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Heather Gemmen Wilson loves to laugh. She says, "Through all the circumstances of my life, I have gained more than I have lost ... and I'm not just talking weight." Heather is married to her best friend, Lawrence W. Wilson, a pastor, and they have a colorful blended family of...

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  1. I love the “This Message is Illegal” and Power of God set. My husband has the Illegal Message journal and it’s such a great reminder that we currently still live in a religiously free country.

  2. I’m headed back to school this fall too and can completely relate to your feelings of terror 🙂 What have I got myself into! My daughter starts preschool again this year as well. I love the “God Recycles” collection! Both it’s message and it’s esthetics!

  3. They’re all awesome – I think my favorites are the “I Know Where Love Comes From,” with the “Going Green/Recycles” a close second! I gave Dayspring school supplies to my Sunday School class (jr. high/high school girls) last year and they loved them! This year I gave them the canvas totes!

  4. I love the God Recycles but I’m certain my daughter would love the I Know Where Love Comes From. I wish these were available when I was in school!

  5. I like “This Message is Illegal” I think it would catch peoples attention and pique their curiosity!

  6. I love this message is illegal. Especially since it seems more and more our country inspite of Fundamental Christian beliefs we were founded on is headed that way.
    Would love to win!

  7. The collection that I like the best: I know where LOVE comes from along w/he has my HEART. Lifting you up in prayer as you continue your college education. May you be a blessing and inspiration to so many of our younger college kids as you touch their lives….let your light SHINE! (You go girl…you can do it!)

  8. “This message is illegal” is my favorite. It’s a reminder to me, that we’ve got some work to do.

  9. I love the “I Know Where Love Comes From” set. I just purchased one of these notebooks at our local Christian bookstore and am excited to use it along with a book I’m reading by Renee Swope “A Confident Heart”.

  10. I love the “I know where love comes from” ! I have recently needed to remind myself of that and have listened to the song “Oh He loves us” by David Crowder over and over 🙂

  11. I love, love the God Recycles and Going Green set. I might just be able to get my boys to carry those. Wouldn’t that be cool?

  12. Heather,

    Best of luck in college. I will pray that your first week will be a good one and you will enjoy all your studies and professors!

  13. I love the ‘He has my heart’ ones! So true, and such a great reminder for every single day! Good luck on your journey back to school. I can somewhat relate, as I am about to enter my senior year of high school! Scary to think of what all is to come, but exciting as well! Don’t forget that you’re never alone, and that you’re surrounded by prayers! I wish you the very best!

  14. I love the “He Has My Heart” – what a powerful reminder. Praying for a wonderful experience as you go back to school. Blessings to you.

  15. I like the “Power of God” notebooks, but NOT the “This message is illegal” which seems to be part of the set. Where is there a list of the countries in which the message is illegal? I’ve found that the lists included in this type of thing (which has been around at least since the early ’90’s) are often inaccurate.

  16. I like the “This message is illegal” set. It would be great for my teen who is entering 11th grade. I think it would really capture the attention of other students and create an opportunity for discussion. What a great reminder that we have the freedom to believe.

  17. I LOVE these we picked them up for all our grand kids to take back to school. What a wonderful way to send a much needed message to school and even better way to help them keep thier mind and actions off the world and on God. FYI we found ours at Wal Mart priced in the up $2.00 range and I am glad to say we were not the only one’s buying them 🙂 I hope that sends a message to Wal Mart and other stores to carry more items like these.

  18. I can so relate tot his message. I am now heading back to school in a different country. I went back to school at the ageo f 48 and received 2 Associate degrees in Paralagal and Criminal Jusicte, (I was a nurse) I felt I needed a change. Now I am going back to learn Spanish as I now live in Mexico. The packageof school supplies I like the most are the pin with heart as pink is my vary favorite color. Actually any back to school pack would be great. God Bless you and enjoy your timein school, I know I will.
    God Bless

  19. I had gone to college in 2004 and I graduated high school in 1967! It was the most fun I had in years!! I also ended up being an honor student so it was a great accomplishment. I would love to win “I Know Where Love Comes From…” for my 11 year old granddaughter, Alex, though. 😀

  20. Would love to have the “He has my heart” set. Love the message it sends and love pink and black!

  21. Congratulations, Heather! And I have to say that I’m jealous…Don’t be intimidated about their age(s), but enjoy your confidence that you have earned with your life experiences. I’m sure the Lord will use you in the classroom. 🙂 And I love pink so I have to pick “I know where Love comes from!” Bestest wishes and prayers. 🙂

  22. Heather, you’ll be the professors’ favorite student although they’ll struggle not to show it. Older students have so much to add to a class and they are motivated and work well, perhaps because they think it’s been so long…but they’re fresh and excited and do the work in a mature and responsible way. So glad for you!
    I like the pink I Know Where Love Comes From.

  23. I like the “God Recycles” set. With everyone going green these days, I think that this would be a way to witness as it would catch peoples eyes and prompt a conversation. Of course I like them all and would take any of them if I win!

  24. My favorite is “He has my heart” because He DOES 🙂 And it brings to mind Prov 4:23 – Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

  25. I like the I Know Where Love Comes From and He Has My Heart collection. This is so timely for me. I am feeling anxious as my 12 year old homeschooled daughter heads to the local jr. high for choir and cross country. I would love to send her off with some of these school supplies. It’s a good reminder for me to know that He has her heart and I can trust Him to be with her on this path.

  26. He Had My Heart is what I would pick. I so often need that reminder…and then I’m more careful what I put in!

  27. I like all of them but “this message is illegal” is my favorite. It really stands out and is edgy. I think it would be a great conversation starter. Thanks!

  28. I have my oldest child starting junior high this year. We’ve been drooling over the “God Recycles” collection now for a few weeks, but I haven’t made the jump to spend the money! But, what a powerful message to help her start her year for both her and her friends!

  29. Thanks for sharing! I think my son would enjoy the “This message is illegal” notebook, but I really think they are all great for conversation starters!

  30. I don’t know if it is because I live in Oregon where being green and
    recycling is a prerequisite but I love the God Recycles and Go Green
    I love school supplies…you are never too old to scour those aisles of
    Fun giveaway!

  31. Love “ths message is illegal”–reminds us to keep praying for the spread of the the Gospel!

  32. I like the “I know where love comes from.” It’s a constant reminder when you’re feeling insecure and unsure of yourself.

  33. Love them all but I really love the “God Recycles” set. It reminds us that nothing is new with God and that we can and should, as Christians, be taking care of the earth He created.

  34. I JUST saw these in Wal-Mart this afternoon for the first time, and I’ll be honest, I teared up a little. The “God Recycles” is a whimsical outlook on creation, and the confrontive “This message is illegal” really hits you between the eyes with the reality of freedom vs. oppression. I actually ended up picking up a “He has my heart” notebook for my daughter. Don’t know if she’ll brave enough to use it in her secular high school, but it’s her choice. I’m just so GLAD Dayspring has made these conversation starting tools available! My favorite is probably the “I Know Where True Love Comes From.” Like the color. LOVE the message!

  35. My sweet girls would love the “He has my heart” notebooks. They’ve both experienced the challenges of friendship evangelism in their secular high school. This would be a good conversation starter!

  36. “I know where Love comes from” jumped out at me. I especially like the black folder with the big pink heart & lots of little hearts around it.

  37. The very masculine set of red cross on black background would be great for a teen boy. It is an amazing testimony tool.

  38. I absolutely 100% agree with the “Whatever” collection, i am a Junior in high school this year and it is my hope to share God’s love with my peers and those around me. Thinking about Philippians 4:8 always helps me when i feel like the pressure’s of school are about to take over me. God always helps me with my mind, and especially with this Verse!

    ” Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

    He is truly mighty and awesome! Praise God! (:

  39. I like the ‘going green’ set! I feel like this describes my state of mind these days! As my oldest heads of to preschool I’m headed back to college. Why, oh why did it take so long for me to decide what I want to be when I grow up?!

  40. Thanks for the great post! I love the God recycles set best. Besides the fact that it has my very favorite color (green!) I love the message of it, and it reminds me that God redeems things and people that the world sees as lost or useless. It made my heart happy today. I’m going to be starting school in the spring, so I do understand those scary feelings! I’ve been out of the school environment for several years and am worried about my ability to cope with it all. But your post and the pictures cheered me up and reminded me who is in control. Thank goodness it’s not me!! Thanks again! 🙂

  41. My favorite is the “He has my heart” collection. It was hard to choose though because they are all wonderful.

  42. This message is illegal. —I have a heart for my brothers and sisters in Christ that are being persecuted for their belief in Jesus Christ.

  43. I would love the I Know Where Love Comes From set. My daughter is starting High School and is a bit nervous about it. Her favorite color is pink and the message is wonderful. Thank you for the chance!

  44. I know where love comes from… and I loooovee school supplies! I always have… I’m a college professor now and still love to shop for notebooks and ink pens =)

  45. I hope it goes really well for you!!

    I like the “I know where love comes from” package – it would be perfect for my sister who is a uni student & could do with the reminder!

  46. i love the pink notebook set , cuz that saying i know where love comes from is a really need thisng to actually know in your heart, if more knew where love really comes from they would be quit a happy person

  47. I hope I’m not too late, you are probably on the East coast. I LOVE these products, I am in school right now working on my teaching certificate and my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. I would love to help spread the Word to my fellow future teachers through the use of these materials. I especially love the “I know where love comes from” set it is nice and girly 😉

  48. We love the “This Message is Illegal” ones, because it reminds us to pray for the persecuted church and never take for granted our own freedoms. Thank you!

  49. I really like the “I know where true love comes from” set. My daughter just started college and her first paper was defining “true love’ and she chose to use Jesus as the example of the only real, true love 🙂