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Dionna Sanchez is Founder of the EmphasisOnMoms.com ministry. She is a blogger, freelance writer, and proud mom. She is passionate about encouraging others to grow in their faith and to nurture their families. Dionna strives to always be authentic and genuine and she delights in giving of herself to better...

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  1. Thank you for the lovely article. I can identify. I also get tired of being brave – it’s not easy.

    We easily tend to forget how hard it was for Jesus. Thank so much for the reminder.

  2. I too have hit limits on being brave and know He carried me through. I also think it’s beneficial when we’re open about our trials since I’ve also discovered that keeping up “a false front” isn’t what God desires in our relationships with fellow Christians. Thank you for your beautiful words.

  3. Boy could I relate to your post! I have areas in my life where I’m sick and tired of being brave waiting on God for something to happen!!

    God bless you for inspiring & reminding us that Jesus was very brave hanging on the cross for little old us.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing Dionna! This post really made me think of the attitude with which I’m living.

    I’ll be thinking about this the rest of the day for sure. 🙂

  5. Oh yes. Once I actually did like the monks sometimes did, or Luther in the film: I laid down spread eagle at the foot of the cross in my deserted church sanctuary. Cried about how hard it was. Silence and then acknowledgement. Yes, it is hard. Okay, that was all I needed, and I got up and went out, blowing my nose! I still go back to that moment in my memory when I feel the need to lie down at the cross again. (I’m not from a very liturgical background by the way!)

  6. I think we can all relate to your post today – so many times I’ve found myself whining and asking God why??? Why can’t things be easier? But you’re right – He speaks quietly to us, reminding us that He didn’t shrink back and we can be brave and strong to meet whatever task He puts in front of us.

  7. Yep – I’ve been there! This was a great reminder to be brave (with God’s help, of course) when I can’t do it myself. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. its also bravery form u to write about jesus and to share it with us …u gave me the support and the answer for my problem by the will of jesus .