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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. As believers we see, hear and experience the rejection of Christ daily. It is disheartening because at the same time we see a corresponding decline in our nation’s morality. I, like you, are saddened when I experience this rejection. My heart breaks seeing the lost grapple for a way out of their darkness and misery and turn down the offer of the only One that can give them the joyous, free life they are desperately seeking.

    • Vanessa,

      Ohhh how I hear your burden for those who haven’t yet met and received Christ’s beauty. I know salvation isn’t contingent on my sharing the gospel, but what blessing it is to be the one who shares, especially the first time! Knowing there are more who haven’t yet discovered this treasure than have, you’d think I’d be shouting it from the mountain tops….

  2. “…foolishness…” That one always get to me. The message of the cross just doesn’t make any sense. But then again, God’s ways are not our ways, are they?

    • Deidra,

      I think that’s one of the most compelling reasons for my faith–it DOESN’T make sense. Who wants to be part of a faith you can completely dissect and explain?? It’s a great kindness that God would go to the “trouble” to let us know that unbelief is no surprise to him.

  3. I can’t remember if it was you or Ari that suggested I read Radical by David Platt butbi just began it. I think I’ll be personally dealing with the same stuff that you talked about in this post.

    I loved it. Our treasure does tell a lot about us.

    Love you Robin! happy Sunday!!

    • Sarah,

      I can’t remember for sure, but I know I’ve recommended that book to pretty much everyone in my sphere :). Sometimes I think we misread that scripture and twist it into saying God will give us the “treasures” (material things) we want; as opposed to our pursuits being an indicator of our heart….

      So happy to see you up and at ’em so early this morning!!! Much love to my California Girl :).

  4. Robin, I love your writing and this piece is no exception. I see myself getting caught up in wanting “stuff” and then I remember, oh yeah…it’s all gonna be dust. If only I would remember more often. Thanks for such a well-written, thoughtful piece. I would have loved to hear Beth in person!

    • Dena,

      You have no idea how much your words mean to me here; truly, your comment is a “paycheck”. Do I dare admit my struggle NOT to measure myself by the number of comments on an incourage post (when obviously, some posts/authors by nature of content or familiarity with the writer will naturally receive a lot of feedback)? I know that’s GROTESQUE to admit, but it’s the truth. Your generous, kind, affirming words remind me that God has wired me a certain way and he has intentions with my words; while also accomplishing his work in me (does that make sense?). I appreciate you… a lot. You’ve challenged me to see my worth in Christ alone :). Thank you! xo

  5. Stunning post, Robin. And heck ya, I can find myself caught in the in-between. I get so frustrated with myself for setting my heart on temporal things…looking back like Lot’s wife at what doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. Your post reminds me that His promises-His treasures!-are there for me fresh and new each day. And knowing He treasures me in spite of my mess is what inspires me to keep on keeping on. So loved this, girl!

    • Kristen,

      You, too ALWAYS bring such refreshment to this site! Thank you for how your support the incourage community! It matters :). And like Dena, you’ve filled my tank with love and encouragement and help me to focus on honoring this amazing King we have the PRIVILEGE of writing about and to. You, my friend, are a difference maker :). What a blessing.

  6. Thanks Robin!

    I wrote something ‘Who Does This?’ that I didn’t post anywhere (maybe I’ll send it here?) but it’s all about realizing the craziness as we are giving up all of the treasures of comfort–not really possessions–though two all-paid cars are some treasures we’ll ‘give up’–but our heart language, amazing friendships and just the comfort of being in the same place to move overseas as long-term missionaries…

    I don’t say this to pat myself on the back, but it is amazing to realize that we are ‘crazy’ in this world’s eyes and even I am in my own as I have much less ‘adventure’ in me since starting a family, to lay aside the entrenchments of comfort that pull us into their vortex…

    But He is indeed all He says He is…and we don’t need to look any further than Jesus who LAID ALL THE ETERNAL RICHES OF GLORY ASIDE to come and live and die…He carries us through it all:)

    I love all you said…thanks, I needed it tonight:):):) Blessings to you:)

    • Abby, have you considered guest posting for {in}courage? Check out the tabs at the top and give it a try :). I’d love to see what you’ve written.

      When God is at work in a life, focusing on Him and not concerning yourself with what others think can almost be impossible. Distractions are ever present (and it reminds me of Peter walkin’ on water…). I love that His strength is becoming yours and you’re choosing to follow him in a way that doesn’t make a bit of sense from a worldly perspective.

  7. My treasure is appearance and security. Mostly security. And mostly financial. Hm…did I just say that my security is money? I think I did.


    I really never would have thought that about myself until I’ve found us faced with the decision to step out in faith (where the numbers don’t add up) and I am clinging like crazy to my neat little ‘more money coming in than going out’ formula.

    • How honest, Erin Beth. I think more of us find security in money than we realize. Until faced with void (or in your case, a decision which “could” put you at risk), it’s hard to detect.

      I’m praying for you through this process–that your faith will grow as you see God work in and through circumstance, sometimes in ways you hope for and sometimes in ways you least expect.


  8. I have to confess that the Lord and I have been wrestling, and for whatever reason, I cannot get a foothold. Im going through so many painful things the last two years , it seems just when I look up and take another breath somthing else comes along . Im a believer. Claimer. Lover of Him. and deeply hurting inspite of pressing in. Im not growing. cant hear from Him in the sence that I feel like Im getting it. Im not being sheparded nor am I really sheparding, except to continue to cling to the truth of His word and share it with my children and anyone hurting or searching, inspite of my dissconnect. ( and I know, its me not Him, His word says He will never leave or forake me, give me hope and a future, I’m Hemmed in , set apart, highly favored… ect) . But its its not penetrating my heart & I DESPERATELY WANT IT TO. Im sorry for the ramble. This just struck such a cord in me. Thank you for the encpouragment and questions. Its all things Im praying about and seeking Him for. Hopefully I’ll see a breakthrough… xxoo LA

    • {{h u g s…BIG ones…}}

      Leah, thank you for sharing your heart in such a transparent way! Does it help to know you are not alone, a stranger/friend is praying for you, and even in the midst of imagined silence, God is at work? I don’t mean to sound trite–I HEAR YOU! Mental ascent is not enough…but maybe God wants you to have to rely on Truth even when it feels so distant. Honestly, I HATE these times in the faith; but the knowledge it’s a season is helpful to me…and realizing/clinging to in the midst of doubt or discouragement or disconnect, God is at work accomplishing something in me.

      {{more hugs}}

  9. Respectfully, I think your theory about why people reject Christianity is flawed. It’s not the “weird” stuff like our Savior being born in a barn. All religions have ideas that seem “weird” to those who are unfamiliar. I believe Gandhi said it best when he remarked, “I like your Christ. But I do not like your Christians – they are so unlike your Christ”. In other words – it’s those among us who claim to be Christians but who are anything but. In Wisconsin, for example, we have a “Christian church” whose members protest at the funerals of fallen soldiers and happily proclaim that these soldiers died because of homosexuality. Huh? Another example are the abortion protesters who kill doctors…to show that killing babies is wrong. People are racist in the name of Christianity, sexist in the name of Christianity, etc. And not too long ago that preacher almost held a mass burning of the Koran with little regard for how much it might threaten our national security to offend Muslims worldwide. While most Christians are just regular Joe’s trying to live by Christ’s teachings, it is, sadly, the lunatic fringe that makes the news headlines. These wackos give all of Christianity a bad name and are what turn people off.

    • Jill,

      First, point taken. Thank you for not just chiming in when you had reservations about my post, and for expressing your thought with restraint and kindness. Re-reading my post with fresh eyes, I can understand your perspective. I had a progression of thought going, and I didn’t recognize how exclusive this sounded. OF COURSE those are not the only “reasons” for people’s rejection of Christ!! (and actually, without wanting to begin a deep theological discussion, God’s sovereignty dictates salvation, so rejection/acceptance of Christ isn’t dependent on a believer’s behavior, whether or not we’re obedient to share the gospel, if we think Scripture is ludicrous, etc….).

      You’re right…some people who call themselves “Christian” disparage that name; I’m even reluctant to label myself that way, choosing instead to say I’m a follower of Christ, Seeker, Jesus freak…to name a few.

      Mostly, here, I wanted to acknowledge that there WILL be those who reject Christ, but oh, what marvelous TREASURE can be found in Him, and if there was any way to make others see His riches, I long to do so (though again, I don’t believe belief is contingent on what I say, only through the moving of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life). Does this make sense?

      Again, I do appreciate you pressing me to be more clear and to recognize when my words are short sided. 🙂

  10. Robin, I love how you pour out your thoughts here and invite us into your walk!

    Wanting things badly is also an invitation for me to spend some time in God’s lap and just be like a child and tell Him my troubles. I don’t think the craving can go away entirely here on earth because we’re surrounded by what we see — and it all looks so good! 🙂

    But, we have a Best Friend who understands how hard it is. He hears our heart’s cry. And you’re right, He is able to speak our language and gives us wisdom to see through to what matters.