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Sandy Coughlin is a wife & mom to three active teenagers, & author of The Reluctant Entertainer (Bethany House 2010). Based upon her inspiring blog, the book helps restore the lost art of hospitality and in the process helps women break free from isolation and into connection and deeper relationships...

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. So true, thank-you for that reminder. Sometimes it is so easy to think that we can’t – for whatever reason, that I forget it just takes something little to make a person feel special and show love and hospitality to them.

  2. Hospitality is not about me–that’s how I can stop the insecurity, the what-will-they-think, isn’t it? That is a much better plan than cuter napkins! 🙂 Thank you, Sandy!

  3. It’s scary to step out and reach out, and to be kind…especially to people I don’t know, yet. This past year my family and I moved into a new neighborhood in a town that we were raised in, and we are growing up as we courageously extend a hello or deliver baked goods to welcome a new family to the street, even when we haven’t been as warmly welcomed as newbies as maybe we’d have liked or hoped. A handful of new friends have been made from the courage to be kind, and it’s us that is blessed most. It isn’t about saying “look at me”…it’s about recognizing that we need those connections and so we extend…hospitality. The “what will they think (about me)” is sometimes (okay, often) such a loud question, and the forging ahead with faith to believe this is important…*this is worship*!

  4. I love these ideas. They really ring true. It’s not about the house or the schedule. It’s about noticing the other person and sharing a moment with them. In our modern rush, many of us have forgotten to do that, or that it matters much.

  5. Soooo good.

    I needed to read this. I so over-complicate it all. My selfishness doesn’t help the matter.

    I’m so glad you posted this. It rocks. And it encourages me to act on those little sparks.

    Kate 🙂

  6. What a great reminder. It is convicting…I often think my life is too busy for hospitality, but that is so wrong. Thanks for a great post! As for the cake photo…YUM! =)

  7. Thank you for the reminder. I so appreciate the heartfelt sharing.

    Your daughter’s cake is beautiful, the reflection of a love filled heart.

  8. Thank you. I too am “too busy” sometimes and don’t feel as though I have time to invite people over. I guess I never realized that I can be hospitable outside of my home too! That is a DUH moment 🙂

  9. You know, I don’t think that cake is imperfect at all! Look at the carefully sculpted waves your daughter put in the middle – made with love makes it perfect!

  10. Just the other day I brought a friend and her hubby a pot of chicken soup and some bread. Very simple, but she had/has pneumonia and while she said they didn’t need anything, I felt compelled to bring them a hearty soup. They appreciated it.

    About a month ago, my hubby picked up an older gentleman in town who needed a ride somewhere. He didn’t know him , but was aware he was in need of a ride. When they arrived at the old mans house, the man invited my hubby in to see his collection of hammer heads. Hubby took the time to chat with him about his life…those things make all the difference.

  11. Beautiful post!

    A few weeks ago my husband’s aunt & uncle had me over for dinner while he’s been away at school. We watched some movies afterward and had a great time. I wanted to return the favor. They weren’t in need of anything but I know they’re doing weightwatchers and trying to eat healthy.

    So, I whipped a dozen of two kinds of muffins filled with raw sugar, whole wheat flour, no oil/butter and healthy ingredients. I was taken back by her reaction, she was so thrilled and I could tell that the delivery of home baked goods to their home doesn’t happen often, as they are usually the hosts. It was my privelege to bless them with food. 🙂

  12. Sandy, what a beautiful article about opening our homes to others and sharing hospitality. It really spoke to me also!

  13. Hello my sweet friend!

    I just met a woman who recently moved to our area. Her husband works in Hawaii two weeks out of every month and she is alone in a new town with their 18 month old. She was diagnosed this week with mono and faces a long illness with no one around to help. I’m already rallying our mothers group to see what we can do for her in terms of meals and playdates. No one should have to go through something like that all alone!

    Thank you for your daily reminders that beauty is every where, in every simple thing…