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Heather Gemmen Wilson loves to laugh. She says, "Through all the circumstances of my life, I have gained more than I have lost ... and I'm not just talking weight." Heather is married to her best friend, Lawrence W. Wilson, a pastor, and they have a colorful blended family of...

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  1. I love this post. I believe we have angels with us, some seen, some unseen. It’s lovely to have shared that experience with you daughter,

  2. I believe my daughter had something similar about 6 years ago when she was 5. We had just recently moved to Ohio from Texas due to divorce. The kids were in the back seat of the car as I was driving. I heard my 5 yr old talking, my 1 yr old was also back there. I asked who was she talking to because it was a long drawn out conversation. She said-God. I said really, God? She said well yea Mom can’t you hear him? I said well no I don’t hear him. I asked how often did she hear him? She said he talks to me everyday!

    She had never even been in church up to this point in her life other than our wedding when she was 1 !

    This continued for weeks it seemed. God eventually placed us at the door step of friends I had not seen in 18 years and they invited us to church with them. We went and have been there ever since. That was May 2005!

    Oh and I now hear God talking to me too!

  3. wow I totally love this. Yea I think the world of angels (and even demons) is much more active than we realize. I have heard kids are more sensitive to it. That is really cool about your daugher seeing the angel!!!

    • Yes, kids seem to be more sensitive to it. I have often asked my kids or other children to pray for things that are on my heart because I believe they have a special relationship with God. Not that we lose that relationship as adults, but it does change.

  4. I love this! I’ve always thought about how we never know *who* is around us and how God sends His angels to cover us.

  5. I love hearing stories of people having encounters with angels. My mom, dad and myself all believe we have met one. Because the spiritual world is invisible, having those glimpses where we’re able to experience it on some level is very cool.

    I actually just read a book called “The Invisible World” by Anthony DeStefano. He talks about how we all have a guardian angel with us…all the time. “They’re not spiritual eavesdroppers. They have a mission to accomplish – our ultimate salvation – and that’s what they spend their time focusing on. They aren’t too terribly concerned with human gossip or with the thousands of random thoughts that go in and out of our heads every day. They have better things to do.” So while we can take comfort in that we’re not alone, we don’t have to worry that angels are listening to our thoughts… though that means they do see me dance when no one’s looking 🙂

  6. Loved this story, Heather! I loved your line that perhaps we “always have an audience.” That is a compelling idea– one that makes me have goosebumps, too. And then I remember that not only are spiritual beings potentially in the stadium seats watching my life unfold (and maybe on the field, as well), but that the Holy Spirit is definitely my constant “Audience.”

    And that serves to give goosebumps, too.

    You shared this beautifully.

  7. These are two verses that came to mind whan reading your post. There are angels areound us all the time!

    Psalm 91:11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

    Hebrews 13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.


    • Thanks for pointing out those verses. There are others too. It’s certainly consistent with scripture to believe our lives intersect with the lives of angels. I’d love to study angelology sometime!

  8. I saw a video a few weeks ago about a 4 year old who had an NDE and one of the things that struck me is him saying he saw God “shooting down power” to those on earth. I think it was specifically those in need and those who were asking. I love this. And I love your story above; thanks for sharing. I think we’ll learn one day how much more God’s presence and angels’ presence we lived with on earth than we ever had a clue about.

  9. Our youngest son went to Heaven when he was 6 1/2 months old. He often used to look over my shoulder and smile.. I’m pretty sure he was seeing angels then as well. (I’d sort of forgotten that about Seth, thank you for reminding me!)

  10. How lovely that we are never alone but it does give you pause. What is your personal member of the invisible and true secret service privy to? I love your last line. Thank you for a tender reminder of how God cares for us.

  11. This was great! I am confident that the two worlds do intersect and have had expiriences myself with this. Love hearing stories about it. Wonderful!

  12. don’t plan to ever get comfortable enough in this world that I forget about the real one.

    Heather I just love this little comment you made. It’s this truth that keeps me grounded and make living daily for him full of anticipation that “this could be the moment”. I have had an encounter of the protection that a guardian angel can give…it’s real as real as HE is.

  13. When my son was only a few months old we had many experiences like these. He would become intensely focused on something just above our heads, very calm and happy. Our little ones are so fresh from being with their Heavenly Father and we’ve tried our best as they grow to keep that spirit close in their minds.

  14. I believe my children have seen angels. I have felt their presence brush up against me. I have asked God to allow me to see them. I am hoping one day I will and not just when I get to go to heaven.

  15. My eldest son experienced something when he was 6 that we will never, ever forget. As a bit of background, Troy has autism, and at 6 was still not very verbal.

    He was plagued with ngihtmares… The Monsters, he called them. WE would have to pray that the monsters would stay away every night, and if we didn’t he would have the dreams. Sometimes he would still have the dreams, even if we did pray, and he would come into our room for us to pray for him. We of course would, but we would always remind him that he could pray too… God would answer him just as much as us.

    One morning, Toy came into our room to tell us that The Monsters had come again in the night. We were tacken aback, as he had not come to our room during the night. We asked him what happened. We got goosbumps when he replied:

    “Well, The Monsters came. So I prayed and God came and He sang and they ran away”.

    I love the way God reveals Himself to children 🙂

    • Lovely and amazing to imagine Our Lord singing to your sweet boy to calm his fears through the night…

  16. God’s word is true and it is amazing that God gave your daughter the eyes to see the angel. I have never seen an angel, but I have felt them. Felt them as clear as day. I have also felt a brush of God’s fallen angels or demons. The brush of an angel is so much more peaceful and makes me long for the day when we get to home and sit with God. the brush of demons makes me want Jesus to come back just as quick so that all this sin can be destroyed. May all moments of life remind us that He is Sovereign and always Watching over us!