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  1. Amen! Sometimes I think we should all live in a tent for a while, like the Israelite s did. That would bring “needs” into sharp focus!

  2. I’ve given away so much stuff over the years, (and I still do) that the only furniture I own is what is in my bedroom with the exception of the antique silverware table in the dining room and one glass top end table in the living room. (I live with my son, my granddaughter and his fiance.) My books continued to get pared down but mostly they are in the garage in boxes because we haven’t bought bookcases yet for them. Most of my books are reference, design books and Christian books. Compared to others, I don’t really have a lot and my bedroom is small. I’m content with what I have.

  3. It truly amazes me how we get so attached to things and when it is time to part with them we cling for dear life. It is like going through a grieving process. I didn’t read the book (or chapter) however reading Kylie’s comment hit home with me. I was going through my closet parting with some clothing and had this to say on my FB status this morning…

    Cleaning out my closet. Feels like I’m departing with a piece of myself. I actually found myself silently eulogizing each piece of clothing as I sat it aside. SMH So sad how we become attached to material things and are so reluctant to let go. But, I shall shed my tears and send them on to a me place to be loved. lol
    Oh no!!! I just realized, if I’m having such a hard time letting go of the clothes…OMG my shoes. I can’t do it. The shoes! They gotta stay. Can’t get rid of the shoes. Sigh! This is a hard thing to deal with. Sigh! Oh my! 🙁

  4. A friend commented on my status, “Omg I have the same, problem can’t do it..u should see my closet…”
    My reply yo her…
    “Girl, I have been used to having 2 closets of my own, full of clothes and shoes. I downsized last year, (in space) but couldn’t bring myself to let go of the clothes. It is time to grow up and be the strong woman I know I am and let go. But the shoes. Well, let’s just say I still have some growing up to do.”