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  1. I love that your daughter wanted to pray right then and also that she was able to immediately turn to prayer, again, after her initial disappointment. You must be teaching her well! Sometimes I forget that God cares about the little, tiny details of our life, just like he does the big stuff. Great reminder to start off the week…. thank you!

  2. Your daughter’s persistence to keep on–what a great glimmer of hope!

    My heart’s been tugged on lately to pray for my friend’s right then when I’m talking with them, versus saying I’ll pray for them. The *praying now* makes God a part of our every moment and for me that’s been so life changing.

    • Amy,
      Thanks for the inspiration; I love your reminder to pray for your friends “right then.” I’m going to try to remember to do that too. 🙂

  3. So sweet. So TRUE! I forget, too. The big stuff…oh yeah…I’m running to God with that! But the little things…sometimes it just gets overlooked. I remember once several years ago (he was still quite little) Parker misplaced something…I think it was a game for his Nintendo DS. He was so very afraid it was lost for.ever! But he found it. It had gotten dropped in the car and slipped between the seats. He was elated that it had been found. Then he said, “Mommy…I prayed that God would help me find it. This prayin’ stuff really works!” Yep…it certainly does! I don’t think I’ll ever have a snow cone from here on without thinking of your daughter and this story.
    Thanks for sharing it.
    Hope you are doing well, enjoying the summer and eating lots of yummy snow cones. I’ll pray for it to be there tomorrow, too!
    Peace and blessings.

    • It’s so nice to hear from you over here, Jeanine! And what a sweet story about Parker. Thanks for sharing! Your stories are always so heartwarming. 🙂

  4. Oh this just made my heart smile and my tummy flip. I can so see my sons doing something similar. I love this so much. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s beautiful perspective!

  5. Genny,
    I love that you have shared this perspective as sometimes I wonder whether it is ok for us to pray for things like the snow cone in your case and in my case my children praying for their ball teams or to find things as well. We try to not be so self focused but your message put it so well. I am glad to be able to have the opportunity to meet you via incourage! Have a blessed day, I look forward to checking out your site.

  6. Thank you for sharing this! I loved that she wanted to pray right then and there too! And I loved her response to disappointment which was run back to the Lord! What a great reminder for all of us to run to God in any and every circumstance no matter how big or small, good and bad.

    • I loved her response too, Faith. It reminded me of the times I’ve forgotten to pray again (and again) if my prayer doesn’t get answered! We can never pray too much!

  7. Great post and reminder!

    I often tell people, including myself and hubby, to pray for small stuff – like passing a test, getting into school, getting a job, etc. Nothing is too hard for Him to handle.. and He jsut loves it when we go to Him for even the smallest of trials/tribulations!


    • Colleen,
      This was so sweet; thank you for sharing. I know what you mean; it’s so amazing to see my kids truly believe the way they do, and it is such a great lesson for me too!

  8. I love this. While I have always been a follower I have never been as verbal and obedient as I have been over the last few years. I am very much on my journey and often wonder if I pray too much. My husband even teased me and said that I was praying too many times as I read our son his lullabible and I told him there is no such thing. But then I sat there and wondered if there was. I needed to read this and know that there isn’t and that no prayer is too small. Thank you!

  9. I pray for parking places, breaks in traffic, green lights, to find an object in a store, for my friend to be healed of cancer, for my son to graduate, for my husband to stay safe on his travels, for my mother-in-laws broken knee-cap to heal properly, for my 16 year old dog to not suffer, for my son’s marriage to stay solid, for my 2 sons to return to Jesus, for my brain cancer to never return – all with equal belief that He will hear me and answer! I know He will give the right answer for my good, as He always has!
    I know, too, that the snow-cone truck showed up and your daughter said, “I knew he’d be here!” I love your story – thanks for sharing. We all need to believe that way!

  10. Right and wrong are much more black and white to children. They are much better with faith, because they accept without analyzing. They don’t see the gray as much as we as adults do. Everything is gray to us, because we put so much importance on too many little things. We analyze everything.

    That is why as adult we are supposed to come to him as children. With a child’s faith.

    I have learned alot about faith from my son. He has also reminded me of what is important and has renewed my need to walk closer to the lord.

  11. Contented to see your faith on God! I’m also a solemn believer of God I love to be stay under his shelter because I think it’s the best place to live. I’m also a big fan of snow cone even till now! I like you’re pray for the “big” things about your friends. That’s really very sweet. Keep it up and good luck for your daughter.