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Rachel Wojnarowski, a small town country girl by origin, converted to a suburban mother of seven by way of life happening and God working. She and her husband, Matt, enjoy caring for their busy family which spans ages 3 months to 20 years. Rachel leads community ladies' Bible studies in...

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  1. Rachel, your post spoke to me in a big way today. Let it rain, Father. Let it rain. If that’s what it takes. Let it rain.

    Amen, sister!

    Rich blessings as you continue to lean close and learn to trust in All. For. Purpose.

  2. So beautifully real, Rachel! I loved this. I am there. Standing before the buckets. Knowing I should beg for them to fall and keenly aware of what will happen when they do. Your writing allowed me to see THE hand that was reaching through the waterfall, ready to guide me through. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. We were talking about just this topic last night at our women’s bible study group. Your post is a wonderful analogy of how we all just want to be so independent, cyring “Self, daddy, self!”

    Always so good to see myself mirrored in posts that reflect the true me.
    Thanks so much for holding it up for me to see.

  4. A wonderful post for me, a woman who threw her fair share of tempter tantrums as a child, and who often lives in that fiercely independent, I-can-do-it-all-on-my-own state. It’s something I’m working on…. learning to run to God, to be dependent on him, to embrace the buckets.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Rachel, I sat next to you at the Thursday dinner. I loved watching you with your 7th daughter! I also have a fiercely independent daughter, she’s 3. I enjoyed reading this post very much. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hey girls I threw a 65 year old temper tamtrum today, aimed directly at my husband for not letting me be in control. Oh I was controled enough to not stomp, or even cry but throw it I did, with cold controlled words aimed to get my point across.

    Several hours later after God had laid me out with His sweet mercy and love by using my husband to throw buckets of rain on me……just what I needed. So keep the rain coming, dose the control freak in me…drown the stubborness….Let it rain, Let rain, Let it rain

  7. O I love this! I love how Moms (like you!) who are so attuned to the Lord see those significant parallels between little ones and parents – and big ones who live out those same childish responses to the Lord. My prayer is to be child-like instead of childish – people like you help lead me there. Many blessings in your ministry to family and beyond. Hugs!!