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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Wow….brought tears to my eyes. This is something I won’t forget for a long time! Thank you sister Holley! πŸ™‚

  2. What a precious gift. God is so good to pull back the veil a little and give us a glimpse of what He does behind the scenes. I needed to be reminded of this today. You encourage me to continue pressing on in the things God calls me to do. Thanks:)

  3. God just planted a big ole huge kiss right on your head!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love that HE allowed you a glimpse of what HIS work through you is doing! I will be smiling all day about this…for you have refreshed the hearts of God’s people (Philemon 7)

    • I love that you said this Karen. That’s exactly what one of the women in the photo said, “Well, isn’t this a kiss from God?” πŸ™‚

  4. So true, Holly. The little glimpses are what keeps us going.
    I’ve ministered to children for a long time and often you don’t see the results but every now & then a preschooler will come out with a comment that shows God’s word has got through to them, even when you thought they were just annoying the other children in the corner and not listening, or seeing the cheeky boy grow up and write songs & travel the world leading millions in worship – that’s the glimpses when God says “See, your efforts for me are brining fruit – you just don’t always get to see it”.

      • Oh yes! Tears for being in the valley and on the mountain (all at once maybe?!) and being reminded of the precious truth that HE is at the helm!

        And always…just the thought of getting to the point of the day when it ALL will come together and “He will wipe away all of our tears”…that makes me cry like a baby every time!

        Love (in)courage! Love your post! Love what God’s doing here!

  5. Wow! Truly amazing! I recently became discouraged that my writing and encouragement to women was in vain. Felt as if no one is listening, no one really cares. I was about to hang my writing hat up. Yesterday God sent me Titus 2:4. Today, your post. Truly inspiring to keep on keeping on! Thank you!

  6. “When we get to turn the chair around” is a beautiful picture of heaven. Especially thinking about the domino effect we can’t possibly know in this life. It’s not just those we have touched, it’s the even more who have been affected because of their lives. And, the little things that we had no idea made a difference to people.

    When I read posts like this, it serves as a reminder that I should tell others of the impact they have made on my life. It is a huge encouragement.

  7. Aww, Holley…you really are AMAZING!! I bet that moment was a thrill for them as well as you!
    God gives so sweetly, doesn’t He?

  8. What an amazing gift for you! And for those women. πŸ™‚ I am reading your book now and have selected it to be the first book selection for a women’s group I am starting at our church. I would covet your prayers!!

  9. Wow! I am SO printing this out and reading it at our next small group that meets on Wednesdays…we are reading your book by the way! πŸ™‚

  10. Thank you for this beautiful glimpse of sisterhood. You are so lovely. Loneliness feels more like a whisper today for these words.

  11. Thank you for these words. As a seventh grade teacher who had a challenging year and did not feel I reached many of my students, I needed to hear this as I begin to get ready for the new school year.

    Blessings to you for your wonderful work for God,

  12. That is really cool! I love that you were humble and touched by the fact that they were reading your book. Often “fame” can get to people. I bet it is so rewarding to see and hear how you have touched people’s lives.

  13. Great testimony Holley. I maybe a guy, but God in me, brought tears of joy to my eyes. I love reading and passing on your blog to all my Facebook friends. Hallelujah, God has surely blessed you!!

  14. How awesome for you, Holley !! You are bringing hope and encouragement to so many women. God will surely bless you for this.

    Have a wonderful Monday.

  15. Holley, I’m so glad God blessed you with this special event! And in blessing you, you were able to bless these precious ladies who were studying your book! Maybe I’d better sit outside to do my chapter today! You might be walking by!! πŸ™‚

  16. LOVE this…”So sit at that table with Jesus. Do what He says. Give Him your life and hold nothing back. Let Him give you glimpses of glory.” reminded me of a quote by Ray Steadman…”one day we will step out of time and into eternity with Jesus where we will see the panorama of past, present and future all-at-once”… Glory!

  17. WOW Holly, what a “God” moment for you, and I’m sure your husband was just a little bit proud of you!!!

    When I first read your post – I couldn’t think of any of those moments for myself but then God showed me a few. A son who drove me a crazy at times and was “The strong willed child”, that James Dobson wrote about – I read the book!!! My only son, is now the loving husband of a beautful Christian wife, who is a worship leader at our Church, and father of 2 gorgeous children. He left a good paying job and is now at Theological College studying for the Ministry.
    Our eldest daughter, who at times, I wondered whether she would stay “in the Church” or not, is married to a wonderful guy, who also left a good paying job about 15 years ago and is now a Minister leading a vibrant Church, and they have 3 children 14-10years who love attending Church and Church activities.
    My 2nd daughter, sadly has no children, but would dearly love to be a Mum, is a wonderful Christian woman who has been through a lot of adversity and never lost her faith. Her 1st husband was not a Christian and they divorced as he was abusive to her in many ways, including ridiculing her for her faith. Her 2nd husband is a Christian.
    Our youngeat daughter, who we thought was going off the rails as a teenager married a wonderful man and is the mother of 2 gorgeous little boys. Her and her husband do not attend Church but had their eldest son (2 yrs) baptized. She is best friends with a young woman, who she met at Mothers” Group and attends the Church and had her daughter baptized on the same day. No doubt their new baby (3 months) will also be baptized. They even found a Church and minister where they felt comfortable, and it is a vibrant Church. They intend to send their children to Sunday School, so my prayer is now they will attend Church also.
    God is so good!!!!

  18. Girl, I’m crying big happy tears for you. I love this story! I imagine the whole group of you were equally blessed. πŸ™‚

  19. I needed this today. I spoke in the service yesterday and because of timing didn’t get to the point I wanted to make. I felt like I had failed in my “assignment.” I kept telling myself to trust that God could use what I did have time to say but the enemy kept whispering YOU FAILED. And your post reminds me that I may never know how He uses it…but I AM going to trust that He will.

  20. This brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy you got to see those women reading your book, what a true blessing to experience that feeling of making a difference. This post is very inspiring, thank you for sharing the story and your thoughts! Many more blessing are surely in store for you!

    Thank you,

  21. What a lovely blessing for you – and the photograph – yes the Body of Christ – beautiful!

  22. I share your articles with many friends! I shared this one with the friends to whom I gave your book, You’re Already Amazing . Every time I read an Email, from you, I feel you are right there with me. Thank you so much for your “giving” ministry of love Holley!

  23. That is so Cool Holley. Thanks for the encouragement and God bless you this week.
    God is so wonderful.

  24. Holley,

    That was just beautiful the way God showed you a glimpse of Heaven & what your work means to others. It is often times hard to realize that the little things you do matter at all to anyone.

    Thanks for an encouraging post as always! Your work is amazing–love seeing your posts!

  25. Um, I think you heard the thoughts in my head. I’ve been wondering a lot lately and you just gave me the encouragement I needed. And like Laura said, the loneliness feels more like a whisper now. What a gift God gave you in that table of ladies spread out with your book. And you could’ve been having lunch somewhere else that day.

  26. Cool! I had some of my own uplifting whispers this weekend. I may not see the results but I know that what He has brought into being will bear fruit. I just have to keep that faith. πŸ™‚

  27. What an amazing thought! Thank you for the encouragement for those of us who are moms and business owners. Just finding time to make sure all gets done can be a challenge. πŸ™‚

  28. I somehow landed on this website today… obviously, not by chance. I needed (SO BADLY) to hear these words: β€œDear Sister, trust that there is more than you can see. Trust that what you’re doing makes a difference. Trust that one day you will get to turn the chair around and see fully.” I have been SO impatient lately… this helped calm my heart. I’m printing it off and putting it where I can see it daily… thank you so much. I’m looking forward to checking out your book.

  29. wow I am so glad you got to have this blessing and affirmation from God that what
    you are doing matters!!! It so encouraged me thanks for sharing God Bless you!!

  30. Holley!

    I get teary-eyed when I read a lot of blogs, but I am actually crying (sobbing). I needed to hear that today too. Being faithful in the little things that seem so un”profitable” is so difficult. I want to see the difference I’m making, if I’m making any difference at all. The way you versed the ‘what it must feel like’ when you enter into heaven – with all the hugs of people you’ve touched running to you with arms open wide. Kind of makes me feel like listening to an old schmaltzy Ray Boltz song… and to keep my ears open to the still small voice calling me to be faithful in the little things (like changing diapers, wiping noses and vacuuming spilled sugar, again).

    Thank you for these words. Your words. Powerful words of Grace from Him.

  31. So I’m trying to explain to my 8 year old son why there are tears streaming down my cheeks… Thank you so much Holley and Jesus for the encouragement that yes, “I have no idea what I’m doing” in so many more ways than just what I normally mean when I say/think that. : ) Because I have no idea what God is doing but to be sure, He’s up to something and some of that something involves little old me. What a miracle.

  32. Wow! What a blessing that was! Both for you AND the others. God is so good. It is hard sometimes when you don’t know if what we do makes an impact on others, but I too have been blessed that way. Through facebook as He has allowed me to interact and see the lives I have touched and He has given me so many new friends who have touched my life even more.

  33. Holley,

    You are His creation, you are wonderfully made and because He lives, you will see His hand at work in your life always. Never underestimate the power of God, see His handy-works in your own life and thank Him for what He has done and is doing in your life.

    I feel amazed at His wondrous works and how He uses people, just like me, just like you, we are all His beautiful creations and when we see how you are being used for His Kingdom and how much you mean to Him. I smile at the thought of meeting you one day face to face and giggle while holding a great big bag of all your books I carry around with me whenever I get away. So, you see Holley, next time you turn your chair around, it might just be me.

    So blessed to have you in my life and I was so happy to see you on 100 Huntley Street while you were here in Ontario.

    May God continue to use you for his Kingdom and may all your dreams come true for you and your hubby!

    God Bless You!

  34. Congratulations on that wonderful moment. Your post was the final hit on the nail that God has been driving into my heart for the past couple of decades. Finally, I am going to be obedient and do what He has called me to do with my life. Thank you for sharing and giving me encouragement. God Bless You!

  35. Ok, am mopping up my face after reading your post today. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful moment with us, and for reminding us that there’s so much more that God does behind the scenes with our efforts…even when we can’t see or feel it!

  36. WOW!! That must have been a wonderful moment (thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!!)
    Please pray for our discussion group – starting a week from tomorrow we will gather in a room at church as we walk through your words together. I KNOW how they changed me, pray God will equip me to hold their hands as they are changed!!
    Thanking God for the blessing you are to so many women!
    And if you feel a lonely moment coming on, just give a holler – I KNOW there are women all over the place who love you, and would share a cup of life and a great big hug!

  37. Holly, Thank-you for your writing which does help so many, including me!
    Tonight, arriving home from work (where the clinic I work is to be closed some time this year) I felt drained and anxious about the future.
    I know God will have His plan, but tonight, although I tried to focus on just Jesus, and not so much my circumstances, everything looked empty.
    Reading your words reminded me that God has us just where He wants us to be, sometimes we have to wait,… and in the silence, find that peace which passes all understanding
    I just need to keep trusting, hold on to his Hand tightly… and watch His plan unfold.
    Thanks again

      • No what, Holley- I feel lots better already – just knowing so many care.

    • Hi.My company downsized 2 months ago and I’am unemployed.I can relate to your feelings,I don’t have many answers or upbeat messages but is good to know we are not alone in our despair and in our moments of doubt.Wishing you blessings .

      • To Linda -Thanks so much for taking the time to write – I ‘ll pray for you too and hope you find the work you wish to do.Take care

  38. Holly…I want to thank you for your words as they have painted the most beautiful picture in my mind. Yes, life is like sitting in the chair looking outward, and waiting for that “moment” when we shall see Him face to face and be known as we know Him. That is true for all the saints as we “share” Jesus for all of eternity. I send you blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus and I will be searching for more of your writings. Love, Marjorie

  39. Thank you, Holley, for sharing God’s gift to you. It was such an encouragement to me today. Just last night I was talking to my husband about how there are days I feel like I am not making a big enough difference in the world. I question what I am doing and if I am truly doing what God wants me to. I am a mom of two wonderful kids ages 13 and 10. I homeschool them. It is no easy task…and there are days I want to give up, but I do feel the Lord has called me to this place at this time. So…onward I go. I will stand firm….and let nothing move me. I will give myself fully to the work of the Lord, because I know that my labor in the Lord is not in vain! (1 Cor. 15:58) I will trust HIM with the outcome.
    Thank you……and be blessed today!

  40. Holley, Your writing has meant so much to me this year. Life hurt a little bit, and you brought me encouragement. This was something I have always wondered about, too. I hope I get to see what my prayers have changed for others someday. Thank you, Holley.

  41. Love, love, love this story Holley!!! It’s so awesome that you told them-now THEY have a story to tell too of how God is so good, and so funny and in control at all times! Perfect πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing,

  42. Thanks for sharing how magnificently He IS blessing your faithful service.
    The picture reflects all our blended sisters which really made this meaningful.

    “Blessed is he who trusts in the LORD, who places his confidence in Him.” Jer. 17:7

  43. Holley, I can’t adequately tell you how much I need to be reminded that I’m significant in this place- that showing up every day matters, when I would choose other places to make a difference and it all seems pointless. There’s a picture I can’t see. You’ve strengthened my faith in the big picture.

  44. Thank you, once again, Holley, for sharing so openly the wonderful works God is doing in your life. You’re so right – when He allows us to get a glimpse of how our works with Him are sweetly effecting others, it’s a blessed gift. It’s the gift that spurs us on to stay close to Him, walk with Him, and love Him above all. You’re an amazing lady and I’m so thankful to “hear” from you so often. God bless you abundantly, dear sister!

  45. I’ve never heard this story before. I LOVE just picturing you there with all them lovely ladies. How fun Holley! What a beautiful glimpse of the Jesus work you get to be a part of. I just love you.


  46. Holly – (Oh man, I hope you read this!!!) If you only knew how close to home you’ve gotten today. I sketch…and I sell note cards from some of the sketches I do. I was just sitting here wondering if anything I do at all makes a difference. I hear so many “no”s. and wonder if I will ever really see the fruits of what I do.

    Then there Are those seasons when the sketching is hard to come by. Not much (or none at all) “inspiration” for my sketches. thanks for words of encouragement that I needed to hear so much!

  47. My husband and I minister to parents of children who struggle with same sex attractions. Each week is very intense, but we are starting to see some glimpses of hope rising up in our families. Mostly we walk by faith, rehearsing God’s truth and love and grace each week…and then comes the “aha” moment when one parent takes that next step forward! That is our little “peek” into the transformation taking place. Your post today states so beautifully of that “one day” when we shall see!! Thank you for this encouragement! It blessed me!

  48. Holly, I just loved reading this! What a great metaphor for getting to see the “big picture” of God at work in our lives! Trusting with you that He’s using us in each other’s lives. Won’t heaven be amazing with all the stories woven into His Story?!

  49. I’m so glad to know that you not only turned your chair around, but you also introduced yourself to that table of women. When I began reading your blog post I was afraid that you and your husband would quietly leave when you were done with your meal. What a blessing it must have been for that group to thank you face-to-face for the seeds that you have scattered in their lives. You have such a gift and so generously share your insight with your readers. Had you not introduced yourself they would have missed out on the opportunity to thank you and bless you in return with hugs of gratitude.

  50. WOW! I’m sitting on the back porch with kitty and a cup of coffee, enjoying God’s beautiful creation…while typing on the office laptop…not EVEN thinking about how my work might influence the recipient. Thank you for reminding me that I can make a difference!
    P.S. You are a wonderful writer! God bless you!

  51. Holley: “Thank you for giving to the Lord; I am a life that was
    changed. Thank you for giving to the Lord; I am so glad you
    gave!” “One by one, they came, far as the eye could see: Each
    one somehow touched by your generosity; little things that you
    had done, sacrifices made: unnoticed on the Earth, in Heaven
    now proclaimed!”
    Thank you for your Sacrifice: I am changed. Karen

  52. Holley, the tears are streaming down as I finished reading this post. I was just setting things up to start blogging again because Jesus just keeps bringing it to mind until I can’t NOT do it! I needed to read this beautiful story right now as I prepare and your encouraging note of “do what he says”. It’s easy for me to think I am just being silly, but this is too persistent to be silly. I know it’s Him asking me to do to write and to do the other things He has me doing in my life right now. I can go forward with joy with this knowledge.

  53. This article touched me deeply. I am kind of an inspirational speakers, I teach living prayer etc. I find wonderful items and e mail them to many people with notes and comments. Very often people will say ” you have no idea of how much you have helped” etc. and I think “No I don’t” and am embarrassed by this. To me, I am just being me.
    oyr honesty in this article helped me see that I do help. do inspire. I do all that I can.
    Thank you for helping see that and giving me a shot in the arm to continue.

  54. Holley, like so many, I was moved by this post–and by all the precious comments that followed. The words “Heaven is where you get to turn the chair completely around” especially resonated with me, as just yesterday I finished reading Randy Alcorn’s book Safely Home. The ending portrays a wonderful account of that “chair-turning time,” and your post beautifully dovetailed with his compelling story.
    I am so touched by how God showed his love to you in that pizza place, and then how that encouragement echoes today to so many…all in the perfection of his love and timings.
    Thanks for being a faithful bearer of his hope and love.
    Love and hugs to you!

  55. OOhhh, that is so exciting. I am still praying for more joy, prayer and the impossible for you, like you asked us to do in January. I am so thrilled for your successes this year. You have been such a blessing to me, with your encouraging emails!

  56. Look at the smiles on the ladies in that pic! Blessed all of you. Thank you for touching our heart today .

  57. Holley, sweet girl, I was recently given your book by a friend who was led by the Spirit to share it with me, and I want to say THANK YOU to you for writing it! Here I am, walking this scary, strange path in life that I was totally unprepared for -alone – and both a woman I know and a woman I don’t know are helping me to take one step at a time. Both of you remind me daily that the Lord walks with me, and carries me when I simply can go no further alone.

    Thank you for your courage to write, to share, to speak what God has laid on your heart… you are His very voice in the world, and together you are healing lives. <3<3<3

  58. I just received the most beautiful card in the mail and I think, “How is it this person knows my heart so fully?” And it should be no surprise that it was one of your cards Holley.

    I, too, have these sweet tears today and am taken with His perfect words for you and gifted to all of us… “Heaven is when you get to turn the chair around.”

    Thankful for all these gifts today!

  59. Awe, this is so awesome. I would have loved to have seen your face. πŸ™‚ Hey! I do get to see it really soon. woohoo. πŸ™‚

  60. This brought tears and smiles at the same time…how wonderful that you were able to witness the impact of your book on others. I’m sure there are many more woman out there sitting at tables sharing your book. I know it had quite the impact on me!!
    And, I think your post helped me determine what my mission statement should be.
    Give him my life and hold nothing back!!
    Thank you for sharing!! You are a blessing!!

  61. Holley – thanks for sharing! It is encouraging to know that others have that “does it matter” feeling! I, too, have gone through it. There were many years of a totally barren time, God didn’t seem to be there time, I thought I would die if SOMETHING didn’t “happen.” I finally just told God that I couldn’t live another day if HE didn’t show me some tangible reason for my being in the job I hated (accounting in a school). Just hours later, a student dropped by and told me how he appreciated me. I was stunned. Since that day, God has continually sent students, parents, co-workers to me with just a simple sentence of something that showed what I did mattered. Because of that, I have found contentment in this place and a joy that I didn’t know could be had here. Isn’t it wonderful when God allows a peak!

  62. Yay! What an AMAZING experience for you! And can I just lean in and whisper to you…Your book has made a HUGE impact on my life. I went from Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts” to “You’re Already Amazing”, and God had used them both to forever change the direction of my life:) So, thank you! I hope that our paths cross some day in person so I can give you a proper thank you hug (Allume Social, perhaps???)! Thanks so much, Holley!

  63. Holley,
    So amazing that you would sit down right next to these women. God is so awesome like that. Thank you so much for the post. I really needed to read these words this week. No matter what season I’ve been in (career, motherhood, writing, ministry), I always wonder if what I do matters. I love the gentle reminders he gives that it does. It ALL matters. Appreciate all you do!

  64. Holley!! That was my bible study group! I had to miss that day because of class!! Thank you for your encouraging words and refreshing, life-giving. So so good!!!!

  65. I LOVE this Holley! What an AMAZING story…all part of God’s beautiful plan! Blessings to you today dear FRIEND!

  66. Let me finish that sentence.. Thank you for your encouraging and refreshing, life-giving book!!! (sleep deprivation causes my fingers to be slower than my brain!)

  67. This is a great story. I love the peeking you did at first and the stammering you did later when trying to humbly let them know the name on the by-line is yours. So happy you got not only a glimpse, but some hugs and a conversation about how God is using your writing!

  68. I am one of the fortunate girls…actually one of the “older” fortunate girls in the picture! We have several small groups meeting to study Holley’s book this summer….but we were the blessed ones. Right place…right time. Two or three of the girls had left before she (outed) herself, and they cannot stop whinning. Too much fun. We probably frightened her poor husband half to death, singing Happy Birthday to you at the top of our lungs. The beauty of our group is the diversity…one of our ladies blessed our time together in the Nigerian language, another time we were blessed in Spanish. I just cannot wait to turn my chair totally around during the Marriage Supper and see fabulous friends from every continent. Thanks Holley, for making our day incredible!

  69. Loved this… and I couldn’t help but think that it’s because of faithfulness. First of course, God’s faithfulness to us, but also (in this case) it’s because of your faithfulness to sit at the keyboard and do faithfully what He called and enabled you to do, that you were able to experience the joy of turning your chair around, and getting those hugs and all that love. I would have hugged you too!

  70. Thank you Holly for your inspiring words. The song by Ray Boltz entitled Thank you, was brought to mind when I read your post…”Thank you for giving to the Lord…I am a life that was changed. As Jesus took your hand and you stood before the Lord…He said ‘My child look around you, great is your reward!'”

  71. You especially don’t know/can’t see, when you write πŸ™‚ (&paint) – thank you…

  72. I love this story, Holley!

    “You may not be able to see the difference that you’re making, the lives you’re touching, the joy you’re bringing. But it’s there. It’s real. It’s truer than true. So sit at that table with Jesus. Do what He says. Give Him your life and hold nothing back. Let Him give you glimpses of glory.”

    Thank you for these refreshing words of encouragement! Just what this weary momma of teenagers needs to hear!

  73. Oh Holley, you did it again. I am at a point in a journey with Jesus that I cannot see the next step. I have been questioning him and wondering if he really can use me. I spent Sunday in tears wrestling with God, thank you for letting Him use you to speak to me today. No I don’t need to see the results – He can.
    Love you

  74. Wow! What a great way to have your Pizza lunch with your husband.
    It seems like God so often gives us joy when we least expect it . Like for you to see the Ladies reading your book right behind your chair. Wish I had been there as I love Gods surprises which is even more joyful when you did not plan it our even expect it..
    You are so special Holley . You are so loved by so many .
    Hugs Betty

  75. Wow. Thats so cool!
    I am so glad for your glimpse—arent they just wonderful?

  76. I feel His smile once in awhile when someone connects with verses or thoughts I post on Facebook ~

  77. This blessed me too, Holley. I know the joy of walking in obedience and faith; then once in awhile God pulls back the curtain and we get to see and touch the fruit of what we are sowing. God gets all of the glory; and we get to be blessed! Then, we continue to walk in faith and obedience; and continue to enjoy the journey with Jesus and with one another.

  78. Hi Holly!
    Thank you so much for reminding us of these words. I too am a writer. Like you, I find myself wondering if what I’m writing makes any difference. Then I remember (1) I write for an audience of One. It is up to Him to bring the readers. I only need to stay obedient to that which He has called me to do. I LOVE writing and being able to share God’s love & truth to encourage women. And it is so sweet when God allows you a small glimpse that He is using the words being typed, the hope being spread, the encouragement being shared for His glory. It may come in the form of a quick comment, a “like” on a post, a hug, a tearful testimony. These glimpses are few (which makes them even more precious). Thank you for sharing this post with us. Those of us in women’s ministries or leadership positions need this reminder!
    Serving Together,
    PS: LOVED “You’re Already Amazing”!!!

  79. What an AWESOME story–SOOOOO happy for you (and yes, I am wiping tears, too!!)
    A great blessing for you and the group–God is SOOOO good!!

  80. Hi Holley,
    Those women were just a few of our Women at CLC. When i found your book i literally read it in a night. Of course i did not have a chance to do all the work in it. But i have recently gone back and finished that work. Your book was life changing for me and i knew our women needed to read it. Im sure they told you, but there are two other groups of women reading it too. This is their final week and most women have shared that it was a breath of fresh air. This subject is such a fundamental stepping stone to just what impact we can all make for the Kingdom of heaven. I know this is not your personal email. But i would love to talk to you about coming and speaking at our church for a stay cation retreat. Let me know. Sue one of the Ladies you met was so pumped that you wrote about their encounter. When they excitedly told me and texted me the picture. All i could think was God is good and what an amazing divine appointment it was for you, that God took the time to let you know, “Your already Amazing.”

  81. I can only imagine the wonder of that moment for you Holley! what a blessing. I have just finished reading two books in a trilogy by Elizabeth Musser – Two Crosses, Two Testaments – where her theme is about the tapestry of people God weaves in our lives. I know he arranged that moment as part of your tapestry. This message ministers to me so much today, as I often ask the Lord if my writing is really doing anything… still praying for open doors etc. Thanks for the blessing of sharing your moment and seeing His heart over you… it encourages me.

  82. Hi Holly, That was a blessing. I pray and pray and wait for a glimmer of answers; sometimes it is so hard. Thank you for always encouraging. Also, you recently told of a book with Mothers in the title and it seemed like it was only an e.book . Is it available as a “real” book? I have and have read all your other books!!

    • Thanks, Irene! Yes, the book is called Mother Letters and it’s just an ebook right now. I really appreciate you reading all of my books!

  83. Holly,
    I read your blog every day, and many times your words are just what I need to hear.
    I’m in the chair behind you, thanking you for giving me inspriration!
    I have forward some of your entries to friends who need encouraged also.
    We are all so beautiful, and have so much to give each other…thanks for sharing the gifts God has given you! With grace and love, Erin

  84. So beautiful, Holley! I love this – I’ve been reading it aloud to my husband with cracks in my voice, periodic pauses to gather my emotions, and tears of joy streaming down my face. Thank you for sharing! You make a difference and you encouraged and blessed my heart today!

  85. How wonderful of God to encourage you in such a sweet and personal way, and how encouraging for us to read about it, and to rejoice with you, Holley πŸ™‚ Thanks πŸ™‚

  86. Wow. Just what I needed to read today. So many days I just wonder if what I do and who I am matter at all. This is a way cool story! Live reading all you write!

  87. I have a smile that is shining out of my heart (which causes my eyes to tear up from happiness) that came from reading your post. Thank you for sharing this with us today. Your experience is a blessing that was just multiplied because you were kind enough to share it with us.


  88. Oh, this is so encouraging. Why is it such a battle to remember that who we are & what we do matters? This dream etched on my heart is no accident. What I choose to do with it matters. Thank you, Holley.

  89. Daar holley,

    What a super start of my day, this letter!
    (here in Holland we just wake up)
    Thank you so much for your love, your truth and your Joy!
    Girl, you dΓ³ matter! You give some extra glitter to my days. πŸ™‚
    And sometimes I can’t wait till that day that everything is done. And I can hug you and say thank you in person. That day will come!
    Bless you, and never stop writing, wondering, enjoying and sharing..

    With love!

  90. Daar holley,

    What a super start of my day, this letter!
    (here in Holland we just wake up)
    Thank you so much for your love, your truth and your Joy!
    Girl, you dΓ³ matter! You give some extra glitter to my days. πŸ™‚
    And sometimes I can’t wait till that day that everything is done. And I can hug you and say thank you in person. That day will come!
    Bless you, and never stop writing, wondering, enjoying and sharing..

    With love!

  91. Thank you, Holley! You are making a difference! Yesterday, at church, a man stood up & shared a testimony of this very thing…he’d been getting discouraged in not seeing results, and cried out to our heavenly Daddy, “sometimes obedience feels like I’m just taking orders! Please, can I just see a glimpse that You are at work in what You’re calling me to do?!” And, Abba didn’t get all religious or anything & say, “that’s not for you to know,” but He graciously indulged His weary child & let him see, when a person he’d been ministering to emailed him the next day.

    When I heard this story, I cried! I wanted a glimpse, too, in the midst of my (what Eugene Peterson calls a) “Long Obedience in the Same Direction.”

    He hasn’t given that glimpse, yet, but after Doug’s testimony & then just reading your message, I think He wants me to know He’s heard my cries, too, and it’s not in vain, whether He chooses to show me a “glimpse,” or not. But… think He will…! πŸ™‚

    Thank you, Holley!

    with love!

  92. Dear sister Holley, I had just finished a delighful conversation with a young colleague, who is about he same age as my younger son, 25, about how amazing God is and how only He can see the big picture and how the little pieces of puzzle fall and fit in – when I opened this link to your site shared by a good friend. Imagine how amazed I was to read your post! Thank you for affirming what we know in our hearts – that God cares about us and will work everything for good in our lives πŸ™‚

  93. Such a beautiful post, Holley–how wonderful!!! So happy that you got to experience all that wondrous validation, which you so, so much deserve for your magnificent books! I’m a big fan of your latest in particular–you are truly an inspiration for all of us! Thank you so much for your books and all the blessings they provide! Blessings!

  94. Dear Holley, this rings so true! All of us want to hug your neck! You are so precious, thank you, thank you, for writing, for giving of yourself and giving God to us.
    I remember when I was in college ministry at a Chinese church in LA for the first 9 years of my marriage (childless too) and sometimes we would get glimpses that God was at work and we would say, “God gives us just enough encouragement to keep going, but not so much that we get proud, because all the glory should go to him.”
    I haven’t been writing much lately, but Holley, I always read your posts and I thank God for you! Thank you for Godly wisdom and love and fellowship.

  95. Holly, I just wrote you an email about your book, You’re Really Amazing. I had my new screen window opened on your post today but I finished first my email to you. I did not realize you will be mentioning your book in your story. I was really touched on the part where we do make a difference in others’ lives even if we don’ think so. Especially so, you know you are doing good – for God’s glory but you sometimes pause and reflect, “Does this matter at all?’. I have been on long term disability for over 4 yrs now and I felt less of a person, less of being valued, less of being sufficient, etc. I now believe that even if people would not appreciate or show they are, it all matters to God. And, “Yes!” to God’s whispers and physical presentations to press on, as a sign of comfort, encouragement and also pure joy.

    I love everything you do here, Holly! Keep it all up! It matters to even one single soul like me.

  96. Dear Holly, First of all, what you do = and all of us do for Christ – if it’s real calls for sacrifice. That loneliness you have, and shared with us, is so deep and painful many times. And yet it is part of our calling for Him. So I thank you for your choice – to serve Him with your gifts when everyone else seems to be connected with others and in a serene place. And secondly, your messages have been forwarded to many people who are so grateful for the Words the Holy Spirit speaks through you. Last night a friend of ours who is running for state representative in Iowa (his calling he believes to stand up for God’s commands) was so encouraged by one of your messages. So when you get to turn your chair around you’ll be DELIGHTED (but its great to get hugs now too!) Love from a sister in Christ

  97. Thank you very much for sharing this, I really needed this. Sometimes I feel God has forgotten about me; being a recent college graduate, single unemployed mother, grandmother, caretaker of my elderly 86 yr old mother who has health issues can be tough at times. I know God will open a job with great opportunities soon. I just have to keep serving my Lord & family, because this is where he has me for now, until he says otherwise. What I do does matter, if not to others, to God it does. God bless you….

  98. Your words are like the breath my soul needed to hear today- whispered from God’s heart by your hand. That loneliness and weariness makes it so tempting to push back and walk away from the table, when Home seems so far away. Then a moment like this reveals that it is not as far as it feels. I love it when God shows off like this and we get to go along for the ride. Thank you Holley for being obedient. So glad you got to enjoy that moment.

  99. Thank you for sharing these truths, Holley. They are words of hope for the weary and wondering! πŸ™‚ God is indeed at the helm. I am glad that sister wrote that good reminder for all to see. Praise God for you all! God bless each and every one richly!

    As I read, I was hoping that you let them know that the author was right there. It so
    good that you had that meaningful time with those sisters in the Lord.

  100. Oh my, you certainly struck a chord and a nerve with this one. Both in ministry leadership and in my writing, I have felt so alone. But God knows what we need and He delivers little gifts like the one he gave you and those women who were reading your book. What a beautiful God story. And it was extra sweet that your husband was with you. The tears are streaming…I suspect many need to be reminded that what we do matters, no matter how small or big, quiet or amplified. I matters to us, to Him, and to them, whoever they may be. I’d like to give you a hug too!

  101. It made me cry when you told me… and it’s made me cry all over again.

    I really love you always and forever, Holley Gerth.

    Your word sister,

  102. Loved this post. Having so many roles to fulfill as a woman/wife/mom/etc, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking I’m not effective. I’ve had those same moments though as you did in the diner…where I got to see just how God used me. Those are awesome times & will be even better when in heaven I get to see everything God used me for, saved me from, etc. πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing & always being so real. You definitely make a difference in my life every time I see a new post emailed to me. πŸ™‚

  103. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes, not only for your moment of being able to turn your chair around, but for the reminder that I do matter…even when I feel like I am not doing much right now…just being a mom, but it matters, it really, really matters. Thank you for doing what you are doing, it brings joy to my heart.

  104. This hit me like a ton of bricks. Having dealt with health issues my husband has had for the past 5 years has found me selfish at times. I have had a few pity parties for myself. I hadn’t planned on life being this way when we reached an empty nest. But I am trying to be obedient where I am (not always successfully I might add). I look forward to the day when I get to turn my chair around and see that the things I have done for my husband both little and big HAVE made a diiference. My heart will swell with gratitude for a God who provides me with the resources I need. And that He is a forgiving God who knows my weaknesses better than me.

  105. Holley, thank you so much. These words were water to my soul today. I know these truths, but sometimes I need someone else to tell me, reassure me, and identify with me. I so appreciate your transparency and faith and encouragement. If I could see you right now I would hug you too, with a few little tears in my eyes.
    adriel xx

  106. […] a peek into what is really going on.Β  Here is a delightful story of someone to whom that happened: “When You Get to Turn the Chair Around.”Β  May it strengthen your hope for those days when you do know that you can’t understand and […]

  107. Amazing! What a great post for me to read as I’m studying 1 Cor. 13 this week! I will love and love. Then one day I will see fully! So thankful for salvation today.

  108. Sweet Holley. Thank you for the beautiful post. I’m glad you turned the chair around and received that blessing of meeting those women. Your books is as amazing as you are. Thank you for your obedience in writing it. I pray he allows more of those sweet encounters – I call them kisses on the cheek. When God shows us He sees our story and turns the page so we can see Him working in it. God bless your heart today. Gigi

  109. Hi Holley,
    You must have felt so amazing knowing your words are touching numerous hearts!

    You’re writing is a daily reminder to be in Jesus’ presence, to keep trusting; to keep reading His word until we believe that we are loved and chosen just for who we are, not for perfection.

    I’m still reading “God’s Heart for You” and like the scripture reference and the personal questions in each chapture.

    Continued success!


  110. Just wanted to tell you, you matter Holley. Your words matter, your obidience matters, everything you do matters. You truly are a voicebox from our Heavenly Father. Whenever I get your emails from your blog postings, its exactly what I needed to hear from Jesus. So thank you πŸ™‚ you are loved dearly by your sisters in Christ. Keep up the good work. We love you!

  111. Dear Holley – I always look forward to your devotionals! This one just blest my socks off. I am so happy for you for the blessing God gave to you and the revelation that He brought with it.

    We always need to be reminded that we can’t always see what is going on and how God is using us BUT God sees it all and we need to rest in that. what a glorious day that will be when we get to turn the chair around and fully see.

    Bless you for the encouragement you give to us!


  112. You will never know ( well maybe now you will πŸ™‚ ) how much this meant to me right now, right here ! Thanking you through tears of gratefulness for God’s words to me through you ! Ahhh…the beauty of the body of Christ !
    Love ~ Joy

  113. …imagine God calling me “…Daughter”. Brought tears as I remember my dad doing the same thing, but God…!

  114. I loved this. As a writer, I sit in my little house tapping out my obedience word by word, praying that every letter will glorify Him. Thank you for the insight and encouragement.

  115. I never comment anywhere, but wow! God is so good. Thanks for writing the book. It is ministering to me in a great way.

    I love the way, God whispers I love you to each of us in random ways. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  116. Thank you so much for the word picture of being able to turn the chair around and see the fruit of your obedience to whatever the Lord has called you to do. It’s so easy to get discouraged when you don’t see immediate results. But oh boy – when God lets you turn the chair around to see! How amazing and loving is that! I REALLY needed to hear what you had to say. Thank you so much!

  117. Holley, I love reading your stuff. I am so proud of you; it’s such a joy to watch how God is using you. I think of you often and cherish our brief time together years ago. You will always be special to me. xoxo Lucy

  118. I have thought about and shared this blog post more than any in a long time. I was having a particularly rough morning yesterday and I sat down to read this. As I was reading this, I was in tears, the good kind. I needed this word of encouragement. My friends that I have shared this with have all had the same reaction. Thank you, thank you for writing. God’s timing! I have added your book to my wish list of books. =)

  119. Holley- Its my birthday – my 55th birthday – and I feel like this was a gift for me. Thank you so much. Sometimes I’m unaware that the chair has been turned around and I miss the enormity of what has been revealed in that moment. But hindsight is 20-20. Thank you for letting me see it anew! Your words are so rich with blessing!

  120. Holley,
    Today, June 7, I found this post. I have been battling discouragement in the world; your words were like a warm blanket around my shivering, hunched shoulders. Thank you so much for ‘whispering in my ear’. I am in(courage)d!

  121. What a blessing reading your words.
    I was stunned at the tears that fell upon my
    face because you are do willing to share from your heart.. It let me see I’m not the only gal
    who wants to have it all good, now, I try so hard and the answers are so slow.

  122. What a blessing reading your words.
    I was stunned at the tears that fell upon my
    face because you are so willing to share from your heart.. It let me see I’m not the only gal
    who wants to have it all good, now, I try so hard and the answers are so slow.

  123. Holley, I see you take the time to read and reply to these comments. I didn’t take that time, so maybe someone else already has mentioned what I’m seeing in your story. It is an encouragement that those seeds we sow (whether in writing, music, art, science, whatever…) will bear fruit, and that one day we will see. But I have a feeling that if one of the women around that table had been the author of this blog, she would have told it in a little different way. Jesus is saying, “Hey, they’re reading my story!… and every now and then we get to see him a bit more face to face and he says, “I said that. I wrote that. I was right there (at the table next to you), walking with you while you went through those tough times.”

  124. I think you are going to be overwhelmed my friend when you turn that chair around in the place of Promise! I really do.

    I thank God for you and for giving you this gift.

  125. Thank you Holley for serving our loving Father so faithfully and sending a word of encouragement when I badly needed it. I write a very small blog, aiming to reach a small number of people who need to hear messages from our loving Father. Lately I have been feeling that I am not succeeding but your lovely words of encouragement showed me that everything I do is in God’s hands and He will tell me to turn my chair around when it is right to do so. God bless you for your faithfulness in writing your blog and giving so much encouragement to your sisters in Christ.

  126. Beautiful! This brought tears to my eyes. I could just imagine how you must have felt knowing, really knowing what an impact you were having on other lives. Isn’t just like our Father to encourage you like that?!

    Thank you for sharing that special moment with us, me. Truly everything is a teachable moment. As we love Jesus, He will let us know when to turn our chairs around.

    Love you my sister.