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Angie is the proud wife of Todd Smith of Selah, and the blessed mommy to Abby, Ellie, Kate, Charlotte, and Audrey Caroline, who passed away the day she was born, April 7th, 2008. Angie was inspired to write Audrey's story, and began the blog in honor of her. You...

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  1. What a great video! I really enjoyed the pairing of these two virtues because it matched my strongest and weakest virtue in one discussion. I often have issues with patience and I feel like that is something God is constantly reminding me to work on. I, too, am more of a type A personality who as Angie put it “gets frustrated when something isn’t being done efficiently”. Compassion, on the other hand, is the virtue I find easiest to “wear” and I credit my mother for this. She has always showed me what it looks like to put others before self and to find ways to help people even if they don’t know what specifically they need. Unfortunately I didn’t get her gene for patience!

    Seed: Earnestly seek God’s help in becoming more patient with people and things

    Water: Taking a moment to remind myself that not everyone operates on the same time table I do and that everything will happen in God’s time not in mine

    Bloom/Grow: I’ve been working on being more patient with my husband and I have found that this has really strengthened our relationship. In many cases what I wanted him to do has gotten done without me having to say anything anything. I just needed to be patient and allow him to do things in his own time.

  2. Seed: The phrase “those who lead the way” on page 160 was revealing — I hope I won’t be the one beating a hollow religious drum that keeps others from the Savior. How terrifying!

    I was struck by the contrast between me and Jesus on page 175 — I am saying “Come on, get it together already” and Jesus is never too bothered when demanding people crowd Him.

    Water: On page 158, Kelly says, “I have discovered when I live out of a spirit of humility that become connected with people I may never have noticed or might have passed by in blind arrogance.” Praying for God to help me connect with the special people He has in my path — don’t want to miss out on these types of divine appointments because I am a pridefully blind.

    On page 180, Kelly says that patience is “more accurately shown than explained.” Asking God to show me how this can be a quiet reality in my life.

    Bloom/Grow: I hope every day I will grow into being that beggar that returns to thank Christ for His compassion on me and that I will extend His compassion and comfort to others with sincerity.

    Likewise, I am so thankful that Christ lives in me — since He is patience personified. This gives me hope that as I lean into the Spirit his patience will be developed in me.

  3. Hard to believe we are almost finished!
    Seed: I really enjoyed Kellys discussion on both virtues. With compassion, as I was watching the video, it was really impressed upon me that compassion is more than just sympathy. It is more than just a feeling… it is an action. Yes, you see something wrong, but you act to change it. I liked what was said about selfishness being an enemy to compassion because we have to stop, pause in our busyness and get off of our agenda… Life, interrupted. Isn’t that the kind of life Jesus led?
    Water: I’ve always heard not to pray for patience, because God will give you what you ask for in ways you may not necessarily want. What I need to do is be deliberate in noting when I am impatient, because it is often. Try to stop myself from reacting. I have been forced to do this recently. When my son (who is 8) sees me angry or impatient, he’ll say, “Well, Mom, you’ll do real good teaching us about that on Sunday morning.” Too funny, but too true =)
    Bloom: I liked what Jessica said about her two year old’s reaction. As I am more compassionate and patient, choosing to act rather than react and choosing wise reactions in difficult situations, i will see changes in those around me, who will react in a better way.

  4. At first I thought the chapters on humility & compassion went together better than compassion & patience, but really, they all intertwine so much! I grew up in a very conservative environment to the point of legalism on many levels. I had very little compassion for anyone who found themselves in a bad situation because, in my mind, they usually brought it on themselves. I was like the older brother in the story of the prodigal son – I may not have physically run away from home, but I was not experiencing and enjoying a relationship with the Father (and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t being blessed for being so “good”). He has humbled me greatly to the point of brokenness, and suddenly, I have SO much compassion for those going through hard times… and because it took me far too long to stop feeling sorry for myself and allow God to work in me, I also have a great deal more patience for others who are working through trials.

    SEED: What stuck out to me on the chapter about compassion is that it requires action – “it is eager to do something.”

    WATER: Purpose to be active in compassion – go out of my way to find that person I know needs to be encouraged and give her a hug. Actually write and mail the card that I’ve penned in my head. Don’t just offer to watch a friend’s kids for a morning so she can have a break, but give her several dates that work and make her pick one! Make myself available to be a listening ear to those who are experiencing trials that I have been through.

    BLOOM: Using what God has given me – the gifts, the trials, His love and compassion and patience and kindness toward me – I feel such a sense of fulfillment. His will is for me to be conformed to the image of His Son and when I’m clothed with these things in HIS strength, I feel like I’m exactly who He wants me to be.

    SEED: Patience is “about forbearing with the hurts & burdens & weaknesses of the people around us.”

    WATER: Recognize that different trials affect different people differently. I cannot dismiss someone else’s trial as insignificant or think she/he needs to just “get over it.” Seek to remember that we all grow at different rates and the thing God may have been teaching me may not be the same thing God is teaching someone else at the moment!

    BLOOM: Patience with others gives me the opportunity to connect with them – basically what I said above for compassion goes here, too. When I’m filled with these virtues because I’m empty of my selfish desires, I’m who He’s made me to be and I get to be a vessel He can use.

  5. Some of my favorite quotes and thoughts from the book…..

    “Humility…..constantly reminds us that, “There but for the grace of God go I”.

    “Humility…..the precursor to true compassion”.

    “Compassion is always coupled with action”.

    “So when we find ourselves numb to the needs of others, it may be because we have not recently, or ever, let Jesus tend to us in the place of our own woundedness.” – really need to think on this…..

    “Patience…..mercy and compassion flowing when everything else tells you it should have run out a long time ago.”