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Elizabeth is a wife, mother of two (so far!), stay-at-home mom, musician and writer. She's a Midwestern girl who reads, travels and plays outdoors.

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  1. …and He uses the children…

    What a beautiful story of raw truth. I think we all struggle with truly giving all of our hearts, minds, souls and lives to Him, and that is why we need Him to show us His love for us each day and how we can trust Him with every speck of our stories. He’s asked me the same questions at times – would you give me your children? It’s always the hardest question, and always I struggle in my answer. Being honest is worship, too.

    Rich blessings, Elizabeth, as you continue to see your Father through the child He asked you to help raise up…

  2. this was a precious sweet post and i only wish i could have head her singing too. I am sure it’s as close as one can get to hearing the angels sings. Betty

  3. Glorious! There is a depth that He weaves into our souls as we mother children through little snippets just like this. What a precious word from the Spirit, spoken to your mama’s heart. 🙂

  4. So glad to have found your blog as www seem to be in the same season. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Absolutely love this story. I learn SO MUCH from my children…their little voices & songs & conversations, when they don’t know I’m listening! Thanks so much for sharing what the Lord taught you thru her sweet song!

  6. I absolutely love this story. Thanks for sharing. I had been studying the life of the author of that song and now reading this brings my heart closer to understanding why this song means so much to me. Very precious.