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Satisfied by the dewdrops of God’s grace and my undeserved position in Christ, I simultaneously rest and run in my God-enabled roles of pastor’s wife, mother, and friend. His work is my joy.

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  1. Oh how lovely & true! In the midst of raising 3 kids (in 3 years), homeschooling 8 of their school years, having a husband who travelled or worked way too many hours (so I could stay home with the kids) – I heard over and over what a waste it was.
    Well, those kids all grew up, and all are committed to the Lord, serving where they have been called (or in transition to a new field). It wasn’t always easy, they made mistakes (as did I), but I can’t blame it on not doing what God called ME to do.
    It’s like a cross cultural experience…it can be different – but that doesn’t mean wrong. We each have to be faithful in what we are called to do!
    Bravo Mom!! Be faithful in raising your little ones! After they are running down the road, there will be time (I promise!) to do the other things..,but I bet you’ll be led to do something else.. Take that mission trip, volunteer in that ministry, or some *new and exciting* way God is gifting you.
    Just keep walking with Him…

    Grace & peace….

    • Amen, Marina. It’s amazing how sometimes it takes far more faith to put one foot in front of the other than it does to make grandiose leaps. Thank you for your words of encouragement to all those mommies out there, and thanks for reading.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that living a life of faithfulness is most important, over being recognized. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be seen.

    • We all want to feel important don’t we? But, we are seen and known by an Almighty God. Oh, that that would be sufficient! Thanks for reading, Barbie.

  3. Joy,

    This could not have come at a more opportune time. Our children are 31, 29, and 27. Yet at this point, we find ourselves helping to raise our grandson who will be 2 in March. We survived a horrendous house fire, set by our daughter-in-law while we all slept–baby included–and found ourselves taking custody of a 4-month old baby while his dad completed his tour of duty in the Middle East. I always said that it was important for me to be at home raising our kids and helping my husband. I always figured that when I was done doing that, I would be free to do other things. I now find myself back at bottles, diapers, potty training and all things that I thought behind me. I would have it no other way. But truthfully, it gets discouraging because it feels as though I’m not doing anything particularly important. I know better but I needed the encouragement. Thanks so much.


    • Oh dear Sue. I am heartbroken at your story and can’t imagine the emotional trials you have been through. Thank you for loving that little baby, for valuing his life, and in doing so bringing honor to God. God sees, knows, approves, and has great blessing in store for you both in this life and in the one to come. Hang in there friend. I wish you could see me giving you a standing ovation! Hugs.

  4. Thank you so much for this reminder! This is something I struggle with as I have always been a stay at home mom even though my children are now 23, 25 and 28! I now have the freedom to set my own schedule, spend time with my 1st grandson and do ministry. You would think that would be enough but I constantly compare myself to women who are “more successful”, especially those in the limelight. Why do we do this to ourselves? I’m praying that God will use me right now, right where I am, today–and not because I want the recognition! I pray that He would remove my need to be noticed!

  5. Oh Joy, how encouraging! Thank you. I look around my life every so often and think, “What have I really done with my life?” I think I confuse humility with mediocrity.

    • Wow, Diane. That is an insightful statement. In this upside down world, we are told that humility is mediocrity, yet Jesus was anything but mediocre. May we follow His example and serve others in the lowly and unseen places. Thanks for reading.

  6. “here is where the comparison game can get deadly.” How sooo very very true! I’m constantly comparing myself to others, especially those “more successful or talented” than I.

    Why can’t we just accept our lot in life and learn to be content with the roles God has gifted us with in this season of life?

    Thanks for an inspiring post!

    • Ah, yes. The sin of comparison. It’s the enemy’s crafty ploy to take our attention off of what God wants us to do. It’s even harder in today’s society where we interact with more people in one day than those of old did in a whole lifetime! Thanks so much for sharing. May you be “famous” today in God’s eyes!

  7. You have written and shared what I have been unable to put into words. Today is the first morning I have had to watch my son head off to work just as his father always has. I realize this is a moment, a day I could sit and cry wondering what I have done with my life all these years as a mostly stay at home mom, but I refuse to do that. God has different plans for me and has made sure I know I am needed today even if my family is not home. I received a text from a young woman I met once briefly asking if we could meet for coffee today. This may not sound signifigant to some, but to the women gathered here I know you get the weight of what I am saying. She and I meeting certainly won’t be broadcast on the news tonight as something monumental in the world, but it shall be a great moment for us. I am so excited to know that God has chosen me on this day to sow into the life of a younger woman. I shall be faithful knowing it matters.

    • Thank you for sharing Jennifer. We will just never know this side of heaven the important things we have done for Christ on this earth. His ways are not our ways, and you meeting with this young woman is exactly where God wants you to be. Thank you for being obedient to Him and being an example to us all. May you feel His pleasure upon you today.

  8. Thank you so much for this! So often the comparison game leave me feeling defeated and to be honest, like a failure. I often ask myself, “If no one reads my blog, is it for nothing?” I have to remind myself, I do it for my kids, so they have some record of what we do/did when they were young. And most importantly, out of faithfulness to share with them what God placed on my heart at such a time as this. Not having the time or the money to go on mission trips, lead women’s ministries, cook for the masses or feed the poor because I’m teaching our kids or running them to sporting events is where I’m at. In a world where bigger and more gets the accolades it’s hard just being a “mom.” Thank you for the reminder that God sees the faithfulness.

    • Oh Kimberly, I think all of us moms go through this. I am so encouraged, though, when I remember that as I humble myself, in His own way and in His own time, He will lift me up (James 4:10). It’s so much better than anything man can do for me. Thanks for reading, and may you be encouraged today! Hugs.

  9. Hi Joy, Thanks so much for the encouragement to walk faithfully in the ordinary stuff. I can’t help but believe that, in God’s economy, the little stuff is pretty significant.

    We’ll see on the other side 🙂

  10. This truly applies to me. I do tend to compare myself with other, either blogging ~ More people like her, why don’t they like me? or even in the Spiritual nature ~ She has so much more scriptural knowledgeable. She seems to be on top while I always seem to struggle. Meanwhile, I just keep plodding along.

    • Oh Lisa, if we are honest, I think all women struggle with this. May we take our eyes off of others and fix them squarely on Christ, and may all of the confusion and condemnation melt away. Bless you.

  11. Thank you so much for encouraging me today. Being overseas in a foreign country and homeschooling my 2 children while teaching an esl class, is stressful many days. I have cried and given my cares to the Lord everyday. Through it all I try to remain faithful to what the Lord has called me to do. I hope and pray things will get easier for the next school year…not sure if we should move back to my home country for my children’s education sake. I would appreciate your prayers. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your heart, Laura. You have many “worlds of faithfulness” converging upon you at once. I prayed that our faithful God would extend Himself to you so that you can be faithful right where you are. May the joy of our Lord be your strength! Hugs, sister.

  12. Thank you this encouraging piece on faithfulness, the true heart of what matters in our lives, and someday, we will hear those words, “Well done, good and faithful servant” from Our Lord Jesus!

  13. I so identified with this story today! I meet friends and strangers with exciting jobs and positions and my work in daycare having fun, laughing with and nurturing children and my own son and his young friends for years may not be remembered, unless it has given them confidence as they go forward in life because they were loved and appreciated for themselves… you blog, some of us took lots of photos/albums, we just do our best to live and grow and know that God’s eyes are upon us regardless of if it is recorded by us.
    For myself I will never forget and forever cherish every precious moment my mother (and Oma and aunts) gave me, how special our ‘mom and me’ times were: going out to try on hats and eat cheesecake, long walks admiring autumn colours or hoar frost, etc. – every precious moment! My father’s grief and dissapointments cannot overshadow (for me) the precious sharing of nature, captured turtles or snakes, bird watching, fishing (even if it did for him in his pain).
    Parents and caregivers hands and attitudes are the hands and faces of God and His grace, when we fail we have to pick ourselves up and keep giving because we are his light on earth and there is no position more important, no matter what the pay or the title, than that of letting someone know that they are special and that they are loved.
    Very nice blog and comments here today – thank you!

    • I so appreciate your comments, Liz. It is true, there is nothing more important to God than a person who takes on His character and is the hands and feet of Jesus to others. When rewards are handed out in heaven, I think that there are going to be some surprises ;-).

  14. I loved when you said ‘consistently doing the right things and stringing together choices and decisions that strengthen the fabric and deepen our legacy…that so sums up today for me what being faithful is. I am on a difficult journey with my husband struggling with depression and alcohol problems and my desire is to be faithful in walking with him through this. Thank you for your encouragement.

    • Oh Kerrie. Thank you so much for your vulnerability and sharing within this community. I can’t imagine the battle that you are facing and the determination it must take to live moment by moment in faith and right actions. I pray that you would continue to trust God as you just put one foot in front of the other. In that manner, may you and your husband find victory!!

  15. I didn’t have time to read this yesterday. But I know God knew I would need it this morning so much more. After several years of health struggles, I am healing but not completely. And I want to do more, feeling pressure from others to have a career or ministry. Thank you for reminding me that it is my faithfulness before God that matters. I have copied your devotion to my journal to reread when I get discouraged.
    Thank you!

    • Sherry, thank you for your sweet and open spirit about this internal struggle. You are not alone! The enemy wants to discourage us, but God’s Word says that when we abide in Him, we WILL bear much fruit. You can be flat on your back and still be productive for God’s kingdom if you remain attached to Him. I am so glad you read today. Hugs from afar….