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  1. My babies are 8 and 10 now… oh, how I wish Spirit Led Parenting had been published when I first had children. It would have probably helped free me up from culture’s expectations of me as a mom. Looks fabulous…

  2. I want to buy all these books!!! 😀 I’ve been so hungry for good stuff to read recently but where to start in the wilderness of books available? I’m going to bookmark this list so I can refer to it the next time I treat myself to a new book. I’m particularly excited about “Frumps to Pumps” (have a baby and toddler and lotsa sweatpants – I need help!), “Spirit Led Parenting”, and “Mindset for Moms”.

  3. I can’t wait to start my summer reading! I am currently reading Jenni Allen’s book and each day I’m moved to make those essential changes in my prayer life!
    Thanks to all of you for allowing our God to use you.