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I'm a gal who loves Cary Grant, coffee, vintage books, good food, summer porches, and just about every other word that comes out of my son’s mouth.

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  1. I love your expression of strength and faith, and I know God is pleased by our faith! I have been reading the gospels and Jesus is often saying, “Oh ye of little faith!” Oh, I want Him to look at me and see a big Faith! And when we do find ourselves growing weary, our trust in Him will renew our strength, Isaiah 40:31.

    You have written a very inspiring message!

  2. Your post really spoke to me. I’m not much of a biblical scholar but I don’t remember there being a promise that life will be easy. I truly believe that the struggles in our lives are put their by God for a greater reason. I know the tremendous struggles I’ve faced have all been blessings. They have shaped me and made me a better person (I hope). We have to believe that God loves us and he has a plan for us. We have to turn to him and trust in him to see us through our struggles.

  3. How very true that trials show us what we’re made of.

    I love the saying “diamonds in the rough” – that is so true of us humans. God is working on us daily to refine us into His image!

  4. Beautifully written! Often we are deceived as Christians into thinking that things should be better/easier/fairer for us. But God never promised this, he did promise refinement though. And he promised to walk through the fire of refinement with us. I always think of the fourth person in Nebakanezer’s firey was Christ. Thank you for the reminder to find joy in all that God allows to come into our lives!

    Heather @At The Picket Fence

  5. Life is not fair, but it is what it is. Our pastor spoke about jealousy last Sunday. If life were REALLY fair, we’d have much less than we do as most people in the world live on less than $50 a week. We have it awesome in America, especially, even on our darkest days.
    As far as Michale J Fox goes, I have always loved him! Just like you, I watched him as a child and as we grew up, I loved his movies. His spunk has always inspired me!
    I personally have been through a tough personal battle lately and God is teaching me quite a bit as we go!
    Are we there yet?

  6. I knew there was something down in “us” that was helping us fight but never could find our put it into words. Many scriptures helped. But I find this quote so inspiring an true to what we had been through when we were fighting through with my husbands 3 year throat cancer battle. “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” Thank you for sharing….it truly is a gift that will keep us going


  7. I’ve spent much of my 34 years with a sense of entitlement that I deserve an easier life (due ultimately to my being so responsible and sensible and doing things “the right way”. It’s made me quite bitter.

    Last night in Bible study, we discussed how here on Earth we are being shaped for our role in Heaven. That the fire that reigns from Heaven in the last days will not be a fire of destruction, but one of refinement. Once you think about it that way,– that we are being refined so that in Heaven we can be made whole and perfect. It takes away the sense of entitlement, the need for life to be fair.

    Now to work on showing that triumphant spirit in the midst of our fires….