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I'm a lifecoach, author, blogger, amateur photographer, wife, mother, people lover. I thank God every day for His personal love and moment by moment grace. Oh and I love Thai and chocolate.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Thank you for this beautiful and honest post. I can be a pack rat, too, and I also associate emotion or sentiment to things. I was just talking about this on Facebook today, actually, because I’m cleaning a bunch of stuff out.

    God has been showing me that I don’t honor the person who gave me such and such if it makes my house cluttered. If I don’t use it, all it does is create an environment chaos, and my loved ones do not want that for me. So, layer by layer, I’m getting rid of stuff, and also peeling away the layers in my heart, too.

    • You know Aimee that’s a great way to look at it. I’m not sure my parents would want me to crowd my house full of their things and make myself and family miserable just to keep their memories around either. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I so appreciate this post … I have seen so often that when are homes are cluttered with all kinds of stuff, our hearts often are, too. There’s such a huge link between our living spaces and the state of our souls.

    This is a huge challenge for a number of women, and I address this whole clutter/state of our hearts issue often as I write. These resources might add to the conversation –
    CLUTTER 201

  3. Wonderful way of looking at life. I often unload my bags of “stuff” at my Savior’s feet. But I always seem to find myself taking it back piece by piece.

  4. Yep I can certainly relate to that Sarah. I lay my things down before Him and rest in Him for a while. There’s such peace in His rest. Then before you know it I’ll try picking it back up and the peace just leaves. Ahhh when will we learn…

  5. Great picture of how cluttered my soul can get with all the ‘stuff’ I think I need to be, to do, to measure up.
    Ahhhhh….breathe….let it go….

    Thanks for the precious reminder, Julie, of the wide-open breathing space I can have for my life – in Christ!

    • Thanks Teri for your encouraging comment. I want for you and all of us to be all we are in Christ and there is no clutter there just pure refreshing air.