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I am a girl in love with a God whose Story captivates my soul. My joy is the Sacred Mundane, because the details of life are the whispers of a Savior.

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  1. What an encouraging message. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I’m so glad you slowed down and noticed the details; a good reminder for me to do the same along with the encouragement that the things I do are not overlooked.

    • Thank you, Cynthia! It does take slowing down, doesn’t it? Bless you today in all the work you’ve been entrusted with!

  2. You reminded me of Truth, Kari, and I am so grateful this morning. He Sees, and it’s for Him I live anyway. Even in writing, it’s for His glory…

    Rich blessings to you, Kari, as you continue to hear His words for your heart….

    • Thank you, Amy! Your words are so encouraging! He does see, all of it. We can revel in His attention. Blessings on you!

  3. Kari, Thank you, thank you for sharing this beautiful truth. I am so thankful HE notices! Have done my share of skimming through those genealogies and was always encouraged by God’s attention to detail. But what a delight it is to consider that HE has entrusted me with these mundane things, and that HE doesn’t skim.
    Blessings to you today!

    • Amen, dear girl! Thank you for your comments … We must remind ourselves of this daily. Blessings upon you, sister!

  4. Another great writing, my friend. Thank you for always reminding me that God cares about all the day to day tasks we do with our kids. It is hard when it feels like nothing we do really matters, but it does to God!

    Have a great time in Scotland!

    • Thank you my sweet sweet friend! I MISS you, and home, but yes, it is a wonderful time here in Scotland. He DOES notice all that you do and I notice that what you do is BEAUTIFUL. Love you…

    • Oh, praise God — His timing is always amazing, isn’t it? He cares so much, He is so tender toward us. Blessings to you Tania!

  5. Good reminder today! Most of ministry is behind the scenes and every once in awhile I get that pang of why doesn’t anyone see what I do? It’s in those selfish feel sorry for myself days, but you are right, God sees and I don’t work for the praise of man anyway!! I’m getting ready to start through Chronicles, I’ll keep my eyes open for the pancake flipper!

    • Aw, Brenda, this brings such a smile to my face! Yes, ministry IS so much behind the scenes and SO much that goes unnoticed…by everyone except the ONE who it is all for, yes?? All for His eyes, such a great place to be. Blessings on you Brenda, as you journey through Chronicles! 🙂

  6. Thank you for this! Sometimes, with the line of work I’m in, although I am more fulfilled in it than I have been in anything else, I wonder if anyone notices. thank you for reminding me, it’s to God that I need to be doing the work, not that anyone else notices me.

    • Amen, Amy! We so need this reminder, OFTEN! I need it myself all over again today. 🙂 Blessings on you with all your hand finds to do today!

  7. Love this! Trying to remember that everything that I do is to the glory of God… even if it seems like it doesn’t matter to me!

    • Amen, whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, including the most mundane. Blessings on you, Lauren, as you glorify God today!

  8. Today I’ve been entrusted with unstopping the toilet. I’m sure that God has noticed because I’ve told Him about it. 🙂 Your post reminded me of a quote that I have on the bulletin board next to my desk. Jonathan Acuff (author of “Stuff Christians Like”) said, “David didn’t show up to fight Goliath. He brought lunch. Stop looking for the dramatic and be great at the little things.” So today, my little thing is the toilet. I will try to be great at it. Thank you so much for the reminder that God notices.

    • Oh wow, great quote! I’m writing that one down to save. Thank you, Carolyn! Yes, unstopping the toilet would definitely qualify as a “flat-cake” sort of task … Blessings on you today as you do that for His glory!!

  9. Wow, being entrusted with something is a huge responsibilitly. It definitely adds value to the mundane, which I strongly believe in 🙂 Great post

  10. Oh wow. What a blessed reminder. I needed this so! It seems I need this daily as I too easily forget that God does indeed notice. Thank you for this, bless you.

    • Oh Kris, I’m with you. I need this daily as well. Bless you as you do everything for the glory of God today. Bless you, my sister!

    • Thank you, Mary! I pray you’re encouraged as you glorify Him with the mundane today! Blessings on you.

  11. Entrusted. Simple tasks entrusted. Simple tasks by nature are sometimes glossed over by an ever moving, grooving and shakin’ it culture don’t ya think? Even across the big drink of an ocean you find a way to make me smile. I would rather be an entrusted flat cake flipper in His kingdom than a self made
    whuteva’, whuteva’!

  12. I loved your post for it reminds me of a study i I did on the nameless workers in Exodus 35. in the KJV they are called the “wise hearted”, or willing hearted or those whose heart were stirred or spirit move him or her. These were men and women who used their skills to build the tabernacle. Mention the book of Exodus and you think Moses and his family, Pharaoh and there is a lot written about those disobedient Jews. But tucked in chapter 35 is those women who spun blue, purple and scarlet material in fine linen and courser material from goat hair. These women were not made to do this, it was a freewill offering they gave and NO ONE recorded their name, except God, He names them “wise hearted”. The scriptures do not even give their ages, whether they were married or single but you know there were some of all in the group. What a great bunch of women to be lump together with…no named wise hearted, willing to give of their talents and skills when moved upon by the spirit of God. I want to be a part of that group.

    • Amen, dear Betty! Wise women who are ok being nameless because God knows their name …. and notices. Thank you for your words, and blessings on your day!

  13. Hi Kari,
    I’m so glad you had the opportunity to go to the UK and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ over there! I miss you and think of you very often. Your message is convicting because I spend so much of my day resenting the boring job I have, when I really need to be embracing the work HE has ENTRUSTED me with, in the hope that if I am faithful with the small things He will entrust me with greater things. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Oh my goodness, hello Carolina Warkentin! Thank you for the comment and it’s so wonderful to hear from you! Where are you now? Blessings, girl — we think of you and Aaron often!

      • We are in Las Vegas NV suffering in the 110F weather and dreaming of the green NW – and the cooler climate of the UK – we really miss both places! I’ll send you an email soon and fill you in on our life. Happy Anniversary, by the way. We celebrated 7 years on the 26th!