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Rachel writes to gain perspective, capture memories, focus on gratitude, and remember that we are not alone. She loves her family, running, and Jesus.

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  1. How true. It seems no matter how long we serve Him we still have areas of our lives we lack trust. Our lives are a matter of maturing in each area. As we grow in one area and learn trust, another area still lingers in mistrust. Over time we learn, in layers like an onion, our fears become peeled back. God understands we are weak, but He is strong, like the old song rings out.

    I had to learn to calm down when dealing with emergencies and push into peace. I noticed my children responded to the truth being told of what I was going to do and that if they trusted me I would do my best to make it better. I had to learn to address fears first then the need. Even when my daughter split her chin, wide open. I remained calm and talked in a gentle voice, explaining what I had to do to get the bleeding stopped. When my son came walking in with his pants torn up and blood everywhere, I had to calm my heart first, deal with his crying, gain his trust then work on his leg.

    My daughter had tried to ride the dog as a horse, it ended badly, my son tried to do a trick with his bike, and it ended the same. Their tears were not always because of the pain or the blood, but the shock of the event. I too had to learn shouting never solved anything. I was the grown up, so I had to learn to remain calm and deal with the situation. My mother had 4 boys and 2 girls, farm accidents are plenty enough without the antics of children, the dare devil trick, when a child think they are impervious to pain or accidents. Through it all she learned to remain calm. My sister and I were the youngest so by the time came for us to come along she has learned how to deal with trauma and emergencies. It comes with time she would tell me, and so it did.

    • Eileen,
      Thanks for your thoughtful words – I feel like teaching our kids faith and trust in us is preparing them to learn the same things with their Heavenly Father…it’s a huge responsibility that starts with us, right?

  2. I have a daughter, now close to 16, who was the same way with splinters. What a beautiful illustration you bring to light about myself too! There are current circumstances in my life now that I am pushing and kicking against…perhaps I need to stop and see what foreign object God is trying to remove from my heart…

    Thank you for your words and insight!

    • Thanks Holly…sometimes we get so used to the “splinters” in our life that we stop thinking about them. Sometimes we need someone to poke and prod at them a little bit…a friend, a sermon, a teacher…to remember that we need to deal with them!

  3. Rachel,

    What an excellent reminder from such a simple…yet exhausting…moment. It is amazing how much He uses our children to instill, or reinstill, trusts deep into our hearts for our own lives. There is depth in the basics of life, and what better way to learn them than through our kids? 🙂

  4. Such a relevant message for myself today and in this particular season of my life. I need to trust the father God in my journey to healing but I am scared and I doubt and so I hold back afraid of what will come what lies ahead instead of trusting the father will not hurt me and will be with me. Thank you for sharing. Behind The Smile.

    • I try to keep in mind that He knows the whole story, and I only know a very small piece, and that helps me to relax into what is best for not just this moment, but my life altogether. You can trust Him!

  5. In my life I’ve had to learn to trust God. At times I thought I knew better & would do things, but not get the results I wanted. After much prayer & trusting–God gave me more than I could ever ask for!

    Prayer, calmness & trusting in God all work hand in hand.

  6. I vividly remember a similar experience with my daughter over 35 yrs ago. The Holy Spirit has brought it to mind many times over the years when I have needed to just relax and trust Him who wants only the best for me.

    • Isn’t it cool how the Holy Spirit both gives us those experiences and brings them back to our minds just when we need them? Amazing…

  7. Thank you Rachel for your inspirational insight. It made me realize that I am holding my hand(s) tightly closed because I’m afraid of that which, I know, God has been asking me to do for quite some time now. Might pain be involved? Yes, without a doubt! I will be reminded of very difficult times as I go through with what God expects of me. What is it that God wants that I’m afraid to open my hands and do? Write a book. Not just any book but a book that shares my life journey with physical pain and illness. The primary message isn’t to be about pain or illness but about the faithfulness of God through all areas of our life. Why do I hesitate? It isn’t just about being reminded about the pain, it is because I have a fear of failure. I know fears do not come from God so I have to be listening to someone else, right? : )
    Thank you again, Rachel, for your inspirational word picture about allowing God to work on us and through us for he only desires the very best for our lives!

    • Ruth – Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey, and I’m sure that many people would be blessed by the rest of your story and the faithfulness that you have been shown through your experiences. I pray that you find the peace you need to move forward with CONFIDENCE! 🙂

  8. Thank you for sharing this moment with us, Rachel. So often we fear the pain of having something removed, yet it ends up costing us so much more to not let God remove it.