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  1. Here I am on Sunday morning feeling sorry for myself. My husband has always been very controlling and now he has become the controllee and I am the controller. But it doesn’t work that way. Now he is handicapped to the point where he cannot move from place to place without my help. This has just happened in the past two months and we are adjusting to it.
    First let me say God is in control of my life and when DH asks for help, I am his helpmeet according to God’s word. BUT, he is about to wear me out. I know God gives me strength and I am not complaining about the lifting him with the gait belt which has given me a sore back, elbow, knee and shoulder. No, I am concerned about his controlling nature and his demands for me to do everything on his schedule. Not only his routine, but mine as well.
    I am in a rebeling stage and that is sin. My God will show me a way to get through this new place in my life if I allow him to. I know he is trying to teach me something. I just have to remember My God Reigns.

    • Oh I just forgot to say. He says we are not going to church today because he can’t make it. I cannot leave him alone, but I can watch something inspiring on TV or the computer.

      • Praying for healing for the two of you. Praying that God will do a work in DHs heart to soften it & make him realize who is truly in control!


        Beth Williams

      • As we surrender our hurts to God, He will lovingly enfold us. Keep your eyes fixed on Him and He will lift you up moment by moment.