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  1. wow. breathtakingly beautiful and heart wrenching all at once….love that you get to love on those babies and mostly be a living example of what a relationship with Him looks like to them.

  2. Wow. I have been struggling lately a lot with this type of thing. I wonder why, why, I am so blessed and yet there is so much suffering. It doesn’t make sense and it would lead me to believe things that simply are not true about God. I haven’t experience suffering and I know that one day I will and I hope (and pray) that I will say that He IS good all of the time. And that His love endures forever.

  3. Wow, Michele, this is true courage–to look loss and fear in the face then turn to Jesus and say, “I believe you more.” After a recent loss in my life I’m nodding in agreement. Thank you for these life-giving, heart-strengthening words.

  4. Simply beautiful. Such a precious testimony. He IS all we can stand on. He is the only place without shifting sands. We can’t know or understand anything outside the context of Him. May He bless you as you pour out His Love in His Name.

  5. We just have to offer everything up to our Lord and say ‘Thy will be done’…. xx

  6. Sad times for you, but how special Papa is when these things happen.
    The testimony of Love is the greatest in the Kingdom, we have to love and loss brings pain, but life is everything. Loving the land, loving the people helps healing to happen

    Thank you for sharing a personal sadness and your response, so very precious.
    As I write this tears are falling
    Things need to change that is why Jesus died

  7. As a writer, the most important part of life is being able to put something of magnitude into words that can give life to any who read it. Many people have written about the struggle with why God allows things and what to do about the pain that comes with residing upon this planet. I am going to share this over and over. The simple yet profound answer is something I need to work at putting into practice in my own life.

  8. Oh my. Wow. This is full of beauty and faith and I am crying now.

    This line…”a mystery embraced in the night is a doorway to majesty encountered in the morning.” I will carry this with me, as well as your encouragement to keep doing what needs to be done in the meantime.

    Thank you…this post is a gift!

  9. Michelle, you are such an inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Every obstacle you face you use it to grow closer, more intimate with HIM! I can only begin to imagine the smile you put on Daddy God’s face!

  10. Michelle, I resonate soooo much with your faithwork as you express it in your blogs. Thanks for taking time to share it. I will be following you, as sister-journeyer, as artist and mama, and to lift you all up to our God. My heart is in Sudan today with you all.

  11. This precious line from your blog is very inspirational: A mystery embraced in the night is a doorway to majesty encountered in the morning.
    Thank you!

  12. God is Sovereign. His purposes are always for our good even when we don’t understand…for me the place that He has brought me to is that I can say that He is good even when He has allowed and given ( for EVERYTHING has to go through the Lord first before anything can touch our lives and so yes, He is even in control of evil too)….for me, that truth that He is sovereign, has brought such a deep peace of truly knowing that my Father is omnipotent, that nothing comes as a surprise to Him. He is still good and working it all out for my good… Using it all for His kingdom purposes.
    I give Yahshuah all the glory!
    His love & peace to you Michelle.

  13. Amen and AMEN, sister! You have a choice, surely! Such truth. Giving Him glory and trusting Him that He IS a good God, who has such purpose in everything, is truly *worship*. Keep pressing ever nearer…cling, as a climber.

    Rich blessings…

  14. “I look Him eye to eye and say, “YOU ARE GOOD. Period.”

    We talked about this just this morning at a bible study. Thank you for the timely reminder and for sharing your precious heart.

    Prayers for you and yours.


  15. Michelle, this is beautiful. This glimpse of your life and your passion and loss and grief and faith. All in these few words. Yes, He is good. All the time.

  16. What a time to read this.

    I love our newest South Sudan and have being prayed for them for a long time. It’s so good to get to know that our God is there throught His Body and doing more, doing great things dispite the horror of war and terrible violences. This has being a journey for me too Michele and I have to decide that He is good and just; not by what we see but who He is. You there is a proof of His goodness.

    Thank you Michele, God be with you,

  17. […] Leaning Into Mystery :: (in)Courage. This is the promise that I cling to, but Michele explains it better than I ever could. Perhaps that is because she has seen suffering unlike anything I have ever seen. We live in a fallen world and there is much I don’t know.  But this I do know:  God is good, all the time. […]