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Ann Voskamp is a farmer's wife, the home-educating mama to a half-dozen exuberant kids, and author of One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, a New York Times 60 week bestseller. Named by Christianity Today as one of 50 women most shaping culture and the...

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  1. I read the book at breakneck speed, sucking it all in, highlighting, underlining, marking it up, eyelids peeled back in awe as I saw more and more of Him. Now, I re-read slowly, taking a breath, coming up for air, digesting his truths…. Thank you for being obedient, for stepping into uncomfortable territory for others in the kingdom, for delivering the message, “all IS grace”, abundant, undeserved, crazy grace!

  2. (((Ann))) What a beautiful testimony of the birthing of your life into a treasure we can each hold and learn from. It is even more evident now, with all this fruition, that this was definitely a God “thing”, when that editor emailed you. Your husband was right: God opened a door. Thank you for walking through it.

    And thank you kindly for your birthday wishes on my Facebook the other day. =) I am honored by your visit, dear friend. I look forward to embracing you again at Relevant this Fall. *Hugs*

    • Oh Christin, how God’s going something in all of us and together we’re all walking through the door… He is the door and He is worthy of all our praise. … worshipping Him with you, Christin. Thank you for sharing the journey!

  3. I love you so much right now, Ann, my heart feels like it could bust right open. Thank you for the gift of your words. Just thank you. I used to think thank you was a small word, but I know better now!

    • Me too, Lisa-Jo — that “thanks” seemed like a small offering. And now to give that word a gift to others knowing how radically central that one word is….

      I so *thankful* for you, sister…
      Eucharisteo, always, everywhere, here….
      All’s grace,

  4. Reading your book now, Ann. It’s wonderful! I received it as a birthday gift, and I’m thankful to share with you a tiny bit of your joyful journey. Many blessings to you and yours!

  5. I am on my second time through this book. Each page holds a new treasure that I missed the first time through. I took notes from Ann’s interviews and have written those notes at the end of each chapter. I have stars and arrows on the things that clearly were the Lord speaking to my heart through Ann’s words. This book is a blessing and will continue to be so for many years to come. Thank you to Ann for not slamming the door shut and for the farmer husband who was gracious to share his beloved with us.

    Many blessings to you Ann.

    • You and me both, Robin… just beginning, learning more of His endless, endless grace in all things, Christ our fount. Every, every blessing, Robin…

      All’s grace,

  6. Tears.

    So many happy tears.

    Thank you for sharing this journey with us. For putting your heart out there.

    It’s beautiful.

    So much love!


  7. Ann,
    You have blessed…. in your obediance to Him.
    Thanks for pouring yourself out as an offering.
    I will lift you up in prayer….I am encouaging my
    daughters to read your story, and give thanks by writing their own lists.
    for His glory alone,

  8. I am just so grateful, Michelle, that God can use for His purposes each of us who are messy and broken and doesn’t this give us all hope, right where we are — that He’s at work to make us more like Jesus…

    So bowing low with you, Michelle….

  9. Dear Ann,
    That is just like God to send you angel food cake with the message at the perfect time! I love that, and thank you for sharing your heart and His heart with us.

  10. In two days I start the venture of facilitating a women’s Sunday School class based on your book and of course the Bible. It is an opportunity to share the ideas and concepts with others, creating place where the ideas can be churned and worked and shared between women seeking to be closer to God. I pray I can stay true to the message God wants to come out of this adventure. For me it is a return to facilitating women’s study of God’s word after a break brought by illness, and it is a struggle to step back into leadership when I feel so much need to be lead myself. Only the Holy Spirit would bring this opportunity in this way, so I step forward in faith, watching to see what God has wrought for these women through your book.

  11. Ann,
    In your obedience to write, you opened the door to joy for me. God is using you sister. Joy floods my heart. Thank you. Praise God!


  12. Ann,

    You are treading this life with a beautiful, broken, contrite heart….and I thank you!

    I devoured your book in 48hrs, and am re-reading it now…and underlining! My husband is now reading the book, and got to chapter three and told me…”I could put the book down now, and live a changed life!”….thank you! Eucharisteo!!

    I have said the words “all is Grace” so many times in the last few months, that I think people are sick of me 🙂 It means so much now…and Thanksgiving is so real to me now….I see that Joy will be produced in my heart when I choose God’s path…instead of Satan’s…and I’m choosing this all day long! To me the most beautiful part of it all, is how I’m able to share the 1,000 gifts with my children…and teaching them which path to choose, and why!

    Thank you…a 1,000 times…thank you 🙂

    all is Grace,

    Deva M.

  13. Ann,
    There were days that I sat on the bus reading, and could almost taste your words as my spirit cried out “yes! this is what I’ve been experiencing!”

    You see, a year and a half ago or more, long before I found your blog, or book, or heard of counting 1000 gifts, I was at a very low point, trying to sort out how to find a place “full of grace”, full of joy, I felt God whispering, asking me to count smiles, moments of laughter, moments of thankfulness. Not count to a specific number, but counting to at least five each day – writing them down on my blog, in a very public . And slowly, so slowly over the one year and 200 or so days that I’ve been counting, my internal voice has changed, looking without straining so hard for the things that bring joy, those things to be thankful for.

    And then I read your book, and your words crawled inside of me, giving shape to this crazy transformation that has taken shape. And that shape enlivened me, renewed the commitment to notice – to jot the little smiles and thanks in my phone, and show up at my blog each evening and write them out, a record of my days, a record of joy and graces and thanks.

    Thank you for writing, for sharing eucharisteo, for sharing the miracle. It has moved me, and given shape to my own miracle of joy and grace.


  14. Ann, how I needed this today: When God gives you a redemptive story, He’ll ask you to live it’s truth out over again, in a thousand different ways, even when you think you learned this way already. God intends to write His story deep into us and there is always more grace to experience.

    I really, really did. Thanks, sweet Ann. 🙂

  15. Ann,
    I finally got to read the book, only after buying 3 copies!! The very first one was meant for a stranger on a plane…crazy how HE works…the second one to another stranger who happened to come with a friend to my home…and I feel like I need to purchase more because their are more strangers HE wants to touch!!
    Thank you so much for your obedience and faith!

  16. Ann, amazing, breath-taking, and full! That is what this journey has been for me- is for me. How can a person really change like this? Well…you know…it’s Him! Not just me though. I’ve watched God transform my husband; I am watching God transform our home! I am now discussing this book, this new empty-fuller life with two dear friends, one who is in the midst of the very hard eucharisteo…and I am blessed beyond words and into tears! Thank you Sister (because we are!) for yielding to Him. Your yield has produced the fruit, and we are all reaping it’s benefits! You Ann, full of grace, have awakened me once again, Anastasia – new life.
    Counting until…

  17. This book has been such a blessing to me. Like others, I tore through it he first time, and now and slowly reading through, pen in hand. There is so much in there, epecially for one like me who doesn’t know the Bible as well as I could. Your personal story has also touched me, as I am seeing my daughter (12) with similar (though different) struggles. Just this morning on the way to school she questioned why God would put her through so much pain (she is bullied) and I replied that God is there beside her supporting her through her day. I need to work on that reply, I know, but I think you story is a story of hope and of overcoming that will inspire her. She is already familiar with your blog (she hears the music, LOL!) and of your Compassion trip to Guatemala. That made quite an impression on her, on both my kids and myself, really. Thank you also for sharing your “backstory” here, about how “God’s ways are not our ways and surrendering to His plan is the first step to peace” I need to remind myself of that over and over. Thank you also for being there for all of us traveling down the same road!


  18. Ann, I can only imagine how hard it must be to put your life out there – on print – the good, the bad and the ugly. But we all have it. And reading your book has helped so many of us. I have been struggling with terrible fears for the past several months – and many times, just reading your words is like rain on thirsty ground. You will never know how you have ministered to me.
    I pray you are as blessed as you bless others by sharing your heart.
    Thank you Ann

  19. Dear Ann, this book — this eucharisteo — is making such a difference in my life and my world. You are the weak confounding the mighty, and the rest of us who tremble find hope in the One who sustains you. Who is equal to these things? Thank you for being empty enough to be His vessel. I thank God for your testimony, your farmer, the way you see and let others see through you.

    “When God gives you a redemptive story, He’ll ask you to live it’s truth out over again, in a thousand different ways, even when you think you learned this way already. God intends to write His story deep into us and there is always more grace to experience.”

    Yes. Always more grace.

    If you’re still collecting photos, I posted several here, including one of a dear saint who survived a Nazi concentration camp:
    Feel free to select your favorite(s) to add to your grace gallery.

    Much love to you and your treasured seven. May you remain hidden in Him.

  20. So many beautiful ways in which God redeems in each one of us and “thank you” for allowing Him to give His glory through your words, your book. Isn’t this how it all works together, joints fitted together, His gifts encouraging the Body to move, tremble and all? 🙂

  21. ann!

    i’ve said a lot already of what your book has meant to me. but i’m not shy…i’ll say it again – you are brave and we are glad. glad for the gentle farmer and glad for the stories that slow-dripped their way onto the page ~

    thank you. thank you.

    (do i get a signed book cover, too? 🙂

    i hope to see you in real time again. there is a light to your eye and a jesus in your leaning in close to be sincere with a stranger girl that i want to see again. and i feel like it will happen and i wait for it, thankful for the gift of you!

    enjoy all he has redeemed…

  22. So excited for you! I’m reading this thinking of Emily Freeman… and her journey of authorship… wrapped in His cloak of grace… the two of you inspire me more than a box full of chocolates… just love y’all!

  23. Just like you Ann so many want to live FULLY LIVE right where we are. Thank you for sharing your path so beautifully. I have spent everyday for weeks since the paper version of One Thousand Gifts arrived in my hands pouring through Scripture and writing study notes from the Bible to lead discussions on your book themes and how we could apply them in our lives right where we are. I had never written for anyone else to read. I never realized how time consuming and difficult it can be. It had to be a God thing or I would not get two chapters of lesson study notes done for the next week. I ate the Word and focused for eight weeks on the book—the book that God gave you to write. Now its over and I am blessed and the ladies who read the book are as well.

    And though, I have read twice (or more in certain chapters) I feel like the book the lessons will never leave me. The lessons of grace came through your words but they were gifted by God and we are changed.

    The end of One Thousand Gifts has become the beginning of something new for me. New mercy. New eyes to see. New heart of gratitude. New………….Your seed sowing is producing “the giant miracle” as grace is spreading to more and more people.

    I came undone when I read the Scripture from I Kings 19 you quoted above. Absolutely astonishing the Love. He meets where we are and does the incomprehensible.

    Thank you for sharing today Ann, full of grace.

  24. Ann- I have PRAYED for you during this time! You’ve shared so much of yourself, and I know I don’t know you personally, but I pictured how this pulling you out into the spotlight from your quiet blog corner would tug at all of your insecurities. But how graceful and grace-filled you’ve been…following His Spirit and obeying. And because of it, I can list gifts and be changed. And I can list names of friends who are listing names of gifts and are now changed…forEVER, Ann!!
    Proud to have you as a sister in Christ,

  25. “And each will be like a refuge from the wind, and a shelter from the storm, like streams of water in a dry country, like the shade of a huge rock in a parched land. Then the eyes of those who see will not be blinded, and the ears of those who hear will listen…”Isaiah 32:2-3. Thank you, Ann, thank you, for the refuge, the shelter, for the streams of water you have allowed to flow through you, for the refreshing shade of the Rock you have magnified. Through your words, so many of us can now see, really see, and listen, really listen. Life has a new perspective, my heart perceives things differently now. For your words, I am very grateful.

  26. This has been a beautiful thing to watch. A faithful pilgrim going far and wide for His sake. Beautiful.
    Thank you for taking us a long with you…We are ten years into a more public ministry life. The only lesson I’ve learned is while we’ve never taken credit for anything beautiful that has emerged…always turned the glory to God where it belongs…I used to carry the wounds and the mistakes we made like a iron cloak. It was heavy and I perpetually apologized…God finally found me and said your mlinistry is FOR God not for man and he reminded me that I will trip but that is only to remind us to give him glory not to carry more burdens!
    Bless you! Thanks again for what this book has meant to me!

  27. “When God gives you a redemptive story, He’ll ask you to live it’s truth out over again, in a thousand different ways, even when you think you learned this way already. God intends to write His story deep into us and there is always more grace to experience. ”

    WOW! I have been walking this very thing out and honestly everytime I have to go back over something I find myself asking “I thought I already covered this”. Your quote shed a beautiful new prespective on my heart, I will for sure be buying a copy of this book. Can’t wait to read it!

    Thank you!

  28. Ann,

    It’s a beautiful work of the Lord, your book. You are a faithful servant and daughter of the King, having sacrificed much for the good of so many.
    My sincerest thanks goes out not only to you, but to your precious family, because in their stories, and in their sharing you and learning along with you they sacrificed too… and now what a harvest!

    Many blessing dear sister (full of grace indeed),

  29. Bless you for taking your fears, insecurities, and all of your ugly-beautiful and making it your “gateway to joy.” In doing so you have helped us find and remember that “all is grace,” and beautiful only because he takes all of the seemingly ugly and turns it into what Elisabeth Elliot so often said, “Everything if given to God can become our gateway to joy.”

    Thank you Ann “full of grace.”

  30. I get tears in my eyes as I read these comments, and also, Ann’s words in the post. So beautiful to see God at work … taking your life, Ann, with all it’s brokenness and using it for His purposes to encourage others and draw others to Him. I thought your last chapter in the book was the perfect to wrap up your story. All of life … to bring us to intimacy with God. Intimacy with our Creator … so beautiful. And what everyone in this beautiful, but heartbroken world needs. Thank you for sharing in words that God has used to communicate His love for us so clearly.

  31. I am on my second time through the book, this time discussing with my prayer partner & with my college roommate. Like others, I tore through it the first time. I have also bought the book for 4 people so far.
    Thank you for sharing.

  32. I wasn’t able to join in with everyone else reading just yet (I’m reading the Bible in Ninety Days and couldn’t spend the time I wanted to with One Thousand Gifts until I’m finished) but will be diving in in just a couple of weeks! I’m looking forward to finishing B90Days, AND looking forward to reading past the first two chapters of OTG! : )

  33. My mom has cataracts and cannot read – just wondering if there are plans for an audiobook? (Please????) I’m sure we’re not the only ones who would be blessed by it!

    Thank you, Ann, for helping me open my eyes to God’s gift of the moment! It has truly changed the way I spend time with my kids! We also homeschool and we are together so much that I started taking our time together for granted and rushed through the days too quickly. My heart swells with love for them now in a way it never did before! God bless you!

    • There is already an audiobook, with Ann reading it! I purchased it online, can’t recall if it was itunes or
      Best wishes,

  34. Thank you Ann, for all of yourself you poured into your book and life.

    And Thank You for letting me know it’s ok for me, too, to be a happy little broken mess covered in His Grace. 🙂

  35. Ann,
    I started the journey on February 13 after reading your book. Only 42 days later, I am at #321. I have them written on the back of my moleskine calendar (the front is used for the Colossians memorization – they will somehow meet in the middle). Your book is #3 on my list. God has certainly given you the gift of words. Thank you for your obedience and not letting it go to waste.

    A million thanks to you.

    ~Grace & Peace

  36. You bring life to the spiritual Truth that gratitude to God changes our eyes, our heart, our lives. All spiritual laws are simple for us to mentally understand just not so easy to do in a loud and materialistic world. You show us how. I read the book, I felt the words in the deepest parts of my spirit and I thought hmmmm wonder if I guy could hear the message from a woman’s heart (yours) and so I asked my husband to read it. He did! He loved it and we have had wonderful in depth spiritual conversations about it. We decided that the daily practice of deep gratitude not only does what I mentioned above but also strengthens our faith. Think of it….the miracle of a daily, simple exercise that draws us closer to the heart of God and allows us to believe that we are worthy of His love.

    Thank you, Father for making it all possible and thank you, dear Ann for sharing your insights with us.

    In Heaven we will talk long and with love,

  37. Thank you, sweet Ann. Thank you for allowing us into your life. Thank you for sharing your pain and your joy. You have blessed me and so many others.

    Wrapping you gently in our Heavenly Father’s loving arms and asking Him to send abundant blessings to you and your precious family.

    Lisa Buffaloe

  38. ahh, you make me cry. I’ve read your blog enough to know how much of a stretch this all is for you…and stretching hurts! I just got your book, started it, but felt I needed to wait a little while to begin, until I have time to read and think it through (after my current intense Bible study in a few weeks!) But for now, I’m just thinking of doors I probably didn’t go through in my life…when you’re single, you don’t always tell someone else about an unbelievable door, so there’s no one to help/push you through! Thankfully, we serve a patient God, who keeps presenting messages repackaged that we need to hear! One day your children will hatch out into the world and say, “my mother is Ann Voskamp, she wrote a book that was on the NY Bestseller list! but really the best part is that she’s just a great Mom”

  39. Ann, thank you for laying your heart out on those pages, bleeding for us in black and white, and showing His love in every word. You have been so faithful and we are blessed because of it. YOU are a gift. And your friendship is a treasure. Love you!

  40. Thank you, Ann, for your willingness to be so open. You have encouraged and challenged me, this quiet mom of a quarter-dozen (sounds like more than just three, right?) boys, a sometimes church singer shy of the enjoyment that comes with the applause and “thank yous”. Your blog drew me first, then I listened to the book on cd, awaiting the hard copy. Now, this blog encourages me anew to be open to sharing myself, but, beyond me, sharing what my precious Jesus has done for me.
    I pray for you.
    Lisa, a suburban girl trying to become gardener in Missouri

  41. Ann,
    I have been challenged, blessed and ministered to by your story… long before it was a book!… and by the beauty of the word crafting that they Lord has given you.

    Thank you for being willing to be humbled before us – laid bare- in a world full of pride fighting to the death. It is so refreshing to the Spirit in us!!

    Your life points to His Beauty in the world!

  42. Ann – I have not read your beautiful book yet, though I am daily sucked in by your amazingly beautiful blog. I’m going to read your book in Africa next month, when i return for my 4th time to love on some sweet kids in an orphanage (my other family). I know it is going to bless my quiet evenings. 🙂

  43. Ann,

    Thank you so much for the encouragement and the challenge of your story and your blog. They have helped me to walk out eucharisteo in my own life on a daily basis and have encouraged me to blog again like I haven’t done in quite a few years. I pray for you, and I pray that God will use me in my life’s story as an intercessor like He is using you in your life’s experience.

    In Christ’s Love,

    Daniel – Kansas City, MO USA

  44. Ann, can I whisper-like tell you I think of you are the older, wiser sister I never had? Even thought I’m pretty sure you’re younger than me? Your grace words and modeled lifestyle reflect His love and light and the way I love and live is better because of you. I am unabashedly crazy-wild about you, Ann!

  45. Dear New Friend, Ann,

    Before I started reading your book, I had no idea of what a blessing was waiting on me,
    in the lines, in between the lines, of your book. Now, I find myself rationing the pages to
    a few a day, to better digest the words, to soak up the grace.

    Everyone I come into contact with now knows about it. I was recently hospitalized. The
    book and my Bible were right there, in the bed with me. Nurses, doctors, visitors alike
    heard about it.

    Truly, now that I’m still in the processing of reading – rationing – each new page is
    highly anticipated. You have such a gift and you’re using it for Our Lord.

    May our Lord richly bless you and yours,
    Jean Scoggins

  46. I loved your book. I sucked it down in one fast and furious drink. I didn’t know that I was that thirsty. The message of gratitude in spite of circumstances, terrible circumstances, and fears; gave me HOPE. That you have the courage to write so musically in spite of maybe losing your home and farm (God had another way to save it) gives me hope because my resources are exhausted. I am empty. Because God is no respecter of persons He will do for me what He did for you; come and fill the emptiness.
    I am so glad you didn’t let fear tie you up, and that too is a lesson for me.

  47. Ann, your book showed me I was thirsty for thanksgiving, for the difference it could make in my life. I gulped it, as some sisters have already written here, then as I was rereading it, I bought multiple copies to give away, then I let a dear friend borrow my own copy. Now I have a eucharisteo journal, and I delight in recording gifts large and small daily. My eyes and hands are open more widely because of your gift of this book. Thank you for being faithful to the One who called you to write your story of redeemed losses. I wonder what He is doing in our generation with all this offering of thanks, this sowing of praise?

  48. A thousand thank you’s for writing such a beautiful, vulnerable, extraordinary, simple yet profound book!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! After reading it, I ran across this verse which sums up Eucharisteo in a nutshell: “You have stolen my heart my sister, my bride; you have stolen my heart with one glance of your eyes” (Song of Songs 4:9 NIV).
    Anytime I take a moment to see God in the things He has made or done – be it a sunset, clouds, flowers, laughing children, puppies, Jesus exchanging His righteousness for my sins, or God’s amazing grace – those glances automatically become words or thoughts of gratitude, awe, and wonder. And yet all it takes is just one glance to steal the very heart of my Heavenly Father! Just one glance is all that is necessary for Eucharisteo – intimate communion with God – to occur. Simply mind-boggling! Is that cool or what?

  49. I am reading your book slow, taking time to savour and practice the lessons. I’m on chapter 8.
    GRATITUDE, I never understood it the way you wrote it. Every time I read the truth of God clarified by you, I think IT TOTALLY MAKES SENSE!! I was blown away by the fact that INGRATITUDE was at the core of the first sin, and that how when I choose stress & doubt, I am really rejecting God. At new years, I wrote in my new prayer journal that I want God to break me, to meet me in those places that I am holding from him, those places that are keeping me from living out his vision of me. And he is totally shattering me, stretching, and consuming. Your book has taught me what grace really means in the reality of every day. Yesterday, I had one of days where anger, frustration, impatience, shame and all the uglies errupted in me. The Holy Spirit nodged me to open my prayer journal. It opened in my “attitude for gratitude” section where I count my thanks. In the midst of my brokeness and mess, I pulled out a pen and started giving thanks for the hard and ugly. Honestly, peace settled in me. When I closed my book, it totally felt like I had went to war and won. So thank you for putting me on that path, because of your faithfulness.

  50. Ann, I started gratitude journals with my boys before your book was released. I bought the book (5 of them actually) and gave them to friends. You book inspired us to do a book club. We are homeschooling mamas with little time…but we make time for this. Eucharisteo. I see so easily now. The thanks before the miracle. It’s always been there but only now do I see. It’s become the language in our house. First the thanks. Even the 6 year old will say. “Thanks comes before the miracle”.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ann, for being brave enough to share your heart.

  51. I’ve joyfully gifted the book to my three daughters, my daughter-in-law and my sister! And two of my girls are studying it chapter by chapter with me – what a blessing it has been to share our hearts and our thoughts, even though we are far apart and do it via email. Your truths, your feelings, your words are from God and are settling in to my heart and my soul. Thank you for walking through the door and working those long nights to write this amazing book!

  52. Ann, I am speechless readin this entry. The story of the angel food cake brings tears to my eyes…how amazing God is and how apt we are to forget until we see those tangible signs.

    Thank you for sharing that bit of divine intervention.

  53. I read this book right after I got out of the hospital (10 weeks out of 14) being treated for leukemia. It was just the right moment and it spoke to my heart in such a way…
    On one of the worst nights for me during chemo, I was finally able to eat a few bites of cracker and take a few sips of water. I blogged on my caringbridge page that it was as sweet as Communion, a reminder that the Father was caring for me, even then. So, when I read your book, read about eucharisteo, my heart KNEW that concept.
    Thank you for letting the Spirit move in you in such a way….

  54. Ann, thanks so much for writing this. I am reading the book and keeping the journal, and it really makes a difference in my outlook. Sending my love from India…
    Rachel Ann 🙂

  55. Thank you Ann. Your sweet heart blesses me more than you know. I count you as one of Father’s precious gifts to me during this difficult time in my life. He uses you to encourage me greatly. Blessings from your little sister,
    Madison Grace

  56. Dear Ann

    This line . . .

    “When God gives you a redemptive story, He’ll ask you to live it’s truth out over again, in a thousand different ways, even when you think you learned this way already.”


    I’ll be mulling over this one for a long time – and looking for the truth of it in my redemptive story.

    Thank you for finding the courage to tell yours. You are blessing us all.

    with love – and thanks 🙂 – for you!

  57. Dear Ann,

    After reading your beautiful words, I wanted to write beautiful words to thank you for being authentic, for living a life worth watching and emulating, and for sharing your gifts, even when it was hard (most especially when it was hard because that connects with me). But I am at a loss for words and think that you’d rather I direct such thanks to God. And so I am. Over 400 gifts and counting, and many of them are related to you and that book offering of yours that makes me wrestle and makes me want to keep eyes wide open for the grace gifts on the low shelves.

    With deepest thanks,

  58. Such a blessing this book has been to me, I have finally been able to start to slow down my usual frazzled pace and enjoy my baby boy in each moment and celebrate all the daily triumphs and tribulations that HE has given. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Ann, for heeding this call from the Lord to write this book!
    With humble thanks,

  59. It’s such a wonderful book. Am I truly the only person to recognize that the title is lacking a much-needed hyphen? One-Thousand Gifts…….

  60. Ann, I’ve been keeping my own list for many months now after first reading of it on your blog. I’m on my second read of your book now. This truth of eucharisteo has been transforming for me. It has literally begun a process of freeing me from pessimism and anger – the things I never wanted to be – to becoming a woman of gratitude and grace. And all because I’m looking to Him in a new way. I’ve discovered that the outpouring of His grace never ceases. And He is giving me the eyes to see.

    Thank you for persevering. You have served as His instrument to teach many.

  61. I’ll confess, I’m so frugal (cheap?) I don’t usually buy books. But I saw the cover of yours and something in my heart said “I HAVE to buy that one.” I’m so glad I did, it’s giving me the time to read through slowly and really drink it in.

    Lately I’ve really been struggling with WANT and even though my mind tells me that I have everything I need and intellectually I don’t really want more stuff, a bigger house, etc. WANT has inexplicably been devouring me like a voracious beast. Yesterday as I read about eucharisteo and the beginnings of the list I thought “I wonder if that is what I need?” So I’ve begun my own list, praying to get to the place where I live in the delight of all of God’s gifts to me. Already I can feel the joy dancing around the edges of my soul.

  62. Ann, Through your heart so gracefully shared, so beautifully expressed He breathed life inside of mine and animated that which I did not know was there… that which was covered over with the dust of living and the busyness of days, hidden by mountains of need and marathons of working to meet it all. In the middle of Sudan, I found permission to be more fully alive than I ever have been before. I found permission to capture my fringe hours and write the ordinary things I never would have, to plumb the depths of my heart and DARE, yes DARE, to plunge it into language and fill pages with its rhythm. Through your becoming and daring, Papa has unlocked my own. For all this grace and so much more, thank you.

    Much love from family a world away in Sudan- Michele

  63. Thank you Ann! Thank you for being honest, raw, and faithful. Thank you for letting us experience your story and for leading me to a place of change. Thank you for weaving God’s Word consistently throughout your blog and book.

    The local book club, a friend and I started, is just on Chapter 3, but we are working through the book and the videos. They are such a blessing.

  64. #202 godly women who blog, write and teach; Thank you Ann, Angie and Jessica for inviting me to share in this time. I appreciate you being real and being funny. I, too, am a mess with 4 children that I strive to love and teach, a difficult marriage, and everything else. So many good things in the book and videos – not hurrying, God wastes nothing, open eyes and open hands, choosing thanks over anger, joy beginning in thanksgiving – May God continue to press these truths in my heart and mind as I cling to Him.

  65. I have followed your blog for a while Ann. Your words have touched my soul and this morning I have decided to embark on the journey of discovering one thousand gifts…in the midst of the muck and mess that I am going through right now. (I posted about it on my blog this morning).

    I still have yet to read your book..right after I finish another book I’m in the middle of! 🙂

    Thanks for opening your heart…even when it is really difficult. God will bless you for that, I know it!

  66. Ann, I love your soul!!! I have been so encourage reading your thoughts and seeing into your heart. Somewhere, and for the life of me I can’t remember where, I saw a little blurb about getting bookmarks for One Thousand Gifts if we lead a small group. I do host a monthly book club for ladies in my home and would love to know how to get the bookmarks. Thanks and blessings to you today.

  67. This is a thing I was looking for and did not know about that. This is like to come back home and have a rest. I want to cry because of excitement. Wonderful! I thank God for you.

  68. The book sounds eclectic to read. To know that as long as you have breath in your body, God has given you His Spirit to fly beyond your wiildest imagination. To be grateful that love will allow you to do things that set you on fire to express His love to someone who you never even knew but come to love whole heartedly. The Lord will use you for even better things in this life.

  69. Beautiful, amazing, powerful.

    The words penned for the pages of this book will have forever touched the lives of us all.

    Thank You Lord, for all of it, my life, this experience and all these wonderful women, my sisters through You.

    DV – NMV

  70. So here I am reading this book all about letting go, trusting, keeping my focus on God, finding joy in gratitude and I think, I get it… Then, the phone rings, a situation with one of my own kids, and WHAM there I am, anxious, not sleeping, worrying, wanting to control the outcome. But I stop, I reread chapter 8, “Trust the Bridge builder” “God is in the tremors.” Ann, your book is a gift to me, I too struggle with anxiety, and now I realize it is a dally discipline of giving thanks, that belief is a verb and it is something you do. How I long to live my life palms open and I hold on to the thought that nothing is impossible with God. Thank you for this book, words of grace.

  71. Thank you Ann for writing your book. It has brought back to me those simple moments, their beauty and the revelation of our Beloved through them. Thank God for you.

  72. What a beautiful post…an incredible book…and a gorgeous heart you have, Ann! All I can say from the bottom of my heart is THANK YOU for obeying God and writing your magnificent book that has touched my life and the lives of so many in countless ways! Bless you for your obedience to Him and for allowing such grace into your heart and life! Many blessings!