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  1. I would love to receive these card sets to send as encouragement to those that the Lord gives me opportunity to. My goal is to send a card every time I see a need for encouragement.

  2. One of my resolutions for this year is to send real life cards and letters in the real life mail instead of going for the easy/less personal email or facebook note. I’ve already begun by sending my first mailed note, and I’ve been looking for some nice packs of cards that I could start stocking up so I’ll never have the excuse of not having some on hand.

  3. How awesome…I always wait until the last minute to get cards. This would be ONE way to make sure I had them on hand!

  4. oops…let me rephrase that so it looks like a goal: I want to always have cards on hand so that I don’t have to scramble at the last minute to buy “the perfect card” 🙂

  5. My goal is to empty the greeting card organizer i ordered after Christmas. That’s less than one a week, but two are already out the door with three more on the way Saturday. (Lots happens in January.)

  6. My goal for 2012 is to be more intentional about sending thank you notes in a timely manner. I do a good job with the kids birthdays but never seem to get my own notes written. I want to be better about that this year.

  7. A card with a handwritten note attached is one of the most encouraging things we can do. What joy it is to receive one and also to send one out!

  8. My goal is to send my sister in the Philippines at least one card a month. I was AWFUL last year and I know how much it means to her.

  9. My goal would be to send encouragement. Lost my job last year, I have the time to send cards…. the give away would help this!

  10. My goal this year is not to send cards when people expect them although I will do that, rather my goal is to send them when they are unexpected because I know from experience that receiving a card in the mail when I’ve had a bad day can make all the difference in the world. I have been blessed and in turn I want to bless people in my life who make a difference to me everyday.

  11. The card sending goal I’ve set for myself during 2012 is to send birthday, wedding, anniversary, sympathy, just because, etc. cards on time! I usually see the perfect card for someone..buy it..but never send it! Something as simple as a card can really brighten someones day!

  12. I would like to send cards as encouragement at unexpected times (not a birthday, holiday, etc.) Thanks for this kind opportunity!

  13. My goal is to get all my cards out and on time this year. Had a really rough past few years and i think if i had received cards from people it would of made me feel alot better… Now i want to do for other’s so they dont feel the way i did.

  14. I am terrible at including a card with a gift. It’s something I would like to get better at. Writing heartfelt words on paper is so important!

  15. Working with a new women’s ministry and cards are a vital part of our agape and encouragement! Would live to have them to share!

  16. I LOVE sending out cards when God lays people on my heart and today sent out 2 to friends in my life who are in the midst of great hurt!

  17. I’m making the goal of sending one card per week. I love sending surprise “Thinking of You” cards when people don’t expect them!

  18. As of the New Year I’m helping on the Connections Team at church…my main responsibility is to encourage those in our church with needs…these cards would help me greatly with that!

  19. My goal is to send more cards even though I already do send a few cards a month. I do need to send more as I pray for people.

  20. I am going to send out two cards a month to the various elderly members of our congregation. Many of them do not have family close by and a “real” letter is always welcome.

  21. My goal this year is to give meaningful cards – not just ones you grab last minute at the store. I’d like to give mostly photo cards and make sure to spend some time writing a message in each card, instead of just signing my name!

  22. I really want to be good about remembering to send out cards for birthdays this year! I have friends and family that are so good at it and it has been a struggle for me to remember.

  23. My goal is to not miss sending cards for the birthdays of any close friends and relatives. I have made a calendar of birthdays and printed my address list. 🙂

  24. This is a continuing goal for me…my kiddos and I have been sending DaySpring cards to my husband who is deployed right now. He has loved every single one! Thank You DaySpring! You guys are awesome and are literally ministering all over the world!

  25. This is perfect, as “write more handwritten notes” is already on my to-do list for 2012! I love receiving them and writing them.

  26. My goal this year is to send my grandma a card with a short note written in it every month. She is caring for my grandpa, who is doing too well health-wise, and I want her to know she is loved, cared for, and tremendously respected for her commitment to him.

  27. My goal is to send cards to the older people in my church, at least 2 a month & to get our MMO group involved too!

  28. I plan on sending @ least 12, to uplift the women I know and important birthdays that I can remember :))

  29. I love sending/receiving cards for any occasion. I appreciate how blessed it makes me feel. I will start sending them to my church ladies group this since I have joined them.
    Thank you for your blessings you share with us.

  30. I love sending & receiving cards. My goal is to send cards more often- and not just for birthdays. The post office is going to know me when I walk in 🙂

  31. I used to be so good about sending cards for all sorts of things. I am going to at least mail cards for bdays every month this year! It always made me feel good too, dont know why I quit making it a habit! Thanks for the encouragement to start again!

  32. I would like to send notes of encouragement to the college students that I know who are away at school.

  33. I am going to try my best to get a birthday card out to family members this year. And every few months, send a card to one our our grandparents. Talking on the phone is difficult with them… but I can always send a card. But, I don’t. So yes… goal!

  34. I plan to send out one encouragement note per month to a friend who has been on my mind.

  35. I am setting the goal to send a letter to one of my friends who moved away once a month. She and I both love a good old fashioned letter. I also want to do better with acknowledging my friends’ birthdays by mailing cards.

  36. I think it is a great idea to let friends and family know you are thinking of them.

  37. I would like to get back to sending out encouraging notes to people…the good old fashioned way :).

  38. My card-sending goal is to make sure to include extended family when sending birthday cards, and also to send more “just for fun” and encouragement cards (rather than emails!)

  39. I love sending cards to friends and family far away. Sometimes they are ecards, but my kids, who live in Finland, enjoy the paper kind, as do those of my friends who aren’t on the internet.

  40. My goal is to help my kids get thank you cards out promptly and to make it their own habit to write to their grandparents…..I need to go buy some stamps. =)

  41. My goal is to send out birthday cards to the family and friends. I took a couple years off of it, but I think it is so nice to get a card in the mail, instead of just bills!! I also want to start to send thinking of you cards whenever someone pops into my head! Just a little note to say hi and i care!

  42. I used to send cards all the time, but I have really gotten out of the habit the past couple years. Other than actually sending cards, my biggest goal would be to send them a little early. The cards I do send are almost always late.

  43. My card goal is to send a birthday card on time to each immediate family member and shower my nieces and nephew with cards for each holiday!

  44. I would love to send one card per week and get my kids to do the same. We tried to have Mondays be our day to send a card but it didnt last long. I need to reinstate that habit.

  45. I have made it a goal to send one card a month in 2012 and do one nice thing for someone each month!

  46. I love cards and am one of the few people in my family who still sends them to all the nieces/nephews for bdays. But my goal for this year will be at least one card per month to a friend I would like to keep in touch with.

  47. My goal is to send out cards for no reason at all….when a funny memory strikes, or I am rendered speechless by someone’s kindness, they get a card for that! Just because!

  48. I would love to send notes of encouragement to college friends who have moved far away and I’d love to send badly cards to my family on time this year!

  49. Its a small goal, but I want to get cards to people on time. I always send them late or forget to send them at all. I know first-hand how encouraging it is just to know that someone is thinking of you, and I want to do more of that.

  50. My goal is to prepare my cards further ahead of time so there is no rush and hand write a little note on each one!

  51. My Mom is in a nursing home and my goal is to send her at least one card a month. She has always loved sending and receiving cards.

  52. My goal is to keep in touch with friends, near and far, the old fashioned way. It’s so much nicer to be surprised with a note from a friend when checking a mailbox full of bills and junk mail.

  53. I’d love to send out cards because there is something so personal and heartfelt about receiving a handwritten card in the mail. It makes me feel warm inside. 🙂

  54. My goal for cards this year is simply to send some! As a very busy mommy I’ve been awful at this but I realized that I want to MAKE the time to let my loved ones know I really care and am thinking about them. 🙂

  55. I want to send more handwritten cards to my grandparents and my husband’s grandparents. Both live out of state, and e-mail and phone calls are nice. But there is nothing like getting a card in the mail! 🙂

  56. One of my card sending/giving goals for this year is to send more thank you cards and thinking of you cards “just because”.

  57. One of the things on my list this year is to reconnect through letters and cards. Just a little something to brighten someone’s day. Who doesn’t like getting good mail?!?

  58. This will help me on my renewed journey with God this year by offering encouragement to others.

  59. I want to be more concious of when people are hurting and need a pick-me-up whether just encouragement to get through the day or something more serious like getting over an illness or sympathy after someone close has passed. Cards a great for birthdays, but it is always such a surprise and a nice “hug” when someone notices you need kind words without ever broadcasting it to the world.

  60. I want to send a few cards a week to the older ladies in my life. Just a quick note to let them know they aren’t alone in this big ole world.

  61. I know how important it is to send cards, but I have a hard time doing it. I think it comes from my brand new mother-in-law hounding me so many years ago to send out thank you cards for our wedding. However, now that my life is more in order and I have more time, I really want to start sending cards out mainly to just encourage people in the natural gifting that they have. A card is a personal, special touch that lets someone know that you care!

  62. This year my card sending goal is to send birthday cards to all of my siblings, brother and sister in-laws, nieces, nephews, parents, and grandparents! As the family continues to grow it becomes harder and harder, but I know how much I appreciate it when people take the time to send a card to me. I want to do the same for my family members.

  63. My goal is to sit down on Sundays and prayerfully write 2 cards of encouragement to someone who needs it that the Lord brings to mind.

  64. my favorite cards to send are the for-no-reason-just-because cards. my goal is to do a better job of surprising my friends overseas with “real” mail.

  65. I am making it a goal this year to let someone know when I am praying for them or when it is I am prompted to think of them. I have been trying to be more faithful and encouraging others to that end as well. I have collected verses that will go on blank note cards that I have.

  66. My goal this year is to buy the cards for Feb in Jan, for March in Feb, etc, etc and mail them out at the beginning of the appropriate week:)

  67. My Goal this year is to actually send out Birthday cards to those I care about, family and friends. I never send cards, i just don’t make the time. I want to send just old fashion cards, not electronic ones. I also am making a goal to send one friend a month a card, just to say hi, give encouragement whatever the lord puts on my heart, just want to do something special and let others know how special they are to the Lord and to me. Those are my goals.

  68. I always intend to send cards for different things, but always forget to pick one up when I’m out. I’m planning to be better this year :).

  69. Okay, this is silly, but I would really, REALLY like to get cards to my family (just my parents since I’m an only child) plus my husband’s family (parents, siblings, siblings-in-law) for their birthdays this year. I’m really bad about it, but I love getting cards in the mail, so I think I should do unto others… ; )

  70. I want to be better at sending cards “just because ” so my loved ones know they are always thought of and no just on special occassions! 🙂

  71. I want to send 10 cards a month to friends and family for birthdays or just because. And I also want to send 3 a week to my children’s ministry volunteers at my church to say I appreciate them.

    • That was not really card intentional was it?!!? My ‘being intentional’ goal also applies to friendships. I love receiving hand written notes in the mail from friends, but am not always the best with reciprocating. I want to be sure my friends know that I appreciate them and that they are loved – not just on special occasions! 😀

  72. My goal is to send out cards to my sponsored child and to other friends to encourage and reminders that the Lord and I love them.

  73. Looking forward to putting my pen to paper this year — too much has been said via keyboard — I am ready for some real mail rather than EMAIL! 🙂

  74. My goal is to send inspirational, encouraging cards to at least 1 person at least once a month!

  75. My goal is to send out more cards, because I know people who would appreciate them more than having just birthday greetings/ encouragement on facebook/email. (Not that they don’t appreciate those, too.)

  76. I am already a big card writer/giver. I feel it means so much more than your standard email nowadays. They are always appreciated and can be kept for future encouragement. I find when I follow through with sending a card, I am also blessed. And when I intended to send one and didn’t get to it, I always regret it! My goal is to not let one intention fizzle out – all cards that come to mind will be sent!

  77. My goal is to send more cards to friends that live far away. Texting and g-chatting is nice, but hand written cards are so much more fun to receive!

  78. Every Sunday I read the bulletin at church and think I really should send that person a card. My goal is finally send cards for those whose concerns are listed.

  79. Oh, I LOVE sending cards, so I shall set a goal of three ‘thinking of you’re greetings a month. Thanx for the encouragement!!

  80. My goal is to send bday cards to family and close friends. I married into a family 800 miles away just a few months ago, and we send a lot of cards. It’s a simple way to say “thinking of you”

  81. I have resolved to physically send birthday cards to all my family and close friends this year–and not rely on facebook or online cards to do it for me.
    I have also resolved to send thank you notes for every gift given to me as well as to anyone who stops by for a playdate or coffee.
    Great giveaway!!!

  82. I am going to try and send more cards to friends from our former church. Its hard to keep up with the new and old all at the same time. This should make it easier!

  83. My goal is to send one card a month to my mom to let her know im thinking about her and love her. She live in another state

  84. I too hope to spend more time this year sending out real mail instead of emails all of the time! With the spiritual gift of giving, it is natural for me to want to send people gifts. And what better thing to receive in the mail than an encouraging card? 🙂
    Thank you for offering this special giveaway! You truly have a unique ministry to others, and empower other to do ministry also!

  85. I recently moved from many friends and my college-age children. My goal for this year is to remain connected with friends even though we are so far away and also to send notes of encouragement to my children. When I was younger, my Grandfather sent me a weekly letter. He usually enclosed a dollar (what he called my “walking-around money) and a there was always a small note. The message may not have been wordy but the message was clear to me….he wanted me to know that he was thinking of me and I was never far from his thoughts even when we weren’t together. : )

  86. My goal is to purposefully look for people I can write encouraging notes to on a regular basis. The written note is still more powerful than a text or email. It says, “I made time for you!”

  87. I love sending cards but am not very good about doing it. My goal is to send cards ON TIME for birthdays and anniversaries this year…and maybe to one friend a month just to send a little cheer!

  88. My 4 girls and I want to send out thank yous for all the little things people give to or do for us to foster a sense of gratitude. I believe this will help us all become a little more others focused.

  89. I got a card organizer and wrote birthdays and anniversaries in it to remember to send cards. I also picked up some really cute cards from Dayspring at Hobby Lobby (just 99cents!) so I can surprise my daughters with a cute note just because or a friend. It is always so nice to get mail that isn’t a bill.

  90. My Goal is to send one thinking of you card a month to a friend in the mail to simply brighten their day!

  91. My goal this year is to send cards whether, birthday, get well, encouragement, or even just hi, to all my friends. I am even getting a real address book, you know the kind you actually write in! As much as I love social media and the ability to stay in touch with friends every day, I feel we have lost that personal touch.

  92. My goal is to actually send the cards i purchase out! I am usually good about getting them, sometimes even early. It is just getting them to the post office that is the slow part. Everyone loves to get a good old fashioned hand written envelope with a special message inside! Wish me luck!

  93. I’ve organized my cards and have set up reminders on my phone. I’ve already addressed the January cards that need to go out.

  94. As the wife of a pastor I would live to be able to reciprocate little gifts we receive throughtour the year with a card. Also, I would like to take that extra step Of encouragement with people in our cOngregation as well. Thanks for the gift!

  95. I want to send birthday cards faithfully this year, and teach my kids the importance of thank you notes, as I long for them to always show true gratitude for those that bless them.

  96. I have been thinking about this alot lately. I used to send cards and notes alot but have come to depend on email and facebook too much. I miss the personal touch and plan to send real cards to my loved ones as often as I can.

  97. I want to be better at sending “just because” cards because I always know they brighten my day when I receive one unexpectedly! 🙂

  98. My goal is to start sending random encouraging notes, not just on birthdays or holidays. I used to do it and loved it.

  99. I have been inspired by my grandmother to send more cards this year. Birthday cards, get well cards, cards for encouragement, and Christmas cards too (I am really bad at this one). My Grandma always has a card stash and an adress book that is always current. She is the only person I recieve cards from in the mail and it always touches my heart when I get them.

  100. My goal is to send everyone in my family a card this year. Whether it be a birthday, an anniversary, a thank you… I just want to make sure they get put in the mailbox and not just a good thought.

  101. Would love this card pack…. & will work to not miss a special occasion for those special in my life…… Thanks for this chance….

  102. My goal is to send out more birthday cards this year… Birthdays mark a special day, and every one deserves to be celebrated.

  103. My goal is to update my address book in order to make it easier to send a card when someone is on my heart. Too often I’ll write, but never send. What good does that do?

  104. I love writing notes to others. I love the idea that you can brighten someones day just by sending them a simple card. My goal is to write a card to at least one person each week. Thank you!

  105. My goal for the year is to send at least one card each month “just because”. I love getting handwritten notes from friends!

  106. My goal is to actually send cards this year. I’m the very worst at that – forgetting to send cards for birthdays, holidays, or anything. It means a lot to people in my life and this year I want to be better about loving them in the way that means a lot to them!

  107. Last year, on the “National Day of Encouragement,” I shared how I used DaySpring cards to encourage other in my church-and non-church families. I’d love to do it again!

  108. What a great giveaway! I plan on sending cards and hand-written letters to friends and family much more often this year, regardless of the holiday. Sending out Christmas cards this year made me realize how rarely I send or receive cards, but they are SUCH fun to receive and to send. Receiving REAL mail from REAL people is so fun and encouraging, especially when my friends’ and family’s (and my own) main means of keeping in touch has gone electronic! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  109. Cards have touched my heart for as long as I can remember and have just committed, two months ago, to sending cards out to people in my life for all occasions. I purchased two card packs [encouragement and sympathy from Holley Gerth] from dayspring and would LOVE another as I only have a handful left! I just love dayspring products!

  110. My goal this year is to get cards in the mail in time to reach people by their special days. Since we live overseas this is always a challenge for me!

  111. I have set a goal to send cards to all of the missionaries that our church supports this year. AND to write a letter along with the card!

  112. My goal is to send some this year from college. Especially thank you notes to some of my professors.

  113. I know how uplifting a simple note can be or me. I should be better about lifting up those around me.

  114. My goal is to be sweet & kind in getting my thank you & birthday cards mailed in time 😉

  115. My goal is to send a card to every family member for their bday. Thank you notes sent out promptly. And thinking of you cards as led. 🙂

  116. I plan to send some thank you and thinking of you cards this year. I’ve had so many people bless my life through some reason hard times and I really need to do better saying thank you

  117. I love to send cards to my older family. Everyone loves a hand written note. I will send at least 5 this year

  118. I am terrible at mailing cards! I’m already behind from my goals last year. I received a well timed note of encouragement last year and as a result, I want to bless others in the same way!

  119. My goal is to send/give cards not only on special occassions but most importantly on times that are unexpected, just because….

  120. I used to send out cards to loved ones on a monthly basis and my goal is to get back into the habit of that. I know how I feel when I get a card and sending one is a great, simple way to let someone know you care.

  121. I need to get back on the bandwagon of sending cards to all of my nieces and nephews for their birthdays. we don’t see each other often enough. thanks for a chance to win. I like to keep cards on hand. I find it easier to send them that way. janita

  122. My goal this year is to send cards to each person in my family for their birthdays. My family is spread out over a couple of states and we don’t always get to see each other every year, so a card would be a way of telling them I remember them on their special day.

  123. I’ve been trying to do more handwritten notes these days. It seems to be a quickly dwendling form of encouragement. My goal this year is too send a note/card/letter a week. We’ll see if I can make it happen. 🙂

  124. I want to be an encouragement to any of my friends or family during tough times. I also like to send cards to friends just to let them know I miss them or I was thinking of them.

  125. I just wrote out my goals and one was to send 2 cards a month to encourage people. I wrote one card out last night and tried unsuccessfully to get a stamp today. Tomorrow’s a new day so I will definetly be halfway to fulfilling my goal for the month!

  126. My goal is to send one encouraging card a week to people that need them (friends, acquaintances, family, colleagues…) . I always forget how much I enjoy getting and sending cards. They have the power to brighten up a day.

  127. My sister in law just left to do mission work in Africa. My goal is to write her a weekly encouraging letter.

  128. I think I would be doing well to just get a birthday card out to each relative in 2012. In fact, my brother in law’s birthday was last week! Maybe I’ll start by sending his card (which is already purchased and signed, it just doesn’t have postage!) So that’s another goal… have enough postage in the house that I CAN actually send the cards! =)

  129. I’m going to keep in better contact with my siblings and very close friends. Sending cards is a great way to do it since we don’t live in the same states and is much more personal.

  130. My goal is to actually SEND birthday cards to my family and friends this year. Plus, hubby and I are planning to pray through our Christmas cards this year, so it would be fun to send a card back during the year letting them know we prayed for them. 🙂

  131. I live in Asia and am far from almost everyone I love. While Facebook and Skype are great, nothing – NOTHING – can come close to a hand-written note. One of my resolutions to 2012 is to spend more time connecting with loved ones OFFline, and cards are on the top of my list for how to do it!

  132. I plan to regularly send cards of encouragement to my Compassion Sponsored Children this year – random cards instead of just on their birthday.

  133. I love writing & receiving old fashioned letters! As a young widow I know the joy of getting mail. Its powerful. I plan on remembering those who have helped me & blessing them , as well as remembering others who are suffering loss like I am. I know cards of encouragement will bless them. sometimes its not enough to pray but to take the time to tell them you are appreciative of them, & are inndeed thinking of them, with words that are living!

    excited hoping to get some cards for this venture! I dont have a blog yet, new to this part.

    Hoping to do this at least once a week, every week! How many lonely forgotten people on my list I can feel I am doing something to help them, even in my own pain.

  134. I hope I get more letters for our compassion girl written. Want to let her know how much we love her and think of her.

  135. My goal is to send one card a month in 2012 and to people that I would least expect in my mind! 🙂

  136. My goal last year was a minimum of two a month…then life got busy and I sent out (what felt like) hundreds of thank you cards in June (which I was not planning on counting) but by October was not writing cards anymore…this year my goal is to just try to do it occasionally…

  137. I love sending cards! Nothing better then knowing that person will go to there mailbox and see and card just for them 😉

  138. A goal of mine for 2012 is to keep in closer contact with friends and family through real mail. 🙂

  139. My goal is to send random cards (no occassion) to special people in my life on a regular basis because getting good mail is always special and it would be fun.

  140. My goal is to be more aware of the needs of my friends, and then to be intentional about sending encouragement there way immediately.

  141. I recently joined the Heart Connection card club through Dayspring and have really enjoyed blessing others with hand-written notes of friendship, encouragement, thanks and celebration! I love that something as simple as an unexpected card or note can make my day!

  142. I am planning to send a card to my mother every two weeks in a nursing home. I’d like to send/write notes to others frequently. I’m hoping to do something along these lines once a week. Thank you for a chance to win.

  143. I have a goal of sending out all family birthday and anniversary cards on time this year. With as many nieces and nephews as I have, that’s a commitment!!

  144. I am sending out a lot of thank-you’s to wonderful people who have supported me on many missions trips, summers at camp, and 2 graduations… I want to make this round of thank you cards extra special to let them know how appreciated they are!

  145. One of my goals this year is to reconnect with family and friends and sending inspiration is always on my list!

  146. I have a goal to send thank you notes this year to all those praying for us or helping us in any way with our adoption. They mean a lot to me, and I want to make sure they know that.

  147. I’m trying to stay on top of birthday and anniversary cards this year (and I’m already behind!). I plan to have a little pretty basket ready with cards for each person during the month so I can just send them out when it’s time. Thanks for reminding me that I need to get on that!

  148. My goal is to send all my friends a birthday card this year and not just write on their Facebook walls. Also send friends cards when they have an interview or something else going on their lives.

  149. A few months ago, I joined the Heart Connections card club, and I have been hooked on sending uplifting, Christian cards since! I’ve sent them for birthdays, for encouragement, for friendship, and just because. I would love to receive these card packs so that I can share them with friends, and encourage them to send handwritten notes of love, friendship, and encouragement to the people they love… because it has brought me so much joy. 🙂

  150. My goal is to become a voice for youth of our area, of encouragement and guidance. So much doubt, toubles, and lies swirl around this age as tey try to figure out both who they are and whom they want to become…encouragement to those who need hope, faith and love drives me constantly and giving that faith and hope that comes only from our Heavenly father’s word!

  151. Received a special surprise in via Fed Ex today! 🙂 I thought I might have missed the 200 mark for the free cards, and I was blessed with 2 free card packs and an organizer! Thank you to (in)courage and Dayspring! I can’t wait to share them on Facebook, my blog, and with my prayer group!

  152. I received my two card packs plus a surprise card organizer today! I’m so excited to start sending these cards. Thank you for your generosity!

  153. Wow! Great surprise to get the cards today- so beautiful and wonderful card organizer! I can’t wait to use!

  154. Wow! So, so blessed. I thought I missed the 200 cutoff mark but today I was surprised by a DaySpring delivery! I just love the cards and the organizer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  155. What a wonderful surprise at my door today! Love, love, LOVE it! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to get started 🙂

  156. I too was surprised by a delivery yesterday! Thank you so much for the cards and organizer! They are wonderful! 🙂

  157. What a fantastic surprise to come home to a dayspring box on my doorstep today. The cards are beautiful, and the organizer such an extra treat! Thanks soo much!

  158. Thanks so very much!! I just received the cards and organizer. Completely brightened a tough day!!

  159. Tonight in the middle of dinner, we were surprised with a FedEx! I love the cards and organizer…definitely put a smile on my face…can’t wait to send my cards out!

  160. I started sending birthday cards to all the women at our church last year and was amazed at the responses. I truly think sending cards is a great way to brighten peoples’ lives and so easy to do. I know this is past the deadline for the free cards but I hope that all who received them will enjoy spreading the sunshine! I am looking forward to next week’s post.

  161. I would love to follow through on my intention to send out cards. I think that’s a goal for this year. People come to mind at different times and sometimes I do send a card, but I’d like to do it more often. It brightens my day when I receive one and I know it touches others too.