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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Holley, I so appreciate these words today. I have felt some discouragement lately about the very things you talked about. Thank you for writing this and thanks for In(courage)!!

  2. Thank you Holley, for your timely reminder to keep the faith. As we each heed our call, as we strive to be who God designed us to be, to serve as he desires, especially to serve in the virtual world, as you note, we can be so susceptible to the enemy. “Who cares? Who’s reading what you write anyway?”, he questions, sowing seeds of doubt.

    We may not see the difference we made for weeks, years, or ever, and yet, we must continue to work in the strengths with which He has gifted us, with the tools He has provided.

    In regards to walking in faith and doing what we do and being who we are:
    I can remember getting a note from a young woman about 10 or 15 years after we had both graduated from high school. (This was in the early 90’s-before the internet we now know and love.)

    It was a thank you for a conversation she had initiated about peers, boyfriends and her personal direction when she was a high school freshman and I was a senior, and I had encouraged her to choose wisely, although the road might be lonesome at times. (I was not a Christian at the time.) She said that conversation changed her life, and she wanted to know what an impact it had made on her.

  3. Just to let you know that your words really DO make a difference. I am one of those on the other side of the world- Singapore- and your writings always encourage me. Thank you for keeping the faith!

  4. Doubt always creeps in, but please believe that your writing helps so many each day! I read incourage and your personal blog every morning, and they lift my spirit.

  5. Wow Holley, thank you so much! For a while now, I’ve sensed that God is taking me along a new path in terms of my career. It’s a creative endeavour and I am but a fledgling in this arena. Although I am passionate about it, putting myself “out there” has been such a huge challenge for me. I’ve been sitting here at my computer tonight saying “Lord, what was I thinking! I can’t do this! Surely little old me cannot have an impact in this competitive field?” And then I discovered your post, and I know that the Lord has spoken to me through your words. Thank you! You have made a huge difference. Love and blessings from Australia xxx

  6. Holley, your writing has touched my heart so many times. I know that these words are given to you by God. I promise you make a difference. Once when I was doubting what I do. When I was out of work and was considering quitting school, that very morning I read one of your “God Sized Dreams”, with a cupcake on it. (I’m a baking & pastry major), it kept me going. In just months now from graduating with my degree (AA) and I am working in a bakery. And I can’t wait to see how God is going to use me and chocolate. Praise God. Thank you for what you do.

  7. Funny how God uses the words of others to inspire us to be more faithful!
    Just last night, my small group spent an hour going back and forth over how our behavior influences others.
    I’m trying to filter my words and actions through a God-like seive everyday. I fall short and try to rectify quickly any errors I’ve made. I want my faith to be real not for show. The world has enough surface Christians.

  8. Holly, Thank You so much for these words of encouragement that are truly words in due season. I hold a small group (Bible Study) here at work and sometimes it is just me and another person. I found myself wondering if I heard God correctly; if this is making a difference at all; even if I should quit. This put things into perspective for me. Keep it coming — and THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!! It is not for nought. You are making a difference in lives that you may never know about on this side of Heaven. God Bless You!! 🙂

  9. I am so glad you wrote these very words today. I needed them so much right now. It is so hard not to get discouraged when there isn’t any feedback for the words that bleed from my heart. I have a passion that stirs so deep within that mere words struggle to show its true identity. Thank you for givng me something to hold on to.

  10. This is just what I needed to day. I am teary eyed today, wondering if what I am currently doing in my personal life is right. Your words hit home that although I can’t always see what is happening I need to remain faithful that the outcome will be blissful.
    Thank you.. Thank you… Thank you…
    Please keep these encouraging words going.

  11. Holley, Your words do make a difference. I have been struggling with depression since January. I always look forward to reading your messages. They are always encouraging and uplifting. Our message at church last night was about trusting in God. So keep trusting and obeying God and sending out your encouraging messages. They mean so much to me and to a lot of others. God Bless You!

  12. Thanks Holley. Yes, it is all about keeping faithful and conversations with God. I always love your posts. Deb

  13. Dear Holley, I totally understand what you’re saying – and – 99% of the time remembering that God loves us and we do make a difference is enough to keep us going. That being said – the other 1% we need to hear it, see it and be appreciated for it. . so here is a 60 y/o grandmother from NJ telling you that you make a huge difference and I appreciate you! On many occasions your writing has hit home and lifted me up when I most needed it. On many occasions I wanted to reach out and hug you. When I was most busy, raising my 5 kids, the most uplifting thing anyone ever said to me was “I love seeing your family in church, taking up an entire pew and loving one another”. It simply meant I’m doing what God wanted me to do – even amid the diapers and laundry and dirty dishes. Keep up the good (GOD) work!

  14. Oh Holley, how I needed these words today….On October 12….when they showed up in my inbox. On October 12, 1981 God bless me with my third child, a beautiful son my husband and I named Christopher (messenger from God). Little did we know in the early morning chaos of his premature birth what trials and lessons lay ahead. God told my heart, ON the day that Christopher was born, that he was here on loan….long before the doctor’s gave us the grim worldly diagnosis of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type I, I knew that God would call this beautiful child home long before I was humanly ready to let him go. Through the months we shared with Christopher we learned so many lessons that changed our lives forever. We learned how to walk in God’s stength, we learned to love without strings and most of all we learned that God’s plans are perfect, even when we don’t understand them. Due to Christopher’s birth my husband and I became involved in a wonderful, loving, church that had showered us with unconditional love and assistance in too many ways to count. Shortly after God called Christopher home, his daddy stepped into the waters of baptism and was forever changed. His daddy learned to love the Lord with all his heart and served the children of our small town unselfishily and untiringly. A few short years later, Christopher’s daddy was called home to be with God and his precious son. Because of Christopher and the message he brought into our lives, I knew that Joe was with Christopher and in the presence of our King.
    Today as I comforted my grieving soul with the words of Romans Chapter 8, the Spirit groaned within me yet I was certain of my hope in a future with my son and most importantly God’s son. As I remember the difference on little child made in my life, I will rejoice that I too am part of God’s plan and that what I do, does matter.

    • Today the Lord brought me to this wonderful page for the first time. I was especially touched by your testimony Susan. Wow, what a bitter-sweet, tragic yet beautiful story you have shared. Our God is so incredibly amazing and wise beyond comprehension, knowing the end before the beginning! God is good ALL the time even when it doesn’t feel like it. He has trusted you with a hard yet deeply touching story. What a beautiful job you have done stewarding this journey He has set you on! I pray you can hear in your spirit Jesus speaking sweetly, “well done good and faithful servant.” I also pray He strengthens you, heals you, comforts you, ravishes your heart with His love for you, and gives you peace in Jesus Name. God bless you dear sister and thank you for sharing your life with us!

  15. Holey, It is an encouragement to look at something on your web site. Many hours of many days I “feel” like my service to God would be better…if it could be seen or felt by more people. When one person is ministeted to, it is giving the cup of cold and needed water as Christ desires. It is His whisper that encourages us on. Satan wants us to desire a bigger audience and more verbal accolades. Keep up your ministry.It has, is, and will bless in the coming days. Don’t let it keep you in all the day, get out with your friends to be encouraged and challenged. Sandy

  16. Holley… you have no idea how much I needed these particular words of encouragement today. THANK YOU for YOUR obedience. Much love, sister! ♥

  17. Dearest Holley,

    You inspire me everyday, I can’t wait to open my computor to see my special note from Holley, please dont ever give up, we need you to be there for us. If there
    is anything you ever need from me, please dont hesitate to write me!!! I suffered with bipolar for 38yrs. God has given me a gem of a husband and He(God) has
    given me wisdom to handle every day as it comes!!! GOd is good to me I lead a normal life and have 2 grown up boys and they both are married with two kids each!!
    May God bless and keep you and remember we love you!!!!!!!!!Edma.

  18. Yes, Holley what you do DOES make a difference. You may not see how you make the person at the other end of the wireless world feel or the look on their face or the tears because they know that someone truly understands what they feel or what they are going through. But God sees it and I know He is very pleased with your work. You put much thought and prayer into your writings and they are SO appreciated. Some days what you say is just what I needed to hear and I thank you for “being there” with me. I will more than likely never meet you (I will in Heaven) but I feel as though I know you and I am very comfortable with you.
    So please keep typing and touching hearts!

  19. there is a 6th sense (intuition); it’s not dependent upon our 5 physical senses (touch, smell, taste, hearing, seeing); there is also a spirit world which we can sense with our intuition (seeing through spiritual eyes) even though we can’t use our 5 physical senses to find it.

  20. I have noticed that whenever I write a post that goes deep into the emotion of my being and I write, trying to find answers about my ow life, I have noticed those are the posts that get the most viewings and the most comments. It only goes to show that we all need encouragement and whatever we are personally going through, if we write about, then it will resonate in the hearts of some many others and, perhaps, help them, too.

  21. Dear, Dear Holley!

    Thank you so much for your God-inspired words! Every time I read what you write, I am so thankful that I found you and your inspiration. I am constantly encouraged by what you write, and I know God uses you in so many lives – just look at all your responses to today’s word! Thank you! Today I found out that the third out of the 3 interviews I had last week did not yield a much-needed job, so I am doing some deep soul searching and asking God lots of questions. Maybe I just need to seek Him very seriously about exactly what it is HE wants me to do – not ‘just’ a job, but a real calling. So, please keep on writing – you do make a difference! God bless you.

  22. Holley,

    Thank you SO much for your encouragement today. I have been SO VERY discouraged lately with the very things you’ve mentioned. Feeling like I am not doing anything that matters, and that I have no gifts/talents to share, and that I’m not making a difference in the world, which is my heart’s true desire! I SO want to make a difference in someone’s life, but feel that I don’t. Thanks for being there, and I want you to know that you truly DO make a difference! I look forward to your words of encouragement every day! You make our world a little brighter, sharing your gift and your heart with us! May God bless you! Even though we may never meet in person, please know that you are loved and appreciated!

  23. Holley,
    I thank God every day for you as you are so inspiring and uplifting to so many of us and especially to me. I’m going through some very difficult times right now and questioning everything around me and without having you to enrich my soul with your words of inspiration daily I don’t really know where I would be, so don’t ever think you don’t touch lives. I only wish, I could just call you up and meet for coffee and chat but not possible so far away. It is so wonderful to have you as my sister in Christ as I’m an only child and need all the christian sisters I can get. God Bless.

  24. Holley,
    I am from the other side of your world. Your encouragement reaches us here in the Philippines. Thank you so much. And I also want to encourage you to keep going because you are touching our lives. God Bless You Holley.

  25. Thanks for the encouragment Holly, greatly needed right now. We are in transition ri after years of mission overseas to a stateside minsitry. Can’t even count the times I felt as if I was not making a difference…too many. Except that tells me how many times the enemy of my soul tried to discouraged me to get me to quit living by faith daily in what God has for me.

    Keep those fingers to the keyboard my courageous wise hearted sister…we need reminders to live by faith and not sight.

  26. Holley, I am in tears. I so needed these words today. I am so blessed by you. Thank you for your faith, your obedience, your perseverance. “But that morning it seemed the One Who Loves Us whispered that part of faith is also about believing that our obedience makes a difference–even when we can’t see the results.”. So grateful for you.

  27. Holley, I too have always thought of this amazing verse in terms of believing in God. You have opened new things to ponder and pray about today. Thank you!

  28. Holley~

    Your encouraging, inspiring words continually make a difference in my life and the lives of others as I pass them along to….by forwarding emails to friends, or copying something from your writings to share with the women I minister to at Dawson State Jail in Dallas, Texas. I always give your name in reference to the writing…and hope that as your gift of LIFE giving faith words have continually touched my heart and life, it will theirs also.
    With gratitude for the difference you make…and allow me to pass along,

  29. Good Morning Holley,

    Thank you so very much for sharing this morning, I really needed to hear this word of encouragement. My heart, my walk, my speech, my presence so longs to make a difference into lives, circumstances, situations. My hearts cry is that what I’ve gone through not be in vain, but can be used to help someone else. I’m grateful for the reminder that FAITH brings about changes, even when we can’t see it…

    Much love,


  30. Hola Holley! I’m from Nicaragua 🙂 This year has been really hard for me. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant with no success, the Lord has put you in my path to encourage me and remind me that all will be OK for those He loves. I thank you for your writings, they have reminded me how much the Lord loves me and has me in His hands, specially when things get extra hard! Bless you and keep it up!

  31. Wow- You have so many sisters who immediately jump to your question and nurture you by affirming that you do make a difference. Isn’t that sooooooo being a woman??? He knows we need each other for sure. I’ll say what the rest have said. Yes… you do make a difference… the Jesus in you makes a difference. He uses you to nurture, guide and encourage others in just he way He planned.

    I, too, look forward to your blogs. My hubby of 6 years has Stage 4 prostate cancer and is so ill. Your ministry and God’s words through your blog really do minister to me each time and I wait for the blog to arrive knowing that the Lord is going to speak and minister to me. And….. then I send it on to others who have commented how much they enjoy your writing as well.

    God Bless your day, Holley!

  32. I cannot tell you how encouraging today’s blog was!! I have been struggling with feeling like what I am doing is not making a difference and I just received prayer about it yesterday at church and felt so loved and comforted my Jesus. Today’s blog confirmed what God has been whispering to me and that is that I am impacting people’s lives, even if it does not seem that way to me, God has an eternal perspective that I cannot see. I read this today with tear filled eyes and a heart of thankfulness to God for using you to speak into my life : )

    Thanks SO much Holley and God bless you,

  33. Thanks Holley for your words of encouragement today…..I was a stay at home mom for 20 years and now am starting a brand new profession this Wednesday and soooo fullll of fear and anxiety…..the doubt is huge (I know I have the professional knowledge) and so is the fear….I realize that is the enemy not wanting me to move forward in my life so he uses the tool that works best on me….self doubt. Thanks for reminding me to press on through Him. You are a blessing to all of us.

  34. Thanks for this…love the part that “But that morning it seemed the One Who Loves Us whispered that part of faith is also about believing that our obedience makes a difference–even when we can’t see the results.”

    I so needed to hear that today…I have a teen…enuf said…..blessings

  35. Thank you for the daily reminders. When life just gets in our way, it’s nice to know I am not alone. Blessings, Nancy

  36. There are many times when we can’t see the results…my husband and I have an only child who is 22 but he acts like 14 at times. Help us Lord to keep pressing on and keeping the faith even though we are not seeing the fruits of our labor. Our patience runs thin…

  37. Wow..
    The best blessing of this morning is reading what your friends have to share with YOU! You Rock girl….
    I share your encouragement with others (Hope that’s OK!) and especially this morning’s.
    I am at Rest Ministries where most of us are housebound and the only avenue of service and support it online.
    I became ill three years ago and the online support has been life changing and even life saving.

    Heb. 6:10 says “He doesn’t miss a thing!!!!” Every word you write and every heart you encourage is dynamite in His sight.❤

  38. Oh Holley, You do make a difference! I look forward to seeing your postings pop up in my email inbox. So often, they are just what I need to hear! Be encouraged and press on. And if you have a moment, would you pray for me as well? I am doing some hard self-work with the Lord and Satan is seizing every opportunity to barrage me with attacks on my mind and emotions. Bless you for all you do!

  39. Wow, I’m sitting here with grateful tears in my eyes! I never expected this kind of response. I wanted to encourage you…and look how you’ve turned around and encouraged me! Humbled, thankful, wishing I could hug each and every one of you right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • I want to thank you for your kind reply comment to me after Ms. Voskamp’s recent post here about hurts from women.

      Your words are truthful, Holley, for which I am personally thankful. And by the looks of the many responses to your writing, you have been used by God to bless many.

      There is a temptation in the world – both secular and in the Kingdom of our Lord – that invites us to take our eyes off of the beautifully unique way God has made us as we compare ourselves to others. This temptation and invitation flies in the face of the truth of 1 Samuel 16:7 which tells us that man looks at the outward appearance while God looks at the heart.

      The women who do not hold the same stats as others; who do not author books, do not author blogs, do not have large followings, are not speaking at conferences, and are not living the kind of missional lives like some who are on the other side of this spinning orb, are daily bowing down and lifting up and being used by God in powerful, powerful albeit hidden ways. Our Savior looks upon such ones with so much love and delight because He sees their hearts.

  40. I can really relate to all you say here… especially about writing and blogging, when I can see from my blog stats that someone, even many someones, are reading, But not that many comment… I wonder. Lord, are these words encouraging others? But…it is truly trusting to Him to use what we offer back to Him. Thanks for your words as always!

  41. Holly, you are making a difference. What you do really does matter.
    You’ve encouraged me in many ways and time. Most times it comes in a timely manner just like an answer to a prayer. I’ve often forwarded your in courage to my contacts, not even caring if they’ve already subscribed to your column on their own.

    Please continue to write as the Holy Spirit leads. There is no need to wonder, for the Word works.
    God bless you and your Family.

  42. Oh, yes, definitely needed this – and, just wanted to affirm that YOU make a difference – we even use your devotionals in our Wednesday evening Bible studies.

    And, in sharing your emails, it’s a blessing when someone responds that they have been blessed in the sharing…

    P.S. If you’re in the LR, AR area during the week with a little spare time on a Wednesday evening, you are most welcome to join us @ Austin Station Baptist – you might just hear something ver familiar 😀

  43. Thank you for writing. I was wondering the same thing just this morning as I was writing various cards to others . . .and there was your devotional, reminding me that God knows and He is faithful always . . .His Way is so different than our culture tells us.

  44. Thank you, Holley. This solidified exactly what I was feeling in my prayer time this morning. God spoke so sweetly that He really doesn’t want me to know when I make a difference, because the moments with Him… when I ask and wonder… are the moments HE cherishes.

    All Glory to Him!

  45. Hi Holly,
    It’s the first time I’m reading your (in)courage and I must tell you that it was exactly what I needed today. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of sooo many women across the globe.

  46. Holy, just today i ask Jesus if I had gotten it all wrong, I don’t care what I lose for His sake if I am doing right but how sad and a waste if i was wrong; so thank you for these words and yes you are making a differance the Lords wants you to know that you help many in is name.
    Thank you georgia

  47. Holly,
    I am sooo blessed by your obedience and faith… The words you write are usually confirmation to what God and His Spirit is doing in my life… It quites the lies and brings for thankfulness and tears at times… March on warrior princess we are all keeping step together… the gates of hell shall not prevail and His Kingdom shall Come in it’s fullness… We wait in Faith.

  48. Holly- yes, everything matters. Every little thing. I don’t see faces through screens and clicks, I see faces in my office. And sometimes, I wonder if it is helping, If it is making a difference. I must go back to what I believe is true. Every act of kindness, every mundane act of obedience, every hidden activity… it all matters.
    Thanks Holly.

  49. Yes I have certainly felt this way about many things in my life. Wether it is staying at home and wiping noses and cleanin up crumbs all day or pouring my heart out in a blog post only to hear crickets chirping. But your so right, about the faith verse. We may never know this side of heaven the impact we make.

  50. Holly, this is my first time to write. I’m always hesitant, as I live in MST. Even if I read your post early, by the time I respond I don’t want it to be “just one more reply” for you to wade through. However, I do want to encourage you. Your words and gift of “weaving words” bring life, hope and kindness. Your words are typically included in my morning devotions. I’m believing for something I can’t see right now. We are paying for two mortgages on one income presently. One of the times I was working on the house in our former location and trying not to have a melt down, I had one of those words pop into my heart (like a present on the front porch) as well. The Lord spoke, “You know what? I got you into this house, and I’ll get you out of this house”. The house we are trying to sell is located in an area where the market is such that only three homes have sold there in the last year; all have been foreclosures. I know that what is impossible with man is not with God….. To God alone be the glory… 🙂 Press on Holly, press on!!! YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

  51. Thank you, Holley, for your most encouraging words and for the fact that you have this compassionate ministry to us women out here! I love you even though I don’t know you personally – we are one in Christ – and that’s good enough for me! 🙂 And I want to ditto another comment that was made……You DO make a difference….of the very best kind!!

  52. Beautiful share of thoughts & verse, my friend. TY You come thru when most needed … you are very special.

  53. Holley,
    This is my first time reading your blog also. It meant so much to me. It was just what I needed to hear today. Thank you so much for being here for so many of us to voice what we are feeling.

  54. His Words are eternal.
    They don’t return void.
    Even if their effect is not seen, we can trust that if they are truly from above, they will go on giving, even after we have stopped speaking them.
    I stand on this knowledge daily . . . trusting that His words — eternal life given to me — are having their effect when I am faithful to pour out the beauty of what has been poured in.
    Like you said, Holly, we live by *faith*, not by sight!

  55. Oh, all of you are wonderful. Sweet sigh. Isn’t it beautiful how we can come together and wrap our words and prayers around each other? Thank you with all my heart!

  56. At the end of this week my first grandchild will turn 6 years old! When her parents named her they chose the name “Faith” and I have always taken this beautiful little girl as a symbol of God’s faithfulness to me that my spiritual legacy will go on to the next generation of my family. In my life at that time, all had been taken, the godly husband and family was ravaged by the spirit of divorce and the beauty of being that family that endures and passes on a spiritual legacy to the next generation I thought was lost, that what I did all those 27 years as a Mom who raised her children up in the ways of God didn’t count, it was derailed. BUT then my first grandchild was born! Her Mommy, my youngest daughter chose the name Faith, it was motivated by reasons that were important to her, and rightfully so, by faith she was trusting in the Lord that her husband who is a Marine would return home to raise Faith, that they would be together as a family soon! God is FAITH-ful, Faith now has 2 little brothers, Wyatt & Ethan, both of their names reference being a strong or brave warrior – just like their Daddy! I cherish these 3 precious lives, blessed by my Heavenly Father knowing my life does make a difference even to the next generation of Godly offspring!

  57. Holley, I am soooo sorry, I don’t thank you very often, but I really do appreciate your messages very much. You are so special. If I am in a hurry I leave you message to read at a more leisurely pace later. You are a great encouragement to me. I enjoy our coffee times together, but sometimes I am nearly ending my day when you start yours . . . God Bless you Holley.

  58. Holley, just wanna say that your writings make a BIG difference in my life. They turn me to God, remind me of His goodness, and helps me know that there are many others walking along a journey like mine. Your writings are also very timely indeed. They often speak just what I need to hear for that day. God has certainly used you greatly. God bless you and do keep writing! 🙂

  59. omg, reading this at work and haven’t checked this site in at least a month. Just the first few paragraphs in and I’m overcome with such emotion to tears. That doesn’t usually happen :)! I can’t begin to thank you for what you’ve written today. You have no idea how much your words rock us to sleep…how they spiritually feed and give more nourishment than food…and how they give more shelter than a home…Your words are beyond tangible. They are soulful and spiritual.

  60. Each day when I open my computer I look for your emails. It is exciting when I find one and read what you have to say. It it like having my devotional all over again where ever I am. Not all emails speak to me the same way because we are all different but so many times they are what I need to hear right then or someone I know needs to hear. So know that you are where you are mean’t to be doing what God means for you to do as you touch the lives of so many of us out here in cyberspace. God Bless you

  61. Holley … you so make a difference, you so encourage and in doing so give the greatest gift to me..hope! thankyou

  62. Thanks for your writing. You are doing exactly what you’re suppose to do….you keep me encouraged…I look forward to checking my e-mail because of your posts and share them with my friends in hope that they will take a moment to read them too. It’s a wonderful reminder when I hear the things that other women face that I’m not alone in all this…Thanks again

  63. As a disabled person who is largely homebound, most of my contacts are virtual. The large majority of my friends is virtual. My ministry is virtual….Mentoring and blogging. I’ve so very often felt dissatisfied with the fact that I can’t cook a meal and hop into my car to deliver it….Or babysit in the nursery at church…But I can still type. And I can think…and pray for every person with whom I have contact. Thanks so much for this reminder…and I LOVE the idea that the Spirit himself is virtual and thus the virtual holds vital importance. It was a great encouragement to me.

  64. Your email is the first I look for every day . I know it will be words that will be filled with support ,encouragemnet and love for your sisiters in Christ. Holly you have the biggest heart of good that I have ever known . I only know you virtually, but I feel like you are a good friend that I could call and pick up were we left off no matter how long it had been since we spoke. You have a gift , continue to show His love.

  65. Monday morning exhaustion. Questioning all the ministry done on Sunday and the spirit of discouragement strong mirroring depressed Elijah in 1 Kings 18 after the great calling down of God’s fire…this is where I was sitting. I was wearing this question, your same question heavy like an Xray jacket, feeling weary. God spoke obedience to you and through you I have been brought to tears and this is what I needed today. I don’t need to bow to please but stand back-straight to obey, listening to the Voice who is always speaking.

    deep breath and the peace rushed in!
    Such a gift.

  66. Sometimes we don’t see the results of our obedience because people forget to tell you thank you or that you are appreciated. Ever since I subscribed to your emails I have been blessed. Every single one has made me realize that I am not alone and that others feel the same way I do at times. Thank you so much for being open, down to earth, and vulnerable. I am a result of your obedience.

  67. These posts and comments may be in virtual space and time, but they land on very real hearts. What happens because of them is virtually priceless. Pressing on through this new blog start up is tough. So thank you for your words of encouragement. They have beaten the prince of the power of the air today!

  68. Dear Holley,

    “Yes, YOU really are making a difference” to me and countless others – you encourage me in my walk with the Lord – THANK YOU 🙂 xx

  69. Hi, everyone and specially our thoughtful uplifter Holley! Words come and go but the ones that remain bring so much fruit…….let us all continue uplifting others before the Lord!

  70. I find good information in your devotions. Is there a chance that you could either use larger type or a darked color. I have trouble reading the messages as they are.

  71. Thank you for letting God speak through you. I am on the other side of the world and many times what you write is just so relevant to what is happening in my life that day, which is approx. 12 hours ahead of you time wise. That has to be God’s timing.
    Bless you for being his mouthpiece on my computer here in Australia.

  72. Holley – Thank you so much for the Devotional today. God knew I needed to hear that today! You are an inspiration and you are where God wants you to be. Praying for your ministry!

  73. Holley, I loved this post! Thank you for sharing your heart and your wisdom with us. I loved that my guest post was on the same day as this – I needed your gracious insight. God bless you, lady! Hugs 🙂

  74. Dear Holley,
    My sister in Christ, who I may never meet face to face until we’re home. You make a difference in my life that matters to the extent that there are times I want to give up and your words of encouragement remind me of the Truth we walk in and He surrounds me and gives me the hope when I need it so desperately. And Jesus sends it through you precious sister! You see, the enemy sees how way out of the ballpark valueable you are to God and to us who have Him lodged in our hearts. Even amongst brothers and sisters in Christ…one a little too close to home these days, I have experienced dismay because of the deceit some are willing to live. So again, THANK YOU! And from my heart I say, “PLEASE don’t stop sending those words from God.” There are times, and today is one of them, when I desperately need them! May God shower you Holley with rich blessings…the overflowing kind!!

  75. Holly
    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! This is my first time in a LONG time reading through the items/articles that I get via DaySprings. Were you in my head or was the Lord – I think we know that answer? You verbalized (in writing) what I’ve been thinking and praying on… Through you, my prayers were answered. So young and so wise…I desperately needed to hear “I make a difference”… God Bless you and keep you!! thank you!

  76. Hi Holley,
    Just want to let you know that what you say does definitely make a difference in people’s life, in my life, even though you don’t see it. I always look forward to reading your blogs, even though this is the first time I’ve actually responded back. The Lord is definitely using you in what you write to lift others up and bring them closer to Him – and help us in our daily walk. So, thank you, and Hi! 🙂

  77. Holley,

    Right now, as I type these words into some virtual realm, I pray that you know how HUGE this message is for some folks like me.

    Deeply and truly … God-inspired.

    Thank you.

  78. Holly:

    Im one of those from far away place, Philippines. It is my first time to follow your link, and it simply encourage me. The two verses you have this day are my life verses Isa: 41:10 & Heb.11:1. Indeed God is good all the time….and every thing that happen to us has its purpose…..May you continue to shine for Jesus… God Bless you & your family..


  79. I have often felt this same way. I have had an online encouragement ministry since 1997 and whenever I felt this way or wondered if what I was doing was making any difference God would always send me an encouraging word from someone or a scripture to uplift me. So, in that way I knew I was doing His will and so are you. Believe me your words are very inspirational and encouraging! Keep on doing what He has surely called you to do! Blessings to you daily.

  80. Dear Holley,

    I just need to add my thanks and encouragement to all the others. What you do, does matter. In the future when I think back to the people who have gotten me through the last few years of my life, you will be one of those special people who I remember. Encouragement is a special gift, Holley, and you have been blessed with it. And being able to write like you do, is another. Thank you for using your gifts in the ways that you do and being a blessing to so many of us.

    Lots of love and blessings,

  81. Know that God truly does work through you. Your words jump off the screen and into my heart. There are days that I feel the words you type are the ones that lift my spirits. I have found myself close to tears with frustration wondering what’s the point. Then I would open the Heart to Heart to Holley e-mail and I find myself smiling again. Reminded of how much I truly matter. I have told many friends and strangers about your blog encouraging them to look it up. I have even been debating doing a bible study on the new book you just wrote. keep it up what you do is a ministry and I thank you.

  82. Dear Holley,
    Your words of encouragement make a difference! As I sit here with tears
    on my face, I’m so thankful for your words. As I face a difficult week of moving
    my 93 year old Mother to a different nursing home because of problems with
    her care, I feel stronger in my weakness because of your shared words.
    Thank you again for caring and for praying for all of us, for reaching out to
    us in christian love. It makes a difference!

  83. Holley….YOUR words are like a present left on my front porch! Still LOVING meditating on God’s Heart for You…..Thank you!!!

  84. Thank you Holly… There are so many times I’ve asked the Lord if what I do makes any difference to anyone. Invariably either that day or that week someone will come up to me and tell me what a blessing I’ve been to them or that they appreciate my prayers for their situation. So when we don’t feel like we are contributing to the things of God, that’s probably when we really are if we are following His leading and are obedient to His will.

    So, keep up the good work and the words of encouragement.

  85. Thank you so much for these words. My heart hurts every time I think of unfed children around the world, or families suffereing because of diseases and poverty, or of people dying wihtout ever having heard of their wonderful Savior, and I just want to drop everything I’m doing, board a plane and go help in some tangible way. The truth is though, that’s not an option for me right now. And it’s so, so hard to sit on the other side of the computer screen and believe that prayer is enough. That advocating is enough. I know it is, prayer will always be more than enough, but the enemy is ever present to make you believe it isn’t. Seed-planting is often the most difficult thing, because most of the time you don’t get to see the fruit that it produces, but seed-planting is essential, nonetheless. Thank you for the encouragement!

  86. I think you cannot even imagine how much what you do matters.
    So many times an e-mail with your note was a rescue for me during a hard day in the office… so many times i read your words and thought “OK… so what I am going through is really what God wants me to go through”… thank you for that moments!
    And I am sure that there are many, many people all over the world that could say the same.
    It will be so nice to see you in heaven an say a real “thank you” – one of the thousands others “thank you’s”, that you will hear!!!
    God bless you!!!!

  87. Hebrews 11:1 is my personal verse – it has impacted me daily for years now – I hadn’t thought of it like you discuss and it adds another dimension to how God intends us to hear it for me – thank you-

  88. This was so exceedingly helpful, Holly.

    Thank you.

    It was a “yes…that’s it!” moment for me. I am torn between what I know is real and what I feel is real so often, as if everything that I use my laptop for is somehow imaginary.

    But the things we cannot see—yes: they are sometimes the realest of all.

  89. It is so refreshing to hear of other women with the same concerns, Holley. Thanks for the validation and the encouragement to keep the faith and stay on the path!

  90. Today especially this is refreshing for my soul. The voices decided to come uninvited last night and today. Thank you Holley…for feeding my soul.

  91. Thanks for the encouragement Holly…you are a great blessing and yes you do make a difference in my life.

  92. Hi Holley! It’s so of us to be wanting to know results. The important thing is to be in disposition to serve Him, the results, – even that is not for us to know! Blessed be our powerful Lord. Thank you for your stories, for your warmth poured out through your messages Holley. God bless you!

  93. Holley,
    Thank you so much for your encouragement!! I have been struggling lately with this same question. I so appreciate your heartfelt thoughts that you pour out in your messages!! You definitely make a difference in my life!!
    Thank you!

  94. Thank you, Holley.

    I’m so glad to receive you through your writing here and at your blog. Your heart touches mine.

    Encouragers need to be encouraged.

    Sending a hug to ((((you)))).

  95. This is what I have been struggling with the most lately. I used to have a sense of purpose, knowing (or think I knew!) what I was meant to do and now that feeling is gone. It’s like I am in limbo, not sure beyond getting up everyday and doing normal life…work, child, home. Daily obedience is hard when you don’t know what you are supposed to do and if you are making a difference at all.

  96. As you can tell from the comments of so many others, you definitely make a difference.
    I know it isn’t a coincidence that I read this today. I’m not sure yet what God is saying to me through this, but I trust He is speaking – so I’ll just keep listening.
    Thank you for your heart.

  97. Holley, I always feel like you are talking right to me! You are so loving, honest, and real. I feel like we are friends! YOU make me feel that way! And, as you can read in these many posts, others do, too! Thank you always for your amazing words of encouragement to each of us every day. We love Holley Gerth!!!

  98. Hi Holley,
    I really needed to “hear” this again! I’ve been struggling lately, with my hope in Him, not feeling His presence in my heart, that deep, true belief that Jesus is walking with me. Was my routine life making a difference to anyone?

    I loved the scripture! Wrote it down to read again and again when I need a reminder.

    Thanks! Shalom, Sandy

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