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Deidra is a national speaker and the author of Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are, and One: Unity in a Divided World. Follow Deidra on Instagram @deidrariggs

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Deidra,

    “I know me and I know that sometimes rejoicing is the last thing I deserve. I know I can be the source of the thunderclouds in my home, and that my harsh words sometimes can strike like lightning in my family’s life. I know sometimes I’m the reason for the storm. I also know: sometimes life gets so heavy I can barely see my way through the dark and the fog” That describes my life to a tee. My & hubby’s thunderclouds come from work & his long drive–it just wears us out getting up early & home late.

    To think daily of God rejoicing over me with singing is something I want to start doing and then start acting like I deserve it, which of course I don’t!

    Great post!

    • I love that umbrella. I brought it with me to my daughter’s graduation. What was I thinking? I should have gotten two!

  2. What a blessing to know and believe that God rejoices over me with singing! Especially when I know that I am SO not worthy….yet he sees lil ol’ me, and starts to hum. THAT brings tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for this message today! It made my day.

  3. Hey Deidra,
    Do you know how to become a DaySpring Reviewer?

    Thank you!

    🙂 Kristin

  4. I,ve never read this verse before! It,s powerful! Thnk you for sharing it.i also love the gorgeous umbrella! I did buy 3 of the mugs -buy 2get one free- these will be christmas gifts for friends. Thank you.

    • It is one of my absolute favorite verses in the bible. The first time I heard it, someone quoted it to me and I didn’t believe them. But I looked it up and, sure enough, there it was in black in white! You could have knocked me over with a feather!

  5. Cute girly, whimsical umbrellas may look great on the outside, but many of us have to protect our selves from the storms in our in our lives, be it emotional or physical. So, sometimes it takes an extra strength, durability and simplicity to make it through. We wish that whimsy could be enough… Blessings!

    • Susanne, it is such a gift to know we don’t need to protect ourselves by ourselves. God longs to be our covering, and to place us in community with other women who can pray with us and live through all of life’s storms right alongside us, together holding onto God for dear life. Grace and peace to you, Susanne. Grace and peace.

  6. Why are so many of us certain that we have not earned God’s rejoice and singing? I fall into that category. Although it saddens me to see others voice the way I feel, I just can’t help but to ask the question. Why do we feel so unworthy?

    • It is a sad thing when lies drown out the gentle voice of God who is, indeed, singing over us and rejoicing because of us. Of course, the enemy would like nothing more than to have us think all of that rejoicing is for everyone but us. But nothing could be more untrue, Susanne. The truth is that God loves us. God loves YOU – just the way you are. Anything else is not the truth.

  7. Its moments like this i just want to say boo too, living here in the UK stops me from enjoying the beauty of daysprings products.

    • Oh, boo! 🙂
      If you ever have the opportunity to visit the US, you’ll have to bring along an extra suitcase so you can stock up!

  8. thanks for this post-it made me cry! I was feeling like I am walking in a dark fog, and the rain is caused by my failure and sin. This morning I felt God rejoicing over me inspite of where I am. It gave me hope and instead of focusing on my failure I can see his grace, and his face.