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Tonia is the head chica in charge of domestic bliss for Bennett, Lucas and her husband Brad. She can be found in Idaho gardening, reading, cooking and loving on her Monday Night Bible Study. She is blessed with the Spirit's discipline to read Scripture daily and is constantly in awe...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. My head was nodding and “mmhmm” was coming from my mouth as I read your words, Mrs. B. [smile]

    I was just thinking yesterday about how we often don’t do anything because we’re so fearful we don’t know exactly what God’s will is for our lives–so focused on perfection it’s debilitating because of the fear we’re wrong; when all God wants is for us to do some. thing.–to live by Faith!

    Acting out of respect that He is God, patience that He knows best and when, and that He does indeed love us so purely…*this* is how we love Him, not just the idea of Him.

    Much for me to continue thinking about as He continues to transform my living.

    Rich blessings as you love your Father…

  2. What a thoughtful examination of fearing vs. being afraid of God! I really appreciate your attention to detail and context in this piece.

    This was my favorite line: “If a situation seems cloudy, confused, without direction it may be that I am acting out of fear and distrust and not with fear and reverence for our God.”

    Thank you for sharing this. Grace and piece to you in Christ Jesus!

  3. I love how you explained the distinction between the fear of the Lord and fearing God. I hadn’t thought about it like that! What just came to mind as I was typing this is the parable of the talents, where the last guy didn’t use his talents because he said God was a tough master. He was also immobilized because he was afraid. Thank you so much for sharing this, I’m going to mull over this and see where I may be holding back because I am afraid of God rather than walking in the fear of the Lord.

  4. WOW…all I can say is wow! God really spoke to me about this. I’ve been running scared because of a new direction God is leading me to go. Thank you for being so transparent and allowing God to speak through you! Be Blessed!

    • 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another…
      Your comment just stuck with me all evening. That God allows us to participate in challenging and encouraging one another is a marvelous thing! Be blessed in your fearless pursuit of this “new direction”. I will be praying…

  5. I think one aspect for me of the joy found in fearing God is the awe we have that we know He is Holy and Almighty, but we also know He wants us to call Him Abba Father and have an intimate relationship, without fear.

    Love your post!

  6. Tonia, thank you so much for your Spiritual insights here. And your line about “praying and then waiting so long”…yep, I know about that. I will be paying closer attention and prayerfully considering the difference between fearing God and being afraid of Him! Wonderful post!

  7. Mrs. Booker….I love you!

    You got it so right…we try to do many things that are of this world and not at all baout who God intends us to be. You are being fearless in your sharing of these very honest feelings.

    You are my sweet friend and I couldn’t be more honored.