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Passionately pursuing her relationship with God, Juanita is a wife and mother of 3. Striving to live daily in the grip of HIS grace. Seeking to find JOY in the every day...

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  1. Great post, Juanita…. beautifully written and wonderfully descriptive! Thanks for the reminder of those peace-filled moments when we can soak up God’s majesty, whether it’s in a sunrise, the ebb & tide of the ocean or even in the glow of moonlight!

    May you experience God’s Peace as you “embrace the day!”

  2. reminds me of a line in a song “Wish for the moon and the moon will appear, lighting the sky just for you. If you imagine, your fears disappear. There’s nothing you can’t do”

  3. This was so beautiful. I am just so giddy for how the calm – the stillness of the day – draws us to Him and how He speaks so powerfully of our purpose in His creation. What you wrote was so touching. Keep your eyes wide open and your heart soft to His gentle voice. Rich blessings…

  4. And now we will never forget this whenever we see the moon. We’ll think of Him and how we are reflections of His light!

    Also reminds me of the song by Sara Groves that says “You are the sun and I am the moon, you have made me to shine…”

    Thanks for sharing this!

  5. A beautiful post that captured my thoughts and reminded me of Him. May we all strive to be that reflection of Him for His light is what will dispell the darkness around us.

    Keep pressing in to Him. You are a blessing.


  6. Wonderful and descriptive!! Beautiful moon we see here in Colorado! It puts it all in perspective realizing that our WONDERFUL GOD is in control of all of it. And being in HIS hands is SAFE! HE is there all the time, we need to just open our eyes to see!

  7. as lovely as you are dear friend. Your words, thoughts and stories offer a genuine reflection of God’s Love, Grace and Mercy. His gift to you and I’m so thankful you are willing to share them with us all so we can be reminded of the glorious creation only He could give us. Life is so much bigger than the daily strife and struggles, to be reminded of this with lovely words and thoughts is priceless.