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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. I heart the “Sing and Make Music” tote! I believe having a song in our heart to Jesus in the good and bad times keeps our eyes focused on Him! 🙂

  2. OOOOOH so hard to choose one! I would likely choose “sing and make music”… though “just trust god” is amazing too.

  3. I LOVE the Good Things-Bless the Lord tote! The Lord has really laid this verse on my heart with the recent birth of my daughter. In fact, it was the main Scripture on which I meditated while in labor.

  4. Holley Gerth’s “Make That Difference” one is my favorite. It definitely goes along with my life at the moment!

  5. I love the ‘blessed and loved’ canvas tote’ 🙂 Nice giveaway! Have a lovely Thursday, all.

    Kate 🙂

  6. “Everything is Beautiful” tote with the bright pretty flower! So summery & cheerful!

  7. I’m torn between two but the Holley Gerth – Make That Difference is the one that won out.

  8. Delight Yourself in the Lord tote – My wife would love it for her birthday next month!

  9. the Just Trust God one is definitely a fave….but im a tote bag addict and really want one of each 🙂

  10. These are all super cute. But, the Delight youself in the Lord tote is really pretty and my favorite!

  11. There are 3-4 that I would really love to have or give as gifts. Greater Joy may be my first choice.

  12. oh my gosh, I’m having trouble picking just one!! I love the message of this one http://www.dayspring.com/gifts/totes_bags_and_accessories/totes/holley_gerth_make_that_difference_oil_cloth_tote/ but I love this one too — both the message and the colors! http://www.dayspring.com/gifts/totes_bags_and_accessories/totes/daughter_of_the_king_oil_cloth_tote/ Either one would make me so happy though 😀

    I would use this to take my stuff to the hospital~ and the beautiful message and colors would definitely brighten me up through my 13+ hour workdays >_>

  13. I like the Blessed & Loved – Canvas Tote Bag the most. If I win I’d like it to be sent to my aunt in America please.

  14. ummm…there are way too many choices of totes for me…
    One of the ones I like is Holley Gerth’s Make that Difference

  15. They are all lovely, but I love the Greater Joy oilcloth tote! Thanks for a chance at this great giveaway.

  16. “God Gives Every Day a Beauty” – I need this reminder even on those days that are not going well for me! 🙂

  17. These bags are great! Id take the Bless the Lord–Good Things oil cloth tote. Love oil cloth!

  18. Oh how nice…..just imagine shopping, waiting in the doctor’s office, going to the beach with your “Bless the Lord” tote and seeing other women with these wonderful totes…spreading God’s love and inspiration!!!! Perfect gifts….thank you!

  19. I LOVE “Hope for the Best”. “Hope” is my word of the year, and – wow – how God has been working that into my life…especially when despair seems the best option. He is faithful!

  20. I love the ‘daughter of the King’…..it says it all, that i am redeemed, chosen, loved, blessed, secure, accepted, forgiven, I am the ‘daughter of the King’

  21. That’s hard — I like a couple of them A LOT — but my favorite is Walk by Faith. Faith is a special word to me and anytime I see the word Faith on a product, I buy it! My house has lots of “faith” items in it! And I’d love to be able to wear/carry the word FAITH.

  22. The designs of all th tote bags are outstanding. I love how they can be a conversation starter. My favorite design is “Delight Yourself in the Lord.”

  23. I love “Good Things-Bless the Lord”-I just stumbled upon these yesterday and fell in love with all of them. This one speaks to me because it is my hearts desire-I want to be a bless God and be a blessing to God. I want to make myself available and open to be used the way He needs to use me. The Lord has blessed me time and again-undeserving me…I want to share the wonder of the blessing with others!

  24. I like th “delight yourself in the
    Lord”. Thank you for a chance to win one.

    Brithmothers never forget

  25. Just trust God. That speaks volumes to people and it is short and sweet so they will be more likely to read it without even trying! Thanks this chance!

  26. I love the Daughter of the King tote because I belong to an International Order of women called…Daughters of the King! =)

  27. Absolutely love the “Hope for the Best” tote . . . and so glad He is in the habit of giving it!

  28. I LOVE the Just trust the lord bag!! How simple of a message, yet the hardest to do on a daily basis for me!!! Thanks for the opportunity to maybe win this, what a gift!!

  29. I would love Holly Guerth’s tote about making a difference and following your Dream! In desperately need some encouragement… and totes are a great conversation starter when you don’t have the usual store tote or some generic not so pretty thing like a potato sack. People talk to you… they ask what it says or where you got it… a good opening to share a brief thought with a smile.

  30. I really like the “Just Trust God” tote. I can get overwhelmed easily so I need to keep that phrase in my head at all times!

  31. Couldn’t choose between “let your light shine” or “live well, love God”
    both sooooo cute

  32. The tote that speaks to me is Walk By Faith!
    14 years I have been the woman with the issue of blood, I have been in and out of the hospital and today I sit with the faith and hope of being finally free, I am waiting to see another doctor.
    Thank you so much…walking by faith is so important that and my complete trust in the LORD.

  33. They are all so beautiful! I love the Greater Joy the red gingham is so adorable. I would love to give this to my grand daughters for when they go to sleepovers!
    Lisa E

  34. All of these are so cute! They would make wonderful gifts. My favorite is the Good Things-Bless the Lord tote.

  35. Too many great choices, but I think my favorite is “Walk by Faith” though “Such things runs a close second…

  36. Love all of them……………….. but i guess i would choose Hope for the Best – Oil Cloth Tote as my favorite 🙂

  37. Just Trust God. It was hard to pick out one but I decided on that because sometimes (and I know this from experience) a person just needs something, some sign…from God that He is there. So I imagined in my mind taking that tote with me when I go shopping to the farmer’s market and maybe someone who is in a bad way needs a “sign from Heaven.” That would be the sign. I think it would be great to lighten someone’s heart, even if I don’t know it but God does.

  38. Oh my gosh, I just love these. My favourite has to be “Just Trust God”. I need to remind myself this every day. Just Trust God.

  39. Know what you mean about information overload! I have same tendency to be indecisive if there’s too much choice. 🙂

  40. I would love to win the Delight your self in the Lord. They are all very cute.

  41. These totes are so beautiful… and an amazing walking testimony of your faith. You never know when a person will stop and read what it says and be touched by the Lord in an unexpected way!
    the one I have had on my wishlist the most, since I first saw it, is Holley Gerths – Make That Difference – Oil Cloth Tote ! I have it faved in several places!
    have a blessed weekend!
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoodotcom

  42. I thank God for the blessing of getting a chance at one of these cute bags! My choice is Good Things-Bless the Lord Oil Cloth Tote.

  43. Hi Robin, Just finished a week of VBS with the theme TRUST GOD, so of course my favorite it the Just Trust God tote. Would be a great gift for my cousin who is having health issues.

  44. I think the Just Trust God is appropriate for me right now as I’m trying to build my jewelry design business with His guidance. I’m trying to revamp the website, do a name change, improve pictures, etc. with little to no finances, so Trust is a huge thing for me right now. Thanks for the opportunity & the great articles. I always receive a blessing when reading them.

  45. Although all of the bags are a delightful way to open doors for witnessing, I would have to say “Such Things” is my favorite, as it is a list of reminders of Christian qualities to strive for.

  46. Thank you for the many blessings!!! Should I win I would like to have “Delight yourself in the Lord”. I think it will be a awesome reminder of His love & faithfulness!

  47. “Hope for the Best” was my first pick … then I had several others 🙂 … so many good, good choices ! I’m all about Hope — our real Hope — so I’ll stick with that one 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity !

  48. I absolutely love the Sing and Make Music tote!!! It would be great to haul my library books to the car!

  49. Love the tote: I will bless the Lord. One of my mottos for daily living. I bought several of these totes while on special for Christmas gifts. They are high quality items, and they have so many to choose from – one to fit every personality.

  50. The tote that spoke to my spirit was the Make the Difference tote. That message alone could preach! We are in a time of quiet desperation and hunger for God. God can use anything to introduce us to Jesus. I hope I win. Be blessed!

  51. Like the one by Holley Gerth about dreaming big:) Great reminder for myself as I “start a new chapter”

  52. I would love to win the one that says Trust in the lord…. They are all beautiful and if I could afford to purchase right now I would buy them all…. I love the totes and of course to wear our faith is more than an accessory its a blessing!! thanks.

  53. LOVE these! Delight yourself in the Lord would be my choice. He is so good 🙂

  54. These totes are lovely…my favorite one would be: Good Things-Bless the Lord-Oil Cloth Tote.