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  1. a rebel daughter for only so long …
    now that’s she’s gone …
    her compassion for those in pain …
    her stead fast ability to commit
    & a heart of love I inherited by faith
    the red bird, that greats me
    as I go
    tis so My Mother is
    always with me.

    • Mama is gone now. She was my very best friend. The most caring and loving woman I will ever know. Thanks for teaching me love Mama.

  2. My momma is always smiling… and helping…if you could see her right now… you would see my 88 year old momma at the ironing board. why on Mother’s Day morning? because my boys gave me a blue linen skirt for Mother’s Day and she wanted me to wear it to church. she has the most lovely hands, not because they don’t have wrinkles or age spots… but because they are rarely still… only resting momentarily. So many stories her hands could tell… of friend’s they have cooked for, mending they have done for a neighbor, the gentle pats they have placed on the arm of a hurting loved one… what I know about caring for people I learned from watching my mother… she never sat me down and TOLD me… she lived it every single day and still does!!! so very blessed that I am getting today with her! I love you with all my heart!!!

  3. Mom is gone now, but left a fine example of a spirit-filled loving woman. My best traits, like patience, I got from her.

  4. My Mom has always been, and will forever be, a rock of faith in my life. No matter what the cirucmstances, she has always proclaimed, “God is good. All the time.” She has taught me to look at God and not at any circumstance; no matter how big it may seem, God is bigger.

  5. My Mum died just over 12 years ago. We argued a lot, being so much alike in many ways, but loved each other very much.
    We lost my younger sister at aged 20 with a brain tumour – she had only been married 3 months when she was diagnosed and spent the next 3 months in hopistal where she died. Her husband eventually re-married and the grace my mother (and father) showed towards my brother-in-law’s new wife was amazing. They welcomed her into the family, as another daughter – she had lost both her parents. Their children became my parent’s grandchildren and our children’s cousins. Now our children have children of their own and still, we are all family. This would never had been the case if my mother had not had the grace to accept with such love the 2nd wife. It fills me with such pride and am so grateful that instead of our family decreasing, it grew.

    My Mum also taught me compassion, caring for others, to laugh, to cry, to have faith when all seemed lost – I miss her so much and in my late 60s now. She was not perfect, by any means – neither am I, but I am so grateful she was my Mum.

  6. My awesome mom taught me about faith in God, service and love… She is amazing, compassionate, forgiving; it is good to live in a spirit of forgiveness and strength.

  7. My awesome mama taught me, and still does the power of being true to my faith. To thinking positive and that God has a solution to all of our problems. She also lives the Golden Rule, and there is no finer woman than my mom.

  8. My mama has taught me so much!!! She is the Godly mama and wife I pray I am someday 🙂 and the awesome lady I strive to be!!!

  9. My Mom always put everyone before herself! I never heard her complain about my brother and me.She was so patient with me as I was a fearful kid…looking back;I realize that not all mothers are like mine was!! Thanks Mom and thank you Lord for such a wonderful Mom!!

  10. My Mama is a very brave, courageous women. I pray that I will be able to walk in her footsteps. She raised three daughters and returned to the working world (she was very scared I still remember that) after her divorce. She has traveled on her own, taken the trip of a life time with 2 of her granddaughters to Italy. She shared the precious story of going to her grandfathers home town and putting the soil into a bag and bringing it home. She is fun loving and makes people laugh. She is still working at the age of almost 74 years young, and her check out line at Costco is the longest because her regular customers would rather wait and experience her company than be rushed through their day. She has grown so much in her walk with Jesus and I adore her. Thank you for giving us a place to cherish our Mama’s and thank you for pouring your blessings into others lives !
    Until HE shouts,

  11. I learned through my MOM that the love of God is forever. Life may throw us some curve balls and stomp all over us but God’s love for us will get us through everything if we but have faith and trust in HIm.

  12. My dear grandma Crew was my mentor & one that LIVED what she taught~~ the Love & direction of our Lord Jesus Christ was instilled in me from very early childhood. I know she will be greeting me in heaven when that time comes. The struggles with my own mother was painful & difficult, but wonder what it will be like when I meet her in heaven too. I could not live my life without the Love & direction of our precious Lord. I truly do not fear my passing when that comes because I look forward to my Eternal life which makes this time on earth temperary.

  13. My Mother took five little children to church every Sunday morning for years! She made our clothes and shined our shoes and fed us and she gave a little to the church each week! She gave us a little to in too! She did not have much to give but she gave God five clean sweet children she taught us that God loved us and she said he would take care of us and let us know that when we had questions we were to ask Him! She taught is the importance of God, Sunday school messages taught through respected teacher! She taught us manners and love for those with less than us! She taught us that God had all the answers and that His Word the Bible was true! Yes dad was there, in the head of our home, but it was Mom who brought it all together for us! Thanks Mom!

  14. My mother was so loving, kind and faithful. She really loved the Lord and walked in faith all of her life. We were so, so close, and she was always there for me no mattter what, and for my sister. We lived close to each other so we visited and did things together often. And if I didn’t see her, we talked at least once a day on the phone. She always made me laugh. And when I had my daughter Jordan, she just loved her so much and cherished all our times together. She’s been gone 6 Years now. I’m battling some serious health problems, but I’m trusting in the Lord for total healing and I know my mom is watching down on me everyday. I love you and miss you so much mom. Xoxo

  15. That God hears your heart even when you don’t have words.

    She was teaching me how to drive and I was nervous about the cars coming towards me in the other lane. She told me keep my eyes ahead, where I’m headed and the other car will take care of itself. I need to keep my eyes on my goal, Jesus, and everything else takes care of itself.

    I’ve watched her love, show kindness, patience like an angel. Most of what she teaches me is just the way she lives.

  16. For Mother’s Day, Mom and Dad had her 3 daughters home, with my 2 brothers coming next weekend. All together 12 of us, in which we all helped with dinner. Mom one daughter said she took the 5 of to church and taught us right from wrong while our Dad worked 6 out of 7 days with maybe 2 weeks off durlng the year, as we were growing up. Not many parents can say that she has a family who has not been in any trouble doing drugs or have drinking problems. Life adventues yes, as married life brings to all of us, but she taught each of us who to turn too! Mom is 76 and Dad 84.
    Six grandchildren with 4 of us, me unable to ever know what being a Mother will ever be. But the love I have for each of them as an Aunt, lets me know what some of the feelings are. Mom being a Sunday School teacher after we left home, continues to instruct us and prays for us each night. The greatest complaint I think I heard my Mom get one Sunday was this:

    I have only 2 kids, and can not get to church on time at times, and other places I need to go. How did you did it with 5 every day, in getting them ready for school and on Sunday’s for church? We do not know how you did it? These comments from those we grew up with in church.
    I do. God gave her the ablility to raise us in His word and gave us the ability to help each other, as we were growing up.

    So I wish all the MOTHER’S a wonderful day today and every day of the year. For those of those like me, we will never know the meaning of being called a MOTHER and receive hugs from those we carried and love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. My mom taught me to never give up in marriage no matter the circumstances–it will work out in the end.

    She raised 4 good girls and moved around the country (east coast only) 5 times in 7 years–enduring each time and not complaining. She was special!

    I will always love her and miss her –gone almost 3 years now!

  18. My beautiful, wonderful Mama showed me to how to serve others with unconditional love….to serve those less fortunate…..she gave and still gives unconditional love……she has a compassionate heart……always a loving touch, a back scratch, a foot rub, a warm hug…..always ready to serve…..and always with a smile and often a giggle. I am so very blessed to have the Mama I have……thank you Jesus for making her MY Mama!

  19. My mum has always had a disciplined prayer life. As a young child when my parents were missionaries, I learned from her that we can commit all to God, and have confidence that out of His love He will provide sufficient for our needs. Now, at 87 years of age, and continents away, the knowledge of her daily prayers for my family is a treasured gift.

  20. My wonderful mother…. she taught me how to have a relationship with Christ. She taught me to seek Him first, to always pray… to always believe and trust in Him and not in my own agenda…. Her loving and living example of a true woman of GOD has been my inspiration and my mentor… She is quiet and humble in spirit… but she is quick to correct and admonish in love… I thank GOD for her… she is one of God’s biggest blessings on my life… I love you mommy…

  21. A very Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!!! You are so loved by God and by all those around you!! Great post! Blessings!

  22. My mom loved that verse! Your reminding me opened a well of memories, and I blogged about her, how she passed on a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline.

  23. My Mom taught me faithfulness. She had a quiet, but strong faith. She was meek: humble, but strong. She didn’t back down on her beliefs. She was soft and tender, always approachable. Full of love, full of faith in her Saviour, Jesus. She passed down a beautiful heritage——thanks, Mom. Forever, eternally grateful to your unashamed faith in Jesus.