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Kirsten Wilson is a wife to her Texan husband and mother to her Chihuahua, Astro. Originally from New York, she moved down South to attend Liberty University where she met her husband while studying Print Journalism and Women’s Ministry. She loves the city, pizza, shopping and musicals; as well as...

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  1. So true. This applies to being a momma too. My boys are always watching and because they are still little they are like your brother. . wanting to be what Mommy “is”, and I need to point them to Christ . .I can’t do that if my actions and words look completely different than His.
    I am always going to mess up, but I need to admit it to them and help them see that I am walking with Him and when I stumble He picks me up. I think about this all the time.
    Thanks for sharing this. Have a beautiful weekend sweet girl!

  2. Beautiful. My prayer has been that people see Christ in me first, unfortunately it doesn’t always happen but He always gives us another chance.

  3. Beautiful. 🙂
    Myself and my husband are literally discussing similar right now LOL. We often talk of asking Jesus in to our hearts and the image is almost like He is a tiny man who is hiding in your heart…like He’s in you rather than you in Him(identity-wise(…it can transpire in to us seeing Him as little whern we view it this way!
    I love this reminder of us being in Him and we should be what he is, such a cute story but with a great message.

    BTW I’m raising my hands cause I’m Irish 😉 xxx

  4. Kristen,
    Yes, I have been guilty too many times of finding my worth through my perceived achievement and successes. Honestly, it probably has only been in the last few years that I am able to rest in who I am and who He created me to be.

  5. Very good reminder! Our world finds value in achievement, success, accomplishment, when the truth is that we can only find value in Christ alone. I love the thought that God created us to do good works, which He has prepared for each of us specifically. I hope to live this out each day and not view myself the way the world would.

  6. I LOVE this. So many times we put our focus on the wrong things and become of this world. I love that you point out that it is necessary that we work to find ourselves trying to be more like Christ. Thanks!