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Angie is the proud wife of Todd Smith of Selah, and the blessed mommy to Abby, Ellie, Kate, Charlotte, and Audrey Caroline, who passed away the day she was born, April 7th, 2008. Angie was inspired to write Audrey's story, and began the blog in honor of her. You...

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  1. I LOVE this! It’s so fun to get your ideas on this. Of course, there isn’t a real “right” way to do it, but I, too, have wondered if putting down the same thing more than once “works.” I so appreciated all three of you and your comments. It just keeps getting better and better!

    • I’m like Jessica in that I would want to daily give thanks for my husband and children and I thought the same thing about ‘would that count?’ But when I read Ann say ‘I discover that slapping a sloppy brush of thanksgiving over everything in my life leaves me depply thankful for very few things in my life,’ it made me think about being more specific in my thanksgiving for my family. Giving thanks for the specific things that caused me to stop and pause and recognise how thankful I am for these people. So, for example, children making each other laugh… my husband bringing me a cup of tea in bed…. It is all part of the big thanks but being specific has helped me focus my thanks more.
      This book has been incredible (so beautifully written) and has caused me to talk with my non-Christian husband about things of beauty, things he is thankful for, things that make his heart sing. We have talked about our similar intitial responses to these things and then how what we do next with our feelings of gratitude is different, in that he does not direct his thanks to God but sincerely feels thankful – it stops there. The idea in this video of having a huge sheet of paper up in the house for everyone in the family to contribute to sounded like a great idea and I would love to do this with my family. My prayer is that in drawing attention to all those things we have to be thankful for it might help my husband to recognise who the thanks must go to.

      • Thank you Emma for sharing what you do with your husband. Your comment is truly an answer to my prayer! My husband is a Christian…it is my eldest son (18 years old) that is causing me to stay too long in that “worry” place. He has recently told me he doesn’t believe …..he doesn’t even think there is a God. Truly words that break my mommy heart. However, he is the sweetest, kindest boy that anyone could ask for. He has went on a mission trip, helps people daily whenever he can, is sensitive to those around him, is affectionate & loving, ect. I know that all his gifts are from our God….however, at this time he doesn’t know this.
        I love how you explained the discussions you have with your husband and how what you do with your feelings of gratitude is different yet you STILL have the discussions. I am going to try and focuse on this with our son. His unbelief is truly a thing that causes me such sadness. I know God sees him even though he doesn’t see God right now. I cling to that.
        Thank you again for your authenticity in sharing and your practical way of approaching your husband.
        You were a blessing for me today.
        And I will add you to my list! 🙂
        I love when you said

  2. Oh Ann, how you glow! I love being able to hear your voice speak more in depth about each chapter. Your excitment is contagious! How you shine Jesus!

  3. I love watching the videos each week. As powerful as the book is, how lucky we are to be doubly gifted. Some of my favorite quotes from Chapter 3 were “This writing it down – it is sort of like … unwrapping love.” ….”God gives gifts and I give thanks and I unwrap the gift given: joy.”….”It really is a dare to name all the ways that God loves me. The true Love Dare.”….”…life change comes when we receive life with thanks and ask for nothing to change.” Wow!

  4. Is there any possibility that you could enable these videos for smartphones/mobile devices? 🙂

  5. the 3 of you are so precious ~ each in your own way exude Jesus ~ His love and your individual love for Him ! So excited to have this “One Thousand Gifts” GIFT! I have started my list too!! I completely relate to when Angie talked about having a pretty journal and wanting to write neatly and when Jess wondered “Oh what her first gift was going to be”…I can relate to it all. I did pick up a journal from Dayspring, a small brown leather one (oh I love the smell and feel of leather) with a cross on the front – I figured it was appropriate… I kind of have a thing about journals and try to pick them out according to what the purpose for each one will be. I have a dozen or so…

    ps. I’m going to go and write in my journal one of today’s gifts as : the smell and feel of my One Thousand Gift journal!! 🙂

    pss. I’ve read up ahead and finished the book!!! I was in tears in the last 3 or 4 chapters…I really didn’t want it to end. I know it hasn’t, because this is only the beginning. Blessings to all three of you ~

    To Ann with 3 letters, you are also one of my gifts from God this morning ~ (hugs) from Patricia Anne (with 4 letters) 🙂

  6. Loved the Julian of Norwich quote: “The highest form of prayer is to the Goodness of God…” Whatever He sifts through His Hands for me. Your rhetoric so draws me to the heart of God. Can’t quite find the blogging words for it. A holy place. Oswald Chambers penned about a century ago these timeless words for this day: “What is needed today is not a new gospel, but live men and women who can restate the Gospel of the Son of God in terms that will reach the heart of our problems.” You are one of those live women retelling the Mystery. Your acts of faith stir me to Plan A for there is no Plan B. So, i wait in wonder, with a calligraphic pen clutched and a tremble before His Holiness, the Darling of Heaven, my Friend the King, I AM.

    • Bev, once again, your words reach my heart. I’ve been so busy the past couple of days I am just now getting to write out some responses to Ch. 3. I came here to read a few comments first (almost as much fun as reading the book!), and I always smile when I see your name. 🙂

  7. I’ve been battling depression the last few weeks. Not surprisingly, my list has been neglected. A friend even asked, “Have you been keeping your list?” This post has me in tears (not surprising giving who I am). I am beginning again today! We have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for spurring us on.

  8. dear one – have only this moment discovered this site – and only yesterday began the book 1000 gifts! I cannot wait to re-visit this afternoon and explore your site – and join your book club.
    blessings upon blessings

  9. Seed: “..this writing it down-it is sort of like…. unwrapping love.” p.45

    “How much is my tongue,the tail of the heart, learning the real language of eucharisteo? practice, practice, practice……”

    Water: Learning to receive each gift as the love it is from my Father, and living in the other side of prayer……………. love that.

    Bloom: To be looking expectantly for the miracle, as I live in eucharisteo, especially in the difficult relationships that ebb and flow in my family (more flowing than ebbing at the moment………)

    Also love the quote by Julian of Norwich on page 61, as something else she said has seen me through many days:

    All shall be well,
    And all shall be well,
    And all manner of things shall be well.


  10. I’m getting a journal to start today!! I have noticed since discovering this concept of giving thanks for everyday things that my joy has been increased so much more! It just makes me so AWARE and AWAKE to how much God loves me, loves us! I definitely want to start writing things down instead of just thinking them. I’ve also noticed that the depression that I was struggling with so terribly at the end of this past year has been chased away. *sigh of relief* Somehow being so awake to these little things has given me more patience with my children, gentleness with them when I tend to be short or terse with them and more of heart for my husband and other family when I have been selfish. This outward hunting for God’s gifts has pulled me out of myself. And I can definitely tell a HUGE difference when I’m not practicing this gratitude. Hammer, hammer, hammer. Write, write, write. <3

  11. It is such…joy…to see the joy and enthusiasm on all of your sweet faces. Yes – a thankful heart brings us closer to Him and how can there not be joy in the process.
    I am trying to be more “spontaneous” about this hunting – not filtering for great writing and unique gifts; simply seeing His love in the everyday moments and things and people He tenderly and purposefully brings into my life.
    Thank you so much Ann, Angie and Jess for making it possible for us to be a very real part of all this. You are all going on the list 🙂

  12. Looking forward to waking up out of the sleep-walk life, and into the whole new sphere of spontaneous thanksgiving. Seeing new life poking through… not unlike our upcoming Spring. What perfect timing. Who’ll come up shining first, me? or the blossoms? What a huge thing this small thing is…

  13. I so look forward to these videos & the discussion! Thanks, ladies! All of you!
    I too have started my list & my hear feels lighter! What struck me this week is how writing down my little gratitudes make me feel somehow accountable for giving thanks…when I see those words written, I can’t help but be grateful. Also, I think the more I am grateful for the little things (honestly, there are no “little” things, as this is giving me such BIG rewards of joy), I feel this list is preparing me to face those bigger challenges…they don’t seem as big or insurmountable if my heart is full of gratitude for so many other things! Does that make sense?? Trying to type this fast as my daughter is begging me to play dress up with her dolls! 🙂 Be back later!
    Have a wonderful, grateful day! 🙂

  14. I have a question…I’m just starting Chapter 3…am I behind?

    According to the very first post…Chapter 3 is scheduled for Feb. 20th. So I just need to know if i need to double up my reading to get where everyone else is.
    So the start of this week, should we be done with Chapter 3? and post our comments about it.

    this is my first book club with you all.
    thanks, nicole

  15. I started with counting the lists through my blog last spring/summer. I didn’t start every week or the writing that also began at that time, but I can say this: It wasn’t long after we had come back from five weeks overseas when God called us back, my heart brimming with the goodness of God and thanks was right there and I have done it every week since then…missing one week? and I felt it. And that IS the thing…the more you practice, the more you miss it and also the more you are just saying ‘thank you’ in things you didn’t see before. Whenever I get in a ‘mood’ or ‘funk’ as can happen too often…I barely hesitate–I start thanking b/c it pulls me out of whatever I am looking at/thinking on that isn’t filling me with praise and thanks and I begin to soften almost right away…

    and I can’t imagine EVER stopping…forever and ever and ever and ever…

    also, I am just so excited to hear so many people starting their own lists…just so excited for what’s ahead!!!

  16. Isn’t it always when we begin to read or study a topic that we begin to sense the temptation to do exactly what it is we are reading about overcoming!? My 2 yr old must know I’m following hard after being thankful – even in the midst of diaper changes, marker coated fingers, 3rd trimester exhaustion, etc. 🙂

    I am thankful. Sometimes all we need is the reminder.

  17. What a treasure this book is turning out to be in my life!
    I’m seeing this message of eucharisteo everywhere I turn. This morning I picked up a new book and there it was again.

    My highlighted quote at the end of chapter 3, “the only way to be a woman of prayer is to be a woman of thanks.” I love Ann’s thought that thanksgiving is the other side of prayer.

    I started my list on my blog, but after watching the video today I am going to pop a notebook in my purse to continue my list.

  18. I went to Ann’s blog. Is it A Holy Experience? I can’t find the photos from the past such as the cheese. How do i find them?

  19. I was telling my husband today, that I feel like I have put on a different set of glasses, as I seem to be thinking of everything in a new way. Such a paradigm shift. I read Chapter 3 for the second time and my heart was full and shouting “YES!” as so many parts of it spoke deeply to my spirit. This past week I have been happily unwrapping my Father’s gifts and they really feel like gifts for the first time. Naming them has made all the difference.

    Today I was struck by the words on p. 59 “What will a life magnify? The world’s stress cracks, the grubbiness of a day, all that is wholly wrong and terribly busted? Or God?” I realize how so much of my life has been spent dwelling on (magnifying) what has been unsatisfactory to me, especially my disappointments in others, in myself, my insecurities, my failures; asking God for help, but feeling like the days just continue in the same way….losing hope for seeing real life change in my inner being. I am learning to intentionally change, to overcome, to bend over the garden bed of my heart full of weeds, with my new-found spade of unwrapping His gifts and cannot wait to see it grow into “something good to strengthen my heart” and work out a reformation in my soul through the use of my pen. Thank you Ann. Thank you Lord Jesus for giving me this message, at this time, in this way. Praise to You!

    • I so hear you Pamela and am looking at even the words of my soul mate of 39 years in a different light. To take it as a way to thank God for pointing out a change in me that needs to be new life to us as a couple.

  20. So I’ve been reading Ann’s blog for years and reading other blogs with their list but never have I done it on my blog since it doesn’t fit my theme. I have been prayer journaling since I was 15, I write down my praises and prayer requests daily so I didn’t feel the need to start the 1,000 gift list. Then one of my sisters bought Ann’s book and we are both reading it and she said to me Friday night – so I started my list…my jaw dropped…my big sister has started a list – and I haven’t…what’s wrong with me? lol!…all this reading and reading and reading and never starting a list! So during this video I paused it and pulled out a small spiral journal I got for my birthday in August – it was a bit of a hunt to find it – and I started: #1. For the chocolate covered marshmallow I ate during your video 🙂 #2. For the sound of my dishwasher running right now (I love that sound!) and #3. For my computer keyboard where I connect with the world!

    So I have 3 down and 997 to go! It was about time I started this…I don’t know why I dragged my feet but I am glad to be joining you all now :-)! Thanks!
    Much Love,

    • I identified with what you wrote, Courtney … as I have kept a prayer journal for years and years, and usually my journaling each day starts off with a listing of things I am thankful for. And I will continue that. But I am finding that also keeping this list (I started last November) keeps me focused on continually keeping my eyes and ears open for even more of His gifts throughout the day, and opens my heart up to things to thank Him for that I just took for granted and never verbalized to Him. So I am glad that I started. Enjoy!

    • courtney-as a fellow Good morning Girl I am so exited that this is something else
      that we get to do together that will bring such glory to God. I am adding this to my list!

  21. One of the important thoughts for me is on pg. 54 – “To name a thing is to manifest the meaning and value God gave it.” I love this. I’m reminded how, throughout the Bible, there are numerous stories about God changing someone’s name and, by doing so, He claimed them as His own. And they were never the same. So, I too, can name the everyday blessings God has given to me and claim them as God’s gift of love for me. And, somehow, I know I will never be the same.

    I also really loved this… “Joy is always given, never grasped.” I had to ponder this one a while. Joy as a gift – I want to accept it with open arms.

    My heart is full. God is doing something amazing through this community of love and it is so awesome to feel a part of it.

    Thank you, ladies.

  22. God is good, all the time. This book is changing my heart, and I love that I was blessed to receive a gratitude journal (the same one you show in the video!) for Christmas this year. It was placed in a basket, out of sight, because when I received it, I wasn’t in a place to be grateful for anything.

    Now – I want to be grateful for everything. I can’t wait to start – my heart craves the joy, and the miracle.

  23. Can you tell me if there is a workbook for Ann’s book? I see that there seems to be a larger book held on the left of the screen. Also would the videos be able to be shown – to a group of women during a Bible study of this book?

    • I too would be intersted in this. I have given at least four of the ladies in our bible study this book and we are thinking that we may use it for our next bible study after this short break. We thot we would watch the video on line and then discuss our “seeds” for that week plus dig into the scriptures that is referenced in each chapter.
      This book has been such a blessing–I thank God for Ann and her openness to write this book and I thank God for my daughter who gave it to me.

      • There is not a work book (at least not at this time). We are using larger “books” because we shot the videos in October, before the book was available. Those “books” are advanced reading copies, and were printed on larger paper. Sorry!

  24. Last night I was out in town, walking from the station down to the restaurant to meet a friend. As I was walking I could hear and see so many ugly things, swearing, drunkenness, rubbish on the pavements. I was searching (the hunt!) for God in this. I looked up, black, clouded sky, no stars… and I felt saddened. And then, in looking up for beautiful stars I saw a small tree / bush growing out of the roof of a building. God’s sense of humour and the way he likes to surprise me is wonderful. God is so personal. I thought there was nothing, could only see ugliness, and then in the midst of it all a plant growing unexpectedly. It made me laugh for joy and at myself for ever thinking there might be nothing. God reminded me – I am here and I am giving you gifts of love always.

    • I loved this Emma!
      I’ve often wondered…what if I were in a different part of the world; in the midst of ugliness and poverty and outward suffering, where would He show up?
      Your story reminded me: He is there as He is there.
      Thank you!

      • I’ve lived in China, and YES He did. Sometimes when the hunt is more challenging, it is more satisfying. Seeing a smile on a beggars face and smelling disgusting sewer odors and laughing at my son for saying, “I can smell home!” Every day brought “China moments” how little did I know then that I had started my list, if only in my head.

  25. Whenever I’ve read Phillippians 4:11-12 in the past, “I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.” I’ve always thought that it meant “I accepted” or “I’ve settled to accept these circumstances”… almost an idea of “well, I wish things were better, but I guess these are God’s plans so I will deal with it.” But it isn’t that, is it? It is about, as Ann says, practicing the eucharisteo. Learning to live fully and gratefully daily. I like the idea on p. 49-50 that making this list is “nails driving out my habit of discontent and driving in my habit of eucharisteo.” I’m starting my list today to drive in that habit.

    • I love what it says in John 11:41…..thanksgiving raises the dead!……..the death that comes in our heart when a friend turns their heart away from us, the death that comes from failures, real deaths of those we love dying in front of us, and death that flames in our hearts when we let bitterness or anger become idols……….yet, Eucharisteo does happen………thanksgiving does precede the miracle……Christ rose again and some things on my gratitude list are: Jesus turns our mourning into praise. the joy that comes when a friendship is restored by the grace of God. Memories of those who God has called home. The power of God inside of us, turning bitterness into total forgiveness. ………….the healing power that occurs while holding a little baby close against your heart…………sitting in the warmth of the sun, streaming thru a window on a cold day………..hanging out with my grown daughters…………….sitting and talking about todays message at church with a girlfriend…………God giving me the ability to be thankful for all things………saying the triplet of heart changing words……….grace, thanksgiving, joy………..just saying them over and over challenges me to “count my blessings and name them one by one” before my King and Lord! Each of you is bringing me closer to the heart of Abba each week.

  26. I am so ready for the life change that “comes when we receive life with thanks and ask for nothing to change” (p. 61).

    Seed: God wants me to see the beauty and the good in people/places/things instead of the ugly and negative. I must work out my gratitude, be intentional and search out something for which to be thankful. The negative is my natural response, so I must be intentional in finding the good.

    Water: I am beginning my list today and I have invited my daughters (ages 15 and 5) to join me. I will invite my husband and son (17) to join us, as well. We could all use a little more gratitude.

    Bloom: God, change me, transform me, show me more of You! And as my family seeks to be grateful together, let us grow closer to You as we grow closer to each other.

  27. It hit me years ago that Paul had “learned” to be content. I had been praying and praying for God to “make” me some how supernaturally content!!
    “He said he had to learn. and learning requires practice- sometimes even mind numbing practice.” (pg 55) I needed to practice it. a disciplined practice of it.

    I love that Ann picks up camera and starts capturing the gifts. As a photographer this really got a “wha HOOO!” from me. I too love to capture them not just write them.

    Pg 60 Daniel and Philippians 4:6 – It struck me that just two verses later God tells us in vs 8 what to focus on! Philippians 4:8 think on these things… He tells us what to stop and pay attention! what to look for! listing is thinking on these things!!! 😀

    Pg 60 “Prayer without ceasing is only possible in a life of continual thanks. How did I ever think there was another way to enter into His courts but with thanksgiving?”


    Water: be more disciplined about keeping my list handy and add to it daily

    Bloom: hopefully the joy-filled life I have sought for years and never seem to catch hold of…

    • Had a bling moment with your Ph 4:8 comment…”listing is thinking on these things.” Seriously! Love it!!

      A few years ago I was in a women’s group that briefly focused on one word from Ph 4:8 each week. The bulk of the time was then spent in prayer. Those words got down into me over time. Linking these two things together…simply stunning. Can you tell I’m excited? (Smile)

      Thank you!!!

  28. i received a beautiful journal from my daughter for Christmas. I have been using it for my studies….tonight it shall begin my new list. I have always ascribed to this attitude of thankfulness and have followed Ann’s blog for quite a long time, but now I am an official list maker! I know God is blessing this effort, He is a good God.
    I love the thought that I am the bell…..He is the sure wind……He moves and I am rung and I know it for what it is.

    All Praise be to God.

  29. I loved the part about giving names.
    My husband and I found out at 15 weeks gestation that our daughter to be had a serious birth defect and we wouldn’t know until later if there were genetic conditions associated with it. But, we knew what we wanted to name her. And that was a big event for us… to name the precious gift growing inside me, even though her fate was so unsure. To name is to accept the gift and give thanksgiving… and in that, find joy! What a beautiful reminder that for us, eucharisteo really DOES precede the miracle!

  30. I began my list over a year ago. It HAS been life-changing! I am edging my way toward 1000, but I already know that I will not stop there. As Ann now counts, I too will continue to count the endless gifts!

    Thank you all for these videos. They are so delightful and encouraging.

  31. “Joy is the realest reality, the fullest life, and joy is always given, never grasped. God gives gifts and I give thanks and I unwrap the gift given: joy.” So often, it seems, that we search first of all for the Joy, thinking that it should be ours, that we deserve it somehow in this world. But actually it is the result of pursuing the Giver, and focusing on Him and His gifts to us. We pursue Him, thank Him for His gifts, and He then showers us with … JOY! We do our part (focus on Him and thank Him for His gifts) … and He does His part … gives us Joy! So beautiful … and thank you for these great discussions!

    • I love seeing you on here, friend, mentor, wise woman that teaches me so much! Sending you hugs and just so, so, so thankful for our ministry that brings us together, the world of blogging that has knit our hearts together, and listing thanks together (with all of these beautiful people) that brings this fullest reality, the BEST being EVER yet to come!

  32. Awesome chapter!!! Ann, you speak to my heart..and to so many others.

    Seed: Being thankful in all things large and tiny

    Water: Intentionally seeing the miraculous

    Grow: I will start my list. I am so excited.

  33. Seed: What an inspiration to see the way that God is drawing Ann’s heart nearer in the course of the book.
    Grow: How does God draw me? What gratitude is in my heart waiting to come alive?
    Water: I am intentionally opening myself to him by noticing him more.

  34. These video book discussions with you three ladies is such a joy! I love this concept! I love the sharing with you all. It has brought me joy. Thank you all. Looking forward to this every week! You ladies are starting a “revolution”….a good revolution. One of joy and endless counting of gifts and gratitude, recognizing the God who gives it all and most of all, recognizing His love for us! My first “One Thousand Gifts” entry in my journal is… Thank you for the dare given to Ann, then given to us!

    Thank you so much. I too, would love to have one of the “workbooks” we are seeing in your video clips. It it can be purchased, please let us know how!

  35. I found your blog last summer Ann and the first day I saw list entries I was so excited to join in (although I’ve never connected since I don’t have a blog). I didn’t go for the pretty journal but I did start out “pretty” in my regular journal. I had a set of special colored pencils I had purchased years ago. They are those ones where they put the pencil lead right in a twig. Anyway, I had purchased them “for the kids” ( like so many things I pick up since I’m a preschool teacher) but could never give them up so they just languished in my school supplies box (whoa! I feel an essay coming on…) When I saw “the list” I literally ran to get them and set them in my Bible reading spot in a hand made pottery container my daughter had made for me for Mother’s day. I started my list with a different color each day and had such a fun time doing that. But since my “spot” is a screen porch and winter blows cold here in the mountains of NJ, I left the pencils out til next spring and have been just making entries in a regular pen in my regular journal and still loving it! Sometimes if I’m having a hard time slowing down my mind for prayer, I start with my list-it centers me and reminds me why I am there in the first place.

    I was surprised people were reluctant to list the same thing more than once. Also I laughed when Ann mentioned about repeating cold water because I repeat hot water (for my shower) pretty often. Also the smile of my granddaughter. I’m up close to 600. Now it’s time to go hunt for that last journal so I can see what #1 was. Thank you ladies!

  36. I love love love the ideas you shared in this video for getting family involved in making “the list”. I’ve had my list going for several months now, but it gets mostly neglected. I need to start keeping that scrap of paper nearby, or get a small notebook, instead of waiting to turn on the computer, log on to my blog and write down the next thing. I’ve made the process too complicated and inaccessible.

    And thanks for, in the chapter, addressing the common arguments against keeping the list. I had all those arguments in my head. “Isn’t this just about silly, dumb things?”, and “A list can’t really make that much of a difference”, and “God doesn’t want me wasting my time in such trivialities”, and “I don’t need to make the list to really be grateful, I’ll notice anyway (I don’t).” And on and on. I needed your arguments FOR making the list.

    And I’m going to get my family involved. My kids have daily writing assignments. Now I know what to assign. I totally want to paper one wall and have them draw or write things that they love – gifts from God. Thank you, thank you for making this whole idea so much more accessible.

    These videos take for me to load on a slowish DSL internet connection, but they’re worth the wait (more than an hour for chapter 2 and chapter 3 this evening). They make the chapters much richer, clear up my misconceptions, and make everything more accessible. Thanks for taking the time to make them.

  37. I began my gifts list a year ago in March more out of selfish motives from what I read on Ann’s blog…I wanted to “feel more joy, less stress, better health, more connected in relationships”. I was pursuing greater peace and love in my mind, body and spirit; AND IT WORKED! I did stumble across the perfect journal and I knew it was for my gift list…it’s a Thomas Kinkade cover with this quote, “Beauty exists in the very EXPERIENCE of LIVING – and that is cause for REJOICING.” How fitting!

    p.49 quote from Erasmus, “A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit.” That last part is what “strikes” me! How I can apply that in many areas of family life.

    p.57 “There is a way to live the big of giving thanks in all things. It is this: to give thanks in this one small thing. The moments will add up.” After re-reading this chapter and in the living of my day-to-day Spirit illuminated this to me…it’s not the giving thanks for the difficulty or the crisis…it’s giving thanks for all these other small things that accumulate and transforms my response to living and painful events. I’ve had it twisted for years as I thought I was to thank God even though it’s painful, disappointing, etc. NO, I can have a thankful heart by focusing on the little gifts each day.

    Would love to hear more ideas of how others are encouraging this practice of gift listing with their children and spouse! Maybe that should be a discussion all of its own in the forum?!

  38. I hate to admit this but I’ve been hung up on getting the “right” journal to start my list. I have started the list many times but without the full understanding of what and why I am doing this. I even commented to Ann that though my head was grasping what I was doing with my list, my heart was not being affected. That was before reading Ann’s book. I almost don’t want to start my list till I finish her book and understand what I am doing more fully so that I keep up with it. So, I bought a normal sized journal but then I read that Ann left hers open in the kitchen, which this won’t do. So, I bought a bigger spiral journal on sale at B&N, but then that is not so portable. I just don’t want anything to hinder my list of thanks. For those who have started already, what is working for you? Am I the only one hung up on something so trivial?

    This list keeping has dared me to hope again. I am normally a cup-half-full person. And lately I’ve been dealing with dregs in my cup. But to know that it delights the Lord for me to hope in His mercy and then go on a hunt for His mercy to me during the day, it already lifts my spirits. Thanks so much Ann and girls for these videos–they keep me reading and re-reading the book!

  39. Keeping a eucharisteo white board in the kitchen. My teenage children are writing their gifts on it…along with me. It challenges me to see ALL things, not just the big things.

    BTW, I read Ann’s article in the Huffington Post today. Her message about giving thanks is so true, but I was so saddened by the comments to her article. So many people have allowed bitterness and anger to choke their very lives. When truth is spoken they are blinded to it.

    After reading the article and the comments, I sat back and thought….wow. This must be just an inkling of what Jesus sees when he looks at us in this world. Self consumed, bitter, hardened….. and yet, He chose to love us—to give to us—long before we ever loved Him. Thank you Jesus for Your greatest gift.

  40. I know I didn’t need to go out and get a journal but I’m a journal freak I love having a new one. I started my list this pasted weekend and like Ann said it’s a hunt I find myself actually have found myself on the prowl, hunting for my treasures. You can see more of my thoughts at
    Thank you all for sharing the videos are the icing on the cake I get so much from them.

  41. I started my list this past week … I am using a journal that my sister in law gave me years ago for either a birthday or Christmas that has the names of God on the front (and it makes out a cross). My husband asked me what I was writing down … I need to take more time to explain it to him. I’m looking forward to watching the videos (I need to catch up on the last two).

  42. Still hoping that Dayspring will offer a pretty little “One Thousand Gifts” companion journal. It would be so nice to give as a gift along with the book! Thank you for working so hard on these videos. They are wonderful!!

  43. There was a lot to digest in this chapter!

    Seed: Naming the moments is a discipline that needs to be learned, and doing this will lead me into deep relationship with God and reward me with the fullest life.

    Water: My journal is small, and I will carry it everywhere. To remind me, and to facilitate recording the moments.

    Grow: My focus has been and continues to be more on heaven than earth. I am already living the joy! I am already seeing God in more intimate ways!

    There is too much to write it all here – you can read more of my thoughts at my blog:

  44. I am also a list keeper. Hearing Angie and Jessica confess the need to make it “right” or “perfect” was exactly how I didn’t want to approach my list. I spent a small amount of time (against my personality) fretting over the correct writing or item listed. It has so freed me to see God’s beauty in the small things ie: the grated cheese. I’m not saying that I do this to “perfection”, but my eyes are beginning to widen. Someone mentioned they list common things every day like husband, children, but they chose to be grateful for a specific trait. I do the same. It takes away the frustration of the little “wrongs” and lets you see the good in them. It makes home a happier place…less nagging! I love in the video where, Ann, you say that it is about the hunt. The hunt to see the many ways that God loves us.

    Also one of my favorite things was middle of page 57…I wrote in the margin that if I start by giving thanks in the good things God gives me then I’ll be prepared to give thanks in the hard. I’ve seen so many lives blow up because there was no base of seeing God in the good and the hard.

    Thank you ladies for the videos. They add so much to the reading. I had wanted to talk to Ann so many times on the blog and in reading the book. This helps me answer so many questions. Although, I’d love to sit for a cup of coffee or tea with Ann! To see you ladies laugh in your discovery of God revelations is joyful!

  45. This book has SOOO changed my life. I have such horrible past sins in my life that I’ve tried to put behind and move past but not until I started reading this book was I actually able to start doing that!
    Its so obvious that I’ve changed and how I see and perceive life. BUT, what do you do when your husband looks at you and says words like “your on this kick…….” “like life is ending tomorrow…..” When I try to share with him how thankful I am and how not to take those little things for granted and give praise for what we’re given, he thinks that I’m being morbid, like we’re gonna die tomorrow. And tells me that I “depress him”!??
    That makes me so sad and I’m not sure how to make him see………

    • Praying for you Leigh, that is so hard. but
      I think your joy will be contagious as God continues to open the way each day.


  46. Seed: To be a woman of prayer is to be a woman of thanks.
    Water: Taking a step through the door…
    Growth: Seeing my heart’s desire in my husband and to truly BE thankful 

  47. I am starting my list today:

    #1) A clean baby girl smelling like lavender and wrapped up in a hooded towel…

  48. My daughter’s best friend gave me a journal when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 17 months ago… it remains blank, until today.

    #1 My daughter’s best friend ~ who loves me like she loves her
    #2 A “wiggly-waggly” Valentine card from a puppy
    #3 Wet kisses laced with eau de hound dog ~ pure love 🙂
    #4 My 3 yr old grandson’s phone call, “I wub ‘ou G’ma”
    #5 A warm sunny day in the middle of February ~ yeah!

    Seed: Paul had to learn to be content (being a Christian doesn’t make it automatic!), and I must learn to give thanks in all things ~ good and hard

    Water: Begin naming my thanks ~ intentionally look for it… as Ann says, “change takes real intentionality.”

    Bloom: Marvel in the ordinary!

  49. I am learning. I am hunting. I am writing. Listing Passionately. I am finding I do smile more when I find His gifts. I am finding freedom from perfectionism to see beauty in the imperfect. I am finding a way to peace. Blessings!

  50. So enjoying reading this book and the videos to go along with it!

    My seed: New habit can nail out old. The quote from Erasamus on p. 49 “A nail is driven out by another nail; a haibt is overcome by habit.”

    Water: Discipling in the pursuit. I need to remember and strive to continue on in giving thanks amidst WHATEVER. On p. 47, “Gratitude in the midst of… [fill in the blank] that’s the language I’ve got to learn to speak- because that’s the kind of life I’m living….”

    Grow: I’ve began my list again after several months not keeping up with it. And I am headed onward on the hunt. I’m liking thinking of this as a dare to name all the ways God loves me. Enjoying the journey!!

  51. Loving Chpt 3! Hope and doubt flash on and off and on, as I read this book a neon sign on a 60’s all night diner.
    am I truly thankful..and espec. for the right things? I definitely want to be. It has inspired me to take 1 Thess. 5:18 as this month’s memory verse. (NLB)
    “No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you……..”

    My daughter gave me a beautiful handmade journal for my listing. its says
    eucharisteo on the cover. : )

  52. I too was struck my this sentence: “When one is thirsty one quenches ones thirst by drinking, not by reading books which treat of this condition.”

    I’m often inspired by books I read, as I sit and reflect…considering how life-changing the concepts will be…dreaming of the changes, but never doing the changing. I stay in the muck, always reflecting. Again…I am cut to the core by the truth.

    I also can relate to writing about gratitude while living ingratitude…I think of the times when I have shushed my youngest while offering comfort to a grieving mother online…a mother longing to hear the cries of her child…longing to put her arms around her sweet baby. And, I live ingratitude, shushing the gifts that fill my house with life. Distracting myself, immersing myself in a place other than here. Missing the gift of right now.

    How I long for the inspiration I feel this time to be the kind that truly changes me…not just talk about changing, or dream of it, or feel it on the tip of my fingers…just beyond my grasp… but really allow God to move in me…to teach me to live…to see Him in every moment. To stretch and grow beyond the place where I’ve been hiding. To allow Him to unfold His promises in my life.

    That’s what I felt like as I read Ann’s words in this chapter…as if she were unfolding…as if His promises were unfolding in her life. Opening up to see what He has already placed before us.

  53. I love these videos. Thank you so much for doing them! I just started reading the book and im taking my time….. 🙂 Really!! Just wondering? The big paperbacks you are holding, where do you get those? are they available for purchase? Thank you ….. Twyla

  54. My seed is that this list of gifts is not just my thanksgiving to God, which I can do by rote, but rather God’s list of ways HE loves ME. The water is that I will continue to list the gifts. Bloom: I want to feel loved. Not just thank God, but also know in my soul that He loves me. His love letter to me. That part is really speaking to me today.

  55. I’ve already commented here, but I just wanted to add that my reading this book has led to some incredible conversations with my husband who is not yet a Christian. We have talked about seeing beauty and being thankful (but who to?) about the many blessings we have (why? where from?) about miracles and how people don’t always respond even to blatant miracles and I said how much it must hurt God that he heaps these gifts of love upon us and people refuse to acknowledge that they’re from him. really great discussions. Thank you Ann for such a beautiful, wonderful GIFT of a book! x

  56. I’m enjoying the videos and the discussions in the comments. Thank you for broaching the subject of what’s “right” and “wrong” in writing a list. For some reason that’s been a real hang-up for me — what kind of journal, what to start with. I need not to over think the details…just grab a piece of paper and write. I’ve been wasting time on ballpeen vs claw hammers and brads vs finish nails. It doesn’t matter at all, does it?

  57. I loved this chapter! I started intentional gratitude in my life about a year ago. I was just telling someone about it the other day. I told them that once I started this my ordinary life suddenly seemed extraordinary. Ann’s quote on page 48 made me stop in my tracks. “Thanks is what multiplies the joy and makes any life large…” Wow! She said exactly how I feel.

  58. My friend turned 50 and I was able to make a list of 50 things about my friend! God’s Gifts! It made me smile, it made me thankful, and it gave me joy! NOW, I need to start my own list!

  59. so, is it just me, or this is very hard to actually do? don’t get me wrong, I am all up for it.
    just the word “journal” got me!

    but is so hard to stop and see. ok, it’s hard even to see.
    and when you get upset and when you snap at someone for a silly reason really, it seems the whole deal is so not gonna do it for you.

    i feel like i am ungrateful the moment i snap, when i am ungrateful, when i whine i do not like this or that.
    it’s hard for me to do it.

    i haven’t really written more than 7-8e things so far in that notebook, but is it normal to do it just so i won’t drown in all that self-pity and ungratefulness? cause that is why i felt the urge, really, to write it down. I needed to remind me at the end of the day that there are reasons why i should be giving thanks and why i should have a heart full of joy.

    i lack the discipline to look after God given joys, beauties, things, blessings.
    I want to love God so much that I stop and see what He does for me and what He is willing to give me.

    so, i guess i am keeping the journal! 🙂

  60. This book has already changed my life. I loved that you ladies talked about wanting your journal to be pretty and neat and poetic. Me too! That’s how I want my life to be: pretty, neat, and poetic. Prior to this book that is all I would strive for and now, I’m learning that my life is that way. God is SO good and I love “the hunt” of finding all the blessings in life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making these videos.

  61. I haven’t watched the video yet; I thought I’d post my thoughts about the chapter first. But I’ll admit, I wrestled with this chapter. Everything sat well with me except I kept having a nagging thought, “But what about the hard stuff? What about the pain and suffering? How do we be thankful in the midst of that?” I was waiting for specific examples, some soothing balm, or an answer to my nagging questions (mostly stemming from unbelief, mind you).

    And then Ann brought in Paul’s verse about contentment and the quote, “I would tell Shelly that life change comes when we receive life with thanks and ask for nothing to change.” Oh, this made me squirm. This made me feel very uneasy. “Is that really what the Lord requires of us?”, I kept wondering. Because I’ll be honest, my life, my family’s lives, have circumstances that I wish would desperately change. And where does praying by faith for those circumstances to change come into play? Can’t you still be thankful in all circumstances and still pray by faith for things to change? I still wrestle with this, but a conversation I had with a friend who just came out of 2 years of unemployment for her husband shed some light, and was a watershed moment for me, because through her circumstances, she could wholeheartedly agree with Ann’s comment.

    She described that for much of their time without a job, she would pray for the Lord to provide a job, for her CIRCUMSTANCES to change. But the Lord started tugging at her heart that her prayers should start changing to be more, “Lord, change me through these circumstances. Do what you need in our family to accomplish what you desire to draw us nearer to you. If this is what it takes for our children to see you and know you and love you, so be it.” And so forth. Her prayers were more about transformation in her soul and drawing closer to Jesus than they were for her circumstances to change, albeit with much hope that they would!

    So maybe that is what Ann is emphasizing here? And what David emphasized in Psalm 139 after his rampage about his enemies, wanting God to change his circumstances that he finally stops and asks God to search his own heart?

    Anyone have any insight or thoughts about this? I’d love to hear them!

    • “Can’t you still be thankful in all circumstances and still pray by faith for things to change?”

      I think when we are thankful in ALL circumstances, it ALLOWS us to pray by faith for things to change. Eucharisteo is being able to ACCEPT the change, even if it is not the way we wanted it to be.

      Meghan, loved the insight of your post… it helped me to understand that my gratitude list is not about “counting my blessings” as much as a quest for God to change me.

      • Thank you so much for replying! It means a lot to me that you took the time to write your thoughts. They were very helpful to me and something I’m going to write down as part of my notes from the book. As I read your comment, I was thinking, “Yes, that’s it!”. Thank you for the encouragement this morning.

        • I loved what you wrote Meghan, your beautiful wrestle with a very Good God. I Peter 2:19-21 You are mindful of God! “To hardships we’ve been called. Because He suffered, He has left you an example…” We are currently in the middle of somewhat similar circumstances—-loss of church job, loss of insurance, cancer, etcetera. So, I’ve been wrestling with what do I want more than I want the Love of my Christ? Financial stability? Successful ministry? The prayer of my heart is Isaiah 40:4 for God to raise our valleys and lower our mountains that HE may be glorified not that our circumstances change. And i loved how y’all said—that HE might change me! Just LOVED your comment around ‘asking for nothing to change’ and it meant much to me. I think it’s about demanding nothing while being like that widow relentlessly knocking on His Door. I don’t know—you see, I’m a mess over here in ATX but I am a glorious mess! And I love your heart! Hey, are you the famous Spicy Magnolia from the SSMT last year? Love, Bev

          • Hi, Bev! Thank you so much for your comment! I’ve been very encouraged my the thoughtful responses and the Scripture verses that I can hold onto to trust and believe Him. We have a Lord who sympathizes with our weaknesses, don’t we!? When I actually take time to be still and ponder the cross, it is reassuring and slaying when I thing upon that He really is a God who understands suffering. He is good, and I loved Ann’s quote she put in chapter 3 about the highest prayer being one that reflects upon His goodness.

            Yes, I am the Spicy Magnolia that was at SSMT last year…it was so much fun to be there. AND…I live in Austin, too!! I’m a glorious mess in Austin just like you. 🙂 It would be wonderful to meet some time. I hope you have a blessed Sunday and that He assures you of His hope and goodness. He did to me simply through your comment this morning. Love, Meghan 🙂

            p.s. I sent a copy of this to your email as well, just in case.

  62. I think that I could very much see being thankful for cute boots – but moreover, being thankful for how those boots would make me feel – thankful for the way my husband might look at me while I wear those boots, thankful for feeling like a woman in those boots, thankful to have boots to warm my feet…….

  63. Starting my list tomorrow morning. I am so blessed to have found this site and the book is just life changing. I just love listening to you ladies, you are all so sincere, so genuine, it is just so refreshing! It is just great being a part of this study!

  64. I just finished 3 and 4 yesterday and also started my gratitude journal. The book I am using is a journal that jumped off my bookshelf that had been purchased years ago and had one entry from when I first moved to California 5 years ago. I found it on Sunday Night and thought wow I should really use this but promptly put it back in search of a Copy of Hamlet that does not yet exist on my bookself. Monday Morning I was awake a tad earlier than normal and spent 1 hour reading 1000 gifts. When I got to the part about making a list of 1000 things I am grateful for I knew that my heart and soul needed the healing salve of gratitude. I practically jumped and ran to my bookshelf and took out my fancy little journal with french writing and a perfume bottle on every page. I began my list wondering if it would be missing the point and searching for the poetry, but constantly thinking of the mundane, like indoor plumbing, I am so glad I don’t have to empty bed pans. Yesterday I didn’t find as many as I though I should, but I found things that generally would slip past my eyes and not make a lasting impression. My day yesterday was so good. With just a few gratitudes I found joy in God and peace in my day. Today I forgot the journal and knew that having lost the full activity of writing my gratitude I was not at as much peace or searching as hard for the little joys.
    I am glad to know that I can write the mundane or everyday the same thing, because I am grateful for my Grandma and want God to know it every second of everyday.
    Love the Video I wish I could be there and have an hour convo. over tea.

  65. Thank you Jessica for asking about your cool boots. I thought the same thing when I read ch. 3, what counts as one of my thousand things.
    I had to laugh when Ann listed mail in the mailbox as her #22, I absolutely rush out to the mailbox everyday to see what it holds. I never thought that the happiness I felt when there was mail addressed to me was actually a gift of joy from God. I have so many things to give thanks for and I am excited to start my own personal hunt.
    I was also really convicted by pg 61 where she says “…the only way to be a woman of prayer is to a woman of thanks. This has really changed my prayer life since reading those words.
    I am so grateful to be sharing this journey with all you ladies. God Bless

  66. I really didn’t understand the purpose of the list, despite reading Ann’s blog, until now. I felt the words “juvenile” on my tongue and as I read through the chapter and heard that Ann heard those lies too… it just strengthened me in my knowledge that God is GOOD and I’ve been ignoring his little gifts and listening to Satan’s lie that instead of being “gifted,” I have lately been given the “leftovers” and not what I expected. Oh, ingratitude, how I had no idea what a hold you had over my life.

  67. I just started a list tonight too.
    1) the talk my hubby & I had tonight

    2) bloggers who inspire & challenge me.

    Thank you for doing this. And thank you, commenters, for filling in some, I couldn’t watch the vlog (no captions).

  68. Been reading the book and it is wonderful but how do you get started when you can’t really grasp at anything to be thankful which saddens you even more. Everything for which I would try to give thanks seems trite in comparison with shattered dreams and lonliness. Hoping to learn this lesson of thankfulness.

  69. So inspiring!! I love the concept of prayer and eucharisto together. I am on my hunt, naming these gifts from Him and opening up my eyes to the greater joy in living. Beautiful, this tangible list of joys.

    Even more beautiful, is the number of readers and thanks- givers who are all praising God for their gifts, because of this. Sure, they may be small, trivial and not miracles in themselves, but together, I’d say we have one big giant snowball miracle! Keep the praise Bloom-ers!!! 🙂

  70. I started a list on my blog last week. Being a bit of a rebel, I didn’t number them. Today, however, I ordered a memo pad and I plan to laminate the first and last page and punch the pages and put them together with ring fasteners. The memo pad quotes the verse about thinking on lovely things. That is my spring project. Thinking on lovely things.

    I am slowly reporting on this book on my blog:

  71. I *LOVE* the process Ann uses to record her gifts. She makes it so doable, so easy-breezy. I thought I had to have my list in a most special, sacred book and pull it out at special, sacred times. Instead, I can jot down while peeling my own cucumbers or while waiting in the carpool lines. I can breathe and record gratitude all day long!

  72. SEED : Having my eyes , my heart opening up to The Possibilities of His Love, His Grace, His Beauty
    WATER : Praying that I may linger in these Moments, in these Gifts…with Gratitude
    GROW : Yes, starting to write down the list , I thought maybe it would be enough to just think them , or say them — But The Writing, The Recording …. The Written Words…there I am drawn into Joy.

  73. I started my list last week and today I posted a picture on Facebook of #180 which sparked a great conversation with many people. It was a picture I took of shadows…it was my 1 year old son’s arm reaching way up high to hold my hand as we walked together. I am so thankful for that precious shadow and even more grateful that I captured it to share!!

  74. Angie! I really, really needed to hear your words:
    “It doesn’t need to be pretty.”

    Agh. My struggle with starting was feeling that I needed to poetic. To write like Ann. This was so freeing.

    I’m starting!!!

  75. I printed out in large letters “Eucharisteo – thankgiving always precedes blessing” – which I saw as I was on my treadmill trying to burn off the energy of being really angry at my teenager’s lack of respect and diligence in school. I stopped and got on my knees and gave thanks for him and for the opportunity this situation will bring. The more I gave thanks, the more peace washed over me. The miracle was that later I was able to dole out his consequences without anger, but in love and mercy – telling him how much I love him.
    I know I am in it for the long haul with this one, but knowing that I have the “weapon” of praise in my arsenal makes a huge difference.

  76. I so loved page 59. The idea that we magnify Him with our thanksgiving while at the same time we decrease with our thanks resonated with me in a yes, get going girl way. And that 1000 things we love are actually 1000 ways God shows us that he loves us. Amen!!

    But help! One of the most perplexing sentences was on page 61 –
    “…I would tell Shelly that life change comes when we receive life with thanks and ask for nothing to change.” Sometimes that is easy. Sometimes it is tricky. Sometimes it would down right impossible. I can think of plenty of times men and women in the Bible asked for change and it was given…or not…. Is anyone able to clarify this for me?

    • Elizabeth,

      When I read that statement I see unconditional surrender to God’s will.

      I confess that my prayers are usually asking God to DO something about a situation… heal a friend, restore a relationship, remove the thorn in my side… yet when I pray, “Your will be done.” I am surrending my requests to His will… giving thanks irregardless if nothing changes.

      When my first husband was diagnosed with cancer, we prayed for his healing… and we also prayed for God’s will to be done. During those few remaining months, we shared many thankful moments despite the cancer’s progression (too much to write here.) Somewhere in the midst of such grace, our prayers began to change… we prayed for minimal pain, peaceful rest, and loved ones. We surrendered the moments of “no change” and gave thanks for the grace… even when he took his final breath there was peace… I was so totally covered in peace that the words spoken at that moment were, “Thank you Lord, for peace to know he is with You right now.” I am awed that I just now realize the eucharisteo in my grief… you’ll have to excuse me… the tears fall… in that moment of deepest grief, I gave thanks… I am awed…

      • Thank you for sharing so personally. Your past grief is an encouragement of eucharisteo to be sure. Thanksgiving precedes the miracle of peace. Peace be with you continually this day and the days to come. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  77. First I want to say hello & that I have been richly blessed with reading all the comments. I was led by Holy Spirit to Ann’s site yesterday… what a glorious sister in Christ… I honor the workmanship that He has wrought within you as He has given you the grace to yield to Him…to Yahshuah/Jesus belongs all the praise & glory!
    As I was reading the comments there were 3 individuals that I wad quickened to…Emma, Meghan, & Elizabeth. To Emma; you were the gift that night to the His creation, you were His star that was shining in the darkness, you were the fragrance of Christ amongst the smells of urine and vomit, He was there WITHIN you as His good and perfect gift coming down from the Father of LIGHTS…. praise His name!
    To Meghan: how precious was your question and I honor His humility wrought within you…praise you Father… I was quickened to the scripture ” for the JOY set before Him He endured the cross despising the shame”. This world and all of it’s vanity is our cross…and when we EMBRACE our cross it too becomes a tree of LIFE within producing CHRIST in you the hope of glory….halleluYah to His most Holy name!

    To Elizab

  78. To Elizabeth: The glorious truth is that as He is so are we in this world…. We are His broken BREAD/BODY given for the world and many times the trials that we go THROUGH are not only for us to learn the lessons that He would have us to learn but also for others to see Christ within us. As brothers & sisters in Christ we are being conformed INTO His image and by His grace we too will utter the words as did our elder brother Jesus ” I have come to do the Father’s will”. It is all His work and He will finish what He has started within each of us and that is where the rest is…the peace.

    His grace & peace to all of you.

  79. I’ve had my list started for a couple of weeks but, like blogging, I seem to let it go for too long before I pick it up again. Thus why one of the biggest things for me in this chapter is the idea that real change takes intention. It’s one thing to say “yeah I’ll do that” and sort of mean it, and “Yeah, I’ll do that!” and be fully intent on actually following through. Sadly, with much of life I don’t tend to actually intend to do what I say, I just say “yeah, I’ll do that” to get people off my back. Wrong attitude!! With an attitude like that it’s sometimes very hard to see what you’ve already gotten from God. It’s only when you really mean to look for things that you see what you have instead of what you don’t.

    Something Ann said in the book about the little things adding up to the bigger joy (I don’t have my book at the moment so I don’t have a page number) reminded me a little of, I think it’s Gestalt, psychology and the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Which made a lot of sense to me in this aspect because the big picture is so much bigger than what we see and can understand.

  80. December Rose…. Oh how I was so blessed by what you wrote….truly glorious. Thank you for sharing your HOLY pearl…. I treasure it.

  81. I am a bit behind in my reading and video watching (seems I am a bit behind in everything these days).
    But just wanted to say that the part Ann said about joy not being something we reach out for, but rather something that is given to us that we must receive—big perspective change for me. And you know what? It’s easier! No more trying to work to find it or think I have to create it. It’s already there…I just have to recognize it and receive. Thank you Ann!

  82. I haven’t watched the video yet but…

    I love what you said, Angie: “What do you see of Me here, love?” This is the way to look at it–we’re not about WRITING a LIST but about receiving God’s gifts.

    Also. My favorite line from this chapter? “I am a bell and He is sure wind.” Oh, to be rung by God–could it start with a list?!

  83. My favorite thing about this chapter goes along with my new focus in life. I’m so tired of hearing things like, “To keep your house clean, you just have to stay on top of it.” Or when talk of anxiety comes up, people says, “You just have to face your fears.”
    But what does that MEAN?!? It’s maddening, having a goal in mind and not knowing how to get there. I want to know HOW.
    Ann tells us how to get there. How do you live a life of Eucharisteo?? One little nail at a time. It’s a learning process, a journey, a step-by-step adventure and it takes effort and WORK. Even discipline!
    Seed: Even if I don’t know what I’m looking at, count it as GRACE. The moments add up.
    Water: Look for, enjoy and live in the small moments. Don’t wait for the “big” days, big events, big anything….look for the minute. Savor the small.
    Bloom: Keep up my list. Be still. Take time to notice.

  84. Prior to listening to this video but after reading the 1st two chapters my friend and I committed to each other to start our “1000 Gifts” list! I LOVE taking pictures, I’m not a professional, I do not claim to be…’s just something I love! SO every Friday on my I’ve committed to making my list through pictures! “{thankful through pictures Friday}” is what I’ve named it!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU for this beautiful book which is changing my life!!!!!! I may just let my girls go through and color the whole book because that’s how much highlighting I’ve done!! I just bought this book for my mom for her 55th bday! Love you guys for sharing your time with me!!! Hugs! Kera

  85. My eyes are wet and my nose is wet and the tips of my fingers are wet from wiping them. I can sense the revolution that is happening as we, Women of the List, are changing. The new theme in our homes is joy and the lilt in our steps betrays the “secret” of thanksgiving we are learning. Ah, what this is doing in our marriages, in our mothering (and, in some of our cases, grandmothering, aunting, sistering), and in our places of work! I read it in these comments and I am blessed to be among you. Thank you, Ann, Angie and Jess.

  86. One of my favorite lines from this chapter, that really shows the elegance of Ann’s writing, is on p.60, “I am bell and He is sure wind, and He moves and I am rung…”
    I have started my list. In sharing my quest I have convinced 2 other friends to join me. We are sharing how the practice of thankfulness is changing our hearts. Another thank you for the list.

  87. I am, yet again, Ms. Tardy to the Party – but at least I’m here. 🙂

    Things that stuck out to me:

    “I only deepen the wound of the world when I neglect to give thanks….” p. 58

    “Why would the world need more anger, more outrage? How does it save the world to reject unabashed joy when it is joy that saves us?” – p. 58

    “God is not in need of magnifying by us so small, but the reverse. It’s OUR lives that are little and we have falsely inflated self, and IN THANKS WE DECREASE and the world turns right.” – p. 59 (emphasis added by me)

    “… life change comes when we receive life with thanks and ask for nothing to change.” – p. 61

    I also loved the practical tips from the video – it doesn’t have to be pretty (although I find that prettier journals get more attention from me than little notebooks) and it should be small and portable, so we can do life with it.

    Seed: Finding joy and being thankful in the seemingly mundane is not juvenile or simplistic or trivial. It is delighting in the Creator of the Universe who numbers every hair on our head and cares about the small things, because ALL is grace.

    Water: There is so much around me to be thankful for. I am blessed beyond measure. But starting a list of 1000 things might be a start…. 😉

    Bloom: Find a small notebook to prettify (I like pretty) and write from the heart, starting today.

  88. I stumbled across this video book club after starting One Thousand Gifts. I particularly enjoyed the audiobook version and was thrilled to find these videos of you and Ann discussing the book. Thank you for leaving them up even though it’s long after you completed this study. I connect so much with so many of the comments here!
    But most of all, I’m so very thankful for the video on this chapter. When you were discussing what kind of things to write, and how “perfect” we want to make the journal, the words “It doesn’t have to be poetry, but if you see it as poetry write it that way” set me free…and the tears just flowed. I think that was the starting point of really beginning to let this journey touch my heart deeply. Now I’m nearly done with the book and I’ve found a shift starting to take place! Just like the ‘perspective shift’ you wrote about here in the blog. So full of thankgiving, it’s becoming thanksliving.

  89. I have been depressed, my life has spiraled out of control. I moved to a new place and stayed with a friend for 30 days when I did not get it all together and gets new place etc she sent me to a hotel, I stayed a few weeks until my sanity decided no, I am now aT my sisters, my life is a huge mess. I have no job now, place of a life really how did I let all this happen, look what I have done this to my self now I cannot fix it

  90. I’m rereading this book, and I so wish I had watched this video when I first read the book. I tried counting gifts, but I was really afraid I was doing it wrong, just like Jessica talked about in the video – I was worried I was giving thanks for something I’d already written, and it kept me from writing. This was the encouragement I needed to jump back into this habit! Thanks!