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  1. I think they are looking forward to a place to have a club for christains to enjoy each other and have good talks help and pray for each other. A place were there can be lots of speakers to give chritain talks on great subjects

  2. ~ an (in)courage beach house that can be enjoyed by all, (in)courage retreat held once per year, we could dream couldn’t we? ~

  3. I REALLY thought this was Annie, but we already saw her clue. Maybe it’s Especially Heather…this is gettin’ good, can’t wait until tomorrow.

    You girls have a beautiful weekend ahead of you, rain OR shine!

  4. Girls I must give up guessing who it is….we are on the road…staying with different people as we travel our way back to Kentucky. BUT I will be back on to find out what the surprise is. Let me say a great big congratulation to whoever is the recipient of the surprise. And to you women who worked on this….congratulation on keeping it fun.
    But this missionary lady fresh back from living in a 5th world country just cannot take any more figure out anymore information anymore. So I wait………for the glorious outcome.