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Stacy has a thing for chocolate, her cowboy boots, Gerbera daisies, and sand between her toes. Yet, even if she happens to have all of those things at once, she's still not complete without Jesus. Visit her website to find out why she's trying to live a "life, sweetly surrendered",...

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  1. I’m right there with you… interviewing for jobs in other states scares the bejeebers out of me! But if He tells me I’m the right woman for the job, I will go. Thanks for this reminder!

  2. Just like you took a break from your work to watch a show; I took a break from work to check out Facebook and saw this post. It was perfect timing – I am so nervous about some projects I have coming up but one is working with anti-hunger groups to use social media to spread their message and one is speaking to a church group about feeling like they have enough to raise their kids (without spending a million dollars on classes and camps, etc). Both good things I am terrified because I don’t feel qualified but you lifted me up to the Word this morning, I cannot thank you enough for this!

    • Jen, thank you for your words of encouragement. When God placed it on my heart to write this story, I prayed over and over again that it would be used to encourage others. I love to see how He’s using it! I hope your projects are met with great success. Just remember: YOU are the woman for those jobs!! He always gives us what just we need to accomplish what He wants us to!

  3. “How I responded would affect my family, both immediately and in the future. ”

    So true; such an important consideration. 🙂

    While I struggle with the whole “being in a spotlight” thing (I think God is the one who deserves all the glory), the repeating words in your post are powerful: “you are the woman for the job.” God didn’t create a bunch of individuals to be cookie cutters of one another; so how wise to embrace specifically who we are.

    Wonderful words to consider this morning.

  4. You are so right. Sometimes life seems so scary and we don’t understand quite why we are facing the struggles that we are. Being able to trust in Him and His plan is hard, but something that in the end can be so comforting. Making Him a part of the plan makes all the difference! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I believe all women are in a “For such a time as this” situation at one point or another in their lives. We all go through certain things so as to be encouragers to other people.

    I know my current job is for a reason, maybe to see fellow employees through tough times & schooling. God will give me soemthing better in HIS Timing!!

  6. I am one who has repeatedly found the faithfulness of God. I seem to have had to wait until the adventure, or strugge was over, however. I could have saved myself much agony had I realized He would be there waiting for me. Looking back is always easier, I suppose. I know He will never leave nor forsake me especially at “Such a time as this”!

  7. Goodness. This speaks to me.

    My family and I are at a crossroads of sorts – and I really needed to hear “You’re the woman for the job.” There’s lots of jobs to be done in our lives right now… and I’m feeling like the Lord just might be saying that He will give me the strength to do them.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I totally needed it 🙂

    Awesome post.


  8. I, too, find myself in a new season of life. Pondering what God is up to and seeing Him prompt me to leave my comfort zone, and lock doors behind me so I cannot step back into what is familiar is scary and exciting at the same time. This is a wonderful word for me today, as it spoke right to my heart that God is doing a new thing in my life. And I am God’s girl for the task ahead. Thanks.

    • Janelle,

      At first, I thought you wrote this. You could write your own version or a response to one of angie’s Jesus Calling quotations.

      I see writing in your future. Definitely, COMMUNICATION…….

      Love, Jean

  9. It can wear on us so much… all the worries of the what-ifs and the unknowns of this journey. What a comfort to remember we already have ALL we need. Thank you Stacy!

    • Aww, MaryJoy, thanks so much! I’m just humbled that God is choosing to use me in this way to help encourage others. He just keeps me in awe!!

  10. Thank you for your encouragement! I just moved from Florida to Kentucky a few months ago and am still going through the same emotions. I never would have imagined how lonely I was going to be. I have never had trouble meeting friends but am struggling right now. My husband and I are usually the first ones to invite people into our home but it is difficult to do when you don’t know anyone! God has truly used writings such as this to help me make it through this time.

    • Lisa,
      I’m thankful God is providing me with opportunities to use my story to encourage you and others. You’re so right. It’s hard to be in that “lonely” spot. I’ve been where you are, and it’s tough, to say the least! You and your family are certainly in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. I am going thru a transitionary time, having went thru a very stressful last year, and now this year God is pointing me in a direction, but I cannot see clearly the end goal yet. I have to just know that I am here for a reason, at this place, and trust Him and His plan for me and my life.
    Great post!
    Finally Find Your Balance!

  12. Thank you for this today. I can relate – I too am searching for a new job and my next act in Austin and leaving Colorado; the only state I have lived in for 30 years.

    Trusting in His plan for me and not having feelings of fear has been a struggle for me throughout this major change. I realize now more then ever I must be open and willing to step forward and take the stage and have resilient faith in Him.

    It is amazing and wonderful how God always places the exact thing I need to hear each day right in front of me.

    I am the woman for the job.

    Many thanks & blessings!

    • Anna, I hope you’ll find Austin to be as much like home as we have. You’re right. God never ceases to amaze me with how He chooses to get our attention, remind us of His faithfulness, and when it’s time, spur us into action. And, yes, YOU are the woman for the job!! Blessings to you, too!

  13. Thank you. I moved to Texas 9 months ago and have been really struggling with depression and loneliness. This is a good reminder. It doesn’t cure how I feel, but it does give me one more tool in fighting the battle.

    • Cheryl,
      My heart goes out to you. I’ve been there, new in town and lonely, especially when I found myself nearly 4 months pregnant and on bed rest. I was so homesick during those days. But like you, I began to see God speaking to me through His Word, different devotions, personal stories, etc. I also found my relationship with Him to deepen even more. On those days when my husband was at work and our son was busy just being a 5-year-old, God was my sole companion, and I have to say, it was pretty sweet and awesome. And, of course, it still is. Just know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. You brought my breakfast to a beautiful pause this morning! THANK YOU for these amazing words! After 15 years in the desert (it feels like 40) this homesick Texan is leaving Arizona to go HOME! Our moving truck comes in 6 weeks. While blessed in this crazy housing market, the buying and selling process has brought such anxiety. I’m grateful for your reminder that God has more than equipped me for these earthly headaches. What a great post. Blessings to you.

    • Welcome home, Maria! Thank you for your encouragement! I love seeing how God is using this story to encourage you and others. He just overwhelms me sometimes! Prayers for a safe journey back home to Texas. Blessings to you and yours, too!

  15. Holley,

    Your post is amazing. I have been following your blog for quite sometime now and I have seen that each of your posts always have something for me. I so needed to read this today. Thank you so much!

    With prayers & loads of blessings,


  16. Thank you for the words of encouragement. Even with a strong sense of peace about our upcoming move, I still fear the unknown. I am attempting to be open minded about the change in situation and look on it as a fresh start. Thank you for sharing these words of encouragement!

  17. I am waiting to hear the word,”You are the woman for the job!” As I wait and reflect I do see signs of encouragement and insight if I LOOK. I am on medical leave as I was disagnosed with Large B Cell Lymphoma in June 2010. I am on the downhill slide as my initial treatment of in hopspital chemotherapy and then followed by many doctor visits and other tx and then radiation has almost all come to an END for the time being. On March 31, 2011 my central line will be pulled and I will not have an apt. until the middle of July. I feel good and want to work in some fashion, but I am not SURE what that work will be. Recently, a few woman who have received the diagnosis of lymphoma have called me. I feel compelled to help them through the early stages of diagnosis as that is the most difficult time. I am not sure how I wil l do this work, but your writing re: Esther has encouraged me. I have not left my home, but I am living with a new normal. Change is really a constant in our life. When we take Our Lord, God the Father and the Holy Spirit with us, the JOURNEY is lighter.

    This JOURNEY “Makes us ONE!” as one of our most recent Lenten hymns relay.
    I pray for all of your journeys and I pray we take God as our leader and follow HIS WAY>
    He is sending us signs all the time. We just must be OPEN to them.
    Thanks for your encouraging words. They can apply to all of us in all aspects of our lives.

  18. I so appreciate this reminder that God has given me all that I need to love well. I just need to get out of the way and trust Him. A daily surrender for me. Thank you, also, for the reminder about Esther. God is faithful; we are not alone.

  19. Thank you for writing this. Right now, I am in a situation that is really a spiritual battle…through this, I could lose everything, and it’s scary. My fear sometimes grips me, but God gently reminds me (over and over again) that I can do anything with His strength.

  20. After twenty some years in the spotlight of teaching puPblic school children, I have wondered fromP time to time if this is what God wants me to do and where he wants me to be. I face fears daily and I receive many rewards daily, but I give it all up to God because my ability and strength come from him.