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Lysa TerKeurst is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus Christ. As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa has lead thousands over the past 15 years to help make their walk with God an invigorating journey. Not...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. This is great, Lysa! Isn’t it so true that, when the message is repentance, we think its for the other guy! Thanks for the reminder – we are all dressed in the clothing of the sinner, much in need of the Savior, born on Christmas Day!

  2. Thanks for helping us look at Christmas from a different perspective, because actually that is the reason God sent his son to die.

    John was the one sent to help prepare the way for Him.

    Excellent post

  3. How true! Jesus came to give repentence for ALL us sinners, not just the other guys! We tend to focus soo much on a manger, stars, Bethlehem, stable, etc. that we tend to forget why He came.

    Thanks for the reminder that He came to help us Messed up Girls!

  4. This is so needed for me too, thank you! One good thing about feeling like a mess and a failure is that it makes me all the more grateful for the gift of forgiveness and salvation.

  5. I’ve been walking this walk of faith for a long time, but I still need to hear John”s clarion call to “Repent!” daily.
    You’re right, this isn’t the typical Christmas message we read or hear this time of the year but vital, vital, vital.

  6. Realmente essa não é a mensagem de natal q vemos por aí. Mas é essa q faz todo o sentido em minha vida, em nossas vidas! que possamos compartilha-la cada vez mais!
    obrigada Lysa pela mensagem.abçs

  7. I was reading this beautiful piece not knowing who the author was and thinking this sounds just like my favorite “teacher”. Thus it was no surprise when I came to the part where it was written, “this message is for you, Lysa”. Awesome! This message was for me too. I love how Jesus works and I am delighted even at the messages that sting. If He didn’t love me (all of us) so much, He wouldn’t take the time to gently guide and correct me.

  8. Yes, it is perfect! And seems to be the focus for me this year too. I worked with kids in a Christian environment for so long that Christmas was all about celebrating Jesus’ birthday. But it’s more than cake and a birthday song on Christmas day. It’s celebrating the birth of our savior, the fact that we CAN repent and be made new and live new life! The Dayspring Christmas pattern line has really stuck with me this year as I celebrate the time when “Love Came Down.” So thankful He did…

    • Me too, Emily. So very thankful He came down. I know what you mean about the Jesus birthday celebrations with kids. I have one in a mental hospital right now – a daughter adopted from foster care years ago who’s still so broken. The Jesus birthday celebrations nearly mock me. I want so badly for my girl to find him… and it’s SO not about the little songs and tinsel. It’s this wild-hearted, powerful Savior. Oh, that she’d find Him this year….

      • Laurie,
        Oh…this touched and broke my heart. I am and will continue to pray for your precious daughter…..and your family. Praying that she will feel the Lord’s love for her, that she will allow Him to fill up those broken and empty places in her mind and heart. He does have a perfect plan for her life. I know that this must be so hard for you…even in trusting His sovereignty…even in trusting in His perfect love for her….this is hard! God knows, He understands her (and your) pain, and brokeness…He came to save and to heal and bind up the brokenhearted. Trusting with you…that He will heal her completely!!

        • Laurie, I will pray for your daughter too… precious a mother heart is….your love and concern is written in every work in your post. We sisters in the Lord will bear your burden before our the throne….

  9. You are right Lysa, it is the perfect Christmas story!!! No better gift can be given to Jesus other than ourselves! I am sure he is smiling down on you 🙂

  10. This hits perfectly with where I am struggling in my walk right now. It is a good reminder as I celebrate Christmas and look to a new year and new repentance. A fresh start in my walk with my Lord and Master, my King.

  11. Recently, I was reflecting on the “sound bite” message of each week of Advent. When lighting the first candle of the Advent Wreathe we reflect on the “Get Ready!” message. The second week, it is “Be Not Afraid!” and the Third week is “Rejoice!” (The fourth and still coming is “He is Here!” But we’re not there yet…)
    So here I am walking through my life, stumbling thru the season and I get the “Get Ready…” Get ready for what? What do I need to do- OH my gosh the list of what I need to do is long, so overwheming, do I have to do it by myself?
    And it’s all up to me. Repent.
    I don’t know what’s going to occur and that makes me afraid. Fear is one of my things that I am very good at, very familiar with. And then this powerlessness weilds its ugliness and becomes control. Repent.
    “Rejoice” message is elusive. Fragile. Foreign. It seems a little messy- because rejoicing is out there. My husband and I call me the Messy Girl!! And I am.
    Oh Baby Jesus. How will you fiind a soft manger in my messy barnyard life?

  12. It may never be the most popular, but it is (for me at least) the most needed version of the story! Thank you for the reminder to prepare our hearts.


  13. Great perspective, Lysa. I hadn’t thought about the Gospel of Mark in that way. We all certainly need to repent, but I can swallow John’s message better wrapped in the miracle of the Christ-child’s birth.

  14. I have been so pointing the finger at my husband. He kind of mentally checks out every year at Christmas. Don’t know why. We have two boys, 7 and 8 and it should be a wondrous time of year for them. This word smacked me in the forehead. I need to repent and deal with my own plank. It’s funny because on one hand I want to say thank you and on the other hand I want to say “rats” because I don’t want to really deal with my own stuff. But my family will be better for it. Thank you.

  15. Not sure how I miss this post but tonight was the right time for me to read it. I too feel this is the thing lacking in MY LIFE so often.

    Just last night we sit with a young couple who is struggling with their marriage and as the wife and I did dishes after a great meal she begin to confide in me. With an open heart she said, it’s my stuff I have to deal with now that he has apoligize and trying his best to be the man of God he needs to be. It is amazing how that stuff clears out when we repent. I was able to share there is usually not a week that goes by that I have to repent of some bad attitude, anger, judging and we have been married 48 years. Thank God, thank God for I John 1;9…..
    Great soul searching post…thanks for the courage it took to post for God had to work on your heart first to make it so thought provoking.