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Author and speaker, Lisa Whittle, is a contemplative leader & bold thinker. She is convinced she is on God's Top 10 List of "most hard cases," but she lives her life with a commitment to grace & truth. Her vices include reality tv, chocolate covered anything, and hot shoes on...

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  1. These are encouraging words. I love how you gently convicted us to not use “shiny words” to try to cover up the ugly in our hearts. Thank you!

  2. Very deep message and written well. We are all human and have our strengths and flaws. Even the girls that appear to have it all together.

  3. This really hits home. I’ve been using “justified” feelings of anger and dislike toward someone in my life to mask what I was really feeling – jealousy. I hate admitting this.

  4. Oh man, reading my journal today. Thank-you for speaking so plainly. Envy is never about “them”, it is always about “me.” Choosing to embrace and be thankful for the life God has given me.

  5. There was a time in my life when I used to get super jealous of people…to the point of probably losing a friend or two. Jealousy is a choice. I’m glad I realized that soon enough.

  6. I have struggled so much with this in the last six years (since moving to a new ministry assignment), and it seems like everything I have read for the past two weeks has pointed out how I need to let so many of these feelings go. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. I am right in the midst of some of these feelings right now…in three different situations, in fact. I so want to be happy for my friends, but I’m finding it difficult because of my own heart issues. I’m realizing that the jealously that I’m feeling is directly related to my lack of faith-that God really does has a good plan for me, too. Oh me of little faith. Thank you for sharing this.

  8. Blogs and quotes about jealousy are consuming my newsfeed today. Coincidence? I think not! Thank you for this. I love coming here to read.

  9. Thank you, Lisa, for your transparency and honesty. This post further solidifies my deep belief that comparison and jealousy are so dangerous. Thank you for this Truth treasure: ” We cheer each other on best when we first learn to celebrate the beautiful life in our mirror.” These words have etched themselves deeply into my spirit.

  10. I have always had an issue with jealousy–even with family members. God is gently working on my heart. The more I pray for these people and myself the more I find myself less jealous and in fact “in tune” with them.

    I realize that they have/are going through the same situations as I am right now. They may even have different/more difficult problems to deal with. We are all His Children created in His Image. Jealousy is of the devil and we should flee it!@

  11. […] #1.  JEALOUSY Contemplative leader and always challenging blogger Lisa Whittle writes, ‘ . . . Jealousy never produces good in us.  It severs, stifles, and kills spirits, starting with ours.  Envy is not really about someone else.  At the core, it is about us not being grateful or content with our own life.  Our heart will only become more damaged by pretending our jealousy doesn’t exist.  We must call it what it is to help it heal.  Jealous feelings often feel out of control.  But there are things we can do, today: focus on our own character building, put our head down and pray, continuously.  When we serve, we expand our love. We defy our jealous feelings by serving the person we envy, and we watch how our love for them grow . . .’  {read the entire article} […]