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Kristen writes at her parenting blog, We Are THAT Family and is author of Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes to God When Safe Sparkly Faith is No Longer Enough and founder of The Mercy House. Follow Kristen on twitter as @WeareTHATfamily.

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Three teenagers that aren’t interested in school work (we home school), a dog that attempts to steal “treats” out of the kitty litter–us chasing him around the house telling him to “DROP IT!!” , a cat that leaves me a “present” in the master bath that resembles a gnawed on mouse–that I almost step on, ewww….., a hall bath (that the kids use) that looks like a truck stop restroom, and I have no idea what to fix for dinner.
    This is my life. Should I laugh or cry????

  2. This is my life! Every day i visit Danielle’s memorial site to check on her mother, my sister. Why do i do that? If my sister hasnt added a poem, etc or changed the photo that day or so, Danielle never liked wearing the same clothes twice, I know she needs me but she still cant say because there are no words to describe how you feel when your beautiful daughter walks out one day, gets in her car and never comes home again. It’s 16 months ago and still the waves keep coming in, sometimes small ripples but sometimes great big waves that drown you in grief. Danielle will be forever 21.
    Thanks for the video, it reminded me of my children and made me smile.

  3. I haven’t had any of “those” days recently. But I am wondering how my 4 year old’s stuffed bear and my 7 year old son ended up in the toilet at the same time. That happened last weekend while my hubby’s friends were over for dinner. (And no, I had not met these friends before!)

  4. How about today? A two year old with a strong will and very loud scream. Oi. Oh, we also just weaned her from her pacifier. OK, so actually it was cold turkey….ahem.

    She has been fine all weekend. I don’t know if it’s because Daddy is at work or what. But she will not go to sleep for her nap, currently.

    I know it doesn’t seem like much, but oh trust me. A mama can only take so much emotional overdrive! LOL
    Love the pictures, though I don’t think I’d love it if it were my kids, ha ha! Just because it’s easy to laugh at someone else’s situation…much harder when it’s your own. 😉

    Looking forward to reading your book, Kristen! 🙂

    • Oh geez! Forgot to mention….I had a “snapshot moment” today, too! Two year old, again, wrote all over my walls with a highlighter. Thankfully 409 took it right off. But it’s times like that my husband asks, “Where were you?! Who was watching her?” Well, with 5 kids, you can’t always be watching, you know?

  5. Started with a blowout diaper moment leading to a disasterous breakfast ( more food on the floor than in the belly), then my three yr old giving her food to the dogs, then she had to go potty and 1 yr old brother flushes her panties down the toilet…another diaper blowout…dogs constantly stealing shoes or socks out of the house…kids thinking the best room in the house ia th pantry that I just happened to organize the previous day..both kids constantly knocking or hurting themselves never having a clue what to make for dinner since kids never like if ama hubby working late ( sometimes a quick pb& j for me)..
    .I miss being served in restaurants…and to end the day, plopping myself down on the couch with pile of dishes, flooe that needs to be cleaned, toys to b picked up, laundry to be folded, and I still need a shower……I often feel I need time outs and am learning how to be patient – some days are better than others. I would not trade it for anything. There are many more fun loving moments than the cooky ones.

  6. I mentioned this on twitter not too long ago, but just a snippet of a recent bad day involved a boy, a can of Febreeze, and an alleged “bad smelling” sister.

    I couldn’t help but laugh {the next day}!

  7. A very quiet, supposed-to-be-napping two year old.
    Three bottles of nail polish.
    Ten tiny toenails.
    Two dumbfounded & learned-their-lesson-about-cleaning-up big sisters.
    One splattered, splotted, used-to-be-favorite pink-plush comforter.

    Where was Mommy? Out for a run!
    Seriously – there is truth in the old adage…’running is cheaper than therapy!’

  8. This actually happened a couple of years ago, but it’s one of my stand-out, grossest parenting stories to date…

    One day while my husband was at work, my Golden Retriever was having some…ahem…yucky ‘bowel’ issues, finding a trail of it from the kitchen back to the bedroom by the time I discovered it. At first I thought the smell was my 1-year-old’s diaper! Well, before I could get the dog outside and clean up the mess, she had another accident right near my 4-year-old son who was sitting at the kitchen table. He got so grossed out that he leaned over and puked on the floor. I was so stunned at all of this I didn’t know what to do first! Tend to my son…shoo the dog outside…grab the toddler before she waddled into the mess(es)? Which mess do I clean up first? YES! HA! I grabbed my toddler and went and threw her in her bed while I cleaned up the mess. Now she was crying. I put the dog out. My son was a bit upset since he’d not had much experience puking before, so I cleaned him up and sent him to his room until I got the mess cleaned up. Then, spent the next hour cleaning up said messes and bathing the dog. That was such a surreal event – I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or to cry. It was like a crazy scene from a movie with the succession of events and it all happened so fast my head was spinning! Definitely one of those unforgettable mommy moments!

  9. Oh my goodness! I have to laugh reading through some of these comments – my kids are 18 and 16 now, but I remember SO many similar moments. Of course, we’re not out of the woods yet; I still have plenty of “those” days, but just on a different scale.
    Love your humor and love this site! Great job 🙂

  10. Actually, today has been one of those days! My 5 year old daughter woke up with Silly Putty in her hair. After a combination of conditioner, hand sanitizer, and baby oil (all Google-advised), my daughter’s hair looks like it hasn’t been washed in years. Nice. And of course, spring school pictures are 2 days away. Here’s hoping the “oil spill” is cleaned up by then. What can you do but laugh?!? 🙂

  11. I did this a few weeks ago. My son, who had just eaten breakfast, was playing in the living room so went to tend to my baby daughter. After a few minutes, I realized it was too quiet in the house and went to check on him and he was sitting on the kitchen floor. He had pulled the pint of strawberries out of the refrigerator and was sitting there eating a bite out of each one and putting it back in the plastic container. I quietly went to get my camera and snapped some pictures quick before he saw me. It was so cute and I was proud of myself for not getting mad at him. Sometimes we forget that we should laugh at kids’ antics instead of yelling.

  12. One morning this week, I licked what I assumed was a stray drop of coffee creamer off my hand… only to realize it was actually a stray drop of spit-up from the youngest member or our clan. Very, very unfortunate mistake.