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  1. My perspective on these verses was totally changed when someone pointed out that none of the descriptions of love are passive. They are all active. They are things we need to ‘do’….not wait to ‘feel’.

  2. Today is my 12th Annv. We are in New Orleans. This is the only email I am opening this morning. How apropose that it is love Blessings you you all this Sunday

  3. As a wonderfully nice surprise some single friends (either widowed, divorced or single)–gave me a nice hand made wall hanging–oval shaped with flowers pressed on bottom and that scripture 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 hand scrolled inside the oval and our names Beth and Doug at the bottom all inside oval. This was all encased in a ncie gold frame.

    I have it hanging in our main bathroom. It was and is a gift that I truly treasure!

  4. Very special to us as this came through on our 40th wedding anniversary!
    But please, please, read it in context as Paul mean’t it to be, Read the chapter before and the chapter after.

  5. 1corithians13 is my favorite words of wisdom in the BIBLE!!!
    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,…….and more LOVE!