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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. My husband is a pastor so boundaries for us often mean to stop always talking about church when we’re home together. To have times where we are unavailable to everyone except for a true emergency. Because yes, even the good, even the ministry can be a distraction from the best.

  2. I used to take a cyber sabbath but got away from it! I NEED to get back to it because it was so helpful!

  3. Wow, just wow. Such power in your words Holley. Much to chew on today. So grateful for your words this morning. They are filled with encouragement and redirection. I love the cyber sabbath concept— a lot!

  4. Holley…this is so good…I often tell my kids…not let technology control you…you must master it. Too be honest, sometimes I wish we could put the toothpaste back in the tube. Being older…much older than most here…my heart aches a bit…and I can say without a doubt…I am glad my younger moms years where more simple…cable was considered a big thing…and it was easy not to have it…but all this…I do see good…but I do see a lot of harm as well. This generation needs voices like yours…calling out for a better way….thanks

  5. I see capacity for destruction daily…in the lives of our children, our whole country. It seems as though the devil has taken over & destruction is everywhere, especially on TV and social media.

    I wish more people would take both a cyber & TV sabbath & have quiet times to think & see the beauty that God has given us!

    Wonderdul words of advice as always!

  6. This post is so powerfully and lovingly spoken! Well done my friend. Prayers for the family of that man, and for all those who push the boundaries and fall. And for those of us whom God pushes back.

  7. Thank you for continuous blessings and thought provoking writings. It keeps me within my boundaries and helps me to continually look for good and feel the love God has to offer, continually offers, and gave us with his Son’s gift of eternal life!

    God bless you HOlley.


  8. Thank you for daring to speak this caution to our hearts. My husband and I have been talking about implementing a technology-free day once (or twice, gulp) a week, and it’s alarming to me how reluctant I am to do it. That alone should be my warning sign, yes? Blessings to you today, Holley!

  9. Beautifully said. My own personal policy has always been that I put face-to-face interaction first over technology and social media. Twitter, Facebook, my blog, and all that other stuff will still be there in an hour. The friend I might be having a cup of tea with? We have limited girl-time because of kiddos and life responsibilities. So we ought to make the most of whatever time we get. 🙂

  10. “When does this shift from life-giving to life-threatening?”
    Yep. That’s key. It gives me chills – the thought of that man falling into the falls (and if it HAD been twitter related). Reminds me of those that lost lives due to texting while driving. A scary reminder of the importance of focus in our lives.

  11. This is an amazing post…I really enjoyed it.

    God doesn’t want us to “stay away” because He wants us to live boring, lonely, sad lives … He wants us to “stay away” to flourish and cultivate the BEAUTY and GLORY and GOOD that He has planned for each one of us. 🙂

  12. Thank you so much for this post. As always, you hold me accountable, Holley!! How will I spend each irreplaceable minute of each irreplaceable day? Do I REALLY need to check my FB one more time, have one more potato chip, one more beer or glass of wine, one more email or pin on pinterest? “One more” is a slippery slope. But I agree- I would never completely give up social media because it has brought so much good and joy and friendship and prayer in my life! The cyber sabbath is an awesome idea. Thank you for calling me back! This will be bookmarked and read again to be sure. 🙂

  13. Holley,

    I just deleted my FB account; although it wont be gone for two weeks ; UGH!! But, I deleted it because it has become a BIG distraction; checking it all of the time and it isnt informative any longer! The people I want to keep in touch with; I can call, email or visit! This beautiful, much needed post has cemented my decision! Now, onto twitter …

    Thank you so much!


  14. What a fantastic idea to have a cyber Sabbath, although I’m not sure how my teenagers would cope! I do try not to have the radio or TV on when I’m alone in the house and once I’ve read my emails turn off the computer, it’s so good to hear the birds singing and to engage with the real world, the world God created.

    Thanks for your word of wisdom, Holley.

    Petra x

  15. As I was reading this, I was thinking, I needed to unplug. I like the idea of a cyber Sabbath, and what better day than the Sabbath. This is now my new goal.

  16. Loved your post today as always. I’d like to have just one more cupcake! Thanks!

  17. I like your post today!! That really gives much fuel to thought! I read it aloud to my 12 & 11 year olds! We just went to Niagara Falls last week so it really made an impression on us! So just a little bit will do us just fine!!

  18. Oh my new “voice of reason”…sigh…I was sitting here, next to my daughter who’s waiting for me to do some scrap-booking with her…I opened this page and said, “I want to read just ONE MORE ARTICLE” OUCH! I’ll be for sure chewing on this. Thank you so very much. I too love the “cyber sabbath”.

  19. All I can say is OUCH & AMEN! Thanks again Holley for your insightful writings on truth to the heart. GOD BLESS!

  20. It’s so easy to do… that “just one more” thing! I read recently in the paper that the searching process (like when we’re doing that one-more-thing online) actually releases chemicals like endorphins, which is why we get so into doing it for so long. Fortunately, we serve a God who designed us so He can override both our habits AND our biochemistry. Praying to see where in my own life I need to hold off on just one more….

  21. Oh Holly, such rich nuggets to glean from this. Although boundaries maybe confining, they are necessary for us to truly be productive.

  22. Thanks, I think I need to establish some of my own guidelines. Rules that work for me, and when I see that I’m bored and wanting to check “one more thing” on line, I can hopefully realize what is best next and when I do go on…I’ll enjoy it more!

  23. My first time here. You have all given me much to consider. Holly your message speaks to me and gives me much to try to understand. Thank for the impact you have had on my life. Me and mine will be trying a technology free sabbath. I pray god blesses you just as you column blesses us.

  24. Your message really spoke alot to me too Holley….. I struggle with the pull to get online alot, too, and lately have been making myself wait until I’ve had my time talking to God and reading His word, and just being still awhile. I am finding my day goes so much better when I do this and I have so much more peace and a sense of well-being. Its like for me, its my way of telling God that I love Him more than being online and want Him to be the most important thing in my life, rather than the computer. This idea of a day away from the computer and spent with God and others in real life is awesome! Definitely something I needed to hear as well!! Thanks so much Holley! I love all of your messages! They’re always such a blessing and so helpful. God bless you!

  25. Sadly, it seems that many people today are so afraid of being “alone” that they cannot disconnect from their phones, computers, twitter, facebook or the like. They fail to see the irony in their actions, in that they are isolating themselves from true human interaction and relationships, and more importantly, a relationship with God. They are so busy tweeting and texting, they don’t have a moment to send out a “hey” to their Creator and Lord. Your messages touches many daily, especially this one, Holly: Keep it up this great ministry!

  26. Thank you for this! Such great words of encouragement for me-the reminder I needed to truly unplug one day a week. Its hard to do-yet I find God blessing that time when I am even more “engaged” and not so distracted. That desire for “just one more” is so hard to work through-Yet God always shows up so much more for me when I do!

  27. Brilliant blog. Well done Holley, this is spot-on. I spend waaay too much time online, mostly FB, and this is truly a wake-up call. Thank you.

  28. Holly… You will never know how much you do for me…!!!

    I need your messages soooo much..
    Thank you , Thank you….

  29. It is really true that we all need boundaries. When I was a whole lot younger, a
    mother of young children, I started playing pacman with my children and I
    got addicted and would stay up way past a decent hour for bed and had to
    be up early with my children. Will one day I just said no and would no longer
    play because it was making me a tired and grouchy mom. It was just a waste of
    time, so I learn to limit my sons play back then. Time limits are good boundaries
    when it comes to video games, computers and cellphones. Real family time
    can be neglected and should be nurtured, I believe in today’s world. Thank
    you for all your colums. They always make me think and have great insight.