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I wear a lot of hats...wife, mother, sister, friend...But the one that challenges me daily is my "homeschooling mom" hat. Our three beautiful children laugh, live and learn in our home every day. While it's never perfect, and sometimes a bit chaotic ... we wouldn't have it any other way!...

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
& you will too!
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
& you will too!
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  1. Of course He did that – and He gladly does more each and every day if we will take notice! A friend of mine has challenged me to take the next 30 days, and ask God for “surprises” in my day that will be simple signs that He loves me and is looking out for me. I can’t tell you the “surprises” He has weaved into my day, probably always there – but now I’m looking!

    Love this post!

    • What a wonderful journey you are on. I hope you continue to see his unexpected blessings long after your 30 days!!!

  2. This blog made me feel good. I’ve been having a down day and it really helped.

  3. Oh I can so identify with this. Such lovely truths you remind me of here. THis was a nice encouragement. Thank you for sharing this, bless you!!

  4. Love this…yes, the whole Earth is full of His Glory and He uses it to minister to us! God’s love for us so beyond comprehension! Thanks for posting!

  5. I love those quiet moments too, sometimes it take the quiet hush to hear His whisper and to feel His grace.

    Beautiful post- just what I needed today! 🙂

  6. Our surrender, it blesses Him and allows Him to swoop in and speak.

    Rich blessings, Kristi, as you seek Him in your weariness…