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I'm the mother of two little girls, the wife of an amazing husband who'd rather play the guitar than anything else and I love to write. I spend my weekends watching my daughters ride horses and play soccer. I blog daily and my greatest wish is to see women healed...

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. There is so much to pick from that I could say I like, but one thing really struck me and that is the Redeemed – Inspirational Wooden Letters – Set of 8. Beautiful collection!!!

  2. I LOVE it all but the most needful thing I could use is the overnight bag.. so vintage looking!! Great line of products this spring.. love it!

  3. This collection is beautiful. It’s hard to narrow it down to just one favorite, but if I had to pick one, my favorite would be the “Redeemed Grace Jewelry Set.” I love the key chain and the bracelet and the earrings just complete the set.

  4. What don’t I like??? This is so hard! If I were to pick just one thing I think it would be the Everything Beautiful Jewelry Tree. I LOVE the REDEEMED Collection!

  5. There are so many things to choose from… I like all the bags, wallets, wristlets, tote bags, one never has too many accessories… I’m not much into jewelry though it is beautiful… I love the letters Redeemed for a mantle too…. The tote bag, I must say is the one I loved the most…. blessings!!

  6. My favorite is the teacup. It’s purple and has a lid. Purple is my favorite color and pink my second fav. And I drink tea just about every morning. The word beautiful stands out and that’s so encouraging and sweet to read.

  7. I love the lantern and the vinyl wall art the best! So much of it is great. Really like the overnight bag as well.

  8. What a lovely collection! The wooden blocks may be my favorite…but the vinyl lettering is great, too. I like having God’s words surrounding us in our home.

  9. my favorite was the key chain, I have collected key chains for years. love the whole collection

  10. Pick me!! Pick me!! 😉
    I LOVE the whole line of bags and organizers for makeup, etc..but my absolute favorite is the overnight bag!! I can imagine using this as an all-in-one, with my wallet, makeup AND laptop (or iPad) in it!!

    Thanks for the great line of products!! AND a chance to win!!

  11. I seriously just spent almost an hour trying to decide which thing was my favorite…so many great things to choose from! I think for the moment my favorite is the Redeemed – Everything Beautiful – Toiletries Bag…and now I need to submit this comment before I second guess myself on which is really my favorite…

  12. I would love to give the Beautiful in Its Time – Jewelry Tabletop Mirror to a friend of mine. So perfect!

  13. It’s so hard to pick just one thing because the entire collection is beautiful but the Redeemed Jewelry set would probably be favorite!

  14. I really love the first thing I saw – Redeemed – Lovely by Design – Overnight Bag

  15. I am lovin’ almost everything in ths collection. I think the Redeemed – Beautiful in Its Time – Jewelry Tabletop Mirror, may be my favortie. It is so pretty and subtle.

  16. Oh my… so many beautiful things…
    Love the overnight bag, Love the clock, Love the antique gold necklace…
    Thanks for this opportunity…..

  17. Its all so pretty. My favorite is the lantern. It would perfect for my mantle! Thank you for your uplifting and encouraging products. Beautiful!

  18. I am LOVING the Found & Treasured Large Purse and Lovely by Design overnight bag – I just can’t decide between the two. SO many lovely treasures in this collection!

  19. I absolutely LOVE the entire collection. It’s pretty hard to choose just one! If I must, I guess I’d say the overnight bag.

  20. how do I choose just one when it’s all so beautiful?! =) The overnight bag is gorgeous, I guess I’d pick that.
    kathy k

  21. I loved the whole collection, but the This Is the Day – Vinyl Wall Art caught my eye. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  22. There were really a lot of pieces I liked so much. The overnight bag is fun and the Redeemed letters are really cool. I think the piece I would choose if I was buying one would be the wall art. Probably This is the day the Lord has made. I really like posting the word of God all over my home.

  23. Oh my goodness…how to pick just one!? I already own a few pieces (blessed mirror, vase, coasters, cross and water bottle), but my wishlist is still long. I love the blocks, bird cage photo holder, lantern, calendar…my list goes on!! (so needless to say, winning this giveaway would be wonderful so I can check this list off!!;))

  24. So many beautiful things…!!! Some of my favorites are the vintage vase, the redeemed pillow,the “in all thy ways” wall art and the wooden block set. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  25. Really, you’re going to make me pick just one! I love the overnight back, the padded iphone case, the vinyl lettering, the wall, clock, and the I am His necklace! Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. The Redeemed Grace Fashion Cuff Bracelet is my FAVE! I hadn’t viewed the whole collection before now, there are some really stylin’ items!

  27. What a beautiful collection! I really like the Redeemed – Found & Treasured – Large Purse which would be perfect for housing my Bible and study books. The fabrics on the inside and outside have a wonderful vintage feel.

  28. Redeemed – Beautiful in Its Time – Vintage Glass Vase. Flowers always make my home feel happier.

  29. I love the Redeemer-Found & Treasured-Large Purse. I would love to use it to carry a few books, diapers, and other essentials.I love the vintage patterns on this purse, and the fact that it contains scripture on it.

  30. So hard to choose, I love everything but I would love to give the overnight bag to a special someone for a gift.

  31. My favorite is the “My Hope Is In You” checkbook wallet. Would be such a great daily reminder.

  32. This collection is AWESOME!!
    God’s Heart for You – Rhodium Plated Necklace
    75378 is my favorite!

  33. It’s definitely the “Found and Treasured” large purse! It’s so pretty and feminine and vintage-y… I would love to fill this with my stuff and tote it all over town! 🙂

  34. What a blessing it would be to receive any of these beautiful items as a gift! All are such great reminders of God’s love — His redemption gift. I’m such a purse-aholic — I would definitely chose the large purse! Or the smaller purse… or the overnight bag… or the combos including any of those… 🙂

  35. I love the large bag….it would be great for carrying the books I love to read. Everything in this collection is beautiful.

  36. I really love the Lovely by Design – Overnight Bag and Toiletry Bag Set. I’d love to use it on short trips with my hubby. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. I love “this is the day the Lord has made” wall art…..I sing this every morning (or almost every morning…sometimes I wake up with my cranky pants on…lol! But I do wake my children up singing this song every morning in hopes that their day will start joyously and continue that way. I would LOVE to have that on a spare wall in my computer room – with pictures of my 2 precious joys around it. The collection is beautiful!

  38. I love it all but the necklace is really my extra favorite. What a way to be reminded that I am redeeemed and clothed in Him

  39. Oh my goodness…I have been eyeing the overnight bag forever! My husband and I live a state away from both of our families, and we are always taking quick trips to go and see them. This bag would be perfect to bring along!

  40. The vintage glass vase called my name. The simple and timeless quality reminds me that real beauty should be transparent and inherit, not applied or produced externally.

  41. I SO love the antique gold necklace with the verse II Thess 2:13 on the back! I can imagine running around all day with work, bible study, errands & know that every moment all I have to do is feel the precious metal around my neck , close to my heart, to remind me I am a Child of the King – I am Redeemed!

  42. Redeemed created for beauty purse, it is smaller in size and very adaptable to different outfits one might wear.

  43. I love the look of the Redeemed – Grace – Fashion Cuff. What a beautiful bracelet!

  44. Beautiful collection! It truly is hard to pick just one. There are several in the home decor that I would feel very blessed to display, but if I had to pick just one I think it would be the Truly Blessed wooden framed mirror.

  45. Thank you, Dayspring, for embodying generosity. I love every. single. item in this collection — seriously, love it ALL! 🙂 My favorite is probably the He Has Made Everything 16 x 16 pillow. Love the ticking and the vintage design of all the pieces in this collection. Swooooon!

  46. I LOVE the REDEEMED wood letters. I am a word person and this would look great in my family room.

  47. So many beautiful things to choose from, but I think the Truly Blessed Insulated Lunch bag has it for me!

  48. Too much loveliness! What an amazing giveaway! Thank you! I think I’m really loving that Redeemed Found & Treasured purse…yum!!

  49. I love the Redeemed – Truly Blessed – Wooden Framed Mirror. What a great daily reminder that would be to have hanging in my home!

  50. I Love Everything <3
    My Favorite is the Vinyl Wall Art:
    Redeemed by grace  1 Cor. 15:10
    Truly Blessed  John 1:16
    I love to display wall art in my home <3 It is a wonderful way to share the Lord with others <3

  51. love the vintage glass vase ~ I’vealready purchased the overnight bag. It’s a perfect size for weekend getaways!

  52. I agree…love almost everything in the collection, but one of my favorites is the overnight bag! Perfect for my quick trips to visit Grammie! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  53. oh, i am smitten with this collection! the idea of *wearing redeemed* as a reminder–i am in love with that. but i am currently trying to invite more of God, more of a constant reminder of Him into our every moment in our home–and ever since i saw the redeemed wooden letters on Ann’s mantel, i fell in love with them! that would be my pick, for sure! thanks so much for this!

  54. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a few weeks now, and today’s giveaway seems like the perfect day to leave a comment. 🙂 This is a beautiful collection – I love Dayspring!! My favorite is the pillow. Blessings to each of you!

  55. I LOVE all the purses! What a wonderful way to “wear your faith”! The scripture on the purses could start a great conversation!

  56. I love this collection! If I were wealthy I would buy everything and give it to others to remind them of Gods love. My favorites are the begs and jewelry. If I pick just one then it would be the grace set.

  57. As a busy mom, what struck me most of all was the Beautiful in its Own Time wall clock. I find myself constantly feeling out of time and rushed, between music lessons, soccer practice, full-time job, etc., but this clock carries its own reminder, right on the face, to slow down and appreciate the beauty of now, that there is enough time, enough…..

  58. I love them ALL… But, the most useful foro my busy life would be the Redeemed – Found & Treasured – Large Purse!!! I would certainly cherish it!!!

  59. I love the table top mirror because looking at it will always remind you that the person you see is redeemed!!

  60. Hi! it’s sooo hard to decide…! but I choose Redeemed – Treasured Jewelry Set. It would be so good to have, the all day, something on me, that remind me of His love and Grace! So many times, when it’s hard to survive, I forget that He is with me, no matter where! Thank You!

  61. My favorite piece is the truly beautiful makeup bag! So pretty and functional! Thank you for the giveaway!

  62. Sarah,

    I’m so glad God remakes/uptakes, renews & redeemes us daily. I need His grace hourly for my battles.

    I love the “Everything beautiful 365 day perpetual calendar” and/or the “One minute with God 365 day perpetual calendar”. Those are special to me as my hubby and I do a daily devotion–usually at night right before bed and it helps to have quick quotes and scripture to read.

    Actually loved the whole collection!

  63. Too many to choose from! But .. I love displaying scripture around my house, so I would choose the As for Me and My House – Vinyl Wall Art. Blessings on your ministry!

  64. Ok, narrowing this down isn’t easy. I LOVE the large purse, the patchwork design inside the purse is adorable and could hold so much!!! But I love the jewelry also, and the wall art, and the birdcage photo thingy! I could go on…….

  65. Wow! Hard to decide, but probably the wooden cross or some wall art…or both, or all!

  66. I love every piece of the Redeemed Collection – “redeem” is actually my “One Little Word” for 2012! I love the Redeemed Crown Jewelry Set and the Tabletop Mirror, but my favorite right now would have to be the Overnight Bag!


  67. oh I love the little “made for beauty” bag and the blue drop earrings…sorry, I could not just pick one only!! And…I could go on!!

  68. My fiance and I left the wall space behind our couch blank for two years – that’s how long we’ve owned the home. We could never find anything that we felt perfectly fit that space. we wanted something meaningful but with enough color to stand apart from the beige walls, white trim, and cherry floors and furniture.

    Well, we knew we found just what we were missing when we saw the “Bless Our Nest” wrapped canvas print. It’s is full of wonderful shades of blue and is quite meaningful as we both often pray for God to bless our nest and lives. It would look wonderful in our home.

  69. I just love everything in this collection!! No joke. But I really have been searching around for a cutesy toiletries bag to take on my honeymoon, and orange is my favorite color! I think my pick would be the Everything Beautiful Toiletries Bag 🙂

  70. as a writer I love the vintage typwriter look of the Grace studs.
    I also like the table top mirror– beautiful in it’s time and the Proverbs 3:5-6 wall art, my favorite verse. All the products are beautiful!

  71. I love the weekend bags and the vinyl art – though there is loads to choose from 🙂 but please help us find a way of buying these wonderful things in the UK, last time I had to pay quite a bit of ‘import tax’ and as I have no idea how much that will be then I just won’t order anything more 🙁

  72. Well, I love a lot of stuff on there, but I most like the Grace earrings & ring set and the inspirational wooden blocks. (I know that’s two things . . . Sorry . . . I couldn’t narrow it down between those two items!)

  73. I love the Lantern and the Wooden Cross….I’m looking to get those to out on my new patio…I want to be surrounded by Him!!!!

  74. I have had my eye on the large Found & Treasured purse, love the print on the outside & the inside, looks so bright & happy!

  75. Like everyone else is saying…..I love the Redeemed collection, its so beautiful!! I believe my favorite is the Found & Treasured – Large Purse and Makeup Bag Set. I love the colors and fabrics, but mostly the message of being treasured by God!

  76. I bring my lunch to work daily and occasionally picnic/hike with my husband on weekends and road trips and would love to have the Redeemed – Truly Blessed – Insulated Lunch Bag. This would be a great mid-day reminder of where my heart and mind need always be and the continual blessings in my life. My current lunch container has seen much better days.

  77. Oooh–I think my favorite is the Found & Treasured large purse! It is so hard to choose, but everything about the design and message speak to me on this one!

  78. I absolutely love the Lovely by Design overnight bag! Would be great for mini-vacations with my soon-to-be husband 🙂

  79. I love the Redeemed collection! Especially the Lovely by Design overnight bag. It is so cute and a great size for weekend trips. I love the patchwork pattern on the front and it looks like it will hold a lot! What a cute collection!

  80. That wooden calendar is fantastic!!! The days pass in a blur for me, so it would help! I could see getting the kids to take turns changing the date over each morning.

  81. love the collection, lots of blues (my fave color) but I fell in love with the Redeemed – Everything Beautiful – Decorative Lantern-I can so see it with a beautiful lighted candle in my entryway.

    • ACTUALLY. While I really love the bag, I have so many bags that I rarely ever use… I change my favorite to:

      the Beautiful In Its Time: Vintage Glass Vase

      I know it’s so simple… but I love it. The height, shape, size, and the lines…. not to mention the verse! It’s wonderful.

  82. I have been eyeing that large purse and makeup bag set for awhile now. I also like the crown necklace because my last name is King!

  83. My favorite has to be the found and treasured Large Purse and the Jewelry Mirror. I love the whole collection but these two are my favorites. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  84. I like the “Keep Calm and Pray On” padfolio and water bottle set, because I think the bottle will be useful now for spreading The Word, and the padfolio also will be useful for keeping track of those I am praying for. Both items will also still be useful and comforting if and when the world goes to hell in a hand basket. ;o} Here is a link to the item:

  85. What a wonderful collection! I guess my favorite would be the Redeemed – Treasured Jewelry Set. Thank you for this giveaway!!

  86. I love the “Beautiful in your time” vintage glass vase!!! It would be perfect for when I buy myself flowers. ; )

  87. i love the Redeemed – Everything Beautiful – Jewelry Tree. Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway!

  88. I really like the wall art and the wooden letters. Daily reminders of what He did for me!

  89. I love it all! Hard to pick if you just have to vote for one item! I guess I always love candlelight! I will say the Lantern! So pretty~

  90. I’m with everyone else! I love it all, but if I have to choose, I’ll pick the lantern!

  91. Everything in the collection is so awesome but I would have to pick the grace earrings
    and ring set.So beautiful!!!!!!!

  92. I really like the grace ring and earring set. What a beautiful blue and marvelous message.

  93. Hello,
    As others have posted I LOVE the whole collection!! I am a purse and tote gal, so the one that I really like is Redeemed – Found and Treasured – Large Purse and Makeup Bag Set!!

    The collection shows that LOVE of CHRIST, BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Blessings Tina

  94. One of my favorite pieces is the antiqued gold finish necklace. There are many favorites in this collection, but I do love the necklace.

  95. Redeemed – Truly Blessed – Bird Cage Photo Holder
    So many beautiful things to choose from.

  96. My favorite is the Truly Treasured Wallet. But there are so many awesome things, it was really hard to just pick one!

  97. I am probably a little different than most but I REALLY like the Masculine Padfolio. It is one I could definately use for work without being too distracting. I like a lot of the items in the collections but that is my favorite and the make up bag is a close second.

  98. So hard to choose! I had to spend some time browsing everything and then looking at everyone elses answers in case it would help me decide on just one thing. I think if I had to choose one thing it would be the Overnight Bag but it is all so beautiful! The vinyl wall art would be my second choice.

  99. My fave is the Truly Beautiful Makeup Bag. I bought this for my 18 year old daughter. She is beautiful, but struggles with that sometimes. I wanted her to be constantly reminded that is God’s eyes, and Mom’s, she is Truly Beautiful.. ALWAYS!

  100. I’ve looked at several of the categories and there were some that I really loved, but for different reasons I decided against them (like the vinyl wall art – we live in a rental and I would be sad to have to leave it when we move), so I have to say that my favorite was the very first thing to see, the Antiqued Gold Finish Necklace with the bird and the letter R (my husband’s initial!).

  101. My favorite item from the Redeemed collection is the Truly Blessed Wooden Framed Mirror.

  102. It’s hard to pick just one…I love everything in the Redeemed Collection.
    I would pick the Ceramic Coasters for my kitchen table. But I also love the wallet and totes. lol

  103. I’ve been loving lanterns lately, and their lantern is no exception! Though that “Beautiful In Time” Clock is a close runner up.

  104. Thank you so much for this lovely contest 🙂

    My fave definetely is Redeemed – I Am His Necklace, love the deep meaning of it 🙂

  105. Especially love the “Beautiful” keychain. Nice reminder that all things are accomplished in God’s perfect time, and that truly is – Beautiful!

  106. It’s so hard to pick! As an artist whose media is found/recyclyed/upcycled things I LOVE the Redeemed collection. The Redeemed – Grace – Fashion earrings are so pretty but I really like the Antique Gold Finish necklace too. It’s all beautiful!

  107. I love the Redeemed – Antiqued Gold Finish Necklace!! I’ve been looking this necklace this style and I love the message attached to this one- makes it even better!!

  108. I really dig this one: Redeemed – Created for Beauty – Purse and Wristlet Set!

  109. Love this collection, but especially love the large purse and the overnight bag. The vintage look is fantastic.

  110. I love both the DREAM tote and book AND the overnight bag and toiletry bag. But, if I could only “pick one”, it would be the beautiful overnight with the companion toiletry bag. I love all the color AND the great organization. You could pack everything you need and always be ready on a moment’s notice! I would even want to take it with me in the Rapture!

  111. I am a fan of the whole collection, but if I had to pick just one thing it would be the Redeemed – Lovely by Design – Overnight Bag. I also like the the redeemed antique gold necklace.

  112. The “Found and treasured” large purse is my absolute favorite, but then my husband says I have a handbag addiction. 🙂 Lovely line of products, Dayspring!

  113. I love the Redeemed – Beautiful in Its Time – Wall Clock. My mom is moving in to a new home and I would just love to be able to give this to her.
    Thank you of the giveaway opportunity!

  114. LOVE the Redeemed Wall Clock! Such a beautiful reminder moment by moment that God makes ALL things beautiful in His time!

  115. I really like the entire collection, but my favorite thing is the oval mirror. I love the scripture and since it is inscribed on a mirror, it is a beautiful reminder that what we see on the outside is not what he sees on the outside. And as our outward beauty fades, he is making us inwardly more and more beautiful, according to his time table, not ours.

  116. I have to say that I love the look of vintage jewelry and your collection is beautiful.
    My favorite piece is the Grace-fashion cuff. It is strikingly lovely! The arrangement of the charm pieces is outstanding and the colors are so suited together. I love pearls and blue is my favorite color. I think it would make a good conversation piece, thus a great way to share my faith!

  117. I absolutely love the bag. I am kinda addicted to purses and ecspecially ones of such beauty.

  118. The Redeemed – Truly Blessed – Wooden Framed Mirror would be a perfect addition in our home hallway to hang our keys! Thank you!

  119. I have to say my favorite of all would be the redeemed I am His necklace…I love the design and the meaning behind the piece. Beautiful~

  120. I love the Redeemed collection! The overnight bag is awesome but we are moving out-of-state so I think I would pick the Redeemed By Grace & Truly Blessed vinyl wall art. They would be beautiful reminders in our new home! Thank you!

  121. I adore the Redeemed – Antiqued Gold Finish Necklace. I wear my faith…so I like to wear my faith. : D But I don’t have a necklace yet that isn’t simply a cross. Thanks for such a FUN contest!

  122. ok, that’s a really tough one, but since i would LOVE a jewelry tree, I think I’ll go with that . . . although I also love the overnight bag (and, did I mention the tabletop mirror? yup, that too!)
    thanks much for the fabulous stuff and a giveaway.

  123. I love the coaster set! I love the look of the set altogether and the fact that they have such inspirational messages and graphics.

  124. Its so hard to pick a favorite….
    I’d say the Redeemed – Antiqued Gold Finish Necklace, or the I Am His – Pillar Mug….
    All SO SO lovely

  125. I love the Wallet… love the chevron, and love the patchwork. What a great reminder as I’m out running errands, that I’m redeemed and that I have an opportunity to share that attitude with everyone I do business with!

  126. I really love the “beautiful in it’s time” pillow. Each piece is special though. Thanks for the chance.

  127. Since I’m going on a plane trip next month, I’d really love to have the overnight bag.

  128. I love the I Am His necklace…the leaf design is simple yet elegant. Great collection!!!

  129. It’s such a beautiful collection! I think my favorite is the necklace – It just reminds me of His Faithfulness!

  130. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Redeemed Antiqued Gold Finished Necklace. It’s such a great reminder to wear above your heart! I just imagine after a tough day being reminded instantly that I AM REDEEMED!

  131. The wooden inspirational blocks are delightful!! I love their creative versitility and the encouraging message they can bring to a heart.

  132. I really like the “Beautiful in Its Time” wall clock:) I have a spot on my wall that I’ve been searching for the right clock for about 6 months… This clock is beautiful, and I LOVE the message and reminder!

  133. I love the I Am His Necklace and the As for Me and My House Vinyl Wall Art. It would be a hard decision to pick between the two. So many gorgeous things in the whole collection.

  134. My Nana just passed away and her service is on the 27th. (I get to miss the webcast 🙁 ) I love the clock and purple tea cup with lid. They remind me of her so much.

  135. My Nana just passed away and her service is on the 27th. (I get to miss the webcast 🙁 ) I like the clock and the purple tea cup with a lid. Those 2 items remind me so much of her. She meant the world to me and I miss her deeply.

    • Sorry for 2 posts, having some technical difficulties trying to do this on my iPhone.

  136. I love the Beautiful in Its Time – Jewelry Tabletop Mirror – perfect for my bathroom counter – hope to be selected – thank you for all your great gifts and giveaways full of encouragement and inspiration!

  137. Wow! I love the Redeemed items. I love jewelry and love how each piece is so unique and I also love the Reedeemed Found & Treasured Purse and Makeup bag!

  138. I already have the lantern and LOVE it. It is great for lighting up my back porch when I’m expecting friends. But I’d love to have the Found & Treasured large purse. I love the bright colors and unexpected design. The overnight bag is pretty cool, too!

  139. It was very hard to choose a favorite, but I would have to say I really like the wall clock

  140. All beautiful. I couldn’t decide on fun (cobalt blue grace ring) or sophisticated (trust fashion ring) both can bring about conversations when someone compliments the jewelry.

  141. I love so many things, but I really like the make-up bag. I can see so many uses for this other than make-up.

  142. I am DEFINITELY all about the bags! 🙂 I’m a real-life bag-lady 🙂 lol. I love big, roomy bags and purses and I am always carrying my whole life around in them. What makes THESE bags special are the beautiful messages on the side; ‘lovely by design’ on the overnight bag and ‘found and treasured’ on the large purse. Having recovered from eating disorders in the past, it’s always good to have scripture-based reminders of my value and identity in Him right nearby where I can see it.

  143. SO many cute items, it’s a toss up between Redeemed – Found and Treasured – Large Purse and Makeup Bag Set and Redeemed – Lovely by Design – Overnight Bag and Toiletry Bag Set. Thank you so much!

  144. It is a lovely collection that it is too hard to choose one favorite. The Redeemed – Truly Treasured – Wallet would be perfect since I just happen to need a new one!

  145. Oh man… this is very very difficult. I narrowed it down from every single thing… because I love them ALL.. down to just two. I can not decide between the two. I love the Redeemed by Grace & Truly Blessed vinyl wall art… and I love the overnight bag! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  146. I like the Home Decor items best from the Redeemed product line. These items serve as a daily reminder and edifier within our home as to who we are choosing to believe in, live for and to whom we belong. And if I can be strengthened and edified by these within my home then it will enable me to go out into the world daily with that same strength and encouragement and with His love to give and to share with all those that I may meet and encounter that day.

  147. I love the entire collection! But I can narrow it down to my top three; the redeemed necklace, all vinyl wall art, and the 365 flip calendars. I truly NEED to have God’s Word around me at all times!! Thanks

  148. The Everything Beautiful Pillar Mug – it reminds me of my twin sister, whom I lost recently. She was truly one to point out all of the beauty God created that surrounds us every day which we so often take for granted. Butterfiles were one of her favorites (even if she called the flutterbys!)

  149. My favorite is the beautiful Grace necklace! I have been reminded to extend grace to others with a genuine heart and smile. This necklace worn next to my heart would be a gentle, beautiful reminder to extend grace to those around me more!

  150. I love the tote bag . . . and all of the bags, really . . . that’s why I’ve already ordered the wallet. The vinyl wall art, jewelry, mmm all of it is just lovely!!

  151. My favorite item from the collection is definitely the Overnight Bag. It is gorgeous! And absolutely something that I could use! What a great line-up of products in this collection!

  152. I love the collection. I hope they continue to create more products to expand their collection. I love all the jewelry but, I could really use the Redeemed – Everything Beautiful – Jewelry Tree, before I buy anymore Jewelry! My husband complains about how messy and cluttered my dresser is, I’m considering buying this to help with that issue : ) lol

  153. There are so many gorgeous things! But I think my favorite is the Redeemed – I Am His Necklace. It’s simple but still a great reminder.

  154. I’m loving the overnight bag and the redeemed found and treasured large purse! So, hard to decide!

  155. My favorite piece, although many of them were my favorites, is the Redeemed Everything Beautiful Dangle Earrings.

  156. My sister is an extraordinary and beautiful young woman. We haven’t always had the greatest of relationships, but God has been redeeming our friendship and it is wonderful getting to know her again. She has been living at home to take care of our grandparents, working 2 jobs, going to community college full-time, and holds two A.A. degrees. Her life hasn’t been easy, and I think in many ways she feels like she has to hold our family together and has been taking on this invisible burden of responsibility that she doesn’t have to bear for a long time. She finally has the opportunity to go away to a four-year college in the fall, and many things have been going wrong. I know this is going to be a wonderfully enriching experience for her, and I want to do everything I can to encourage her and remind her of just how beautiful she is – inside and out – and just how much her hard work and example of service means to me.

    I’m not sure how your selection process will work or if it even truly matters that I’m explaining all of this, but I wanted to write this because my sister deserves the absolute best. I’d want to give her Redeemed- Created for Beauty purse and wristlet set to take with her to college in the fall.

  157. the collection is great! thanks for sharing. i especially like the overnight bag 🙂

  158. I really love the wallet, so I purchased it. There are so many beautiful tings in this collection, it is hard to have a favorite.

  159. I like the coasters…and so many more! I would love to have more Scripture around our home. Looking for ways to incorporate God’s Word in our decor.

  160. Love, love, love everything in this collection!!! But to pick just one, it would have to be the vintage glass vase.

  161. I’m loving the Crown Necklace and the Trust Ring!! So beautiful and such good reminders of my identity in Him and His care for me!

  162. I love the “Beautiful in its time” pillow. When I saw it, I immediately thought what a perfect Mother’s Day gift it would make for my beautiful mom. She prayed me through some very rebellious teenage years, and our relationship hasn’t always been easy. 20 years later, the Lord has strengthened our bond, and our relationship is one of the most beautiful and important in my life! Thank God for beautiful moms who pray without ceasing!

  163. I love the whole collection, but probably my favorite is the Redeemed – Created for Beauty – Medium Purse…or is it the overnight bag, or the wristlet? I can’t decide. 😛

    tara cm

  164. I Love the necklaces and the white stone ring!!! The leaf necklace is SO cute!!!

  165. I like it all but I really like the “Redeemed by Grace & Truly Blessed – Vinyl Wall Art” and the “Beautiful in Its Time – Wall Clock” I just can’t decide which is my favorite.

  166. The Redeemed wooden block set of 8 is absolutely beautiful and the message it displays is so powerful in one word. It reminds me of what my Saviour did for me, it reminds me where my true wealth is and it reminds of His truth and grace.

  167. Oh my goodness. I almost cried watching that video. These pieces have caught my heart. I think of many girls and women in my life who would be blessed by gifts from this collection.

    I especially love the wallets. It would mean so much to me to have a “positive wallet” where, every time I go to spend money on something – I am reminded by the truth that I should live by…even in my finances.

    Would love to host a Review and Giveaway for this on my blog 🙂

  168. Wow. You have a lot of posts to read!!! My fave, to add to your reading, is the Antique Gokd Necklace. It looks like something that has been handed down, mother to daughter, for generations. So simple yet a statement piece and a treasure.

  169. I love the mirror – every time you look at yourself in it you are reminded of how much our God love us and how beautiful we are.