. I haven’t been on (in)courage in months, but was led to stop by this morning. Your post was EXACTLY what I needed to hear from the Lord. Thank you. We have been waiting for a job for my husband for over 4 years now. Waiting and praying and waiting and praying. Just this morning as I was driving, I was feeling overwhelmed with the thought of another winter season without work. But, as you so wonderfully reminded me, the Lord is with us through the process and NOT just in the end result. We CAN wait in victory! We CAN persevere and continue to grow through the waiting! We CAN make it through. Thank you!

  77. I have been waiting on God…and waiting. And waiting. For 30+ yrs. now. As others have found their mates, married and had the blessing of children, careers that are fulfilling (more or less..), and relationships w/their biological families that are respectful and caring…I wait.

    I feel like I have a good head on my shoulders, am smart, have a lot to offer… but just have not been able to make any of these areas of my life come together. And that is mind-boggling to ME.

    And… I was fired almost 9 months ago. Unemployment determined it was not fair, so I am able to receive unemployment (for which I have been very grateful). But it’s about to end, with no job in site.

    I’m very weary of hearing the ‘it’s all in God’s timing…’ phrase. I’m just very weary right now.

    Today I just need prayer to continue through the weariness, the loneliness, the frustration of living a life so beneath my potential.

    I have seen God make a way for others…now I would like to see that.

    For those of you who have read this, and whispered a prayer for me – thank you. From the bottom of that dark place in my heart.

    And for all of you who posted here, who are also waiting on something, know that I have prayed for you.

    • praying for you sister, God is good, faithful and He loves you – may He give you the desires of your heart. Praying you feel wrapped in His loving arms — 🙂

    • My heart breaks for you and I am praying that the gates of heaven would open and rain down blessings upon you sister. Praying for you.

    • You are in my prayers as my husband is going through something very similar. Maybe during the darkest of times all we’re really expected to do is lean on each other.

  78. Waiting, and praying for reconciliation and healing, for God to show Himself Mighty on behalf of my broken marriage and family — real transformation and a true miracle. Even though things look very bleak and ‘hopeless’ — BUT GOD!!

    • Thank you for your prayer for me…it felt so good to come back to see, in print, someone had lifted me up – though I suspect others have as well, but didn’t comment.

      Knowing how much that meant to me, I wanted you to see, in print, also that your concerns were lifted up as well Joyce…may there be complete healing in your family, and soon.

      • How I rejoice with you, Stephanie! And what a privilege to pray for all these requests. My heart goes out to each dear woman in her time of waiting. And especially for you, dear one, who “from the bottom of that dark place in my heart” thanked those who prayed for you. I so heard and felt your weariness, as I could so relate. I am really praying for you this morning that in your season of waiting you will fall head-over-heels in love with Jesus.
        Spending time with Jesus every day and getting to know him through his Word and prayer has made all the difference during my 12-plus years of waiting on him. I’ve learned that nothing this side of heaven is sweeter than knowing our Jesus and basking in his presence. After years of struggling and not understanding his time frames, Jesus has taught me that true contentment comes from him alone. I pray that you will know the joy of this truth: Only Jesus satisfies. Consider yourself hugged, and know that I will continue to pray for you.

  79. Oh, my this is beautiful!! Praising God with you. So grateful to hear your wisdom at Allume–and to learn more of your heart here, Stephanie. {God, you are so good!} Thank you for this encouragement, sister.

  80. I know the waiting, the wanting. I see it over and over again in my life, in the lives of those around me. Yet I grow weary. I married a man nearly 23 years ago, rejoicing in God’s provision for me – a good, Christian man who did not wrestle with me prior to our wedding for a physical relationship . I couldn’t have been more wrong about thinking we were waiting for marriage. We tried at first, but he gave up. I have waited 23 years for something more than a platonic relationship with the man I married, the man whom I love. We are finally now in counseling for over a year with a wonderfully insightful Christian counselor. My husband and I truly love each other – but we are missing that piece of marriage. It is just not enough for me and never has been. And I wait expectantly even now. Perhaps it will never come, perhaps it may, but we are finally talking about it. And today I received a spontaneous hug – a real hug – a hug I haven’t felt since we were dating and for that I rejoice. And I wait expectantly.

  81. So excited for you and your miracle!

    I am waiting on the Lord to restore my marriage. It has been 3 long years he has been in the far country but I KNOW God has major plans for our family. Please pray for us and our 2 children.

  82. So encouraging to hear about your miracle and the faithfulness of others waiting for theirs. I was blessed with one child late in life and have such a strong desire for more – biological or not. I feel kind of selfish because I do have one healthy lovely child, but I long for more. I just want to be at the center of God’s will for my life and to be grateful for all I have if it’s not his plan for me to have more children.

  83. Congratulations to you! I know you are overjoyed by this beautiful answer to prayer. I’m encouraged by your post, as my husband and I have been waiting and praying for our 2nd baby for 3.5 years. We were married more than 10 years before having our first. Then we suffered a terrible loss of a baby at 12 weeks and it has been a long, hard journey of waiting and praying. So many roadblocks in the way that we just don’t understand. And yet all along the path, God has been telling me this child is coming. I ask when Lord? Even this morning I asked it again because my clock is ticking, soon to run out I fear. I saw your email the other day but didn’t open it, but felt impressed to open it just now. So I take it as a sign that He will answer in His time and in His way, when things are just as He wants them. Please pray for us.
    Bless you for sharing your story. And I’m praying for good pregnancy and a healthy baby for you.

  84. Encouraged by your news! God is so good! Please pray for my husband and I to conceive. We’ve been trying for three years. Also pray for God to give us direction in the adoption process. Thank you.

  85. I’m so excited for you, Stephanie! I was 32 and had been married 12 years before my first miracle appeared via adoption and the second came 3 1/2 years later. So many prayers, so many tears, so many questions, so much time waiting, so many opportunities that did not turnout to be ours, and 3 surgeries (the last a total hysterectomy at age 29) before God, in his perfect timing gave us our perfect little boy then a perfect little girl. They both were 36 hours old when I first held them, loving them even before they came! God does know what he is doing…never doubt! I have held on, through the years, for other miracles I need, always remembering how he worked in giving me my children. Praise God for his infinite wisdom and love!

  86. I am so happy for you.God truly has sent you a blessing maybe long waited for But your praise for Him will be greatly rewarded. Your new little blessing is even more special now. Hannah asked God for a child and she conceived many after Sammuel Oh what a blessing
    From God. Praise be to God

  87. Your waiting definitely was not in vain. If you hadn’t gone through this journey, your story wouldn’t have reached so many others who are dealing with this. This message was forwarded to me by a dear friend and I’m so thankful she thought of me and shared it.

    I have been trying to conceive for a little over 5 years now and have never seen a positive pregnancy test. I know God has good plans for my life and when He sees fit, He will bless us with a miracle. I have seen a fertility specialist and have gone through too many IUI’s and medicated treatments to count. My husband and I have prayed about it and felt at peace to stop all treatments. I believe God is still doing miracles today and look forward to seeing what He has for our future. Every day that goes by is just another page in my testimony.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  88. What a joy to be back with you after many months. We changed our internet and so have lost all connection with Encourage. What a great post this was! Wanted to have babies since I was four. Not married until 30 to a great man of God! And then followed the miracle of seven sons! Five miscarriages also. Now 11 grandchildren – 8 are girls! Is this grandma thankful! One son moved 5 miles away so I could never see his 3 girls. Although he always goes to church and is a great dad, he lies about and has even taken us to court! Is about to do it again. Lots of prayer needed. God is teaching me to love him as much as He loves Peter. I now have total joy and peace! He is a God of miracles! Rejoicing with you and your pregnancy! 🙂

  89. congratulations! I can’t imagine the excitement and joy and anticipation you carry after 7 years of waiting. this child is blessed to have had 7 yrs of prayer covering his/ her life. I had two miscarriages before our daughter was born 18 mos ago, so I understand the joy of a promised child. for me, my miracle I’m waiting for is a mending in my marriage, a marriage of true intimacy built upon God’s love. thanks for sharing!

  90. I needed to hear this today.

    We have been waiting for 4 and a half years to hold our own babe in our arms. I am 34 years old and some days, I wonder and doubt and thrash at my Savior.

    Mostly I have found the peace on the other side of that thrashing….but this past week, my cousin’s wife let me know that she is pregnant….with twins…my very specific dream that I have had since I was a girl…even had a vision of them in my early 20’s.

    It felt like a punch in the gut and dare-I-say-it-?….one more disappointment…I gave up on being able to feel special…to be the first cousin to have a baby…but maybe I could have been the first with twins… I want to be happy for them…and truthfully a part of me is. She is my friend and she miscarried earlier this summer…so I am thankful for their miracle but feeling that mine is stuck in the factory line of giving out somewhere.

    I SO appreciate you sharing this story.

    To know that you and Holley founded this place that literally reaches out to many biological mothers while you have both been on this journey of waiting…well…that blows my mind and reminds me of the BIGNESS of God.

    So I will say it again….thank you!

  91. Oh Lindsey. I had no idea! Our paths have been so similar.

    I have to tell you, right before our miracle, I was tempted to be jealous of a friend’s wonderful news. I wondered why her and not me. I was tempted to go down the path of bitterness and questioning a good and faithful God. I knew it was a trap. I had to overcome the feelings and choose to rejoice with my friend. I would want her to be excited for me someday if the situations were reversed.

    And one other thing that really helped me was to NOT focus on wanting to feel special, have what someone else had and want it to happen on certain timeline, but instead to focus on the timing that is perfect for your future child. It’ll be your first act as his/her/their mother and will free you to begin to pray for them and not the hurts of the moment.

    Lindsey, I’m praying for you that you’ll find peace in the arms of Jesus and that tomorrow will be a time of true thankfulness for the hope He provides in the waiting.



  93. Thank you for this entry ! It was The Lord’s perfect timing for me to hear it ! My youngest was diagnosed with leukemia in the spring. I’m waiting on the miracle that God will reveal himself as the almighty physician and heal my child ! That he will no longer require treatment and will be able to live a long, full, happy heathy life, serving our Lord !

  94. Thank you for this entry ! It was The Lord’s perfect timing for me to hear it ! My youngest was diagnosed with Leukaemia in the spring. I’m waiting on the miracle that God will reveal himself as the almighty physician and heal my child ! That he will no longer require treatment and will be able to live a long, full, happy heathy life, serving our Lord !

  95. […] Stephanie & her husband have waited seven years for this baby. Seven years. Waiting is hard, especially to wait patiently for something you desire so much. Yet God is faithful, even in the difficulty of waiting. He provides exactly what we need at exactly the right time. Congrats to Stephanie & Barry on your little girl that will make her arrival soon! We rejoice with you and praise God for blessing you so generously. I can’t wait to see this little miracle in the flesh. She certainly is a miracle! Read Stephanie’s story here: https://aws.incourage.me/2012/11/long-awaited-miracle.html […]